Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hate those dumb f***s

Everyday you read through the newspaper, you can see murder cases, kidnap, robberies, snatch thefts, revenge, suicides, and other stories which people purposely attack/hurt another thanks to some freaking lame unreasonable reasons. Why are there such attitude-problem people? How can someone cause unreasonable injury to another? Did they offend you before? Mou liu~~~

I hate those people with attitude problem... WHen they're wrong, they don't want to admit, but backstab another...
I hate those people who never use their BRAINS... They don't see the whole thing before they act... Use common sense ler...
I hate those people who are NOT CONSIDERATE... When you know you're standing next to the lift button, cannot press for other people to go out first ar? So fast rush out wanna go toilet ar?!?
I hate those people who are SELFISH...
I hate those people who LIE... and most of all:
I hate my life... >.<"

Why? Why do we hate people? Not that we're much better than them ourselves... Why do other people's attitude annoy us?

Aiks, sorry... *emo*

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bckhor said...

the world is changing :)
stay out of trouble :)