Thursday, March 30, 2006


Quote of the day: It's a difficult task to please everyone..there's always someone who will end up getting hurt."

I just don't understand these people anymore!!! Actually, I NEVER understand these people at all! How childish can they be!!! Why must they make things worst?

A, just because of one small contest, you complain to the whole wide world? Does it really matter if you win or not? Must you really compete with your friends until so teruk meh??? It's just a contest!!! It doesn't involve the matter of life and death ok! If you win, will you appreciate the people who voted? When you lose, you hate everyone.. WTF! Saying that people stole your dream away from you...

Where were you when we needed you? When you're sad, we're here to listen... we help you... When you got it, the only one you thanked was HIM!

B, why do you like to say things that are soooooo ridiculous? When someone explain to you that they're not, means they're not la... Stop saying things which are so childish lar... I really love you as a friend, but you are suspecting me, suspecting us! It's like the words coming out from you has thorns, and it really hurts... I know what happened really hurt you, but it's not our fault! Sorry lar, i liked you as a friend, but the feeling is getting lesser day by day...

C, aih.. I dunno lar... You're also scaring me... I know you care for me... I care for you too... But, i dunno lah... You just scares me... Maybe it's the things you say...

D, i'm scared of you the most!!! I have to be super careful while talking to you!!! You're like a time bomb... Do you know that? Sometimes you're too serious... Is it you think that everything is unfair? If you want, i give everything to you... I don't want them lah...

Aihz, life is sooooooo complicated!!! Don't know who to trust nowadays... Don't put all your trust on one person, you will end up being hurt... But, i still love DFC...
To my friends who knows me, i'm sorry if i've been spending less time with you guys, but i'm really addicted to DFC and i love it very very much (not because of Daniel, but the people inside) , i know it's my fault, I cannot do anything but to only say sorry... so, SORRY!

Is it a good or bad day?

Woke up at 9.45am.. S***! Late! Quickly dress and rush to Setapak to meet up with Szen and Ostro for brunch, which suppose to be at 10am sharp.. Sorry guys!
Reach Jalan Parlimen, JAM!! Oh no!!! After passing Pekeliling, I missed the turning to Jalan Genting Klang.. Had to go all the way front to make a U-turn...
Quickly find a parking and walk towards Public Bank. Szen and Ostro was in the car, Ostro spotted me and shouted my name. Szen drove to another block and we ate pan mee at Restaurant Sky. Yummy!
Ostro was telling what happened during the Jacsville event... sounds really fun! I should have went.
It's so not a good day. Uncle nessie messaged "Paul Tan's condition from steffan: I just got news that paul's auto mechanics not functioning properly. Breathing very shallow. The brain's pressure has built up and eyes affected. Critical. Everyone pls pls pray for him!" Gosh!!! How could this ever happen? I'm scared seriously! Anything can happen in this world nowadays!!! Paul, please be save!! Stay strong!!! I'll pray for you!!
Then, we adjourned to another spot for yum cha because Szen and I had to pay for the parking again because time was up. We went to KFC, ordered our drinks and took a place by the window on the second floor. We chat about DFC, Daniel, Pinkies, JV, Cherating, the MV etc...
We talked for almost 1 hour and a half, then i had to leave. Ostro spotted the 8 Team's car parked by the bus stop, thinking they're making a stop there, but end up they stopped to buy some stuff. The 8 team noticed ostro and waved, we waved back.
I quickly made my way to Midvalley to meet up with Soursand. We bought our tickets for 'The Shaggy Dog' at 3.25pm. Bought popcorn and drinks and wait for the cinema to open. Sandy met her best friend there who coincidently is watching the same show as well!
The show was really funny... but i cried too! Cuz some parts were very touching..
After the show, we walked around going to music stores to check out Daniel's repack album, and we decided to have dinner at Kim Gary. We talked about a lot of things. Aunty Quiny called to say hi. Idlejam called to ask me to scan some photos.
Then Soursand teman me to my car and we both went separate ways!

Thanks szen and ostro for the brunch!!! Thanks sar sar for the movie!!! Hope we can go out more often next time!!! I love all my pinkies buddies so so much!!! Mwaks!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Launching of Daniel's Repackaged Album

To celebrate the overwhelming sales of Daniel's first debut album, Sony BMG came up with the Celebration Limited Edition Repackaged Album to hit the Platinum Record at 25,000. 7000 more to go, Daniel, you can do it!!!

The album consists of:
CD: All 10 songs from the previous album
VCD: 4 music videos - Fei, You Ji, Xian Zai Hen Xiang Jian Ni & Xing Yun Er, plus a 10 minutes recording of the making...
A 26 pages booklet, brand new style and look of Daniel's...

A press conference was held on Monday, 27th March 2006 at Redbox, Sogo Plaza during noon, but unfortunately, i wasted my opportunity to go! It's the regret of my life!!!

The celebration album will be available nationwide and is priced at RM42.90... but you can get it at RM36 (promotional price) at Victoria Music Station, Sungai Wang this week... and RM40.90 at Tower Records.

Quick! Before it's sold out! Because it's limited edition!! It's really worth it!!!

My First Genting trip in 2006

To reward myself after the term exam, i decided to join Mei Ling, Ah Kor, Chun Yiun, Zyna, Xzendra and Ostrova to go Genting for the weekend. Mei Ling's parents have an apartment in Gohtong Jaya, so we 'borrow' the place for the nights.

We leave KL for Genting at around 6pm, but traffic jam all the way!!! We used the MRR2 way to go, i guess it's due to after working hours and also the road closure guah... So, we only reached Gohtong Jaya at about 8.30pm... We went to Restaurant Chuen Kee for dinner... The food was nice! There was this pork dish whereby the deep fried it with a black sauce.. yum yum!

After dinner, we head to the apartment to get some rest... We arranged our stuff and watched American Idol... Then we bath and changed and went out for supper - tong sui... We relaxingly walk to the cafe... We had curry chee cheong fun, pork noodles, creamy wheat, fa sang wu, assam laksa... Yum yum! But the laksa was very spicy... Then the next table there was this AUNTY smoking, all the cigarrette smoke come to our side, yucks!!! So smelly!!!

After supper, we walked back to the apartment... We sat outside, enjoy the night starry sky, and chit chatted... We chat about girls/guys that we like, what we like to do... So enjoyable... Then we went back to the house at 3am... Mei Ling went to sleep while the others sat outside watching TV and chit chat. Me, Chunyiun and Ostro chatted until 6am... We woke up at 10am for breakfast... Then we went to the arcade for some pool, fusball, Photo Hunt... and we walked to the swimming pool... Too bad no one brought their swimming attire... Zyna was nearly thrown into the water... Then we head back to the apartment, Mei Ling cooked 'Pan Mee' for us to eat, Zyna and I stood in front of the pot, pulling each piece of dough to become a thin layer... Hey guys, i put in all my effort and love in each piece of pan mee u all eat u know! Don't pray pray!

Then, we get ready and head to the Cable Car Station to go up to Genting... There wasn't any crowd at the cable car station! Within minutes we got up the cable car, Xzendra was afraid of the height... Haha! We walked around, headed to the outdoor theme park but saw the rides not running because of the heavy mist, since it was already 4pm, it wasn't worth it if we were to go to the outdoor theme park, so we just chillex at Coffee Bean until 6pm... Then we went to the Indoor Theme Park to play the games... We played the Spin the Wheel, throw eraser etc.. most of the time we played the spinning one... We won 1000 over points, 10 small soft toys, 1 mug, 1 crayon set, 1 colour pencil set, and a set of pens... Wow!!! Imagine how many rounds we played!!! But it was really fun!!! Oh yeah, while we were playing halfway, Eu Jin came and join us!!! Woo hooo!

At around 8.00pm we head down to Gohtong Jaya and had dinner with Alan and Sharon (Mei Ling's friend)... We went back to the apartment and played cards and mahjong. We had fun!! We slept at around 4am... We woke up at 8.30am and quickly wash up and pack our things because Mei Ling had to send Ostro back to his house as he needed to go for the Jacsville Anniversary Event... So, we sent him back to his house, and head down to KL for yong tau foo and all went separate ways home...

I would like to thank Mei Ling for the trip... Without you, we won't have place to stay and we won't have nice pan mee to eat!! Thanks for everything!! And to the others: Chunyiun, Ostro, Eu Jin, Zyna, Xzendra, Ah Kor, thanks for all the fun we had!!! I'm really addicted to you guys la!!! Hope we'll go out more often ya? Muaks!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Term exam over...

Gosh, what a hectic week i had last week! Imagine, nine papers in a week!!! 3 on Monday, 1 on Wed, 2 on Thursday and 3 on Friday...

Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, English, French, Economics, Applied Sciences, Management, Law and Food & Beverage.

I totally flunked S&M, Purchasing and F&B... Imagine given questions like:
(i) Explain why people go to the bar (20 marks)
-how the heck do you write 20 marks worth for this question? Plus the notes weren't given to us!!! We only saw this once on the powerpoint!

(ii) What is: (16 marks)
a. Long Black
b. Cafe Latte
c. Cafe au lait
d. Cappucino
e. Cafe Macchiato
f. Vienna Coffee
g. White Coffee

*Wah seh! Mati kau kau oh!!! I never expected this to come out... totally unprepared... So fail la...

I was really worried for my applied sciences as it is a really theorethical subject, but ended up the question is a calculation question!!! A lot of my friends didn't expect it to come out, so had difficulty doing it... But i feel so grateful!!! Management was the same too... 'explain the theory created by Blake and Mouton'... Many did not study the CREATOR of the theory... i tembak.. luckily tembak correct... tee hee!

During the exam week, our batch had chance to become the commis for the term 6 candidates for their final exams... It was a good experience... getting to see how the exam is being conducted... so now we basically know what questions can be asked during the finals... and what we have to do during the finals. They have external examiners who are general managers/f&b directors from hotels... that's scary...

It was really stressful studying for the whole week... well, basically thanks to my addiction to the internet also la... I really had no mood to study, so I went to play the Yahoo games... Hehe! Pandai hor me?

Luckily, i lasted throughout this terrible week... I did not have enough sleep... Then, on Friday itself after i finish my test, i went home straight away and get ready to go Genting...

My Genting trip? To be continued...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sparklife: The Personality Test

You are a Helper Who Finds Missing Children Over The Internet!
(Submissive Introverted Concrete Feeler)

You are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF). You are very tentative in the world and introverted with people— which means you are the shy and silent type (hence the Internet.) But behind your reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children. God bless you.

Malaysian Idol - edisi karaoke

Pictures by Ssuet

It consists 2 cds.

1 is cd whereas another 1 is vcd.

Info:Cost: RM 19.90

Disc 1


01. GEMILANG - Jaclyn Victor

02. MIMPI - Daniel Lee

03. GETARAN RINDUKU - Jaclyn Victor



05. GEMILANG - Jaclyn Victor

06. MIMPI - Daniel Lee

07. GETARAN RINDUKU - Jaclyn Victor


Disc 2


01. GEMILANG - Jaclyn Victor MTV karaoke (Versi Asal)

02. JIKA KAU BERCINTA LAGI - Daniel Lee MTV Karaoke (Versi Asal)

03. GEMILANG - Jaclyn Victor Video Muzik

04. JIKA KAU BERCINTA LAGI - Daniel Lee Video Muzik

05. MIMPI - Daniel Lee Video Muzik

Term Exam

Phew!! Just finished 3 papers in a day! Sales & Marketing, Purchasing & Supply Management and English... I am so so so dead! Hope i don't run out of topic *praying hard* or better, hope i PASS!
Didn't study at all... Whenever i open the notes i feel so sleepy... 'browsed' through the notes (only the important parts the lecturers asked to focus on =p) and went to zzzzz... I'm such a pig...
Went to Flamin J Firehouse at Plaza Damas, Hartamas Shopping Center (next to Starbucks) for dinner yesterday with parents, grandparents, aunty and uncles. Only a few customers at that time...
Looked at the menu, my stomach was growling... So many choices, yet my stomach can't fit in =_=" They have fancy names that stimulate your appetite seriously... Mushroom soup, seafood chowder, caesar salad, lamb/beef stew, ribeye, sirloin, shish kebab, garfield pasta bake, carbonara, alaska snowfish with lemon sauce, yum yum!!!
Most of my family ordered the grilled sirloin/ribeye with flame on (meaning they 'flambe' the meat with brandy in front of you).. I ordered a lamb stew with pasta bake...
The pricing of the food is worth it, cheap and big portion, but food ok ok lar... Caesar salad and mushroom soup totally out, the sirloin is ok but the sauteed veges are very buttery, lamb stew is nice, pasta bake also nice, fish also nice, kebab too...
Coke and sprite are refillable (RM5), float also (tambah RM0.50 for the ice cream)...>.<

Die lor.. Fat fat dy lar.. Been eating so much nowadays... Sudah makan, after 4 hours, hungry again... After exam must go exercise already... Bluek~!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life is so unpredictable...

Seriously, life is such an unpredictable thing... Anything can happen in just 1 minute, or even 1 second. You might be here this second, and maybe the next thing u know, err.. heaven knows la... Aihz... How i wish i could take some time off to go holiday with my parents... To clear off my mind... and get some rest from all these sleepless nights... They went Bangkok... I wonder if they'll bring me back some souvenirs kekeke!

Term test is next week... Haven't start studying... Luckily some subjects have only one chapter/given tips... Must convenient... Phew... Now have to worry about my industrial training... Still under shortlisted...

Sometimes i get so frustrated with things happening around me... But at the same time, i'm also grateful, because i know I have feelings inside of me, I have friends, I have eyes to observe, ears to hear... Well, c'est la vie!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I care too much...

People always feel happy when they get best friends... Best friends share their ups and downs... Gossip along... Talk about everything from north, south, east west, up, down, left, right...
I don't know why... I feel really down this evening... Maybe i'm just over-sensitive for what they've done or i should say did not do...
I tried to control my tears... Until i saw Michelle's post, then i can't stop crying... Maybe i should just get out from there... I think everybody hates me... Dislikes me... For the things i've done... Maybe i'm too serious? I don't know... Only heaven knows... I blah out to S, and she got worried. S, sorry to scare you.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Being a commis...

11 March 2006
Had class at 9am - F&B technology replacement... Everybody looked like zombies in the class... Nothing that Pn Siti taught went inside my brain... She taught about pricing policies and stuff...
Just sent in my 'take home mid term assessment' at 2am this morning, my answers were REALLY short, compared to some of them even have 50 pages! Mine only 5 pages! Aihz, fail dy la...
Went McD for lunch...
At 1pm went into the kitchen to be commis for BDH18 senior's commis. Pity some of the morning session commis, they had to stay back cuz not enough people... Me and Mohan one group... Practical started at 2.30pm... Me and Mohan were under this Indian guy... Err, he's ok lar... but slumber only la he =_="
Chef Patrick was disappointed with all of them... Saying they don't treat it as a trials... And most of them fail... It's so scaryyyyyyy!!! I don't want to sit for in end of the year!!! So stressful and tension!!!
Aihz.. I must stop my activities... I must stay at home and read more books... I must go to the library more often... I must cook more ;D I seriously respect Chef Patrick, his product knowledge is awesome!!!
Tomorrow is a big day... everybody is looking forward to it... Hope everything will be smooth... I don't want to face any disappointments anymore... if not, i'll break down and cry...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kwok Fai!!!

Had my applied science assessment on Monday... It sucks man... I think i flunk it... What i studied and aimed did not come out, what i just browsed through pin pin come out!
Didn't have enough sleep, was so tired.. can't even focus during classes...
Julie smsed at 10 something, telling me that they're starting to shoot...
2pm she called asking me to join them at MV, but i have class till six...
4 something Mei Ling smsed asking any nice food around my college area... i suggested steamboat... She ask me to meet them for dinner... So nice of them to drop by to meet me ;D
Have another assessment the next day, but heck! I wanna meet them!
Class finished at 5.30... Met ML, Chun, Ju and Teng at McD... All of them were telling me about their experience... *envy* Teng was pissed though... but ended up laughing like mad...
Headed to Yuen restaurant for buffet steamboat, there were just a few customers at that time, we sat down and all of them take a whole load of food... I was telling them that the owner's son is kinda good looking, but he wasn't there... Then he came out! A bunch of girls were laughing loudly when one of the girls took pic with him.. when he was walking back to the cashier counter, he looks so pai seh! ;D
We continue eating, i was looking around when i saw a familiar guy walking in from the door... He looks exactly like Kwok Fai, but due to his make up I had to think twice.. Until Teng saw me staring at the door she looked and shouted 'Oh my god! Kwok Fai!' then i realized it IS kwok fai..
All of us were staring at him, except Chun, she was laughing like mad until i think she wants to hide under the table.. He saw us staring, and I think he recognize Teng, so he keep looking at us.. For 3 seconds nobody did anything, then only we wave... He was with the other 2 winners of ATQ and the PA i think... they went upstairs...
Didn't have much appetite, usually i could eat more... Went upstairs to get ice cream, at the same time to see where kwok fai is sitting... Keke, we're such stalkers la!
The leng chai refill ice for me er! =p and he brought the bill to us... Ok, i sound desperate!
Then, after we leave the restaurant, Teng shouted 'FAI FAI!' from outside.. Gosh, so malu! Then i went home to study... So happy to get to see 3 idols! Well, they dare to come to such crowded place for dinner, i wonder if Daniel will or not? =p