Sunday, December 31, 2006

TARC Unplugged

Some of you might be wondering, why my blog became plain and white? It's because I want to change the blog skin. Suppose to have a background pic but I can't open the manual pdf on how to fix in the background image, (thanks to the lovely earthquake) >.<" So I'll change the skin once I get to open the manual (which might take 3 weeks? )*&(#$^*)!(@*$(&!(@*&#)_!@_~!!!

29th Dec
Went to college to register for degree... Decided to take degree locally... Perhaps next time if got chance will go overseas... Double degree eh? Hehe. So many people was registering when I went to college... That was like 5pm? Bee Fong was there too with the parents and bro. Took my final exam transcript before that. Holy shutz! I got a shock of my life getting the result. So f**king bad lah my results!

After registering, went to the TARC Unplugged because Danny is the judge cum guest artist. I reach at 6pm, met up with Ostro and his friends and went in together. John was the first to perform. Then 7 bands battle against each other to masuk semi finals then finals. The 7 bands are N'Core (they're good!), Trash & Flood, Dreadnaught, I-Ballad (i like the girl's voice), Raison Detre, The Randoms (My fave!!!) & Soar. All of them are good actually! And the song choices are very good. The bands are good. But I still like Randoms the most. They sang songs like Perfect, Mungkin Nanti, Sophia, Can't Take My Eyes Off You and a song by Coldplay. Though forgot lyrics at some part, but they're the best among all, and they're the champion! I think Danny likes them too. Haha, just my sixth sense =p

Danny was the last to perform. Szen suppose to come with me one, but she scared by the time she come Danny already finish. We were told that Danny is performing in the middle of the event, mana tau is at the end. I thought he wasn't going to perform because he was sick before this. Kesian... But when he came out, he was as energetic as ever!!! He sang 'Leng Chai' and 'Love & Freedom'. The TT Crew went up stage and breakdance while he was singing. So chun! Wonder if he saw me or not :p Don't think so. I think he went back straight away after that, was looking around to take photo with him, but cannot find him.

Samson and Crystal were the emcees of the night. Towards the end of the event only I realize, I know Samson! Yes, the karate Samson! Quickly msg Isa to confirm, yes, it's him. But he don't remember me lah. Cuz I seldom join them last time during karate tournaments. Crystal's body very the chun, wear a bare back samore! Body like Marion Caunter. Ostrova also drooling there. Swt.

30th December
Went to Bangsar to shop around in the morning. Saw a lot of nice clothes, but all not for my size. Kakaka! Haven't even buy christmas pressies for my fwens. Sigh, i'm a stupiak friend am I? Found out from Ching that my pandai punya kai kor changed his phone number without telling me... Hmpf! I'm so not gonna friend him from now on. Was thinking of getting him something, but now I guess not. Hmpf hmpf hmpf!

#Sighhh! Why does disappointments keep coming and coming? I guess, I'm not a good friend after all... What to do... I got no 'yan yuin'. I guess 2007 will be a bad year for me. Hopefully not.#

Cheerios! ;-)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fake people!!!

I can't believe I experienced so many ups and downs in just two days... Well, more downs than ups though... These two days, I found out things I don't want to know from people I don't want to hear... All this reminds me of the show "War Of Beauty". Onn Sin said to Yuk Ying "In the palace, there will never be friendship. When someone treat you nice, it means he wants something from you. If someone keep helping you, it means he wants to use you for his benefit." Now I know it's very very true... It does not only happen in the palace, it happens everywhere... It's just a fake fake world out there. Now, the people I can trust, I think 10 fingers also can count.

Why ar? I just don't understand why do people say different things at different time... All those lies... They say one thing and do another...

Just when I'm about to forget and let go about what happened previously, I was told of another thing that happened... I don't want to know! I would rather not knowing! Please! Just let me go! I don't want to care, I don't want to know anymore! For god sake! Knowing it from a third party is even more hurtful then knowing through you. My heart cannot afford to hold all these pressure! Go away!!!

1 minute I hear the A side of the story, another minute I was told the B side of the story... A talks bad about B, but at the end A is the one who backs B up. "I am not sad because I wasn't invited, but because I thought we share everything" was what i told B. Yes, I sms B directly. I don't care anymore, you want to get angry at me, ignore me, whatever, go ahead... I knew all these will come into place sooner or later... Because of XXX. There is only one champion, it can never fit 10 people in the 1st place. I guess things will never be the same again. Since you guys have the privilege, take it lah. Do everything by yourself then. I'm so not interested. I'm more interested in FRIENDS... Skcuf! It's okay, I still have C, D, E, F, S, W, I, J, K etc... Sigh, these politics... Already happened to me not once, but many many times... I can't believe I've fallen into the same 'perangkap' again and again.

Btw, I dyed and highlighted my hair today. Red mahogany with lighter strips of highlights. Woah! So bright! But i like the colour! When degree starts, dunno how to hide my hair la haha! Wanted to go Village Park for dinner, but tak buka!! Sobz! So went for Yong Tau Foo. Oklah the food there. Suppose to register for degree today, but actually, until now, I still don't know to do it here or not. Many encourage me to go overseas... But I really can't make up my mind now la! Few more days will be the dateline for the discount... Arghhhhh shutz!

5 more days till 2007! Where are you going for countdown? I am going to Sg Wang! Just a reminder if you're going out for countdown, don't bring big bags as it's gonna be super crowded and many pickpockets! Minimize your valuable things, keep them in the pocket, don't wear skirt/skimpy clothes pls (mau kena ambil kesempatan karr? >.<") If going with friends, stick with your friends, go in one gang instead of alone.

PS: If you think this posting is talking about you, please don't syiok sendiri lah... I've better things to do than to talk about you.

Finally, just to wish everybody Happy New Year 2007! What's your new year resolution? Come tell me! Hehe!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mevvy Quizmas!

Kinda late here.... But, just want to wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I had the best christmas ever!!! 23rd was in SA's house, 24th at Justin's Christmas Concert, it was superbbbb!!! 25th at Shabu shabu... Received gifts from unexpected people... Unfortunately, i haven't buy anything for my friends yet... Be patient ya, will buy a belated one for you guys...

Bought this pair of "Ray-Ban" at The Mines before Justin's concert... Doesn't it looks familiar? Wakakakaka! And we had Kim Gary! That adds another first Kim Gary visit to the Mines KG. =D The Asst Supervisor was very friendly and nice, but i guess it was super busy, service was freaking slow...

Will post up Justin's concert pics soon... Blogger not working properly today... Grr...

Did something really crazy just now... Unfortunately, mission failed... Sigh, no fate means no fate la... Why still so crazy over it... Siao cha bo! We're never meant to bump into each other anyway... But we had fun =D

I've got so many things to do, but i'm just so lazy to move my butt from this chair and do my stuff... Guess I must stop myself from going online for a couple of days!!!

My belated christmas wishlist :-
1. Canon Ixus camera
2. A video recorder
3. I freaking want a new phone! I'm starting to hate Sony Ericsson )@*&$%@&*)(!
4. New haircut with new highlight
5. New clothes
6. New earrings
7. More time >.<"
8. Lastly, of course, for everybody to stay happy and healthy, and for me to stay good and treat everybody nicely. Hopefully I won't lose all my friends and family =S

Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Anniversary...

November 14 2005 - My first Daniel event... a meaningful one which I first met many of my good buddies now in DFC... Teng, Chilicandy, Szen, Superaunty, Piggygrace, Eeleng, Jovee, Aunty Quiny, Soursand...


December 18th 2005 - Is my most meaningful event... my 2nd event... right after my diploma finals... And I became instant best buddies with a few of them... Futsal in the morning, autograph session in the afternoon... I first met Chunyiun, Aunty Jean, IH, Swan, ForeverDaniel, Gymnast, Silverwings, Ostrova etc...

LCY - Since this day, we have been through a lot together... everywhere we go, whatever we do... There were a lot of ups and downs towards the middle, but things have been smooth now... I'm very very glad to have you as a friend, thanks for sharing with me and also don't mind me blabbing at you... I'm sorry if i've annoyed u in any ways.. But I love you very much... *geli* Friendship forever! Mwaks!

YSS - *These three are always seen together* That's very true right? I really admire your observation level and your caringness towards others never seems to end... I am touched by the things you do for me, and I'm very, very glad to have you as my friend... Thanks for being there for me, and becoming my makan partner... Again, i'm sorry if i've annoyed you in any ways... Thank you so so so much and aku cinta padamu!!! hehe! Mwaks!

Teng - I've known you already during nov 14th. We've also gone through a lot of ups and downs together... thanks to aherm aherm! Big girl liao lor, better be good! Study lor! Just want to tell you I do enjoy spending time with you... I'm sorry if i've hurt you in any ways, and thanks for being my friend... Mwaks!

I still have a whole list of people to thank... for this one whole year of fun, joy and laughter... Many things happened in this whole year, I shed tears, and also laughed like mad. I gained a lot a lot a lot of new friends, and I learned a lot of new things. I learned not to trust people easily, but I also learned that many people care about me. I learned that if I want people to care for me, i must care for them first.

To all the pioneer pinkies I know for one year, especially Ostro, Szen, Jovee, SA, Chilicandy, Mich, Eemun, Aunty Quiny, Aunty Melody, Uncle Milo, Aunty Wendy, Aunty Jean, Uncle Pingeye, Uncle IH, Aunty Swan, Ryan and many many more... (don't feel intimidated if your name is not mentioned, because it just didn't came to my mind at this moment, sorry!) You guys have made me who I am today, and I feel very comfortable being with you all. You guys have encouraged me in everything I do... Thank you so much. I don't know how I can repay you guys... Thank you thank you thank you...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

PD, Here I Come!

It's been a few days since I'm freed from "jail", but did nothing to clean up and nothing worth doing except going out, going out and going out...

18th - Went KLIA... Saw JJ, LYC and Ah Du! *love love love*

19th - Went college in the morning, saw the bunch of lecturers... gosh, i'm so gonna miss all of them... Then had lunch with grandparents and baby Angeli at Ah Yat PJ, dim sum was awesome! Then went back to PJ to meet up with Ivy, KY, Mund and Fi. Watched a movie, then head for dinner at Tony Roma's with classmates and Pn Siti and Mr Murad. Food was fantastic!!! Will post up pics next time...

20th - I'm going to Port Dickson!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! My first holiday with Ivy, KY, Fi, Mund, ST and Terence. Pn Siti and Mr Murad supposed to go, but their baby is sick... Though only a 2 days 1 night trip, i'm sure it's going to be fun fun and more fun!!!!!!! Will be back on Thurs! Cheerios!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not As Expected

16 December 2006

Ahhh, finally, my 1 dreadful, tiring, stressful year of Higher Diploma has ended! Frankly, it was quite a stressful year, but maybe because last minute study guah... Tee hee! From theory to practical, though there's pressure, but everything's fun! I gained true friendship and had lots of fun with my besties and lecturers for the past year...

On this day, it's the results announcement day... And today is the day I cried the most in a day... I think worst than when I was first born, seriously!!! And to be frank, I'm crying right now writing this post...

We had high hopes on each other, expecting the best out of each other... Started off with the Diploma batch, then HD tourism, then us... I guess a lot of us from group 3 and 4 expected more... I thought I can make it to congrats... One by one, names were called out in alphabetical order in the particular mention... As i see one by one of my friends being called out... Ivy, Fiona, FQ, when they come back, they made me cry!!! Edmund, Amanda and I, we expected one of us will get VHPWC... However, "now i'll announce the students who gets the mention of Very Honorable Pass"... Liew Chien Hern Edmund... *oh kcuf! what happened*........ I prayed very hard for mine and Amanda's name not to come out next........... Siew Eve Lynn... *shit!* Went to collect the cert on stage from Mr Pierre, came down, and I can't control my tears anymore... Fiona hugged me, and I went straight to Pn Siti... She hugged me and I said "I'm sorry ma'am, I tried my best... I'm so sorry' ........ Teng Yin Sann Amanda...... *another shit!* Why must disappointments keep coming, god damn it! But at least Denise fought for it, and got a congrats... Pn Siti said our results are good compared to previous batches. And she said Mr Hisham (fnb external jury + taylor's alumni) said our batch's fnb is good :D

It's not that I cried because I didn't get congrats... Well, partly is that actually... But, I don't know why... I just feel that I've tried my best!! I thought I was okay! I received good comments! I did quite well in my theory papers! Perhaps my TIS pulled me down... I felt that we've disappoint our lecturers... Each lecturer I see, I give them a hug, and I end up crying more... Pn Siti, Mr Murad, Chef Patrick, Chef Chong, Chef Bala... I see them, I start crying... Pn Siti and Mr Murad helped us a lot a lot a lot a lot... they guided us through this whole year, motivated us, taught us, have faith in us... Even though our results are not that good, they comforted us and said we're the best! Edmund is going to study overseas, few others too... Sobz!!! Mr Wong KK said they were shocked by the results as well... they too expected more... Sigh... Had some coffee break, took loads and loads of pics with mostly everyone... Wanted to go for Ah Gong BKT but cancelled... So stayed and chat with Pn Siti... Which made me cry even more... She said she always loves us and will treat us like her own children, and will even fight to go to France with us for Degree... Mr Patrick came and said 'you say samore, i think this whole place will be flooded already' Me, Ker Ying and Ivy cried like dunno what water pipe burst like that... It's no doubt she gets the 'best lecturer of the year' this time :D

Went and check out the degree courses... I said I wanted to go Switz, but Pn Siti said Switz is not good... Australia still ok... but why not finish it here... The MEFS degree option is quite interesting... Perhaps I'll just do it here la... Don't think I can let go everything here in M'sia to go overseas... though only for just a year....

Yesterday night was DFC's 1st anniversary... It was a blast!!! Daniel had fun too, I think... Although he was sick... Didn't manage to get a pic with him... But, anyway... It doesn't matter anymore... Getting too deep into it will only cause sadness and hurt... Some of you will know what I mean... I wished he could talk more in hosting the games... But he's sick, so I should forgive him. He opened up a lot compared to last time, pinkies this, pinkies that, which is good! And he said 'you guys are the best fan club I've ever seen!'

Just now was the Perfect 100 Charity Concert in Bkt Jalil... It was a blast! With soooooooooo many artists involved - local and international... Ah Du, JJ, Lin Yu Chong, Guang Liang, Daniel, Kwok Fai, Nan Fang Er Chong Chang, Cozzi, Zheng Shu Qin, Aki, Lee Zhi Qing, Zhang Jue Long, Will, Jeff Chang, Tong An Ge, Jin Sha. I enjoyed the Aki, Zhi QIng, Jeff and Will's section the most!!! They sang all the previous gold hits. Zhi Qing's and Will's guitar playing is dammmnnn chunted! And I also liked Nan Fang Er Chong Chang and Zheng Shu Qin's section... they sang some old songs... their harmonizing, fuhhh cantik siul!!! LYC sang Kong Qiu Qian and Zhu Ti Qu!!! Guang Liang sang Tong Hua and I Am Who I AM (and they premier his MV there!), Daniel sang Fei and You Ji (he msged aunty swan asking where we're seating, so that when he come out he knows where to wave >.<"), Kwok Fai played his saxaphone and it was superbly awesome! I guess he practiced it a lotttttt of times! It was very good!!!!!!

That's about it lah... No mood to write anymore... Thanks to some people.... Fake people... Shoe polishers... Batu api... Fakers... Whatever you call them... I am so freaking sick of all these fake people... I just don't want to know or see anything of it anymore..... I'm leaving! I quit!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog of Boredom...

Here I am, sitting in front of my comp, blogging... Other people are burying their heads into their notes and books, memorizing each sentence of each subjects... But, I am here... Right here... Blogging >.<"

Danny will be coming out with his new album very soon!!! Am waiting for it eagerly!!! He posted up his recording sessions in his blog - Check it out!

4 more days and i'll be free!!!! DFC nite, Perfect 100 Concert, Badminton, Shabu shabu, Green Lotus, Justin's concert all waiting for meeeeee! Woo hoo!!! Rather anticipating Justin's concert... because I know it will definitely be a greatttttt one!!! After my exam, i'll search upside down inside out for all his news and post it here...

Tension is rising like a rocket shooting up the sky... Who doesn't want a VHPWC... But i 99% doubt i can get it... Argghhhhhh!!! *Praying hard*

Saturday, December 09, 2006

7 more days...

It seems like 2 hours ago, i was still taking my trials exam...
So fast, i'm already in the midst of my finals... I repeat, F-I-N-A-L-S for Higher Dip.
All theory papers are over... Left with all the orals and presentations...
TIS and Workshop 2,3,4 which I dread the most... Urghh... Hopefully I can score in those... Wait, let me rephrase that... PASS... don't say SCORE... Puan Siti said the externals on that day, she sendiri pun takut... If she herself is scared, what about US??? Die la like that!!!

Why is it everytime that, towards the end of the term only we get close to our classmates? I don't know about others, but it happened to me for quite some times... Only recently I became closer to quite a few of my classmates... And it's through these exams that we get closer... Sharing stuff, helping each other... Not all of them are going to degree... Many will start working already... Sigh!!! The plan to go holiday together after graduate pun tak tau will jadi or not... Say say say, but no one organize... Plus all going back to their hometown or go holiday by themselves... Maybe i just go travel myself la kakaka!

Kena lecture (bla bla bla) by Chef Bala yesterday... Well... in a good way of course... Asking us to continue with degree, cuz we need the qualifications... I'm gonna miss him... Won't be seeing him so often dee I guess after this... Practical yesterday was OK... Was judged by an external jury, the Indian guy who was my jury too in Diploma time... which is the guy who made me cut 3 fingers... But yesterday I was very calm, didn't hurt myself... And he was very, very nice... He helped me a lot... And gave me a lot of advice... Aww, i like him!!! :D As a chef of course... Chef Chong said he's from dunno what US Potato... (is there such company?) And i say he got that CAM logo on his shirt... This chef chong 'cha' me say 'if u want u also can stick what' =_=" Geramnyaaaa aku... Whole day he tease me... Say after this no chance dee... Hmpf...

Not to say I merajuk or what... Or I crave for their favoritism... it's just that I respect all the lecturers very much... ALL OF THEM... And I love them all very much... But all macam tak peduli me one... I think they don't even know what's my name... haha! Except Pn Siti and Mr Murad of cuz... They're our ibu and ayah in college... I guess, in the whole freaking entire universe, no lecturers will treat the students like they do. Pfftttt! Got one new French lecturer quite good looking oh! He was our French listening jury. Very funny guy... He said he's 35 years old, but i think he's cheating. That day he asked 'is the sound loud enough? (For the recording listening) Do you need me to lower down or lower up?' Huh? Lower up? Haha! He's so funny and blur... Sigh, I guess I'm lack of what they call 'fate with people - ren yuan' guah...

"Everybody's changing and I don't know why"... Heard this song before by Keane? Haha... Nowadays I very quickly get annoyed with other people... Not that they irritate me or what... It's just... I don't know... Their attitude and stupidity I guess... I think it's because I feel that what they do is not what I wish they would do, or I should say - immature... Arghh... What's freeeking wrong witha meeeee? *Emo-elmo*

My couz just gave birth to a baby boy few days ago... Went and see the baby at me Uncle's housee today.. Soooo freaakkinnggg small la the baby... 3kg... So cute... I wonder when can i have me own baby... awww... haha!! Anyway, i'm an aunt already... arghhh! Nooooo! And anyway, congrats Lai Yee jie jie... You looked really weak, take more rest!

Emo-elmo Eve wants to thank a few ppl here...
To: Fiona Teng, Amanda, Ivy Foo, Ker Ying, Edmund, Shiao Teng, Kiat, FQ, Terence, Kenneth, Keith, Faheem, Ravi, Darren, Kennedy, Simon, Denise, Melissa, Faiz, Edreena, Jessy, Chiong, Woon Jian, Hui Ling, Wen Hsin, Fly, Siau San, Li Hsia, Ivy Lee, Oscar, Frank, Kepkep, Maureen, Maria, Sie Lu, Hengky for making my higher dip life so interesting and memorable.... (To those who are special, you know who you are :D ) May we meet again in the future... I love you guys! You guys rocks!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


more days to


Then, another path has to be chosen right away... Continue or not is the question... Sigh... So many things to do, yet so little time...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Tagged again...

Tagged by CY this time... Grrrrr.... >.<"

1. How did we meet?
December 18th 2005... Futsal Tournament... Hehehe..... And good friends since then :D

2. Kwok Fai, Daniel or LYC?=D
Can I choose all? If i have to choose one, LYC :D

3. How would you feel if your closest fren betrayed you? Would you still be as close as you used to be?

Hurt and sad of cuz... No, will never be as close as used to... becuz if he/she can betray me once, he/she can do it again... and a sincere/true friendship doesn't exist anymore...

4. Describe the ideal partner you would want/have
What else than rich, handsome, caring, funny, smart and perfect?

5. If i only have 2 more days to live, what would you do or say to me?
I don't want to see you... because I don't think I can stand losing you... (wah, gelinyer)

6. What is the MUST HAVE for you everyday?
Foooooooooood :D

7. What do you think of people who say one thing and do/feel another?
If they realize their mistake and apologize, I'll forgive them. But if they repeat it often, i'll be very sad... And i'll hate them...

8. Tell me your dream..which you know is definitely a MIMPI...:P
Alot lah... To be friends with HIM (who u think it is, then it's who lor hehe), to marry a rich,handsome and perfect guy, to strike lottery...

9. Is it possible to be frens with your ex? (Haha..a question i heard on the radio yesterday)
It is... in fact... i've been thinking about my ex lately... we're still friends... just... never contact each other... lost contact actually...

10. Anything you want to say to me? =P

NO... Kakakkaka... I wanna say thank you for everything for the past year we've known each other... We had some problems here and there... but i hope this friendship will last forever... Unless, u dun want to fren me *Sobz*

Une semaine plus

Shutz! One more week to go... And i'm here blogging about my damn life!
A big thank you to all the lecturers who have so much faith in BDH20 OB...
Top student? I'm sure all of us wants to... but, having a big competitor in OA... that's hard.
Really have no mood to study liao... Perhaps the confidence vanished in the air after diploma.
Plus more subjects, more presentations... I hate presentations... My weakest - presentations, F&B, Marketing... shutz again!

Had my delf - written exam last Sunday.
Went with Amanda. Fetched her from KL Sentral.
And I lost my way... Just because of the mistake of keeping left!
Skcuf! And i went allllllllllllll the way to Wangsa Maju.
And paid toll for no reason (was too nervous, didn't see how much it was)
And better, there's no U-turn at all! It was like Penchala Link...
Called Szen to ask directions.... (Thanks szen! Sorry to kacau u sleeping on the bus!)
Luckily manage to reach the place in time.
Damn turning, if not i would have reached there half an hour earlier.

Last Sunday, Ah Foo suddenly sms me inviting me for Korean food the next day.
So me, Foo, Mund and Fi went to Desa Sri Hartamas for Korean food.
Han Sung Restaurant. The lady boss is pure Korean. But can speak Chinese!
Wanted to take a photo with her. But she was too busy. A lot of Koreans makan there!
The food is fantastic!
It was my first time eating Korean food. The beef is excellent! Wrap it in the lettuce leaf served with various condiments... Yummy! Well, pure Korean food pun expensive jugak! We ate the set for four, RM50 bucks each (that was after discount - if lunch got 15% discount cash)

Life is a mystery.
Anything could happen in life.
For example, u nvr expect this person to be with this person, and they end up together.
U think that this person is your bestie, but end up this person betray u.
(These are just merely examples...)
For the past year, i've learned a lot... In college, at home, in events...
I've learned not to be so sensitive, because in the end no one is hurt except yourself...
I've learned who are the friends I can trust, and who not...
I've learned that life is to be enjoyed, so do whatever you want, if not you'll regret... Enjoy food...
I've learned to be more matured... some even said i'm too matured for my age...
I cried, i laughed, i smiled, i hated... i guess this year i've gone thru the most emotional moments compared to other years...

Last Saturday was the PWH Award (Yu Xie Jiang)...
Daniel won 6 awards -
SMS Voted My Favourite Local New Artiste Award
SMS Voted My Favourite Local Artist Award - Local Composition

SMS Voted My Favourite Original Composition - Local
Top 10 Original Composition - Local (You Ji)
Best New Artist - Silver (share with Yu Heng)

Most Outstanding Artist

Danny won Best Original Composition Dialect Song
He's the best! I just love him! He purposely dress himself cutely and dye his hair for this event. I'm so proud of him! *love love love*
Lin Yu Zhong won Best New Artist (Gold), Fave K Song (Bronze), Top 10 Original Composition Local (Shi Lian Xue). He's cute and nice, isn't he? Tie Tou *love*
And I noticed a few talented musicians in the show... I think they're coming out with their own album soon. I'm so gonna support them...

Lee Zhi Qing - LYZ's best friend and composer... He has composed many songs for artists like LYZ, Z Chen, Emil Chau and lots more! And all of the songs are freaking nice!!!
Hwang Lan Yin - The one who sang 'Er Zuo Ju' for It Started With A Kiss (Er Zuo Ju Zi Wen). I didn't know she's a Malaysian. She has a blog - Click Here
Support local music! *thumbsup*

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, family, lecturers, teachers i've known for the past 20 years, thanks for all your guidance, advices and laughters... I really appreciate what's in my life for this two decades... EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU MEANS A LOT TO ME... *love love love love*

That's all for now...

Wait!!! Just wanna wish all BDH20 students - Good luck for your trials and finals!!! All aim for VHPWC ya! And top student!!!!!!
To BDH20 OB students - hope we'll meet each other again... Mwaks... love you all very much!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tagged... again

RULES: Ten Stupid Question Tag

1. Place a copy of the rules with the tag.
2. Answer the ten questions of whoever tagged you.
3. Write ten questions for others to answer.
4. Tag three people.

Got tagged by Joann...

1. How do you measure beauty / handsome?

Beauty/handsome comes from the heart, the charisma, the attitude. But of course first impression is the face la. But, if after knowing him/her, the attitude macam tahi, sorry to say, i'll say he/she is ugly :D

2. What is the biggest lie you have ever told your girl friend / boy friend?
Break up cuz of studies. Lame right?

3. Name one of your good & bad habits.
Good - I can type very fast (Does this consider a good habit?)
Bad - Many... which one? :D

4. What's your most overused phrase?
You OK ar? You siao ar?

5. What you can't live with..?
Can't live with or without? Hmmm, I can't live with reptiles...

6. Tell me about your fantasy!!
Erm... To be Shaun Chen Hong Yu's wife... Haha... Mimpi....

7. How do we know each other?
Well... well... Joann... how do we know each other? Ah hah! Training in SLPT. And knowing you're ex-taylorian... woo hoo! We click well huh?

8. Tell me about your first crush. When?How?
Alah... shy shy la... Primary school... It's all memories now.

9. What do you hate the most?
Rats... people with attitude prob...

10. What colour do you like the most? Why?
Blueeeeee... Very calming and peaceful colour...


Okok, now me ten questions!

1. Define love.
2. What type of guys/girls do you like?
3. What do u think of me? =D
4. If you're given a choice to be an animal next life, what will you be? Why?
5. What is the longest word in the world? :D
6. What can't you live WITHOUT?
7. What would u do if you have 1 million ringgit?
8. What is the most wonderful thing happened to you?
9. If you were to 'modify' one part of your body, which part will it be? Why?
10. If you have a chance to tour to one place, where will it be? Why?

I want to tag chunyiun, rachteng, soursand, michoon, gymnast, julie, fionateng, amanda, eemun, alison =D

Friday, November 10, 2006

Full force pressure

Ahh, finally i passed up my TIS... On the same day, it was the last class of kitchen...
And I couldn't get a single commis... So malu...
Whole class only I don't have commis... And didn't have mood at all to do...
Took my own sweet time cutting and cooking... But pow ling and fiona and dean tried helping me...
=D thanks guys
Wasn't in the mood to do, but the end product came out ok...

My main course... Ok ar?

Not very nice, but quite ok... as what chef norrizan said...
So, in finals i should have bad mood la right? :D
Phew, let go two big burdens in one day. =]
Finals is in two weeks time... 27th of Nov and all the way to the end of finals 15th Dec.
Definitely gonna fail one or two subjects... (or perhaps have to repeat? =[ )

This Sunday got Delf exam... but i never receive any phone call/letter from them stating the time! Or maybe they did... but haven't check yet... :p

Went for both Yuan Dian roadshows in Sungai Wang and Klang Parade.
Shaun Chen Hong Yu is super duper fruper trooper good looking!
Shall go rent his dramas and search for his info when i'm 'free'.
There's just too many things i want to do when i'm 'free' from HD.
Don't feel like starting degree so fast in Feb... I wanna work! I wanna do my own stuff!
But cakap saja, in the end all never do.

Is it always like this?
When it comes to almost graduating, then only you'll become closer to your classmates?
In a month's time we'll be graduating.
I think i'll cry on the last day.
Went McD today after pastry class with Fi, Amanda, Ah Foo, Shiao Teng, Mund, Kiat, FQ...
If it wasn't for me rushing home, we would have stayed longer to chat...
Well, there's always another day... another time...
Graduation.. Friends forever...
Fi will be going to S'pore to work... The others... I dunno... But half will not continue...
Half of the fun and laughter will disappear.

Friends come and friends go...
Some change but some don't...
Please promise me, that you won't...
Cuz i don't want any friendship ruined...
(If only you understand,
how it feels when someone don't care anymore...)

Friday, November 03, 2006


Exam is just round the corner, and realllly soon...
But totally no mood to study at all...
Haven't do any revising at ALL...
Everyday just want to go yum cha, go shopping, go out... Away from studying...
Trying to avoid the fact of 'I-HAVE-TO-STUDY!'

(singing) I had a bad day... I'm taking one down...
I sing a sad song juz to turn it around...

Seriously I had a bad day...
Got scolding from Ms Sophie...
But sendiri padan muka la...
Never go find her for TIS...
Then waited for Delf class, Wen Wah told me it's cancelled...
I freaking regret paying for Delf A1... Maybe i should just don't go for the exam on that day...
But waste RM90 weh!!! KCUF!

Luckily someone good enough to ask me to go PM... Temptation is a sin, seriously.. Suppose to be doing TIS, but go makan at PM pulak... But, while walking PM, received another bad news pulak...

And i got a shock of my life when I heard it! I just can't believe la...
Alllllllllllll the way there just for him? For just a freaking private function?
Are you guys too desperate for a guy or what?
I know you read this blog, but, I'm just saying the truth! I don't mean to offend you...
Those things about co-driver, scared, not allowed, too far... Where have those things gone? Vanished in the air?
I guess when a person has the time, money and transport... The person can do whatever they want...
It's not about jealousy or anything ok... It's just... Arghhhh...
I guess CY is right... Never trust anyone in this world... They can say one thing and do another thing... I guess I have to choose the right friends all over again...

And YOU! Actually I don't hate you that much... But, i'm just annoyed with what you're doing now!!! You've changed! You don't mix with us anymore!!! What are we? Your toys? When you want to play, you come and play with us, when you don't need us, you just dump us aside? Arghhhhhh..... what a life man... Maybe i'll just leave this d*** place and be gone forever la... Fed up man! B****!

Justin Lo's having a showcase in Sg Wang on the 8th!
But i can't gooooooo! Cuz i got kitchen practical... Kcuf again! Grrrrr......
Tomorrow... I mean.... Later i'm going to Sg Wang to see the stars of Yuan Dian... Felicia Chin (Jia Ning), Shaun Chen (Yu Cheng), Ting Li (Stella Chung), Jay (William Sun), Zhi Yang (Johnson), Zhi Rong (Melvin) and Rachel (Kirby Chan). La la la... And on the 9th, LYZ is going to Klang Parade... 7.30pm... Also for Yuan Dian... who wants to go? :D

Chef Chong ask me to become commis again...
I want i want i want!!!! But monday and tuesday... I got class till 6pm! How to help la? The class starts at 6.30pm... Can't even do mise en place...
I told him I have to start studying for finals dee...
I guess after finals only i help him la... hehe...
Maybe i'll just stay back once in awhile to see what's he cooking... nyek nyek nyek...
I guess, every student has their own fave lecturer or closest lecturer...
I have known Chef Chong since Term 1... Well, I'm not the best student in the class, (he said that we weren't good when we started)...
I guess it started when I emailed him about my frustrations in my studies and my social life in the class... He's helpful enough to reply...
And I hope i can help him in whatever way i can... Learning from him is really beneficial...

Oklar, just want to express my bad day here... Gtg sleep now... Gd night...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A busy weekend...

25 Oct
2nd day of Hari Raya
Went to Midvalley with Ria and Ching...
Watched Open Season... funny show...
I have a lot of movies in my mind that I want to watch! Flushed Away, Happy Feet, Barn Yard, The Prestige, John Tucker Must Die, Dead Or Alive, The Devil Wears Prada, World Trade Center...
And also lots of dramas! Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa, It Started With A Kiss, The Princess Hours, Qing Mi Hei Shen Ling, and a whole lot of others...
Had KFC for lunch and went around shopping for people's presents...
At night, went to Kuchai Attap House for dinner and then to SQ's house for cake cutting...
They prepared a chiffon cake with whipped cream and PT's face was 'dipped' into the cake...
Of cuz, it wasn't the real cake...
We had blueberry cake.. Yummy... from cranberry :D

26 Oct
Went to Sunway Pyramid, cuz friend wants to pay deposit to Hartz...
Went at 5pm, walked the whole building to look for white spaghetti top, but none that i like...
Arghh, when you want something, you can't get it... But when you don't want it, it's everywhere around you... Saddening isn't it?
Waited till 8 something but that friend hasn't arrived yet... Was pissed off at first...
Went to Kim Gary with the two other friends for dinner first...
Then went to Hartz, the lady we spoke to the other day wasn't there, so we speaked to the RM.
This time, they take back their words, no deco, no special dishes, NOTHING... *disappointed*
Fiona overnight at my place cuz of the D&D and to do the hair and make up...

27th October
Woke up at 12pm...
Went to the saloon at 3pm...
Not planning to go there again, freaking expensive and not say very nice...
Went to Parkroyal for the TCHT Dinner & Dance, first time going for a D&D...
The food was horrible! Well, i don't know about others but i didn't like it...
The lecturer's performances were the best! I laughed non stop...
The others went yum cha after the event but i went home... Too tired...

28th October
Aunt and Angeli came over for lunch...
Angeli was so cute and hyper... Run up and down playing with everything...
Prettier and prettier day by day...
Went for cousin's wedding at night at Pik Wah Lau...
Lai Yee jie jie is pregnant... I'm gonna be a ... (what do your cousin's child call you?)
Went home, do some stuff and head to Royale Bintang Damansara for a stay over...
My friend had some complimentary vouchers and he invited some of us for the night there...
Chatted all night long...
I slept at 6.45am and woke up at 9am...

29th October
Had breakfast at the hotel... Erm, so so lah...
Went back to the room and chit chat till 12 something...
Watch tv, Realiti and then went to the curve for a drink.
Wash up and get ready to go Sunway for the birthday party.
Fetched my friend's parents there. Prepared some deco for my friend but wasn't allowed to put it up... argh, kcuf.
I swear i'll never ever ever go to Hartz again... I'm just so mad at them, not giving us what they promised to give us at the first place... But, i guess overall everybody enjoyed the party...
Didn't eat much though...
Went home at 2am... And i had the best sleep ever... I slept soundly... Wake up, muscle pain, cuz carry the birthday cake... :D

I guess, a lot of things in life can be unexpected...
How does it feel when what happened was worst than what your least expectation was?
How does it feel when what happened was totally unexpected?
How does it feel when what happened was exactly you expected it to be?
How does it feel when it's more than you expected it to be?
Well, i'm just crapping...
I guess, people live in this world, there's somehow a responsibility, a duty or a task for each of us to make others happy... And when others are happy, you feel satisfied and happy too! Don't you?
And i'm happy and glad, thanks to these three words - Friends For Life...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I want Nike handbags...

Few years back, I kept asking myself, why Nike only come out with sports wear...
If only they can come out with key chains, nice woman handbags, stickers, chairs, cutleries, floor mat and all...... I will buy all...
Went to 1U just now and went to U-Parkson to look for Teng...
My freaking god, I saw a lot of nice Nike handbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need a lot of money... a lot a lot of money to buy those bags..........
And i love them all.....

Monday, October 23, 2006


Wow, it's been so long since I updated my blog... Don't know where to start from actually....
Everything is leading me to getting broke...
I've been spending way too much...
Albums, books, food... Argh.....
I bought Danny's album, Jack's album (Lum Dak Weng, yes the myfm DJ), Jay's album, FIR's album, Ah Yi's album...
I still want Danny's album (the one made in China)!!!!!

Time is running out... 4 more weeks i'll be sitting for my trials... then finals...
Can you imagine, only one day in between the last day of trials and first day of finals?
But in a way it's good la, at least the informations are still fresh in my brain...

Sometimes it's good to stay with people whom you're not so close with...
You get to hear thoughts and opinions from different angles...
Went on a trip with a bunch of friends few weeks back...
It was fun... and the fun part was chatting until 5am in the morning...
The funny thing was, all of us were of different age... And the gap is quite big actually... hehe...

3 days in a row... So tiring, exhausted... But still, 3 days in a row...
Can't believe I actually did it...
And all we got was... well, all i got was a hand shake...

Things are getting worst... it's sort of affecting our friendship...
I don't have strength to care anymore... to be angry anymore... to be jealous anymore...
Is it true that when people get too close, they'll end up hating each other?
Hmm, maybe it only happens to me... not them...
I guess i'll just do my part, my responsibilities ... and leave the rest...

I'm just fascinated with the type of people in the world...
Some can go all the way just to achieve something they want...
Some can be so selfish and and boastful...
Some can be really thoughtful and understanding...
I don't know if it's girl's sixth sense or what... I'm not lesbian or anything...
But somehow, a lot of times, by just looking at a person for the first time, I can tell if I click with her. But actually the first impression is 'wah, leng lui', and then somehow 90% it turns out we click very well... Haha i'm crapping...

Arghhh, I can't believe we're in the same group...
He's really a nice person... A very caring and funny guy...
Too bad... He's not available anymore...
Yi ran shi peng you :D

I suspect it's him... even C also suspect it's him...
But no proof... Can't do anything about it huh...

Went to Saisaki for lunch on Saturday... Fulamak!!!
Dah renovate tu... and it's superb nice!!!
And a lot a lot of food...
Sashimis, tempuras, sushis, teppanyaki, kushiyakis...
there are like 20 types of appetizers, 20 types of desserts... 5 types of soups, and a whole stretch of non-japanese food... Fried rice, kimchi fried rice, white rice, and ginseng porridge...

Helped Chef Chong for his Western Cuisine class as a commis for three weeks, twice a week...
Tiring one lor! Carry this carry that...
But the food he cooked was superb and simple...
Hope can help him again...

5 days holiday...
Suppose to study but end up watching tv all the time... Flipping the channels from Hallmark to WLT to AEC to 8tv. I think I watched more tv these two days than in September. I watched Gubra, the ending of Wishing Stairs, Ordinary Miracles (abt a lawyer adopted a problem kid), a Whoopi Goldberg comedy abt 8 people racing to Silver City for 200 million but end up donating everything to charity, Ho Chak, Guess Guess Guess, Wo Yao Zuo Model etc... And I cried watching most of the shows... Touching mar, what to do... Especially Model, cuz two person been eliminated... They cry, i also cry... *emo* siul...

It's funny how people's attitude are... I mean, people have their own ego... Including females...
Well, i don't know if this is called ego or not... For example:
A is eating wan tan mee, and asked if B wants some, if B really don't want it, B will answer either 'yes' or 'no' firmly... But if B wants it actually, i'm sure most of us if we were in B's situation we will answer 'you eat la, it's ok' -_-" Aiyo, so obvious B wants it right, tapi nak act cool...
Haha, i'm the same too actually :D

Friday, October 06, 2006

Virgo Girl

The Virgo girl:
- is a shy and reserved young lady, disposed to spending much of her time fretting over things. (correct...)
- a perfectionist who is never satisfied (hmm, i guess so)
- forever planning and making lists (why so true one???)
- chooses her friends, both boys and girls with care (quite lah)
- prefers the company of like-minded individuals, perhaps those who are as health conscious as her (like-minded yes, but health conscious hell no! i'm not health conscious)
- As Virgo rules the nervous system, this young girl is prone to nervousness and anxiety (super true!)
- is consumed by her obsession for detail (so so la...not very the detailed type)
- studious and hardworking, she always gets good grades, which gives her immense satisfaction (err, addiction to Internet is bad...)
- She is not out there to seek glory and fame, but merely the satisfaction that comes from a job well done (100% agree)
- Relationship with her siblings may not be good as she is prone to criticise them constantly (hey, i don't criticise my bro often! Well.. sometimes...)
- Academically, she is inclined towards research activities (Bingo)
- is ideally suited to be a doctor, nurse, programmer or editor (harr?? no way)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ariel Lin - Fei Ni Mo Shu lyrics


曲:TANK 詞:陳信廷 編曲:洪敬堯
製作人:王治平 配唱製作人:郭文宗

懂得讓我微笑的人 再沒有誰比你有天份
Dong de rang wo wei xiao de ren zai mei you shui bi ni you tian fen
輕易闖進我的心門 明天的美夢你完成
Qing yi chuang jin wo de xin men ming tian de mei mong ni wan cheng

*整個宇宙 浩瀚無邊的盡頭
Zheng ge yu zhou hao han wu bian de jin tou
每顆渺小星球 全都繞著你走
Mei ke miao xiao xing qiu quan dou rao zhe ni zou*

愛我 非你莫屬
Ai wo fei ni mo shu
我只願 守護 由你給我的幸福
Wo zhi yuan shou hu you ni gei wo de xin fu
愛我 非你莫屬
Ai wo fei ni mo shu
也許會 笑著哭 但那人是你所以 不怕苦
Ye xu hui xiao zhe ku dan na ren shi ni suo yi bu pa ku

懂得讓我流淚的人 給的感動一定是最深
Dong de rang wo liu lei de ren gei de gan dong yi ding shi zui shen
在我心中留下傷痕 你同時點亮了星辰
Zai wo xin zhong liu xia shang hen ni tong shi dian liang le xing chen

Repeat ** and chorus

看 那麼多相遇
Kan Na me duo xiang yu
偏偏只和你 天造地設般產生奇跡
Pian pian zhi he ni tian zhao di she ban chan sheng qi ji
哦 我心的縫隙
W wo xin de feng xi
我想除了你 任誰也無法填補這空
Wo xiang chu le ni ren shui ye wu fa tian bu zhe kong

Repeat Chorus

Monday, October 02, 2006

Holiday's over...

So fast, two weeks holiday already over... Had a bz week... Bz doing nothing :P
Anjanna had left for Dublin... Sigh, one by one all leaving M'sia... Met up with her yesterday morning... Took lots of pics together... 2 1/2 years... will go by in a blink of an eye...
Should I leave too? I still can't figure out.

Went Teng's house to teach her maths that afternoon... Gosh, totally forgot everything... Have to refer back the reference book for all the formulas...
Went South City Plaza's Tanglung Festival last night... So many people! A lot of performances... Got the 'che ling', cultural dance, kids cultural dance, kids dance, Daniel, Desiree, duet performance... Daniel performed at 11pm. Zzzzz... I laughed non stop at Uncle Milo's jokes... So many kids were there... Kristin, Yinli, Bevvy, Chrystelle, Connor, Jovee... I simply love all of them... Somehow i just love kids... Kristin is mixing with me and cy slowly... I just love her...

Things have not been going smooth for me... A lot of mixed feelings inside of me... Worrying about everything happening around me... My studies, my assignment, and my social life... Just a simple problem, i can imagine thousands of chains of causes and effects for it...

People are all the same... People always expect more than they're given... As the saying goes, when given an inch, they'll want a yard... I think I should be happy and grateful for what I have now... I shall not ask for more...

When we want something, we must work hard for it... But does it mean that we have to be thick skinned and always make the first move? Won't it scare other people away?

Sometimes, things are unexpected... Sometimes you will never expect something that a person said... And when that person said it, you'll be shocked...

Journey of Daniel Lee

It has been one year since Daniel Lee was crowned Malaysian Idol 2... A special video produced by DFC's president/Daniel's Dad...

Click Here

Er Zuo Ju lyrics

Song name: Prank (Practical Joke)

Artist: Wang Lan Yin

Album: It started with a Kiss OST

I could not find a better reason to stop all these intimacy
"wo zhao bu dao hen hao de yuen yin qu zhu dang zhe yi qie de qing mi"

The feeling is too special. I apologise that I could not explain.
"zhe gan jue tai qi yi wo bao qian bu neng shuo ming"

I believe the meaning of love, and miracle might happen
"wo xiang xin zhe ai qing de ding yi qi ji fa sheng ye bu yi ding"

The comfortable and clear wind might bring good news.
"feng wen rou de qing xi ye xu piao lai hao xiao xi"

Everything is so fresh, it might contain some risk.
"yi qie xin xian you dian mao xian"

Somebody tells me how to reach to finishing line.
"qing gao shu wo zhen me zou dao zhong dian"

Nobody understand.
"mei you ren liao jie"

Nobody has the love that similar to me and the stranger.
"mei you ren xiang wo he me sheng ren de ai luen"

I think I will begin to miss you.
"wo xiang wo hui kai shi xiang lian ni"

But I just saw you.
"ke shi wo gang gang cai yu jian ni"

I believe the meeting is a prank.
"wo huai yu zhe qi yu shi ge e zuo ju"

And I think I'm beginning to like you.
"wo xiang wo yi man man xi huan ni"

Because I have the courage to love.
"ying wei wo yong you ai qing de yong qi"

I sink myself in the prank you given me.
"wo ren xing tou ru ni gei de e zuo ju"

The prank you given me.
"ni gei de e zuo ju"

Now I realize you looked bright
"wo cai fa xian ni hen yao yan"

Let me just take a second look at your eyes
"qing rang wo zai qiao qiao ni de xuang yan"

Nobody will understand.
"mei you ren liao jie"

Nobody has the love that similar to me and the stranger.
"mei you ren xiang wo he me sheng ren de ai luan"

Sunday, October 01, 2006


现在换我了。给人在面前狠狠地插了一刀。怒起来,我又 “盖了他一巴”。现在,冷战开始了。互相讽刺对方。但是,其实我一早已不是很喜欢他。因为不爽他那讽刺性的一句一话。

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The End

So fast, my holiday gonna end liao... I did nothing but eat and play... I didn't even revise my notes nor did my TIS.

My holiday end, my money also end... I'm so broke!!! There's so many things i want to buy but i'm so broke... so so so broke...

- All Jamie Oliver's cookbook
- New camera
- Holiday (Cherating? :D)
- A nice bag for college
- Nike products
- Books, books and more books!

I feel so useless because I don't work, and I don't earn any money to pay for everything. I feel so bad asking money from my parents... Not like my brother... Doink...

I feel like moving out. I feel like staying alone... I can imagine myself having an apartment by myself, cooking for myself... But, i guess i'm not that independent yet... I'll end up not doing the house chores... >.<" And i don't have money to pay for everything... swt...

...I need a light to guide my way...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eat, eat and eat...

I spent my whole week holiday doing nothing but play... Lepak lepak and lepak...

Suppose to be going on a diet, but i'm putting in more food... *piak*

18/9 - Rakuzen SS15... Yummy! Same chain as Zen (but Zen cheaper and nicer!) =D

19/9 - Chuai Heng Restaurant, Kuchai Lama... Dad's bday... Yummy too! 8 course dinner... Kenyang betul!

21/9 - Assam laksa at Cheow Yang pasar malam. There's only 1 table for this assam laksa stall and you have to take numbers to get to your assam laksa... Yeng leh?

23/9 - Dinner at Anjanna's house. Home cooked food... yummy! It's been so long since i see most of my secondary school classmates... Had loads of fun chatting with them... Stayed until 2am playing Pictionary, losers have to drink one glass of water each round, and cannot go toilet. I had 8 glasses... what a way to make me drink water man... >.<"

24/9 - SS2 Wai Sek Kai... 3 dinosaurs eating all these food...

25/9 - Steamboat at Yuen...

Growing fatter and fatter dee lar... sei lor sei lor... But, it feels so good to hang out with true friends who really care for you... Sometimes i wonder, what do they think about me? What if everybody actually hates me? What if they're just pretending to be kind to me? Am feeling moody the whole day.. why? The pic? The person? The trip? The post? The SS-ness?

Gosh, don't know what's wrong with me. I dreamt of him yesterday. Do I miss him that much? We weren't close at all, and we don't even keep in contact... Why do i miss him?

Spotted a few leng chais these few days... Keep thinking what is my type of guy? I always believed that (sorry la SS abit) I will be able to find a guy who's my type and love me deeply... People always say that, you will never get the type of guy you like, they'll end up being the opposite... Tall, dark and handsome? Or short, fair and cute? =D Have you watched the Taiwanese drama 'It Started with A Kiss'? Must watch it... If only there's a guy so loyal like Ah Jin... 5 years... Having a crush on Xiang Qin for 5 years... Same as XQ's crush towards Zhi Shu... Aihz, also know how to say it's a drama ler, all imaginations...

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Don't know what's wrong with me... Can't sleep for the past 3 days... Rolling on the bed from 1am to 4am... Wake up to read book or magazine, felt sleepy but when lie on the bed the eyes wide open. Gosh, can somebody help me... is this insomnia?

1 week holiday passed... didn't do anything that i planned to do... so, in conclusion, plans are useless... just go with the flow... Just saw my timetable for next term, yippeeeeeee friday no class... But it's suppose to be for study purpose ler >.<"

Went for OIAM Grand Finale at PWTC yesterday with Anjanna, Chunyiun, Teng, Aunty Swan, Layleng... Saw Fish, Yeerei, Aunty Steph, Julielai and family, Idolfan, Uncle Milo, Ostro (it's so good to see u!), Evon, Revo, Cath, Aries, Evelyn and a lot more BH forummers that I know. Thought will be jam but reached there at 5 something. Stood at the red carpet see all the stars walk in... Got artists from Realiti like Alvin Wong, Shazzy Falak, OAG, Nita, Jaclyn, Desiree, Daniel, Dina (3Ds!), Fly Guy, and so many more! Daniel and Dina supports Faizal! Woo hoo!

When they announced that Faizal's got the lowest vote, gosh, so disappointed. Although he got to compete again, but still... Honestly, I liked Faizal's and Alif's performance... No doubt Suki has a great voice, but hers was just average la. And Faizal's 2nd song awed the whole crowd. A standing ovation was given to him. Even the artists, Mr Izham, his wife all stood up and clapped. HE deserves the RM1million, but well, no use crying over spilt milk now. I'm sure he'll move forward to make better music in the future... Faizal, i sure will buy your album!!! U'll make it big!!!

If only there are more than 24 hours in a day! Time not enough oh! How i wish I can have more time... Well, maybe it's just me who never organize myself... everyday online aje...

Daniel, Teng, Meiling, Aunty Swan, Layleng, Aunty Melody, Aunty Audrey all in Cherating... arghhhh, i'm so bored... Saw Layleng's book of Daniel's articles... Woahh, so many! Cleared up some of mine... Got quite a lot also... hehe!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

17 September 2006

So, did u have a great time on your birthday?

Hmm... Yes and No...

Huh? Why??

Erm... Maybe it's just me lar... I don't like to tell out my birthday. I scared people will say I want to 'chiong keang tau' (rampas attention). And takkan I go around and say 'Hello! it's my birthday! Wish me!' >.<" On the strike of 12am, I was at a friends gathering, most of them didn't know it's my birthday, so those who know can only whisper wishes to me. But i'm glad many people called, text and even send me testimonials on friendster. Even people that I never expect they will. Thank you all so much. Mwaks.

Last Thursday, went MV with Ching, Ria and Anjanna. Watched Monster House (it's good! go watch it!) and had lunch at San Francisco Steakhouse (their set lunch only RM13.90 and it's good!) At the end of our meal, the leng chai supervisor and another manager/supervisor came up with a cake and sang bday song for me (Wah, got leng chai sing bday song for me, not bad lah!) And Ching, Ria and An made me take out the candles (they put 2 big 2 small candles >.<") using my mouth. So malu!!! Whole face cream. Yuck! Anyway, thanks guys! U guys are always the best!

Had high tea at Planter's Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotel (ex KL Hilton) with family. Erm, so so la the food. But the stupid clown call me aunty! KNS!

At night had steamboat at Puchong. Then a small cake cutting session while watching the Global Singing Competition on tv which Andrew Tan won! Woo hoo! Fruit Delight from Bread Story. Yummy!!! Thanks to everyone who made my 20th birthday a wonderful one. Love you guys very very very much! Like what Aunty Sarah and others said, 'You're not a TEEN anymore'.
My pressies...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Danny's showcase & PWH

Some of you might not know, but recently i've been crazy about this local artist - Danny One aka Wen Li Ming... He's not as popular as Daniel of course, but he's great! Although still need to improve on his vocal... >.<>

After that, me, ML and CY rushed to South City Plaza for the PWH Music Showcase. SS didn't want to go so she went home. There were Desiree, Kwok Fai, Quincy and Eric Lim performing. We missed half of the show but we still enjoyed the second half. But I only managed to take pic with Kwok Fai and Quincy... sobz...

I think Quincy looks abit like Daniel la... what u think?

So many things on my mind...

PhoooO! It's been so long since i last blogged! Ok now i'm already on holiday, i have a looooong list of what to do during my holidays, but am currently doing...NOTHING =_="

All 4 exam subjects were terrible... Just pray that i pass... sigh! What to do, have a lot of distractions around me nowadays...

Just before my last paper, we gave a big farewell surprise to our beloved French lecturer, Madam Yati. She's leaving to teach in Uni KL. Of all the lecturers, she's been the most kind and wonderful lecturer to our class. We gave her this bouquet of chocolate roses (Ferrero Rocher u know!!! 26 biji, each representing each student who is in the class) When she saw it, she cried right away. And made all of us cried too (Imagine, crying before exam) All sure thinking "sob sob! i sure fail dee la sob sob!" rather than "I'll miss you madam yati!" Keke, nolar, jkjk! Madam Yati, we all will miss you dearly. Thanks for everything that you've teach us. Keep in touch ya... mwaks!

Monday, September 11, 2006

2 down, 2 to go.

Today i just had my French and Budgeting term exam. French was ok. Budgeting sucks big time! I think i'm gonna fail. Not only me. Most of them can't do as well. Sure Mr Wong HS will be so disappointed in me.
Well, 2 more to go. I'm doomed.
Had our diploma convo yesterday at KL Convention Center. Boring. A girl nearly slipped and fell. Made all of us so scared. Scared pok kai. :D We were admiring other people's bouquet of flowers, see whose is nicer. Sad la, sendiri takde bunga kena tengok bunga orang lain. Hehe!
After group photo, we had tea reception. The food was good! (usually convention food where got nice one) Well, I guessed that changed my mind.
Pics will be up soon. Gotta head back to study. Ciaoz!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Too bored...


Haha, took me a couple of weeks to fully copy down every single word. I was just too bored... >.<"

September... is it a good or bad month? Yet to know... But i think it's gonna be bad... I think i've changed... Changed into someone which I don't even know... Life's not like the way i expected it to be anymore >.<" Jealousy tends to happen anywhere and everywhere... I guess i'm just jealous... -x-

Next week is my term exam dy... so fast... 3 months later i'll be graduating from my higher dip liao... Gosh... time flies...

Honestly speaking, i'm beginning to love my class... Although there were lots of ups and downs and arguments, but we're special! Madam Yati's leaving next week, we're so gonna miss her. WHS asked Amanda if we would like him to teach us again next term =p

Gonna start dieting today... blek!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

我们仨 Wo Men Sa lyrics

我们仨 "Wo Men Sa "
{曲: 彭慧刚 / 词:蓝汉敏 , 刘婉贞 / 演绎: Daniel李吉汉}

* 一九五七年 梦就在天边
Yi jiu wu qi nian, mong jiu zai tian bian
温柔地呐喊 独立在眼前
Wen rou de na han, du li zai yan qian
石破天惊的这一页 有你我他的脸
Shi poh tian jing de zhe yi ye, yo ni wo ta de lian*

* 回首这些年 携手渡日月
Hui shou zhe xie nian, xie shou du re yue
几经风霜雨 不放弃
Ji jing feng shuang yu, bu fang qi
一步一痕迹 无限奇迹 震撼灵魂勇气
Yi bu yi hen ji, wu xian qi ji, zhen tan ling hun yong qi*

** chorus (1)
Ni shuo ni ai ta bu bian
Ta shuo ta ceng sa xia re xue
别忘了 我也有牺牲奉献
Bie wang le wo ye you xi sheng feng xian
我们仨 相知又相依 永远 #
Wo men sa xiang zhi you xiang yi yong yuan

* 转眼宏愿年 感恩至无言
Zhuan yan hong yuan nian, gan ern zhi wu yan
汗水雨露点 泪也滴如绵
Han shui yu lo dian, lei yeh di ru mian
烙印心中田不忘记 拥抱彼此永远
Lao yin xin zhong tian bu wang ji, yong bao bi chi yong yuan*

* 喜悦与荣耀 感动与骄傲
Xi yue yu rong yao, gan dong yu jiao ao
Zhe zuo cheng wo men tong zhao yao
编织眼前的 珍惜所有 未来梦任逍遥
Bian zhi yan qian de, zhen xi suo yo, wei lai mong ren xiao yao*

** repeat chorus (1)**

* chorus (2)
Wo men zhen ai ta yong yuan
Wo men yi qi gong tong xu yuan
就这样 你我他一起贡献
Jiu zhe yang ni wo ta yi qi gong xian
我们仨 相知又相依 珍惜你我他 永远 ##
Wo men sa xiang zhi yo xiang yi, zhen xi ni wo ta yong yuan

注解 :仨 sā:“仨” 的本意为三个,表示三个人; 隐喻马来西亚的三大种族。(Sa means three, meaning 3 person. Indirectly meaning the 3 races of M'sia)

This is the song composed for the 9/9 Patriotik Song competition. The composer & writer hoped that Daniel will sing this song cuz it's suitable for him, and Daniel chose this song! The tune is very nice, a very nice beat... Very cute song... Hope you all like it!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Visit to Silverbird

Whoopeeee!!!! It was fun fun and whole lot of fun!!!! We went for a visit to Silverbird. There, they have the High 5 Bread Town Museum. We left college at about 4pm. Snap some photos in the bus, so funny la...

Pn Siti went and register for us, and coincidently 3 of our college seniors (Degree students doing their internship) were there, it was their last day there, and Pn Siti requested them to be our 'tour guide', Alex, Sabrina and one girl i don't know her name.

We were brought into a small theatre to watch a 5 minute video on history of bread, then we stood in front of the entrance of the museum. It opens by voice function, so we were suppose to shout 'high 5!'... Alex said 'make sure u shout high 5, not gardenia ar...' He's cute!

The museum shows the history of bread, all the machines/ovens/tools used. Super super cool!!! Too bad we cannot take any pics inside... Even the breads looked like real ones. They have bread from the past, present and even future!

Then, we were shown their collections of flour sacks... and the factory... unfortunately the workers were cleaning the factory for the next batch of production... if not, we would have seen the whole place filled with dough, freshly baked and sliced breads. Sobz... Then we were brought to a souvenir shop to buy silverbird/high 5 products...

Then, we took a group photo outside, got a 'goodie bag' from them and then left back to college.

Me, fiona, ivy, edmund, shiao teng, fq, sek kiat, darren, kennedy, iveen, terence and kenneth went for buffet steamboat at Twenty. Wanted to eat at Yuen but fully booked! Not as nice as Yuen... But i nearly died laughing eating with them... It's so fun la...... That day sek kiat asked: "10 years from now, will you still contact me ar?" Haha, good question...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Live life to the fullest...

Have you guys watch the movie 'Click'? If not, get your @ss out of here and go and watch it... A very meaningful show, it tells how our society is now... Busy with work, less time with the family and end up regretting it. It's a comedy but you'll end up crying a whole bucket of tears...

Parents and bro went Haadyai yesterday. I'm suppose to follow but didn't want to miss my food science class and Malacca trip :D

Addicted to ISWAK... (It started with a kiss) - a taiwanese drama... (thanks to you, TENG >.<") Jiang Zhi Shu is so nice... Ah Jin so kesian... =(

Celebrated Isa's bday yesterday, swimming at her place (sadly i can't) and then dinner at Neela's. It's been 2 months plus since i last saw all of them. Everybody has spreaded their wings, all in different colleges and universities, some going overseas soon... sighz...

Term test is in a week's time... Next week also full of assessments and presentations... So many things undone... Research, TIS, preparation... >.<" Gosh, i'm so not ready for my finals... Suppose to go find a few friends... Suppose to go shopping... Suppose to read many many books... Suppose to update my blog more often... Suppose to do house chores... SUppose to.. suppose to.. suppose to.. *pengsan*

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blur blur...

Yippee!! Tomorrow going to Silverbird to visit the flour/bread factory and the bread museum... I'm turning into a cam whore nowadays... Our class had been taking pictures everywhere we go. Even after sales talk >.<" Tomorrow we'll definitely be taking loads and loads of pics because we're going to silverbird and steamboat! Whoopee!

Bought a pink baby patrick yesterday for RM25. It was the memory lane 'closing sale'.

Teng sent me a fwd msg saying 'if you have 15 seconds to live, what would you say to me in that 15 seconds?', got some really funny replies. Perhaps i should put as 'if I only have 15 seconds to live, what would you say to me in that 15 seconds?' :D

I really don't know if i fit in the group. When i see the both of them, I think they're better off without me. They seemed closer when i'm not with them. They always take pics together. But, A still tell me things about B, and I feel comfortable being with the both of them. Sighz, why life is so unfair... Aunty Swan said 'girls cannot be best friends, because they will like the same things and perhaps the same guy, jealousy/hatred tend to happen', *funny* but true? What about friends who have a lot in common in the beginning and realize not actually a lot in common in the end? Or friends who doesn't click well in the beginning and end up having a lot in common in the end? Haha... I siao already lar... lack of sleep... Danny, i'm as emo as you... elmo emo <3

I hate liars... i freaking freaking hate liars... You don't know how hurt i am when i knew the truth. It's not wrong to do such things, but why can't you just tell me the truth? Things changed few months back. I don't know what, but definitely something. Feelings i guess. Arghh, forget it. I'm better off alone. Goodbye.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What A Day...

Woke up at 1pm... Wash up and get ready for my dooms day - High Tea with lecturers... Left the house at 2pm with parents. It was held in Annexe, not many familiar faces... only Amanda, Shirleen, Suk Na... Saw Chef Norrizan, Ms Karen, Ms Charmaine, Mr Pragash and Pn Siti. All also say 'oh, i have no problems with ur daughter, she's very hardworking, she pays full attention in class, if she maintain or work harder, i'm sure she'll score excellent in her finals... Pfftt... Really respect Ms Karen, her knowledge is ichiban! She said there's this Fd Tech Engineering in degree... ask me to venture this course... but scary la... all scientific stuff, scared i don't understand...

All said positive stuff about me, except Pn Siti... spot on... she totally said it... she said i need to speak up in class, i'm wayyyyyyy tooooooo quiet... She don't even know if i understand or not... She said I have no confidence in myself, I really need to voice out, if not, it's gonna be tough for me in finals... I need to start now, if not, I really doomed la... When she keep saying all these, i keep nodding only... she said 'can u say YES instead of nodding?" >.<" I dunno laaaa... People have no confidence talking to strangers... but I've no confidence talking to ... everybody... Be it strangers or close friends... I scared i'll memalukan myself. I don't request for stuff because i scared people will say i'm irritating... I don't play games because i scared people will laugh at me when i lose or fell... I don't joke because i scared people will think it's lame... I don't ask questions because i scared people will be annoyed... Therefore, i'm a person who dare to do things in writing... or i should say a 'backstage' person. Therefore i dislike sales and nego, i dislike training people, i dislike front office... They ask me whether i want to continue degree or not, i pun tak tau lar >.<" Went home about 4 after makan... Like their mushroom soup. Cooked and served by BDH24. I ordered the peach flambe from the server but he serve other guests pulak. *ish* then i ordered again. I guess it was too dilute, mr Tay Boon saw and he take over and show him. Muahhaha, my peach flambe was done by Mr Tay Boon nyek nyek nyek. I went and kacau him 'wahhh, sai em sai ar u do flambe?' 'you cook properly ar, this two my one u know!' hehe, oops... Dunno why, everytime when come to before kitchen practical class, i get very tensed up... I get very very nervous and scared... scared that i can't do well... If i'm i'm Chef Patrick's class sure lagi tensed... and sure masuk rubbish bin one... Imagine, after cooking, 10 students' dishes in front of him, all masuk rubbish bin... teruknya... Last Friday was ok, cooked chicken mousseline for starter and rainbow trout and pilaf rice, white wine sauce for main course. ma'am said seasoning good... temperature ok... but creativity not there yet... and we took the class too easily... we took our own sweet time... Chef Chong said too normal... but he liked my white wine sauce :D Must go find more ways to cook the items... After the class, both shoulders also relax dy... What's wrong with meeeeeee???? Sighz... Just now wanted to do my FNB assignment, cari my whole file, my whole room, my whole table, cannot find my that paper... Shutz... So scared until i cried... Had to ask Darren to type the whole thing on msn for me... Thanks darren! Ask Terence to scan, he left the bag in the car pulak... Apalar, put in the car to let the sun shine ar? >.<" Arghhh... how can i lose the paper??? Hate myself...

Went 1u with Teng in the evening cuz wanna check out FIR, Sam Lee, Danny's album... Wanted to watch Click actually. But when i reach there, left 2 separated seats, 1 in front, 1 at the back. I bought FIR album from popular, 38.80, free a booklet of photos. Went and eat assam laksa at a restaurant opposite Giant.. Saw Rydee.. Bought a 1GB pen drive and printer ink. Then went esprit to find teng's mum and sis. After that balik rumah. on the way listen to FIR, superb!!! Love track 6 the first time listening to it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hate those dumb f***s

Everyday you read through the newspaper, you can see murder cases, kidnap, robberies, snatch thefts, revenge, suicides, and other stories which people purposely attack/hurt another thanks to some freaking lame unreasonable reasons. Why are there such attitude-problem people? How can someone cause unreasonable injury to another? Did they offend you before? Mou liu~~~

I hate those people with attitude problem... WHen they're wrong, they don't want to admit, but backstab another...
I hate those people who never use their BRAINS... They don't see the whole thing before they act... Use common sense ler...
I hate those people who are NOT CONSIDERATE... When you know you're standing next to the lift button, cannot press for other people to go out first ar? So fast rush out wanna go toilet ar?!?
I hate those people who are SELFISH...
I hate those people who LIE... and most of all:
I hate my life... >.<"

Why? Why do we hate people? Not that we're much better than them ourselves... Why do other people's attitude annoy us?

Aiks, sorry... *emo*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BDH 20 African Food Promotion

The past few days had been freaking hot!!! Even if it rained, it's still hot.
Finally, the day that I had been worrying for has past! Woooot! And it all turned out superb and great! Friday we did our mise en place in the evening, thought that dessert team will be the first to finish, end up the last >.<" Did a lot of trial and error cuz we never tried the recipes before. Tiring but it was fun! Don't know why, i really love all this events thingy where we work together, ta pao KFC to eat together, when one finished they'll help another team. :D Saturday dessert team suppose to come at 2pm but decided to come at 12pm to see what the others doing. Came with Fiona, had our lunch then straight away start our work. The deco in the restaurant was amazing! Kesian the deco team, slept at 5am.

Finished our tasks at about 5 something. My thin crust pizza which I rolled until my hand also pain doesn't look thin >.<" but the others - moist banana cake, banana chips bread, grissini stick, fruit parcel were good! We went to the restaurant to snap some photos.

We took like hundreds of pics throughout the whole day... I'm so glad that through this event, our friendship bloomed. We jokingly tease each other, comment each other, it was real fun... I'll definitely cherish this friendship :D

Amanda, Mohan cooked dinner for all. But the dessert team did not get to eat >.<" Ish, got curry chicken and gaufrette potatoes samore celaka! But we stuff canapes inside like nobody's business haha! Service time, everybody was really co-operative and we got mostly good comments :D Thanks to the FNB team that makes everything well. They had two performances, one is by Maria, Maureen and a friend, the kitchen staff were peeping through the door, Pn Siti was so nice, she let us go out and watch. The second performance was Keith doing flairing, awesome!!!

It was Kenneth's birthday so Edmund and gang put flour in the cake box, pretending it's the cake inside, sang birthday song and pour flour on Kenneth. Then we brought out the real cake. Then, we wash the floor, took some photos and balik. Overall, it's a great experience... I'm lovin' BDH20 OB! <3>