Friday, September 08, 2006

Too bored...


Haha, took me a couple of weeks to fully copy down every single word. I was just too bored... >.<"

September... is it a good or bad month? Yet to know... But i think it's gonna be bad... I think i've changed... Changed into someone which I don't even know... Life's not like the way i expected it to be anymore >.<" Jealousy tends to happen anywhere and everywhere... I guess i'm just jealous... -x-

Next week is my term exam dy... so fast... 3 months later i'll be graduating from my higher dip liao... Gosh... time flies...

Honestly speaking, i'm beginning to love my class... Although there were lots of ups and downs and arguments, but we're special! Madam Yati's leaving next week, we're so gonna miss her. WHS asked Amanda if we would like him to teach us again next term =p

Gonna start dieting today... blek!


Blessed said...

I was just stumbling around blogland and came across your blog.
I see you are from Malaysia and I remember that I when I was a little girl that I had a pen pal from Malaysia.
Anyway, I hope you have a good September.

bckhor said...

nice .. :)

Anonymous said...

wow....WHS ask me wan him to teach us next term u oso have to say here meh?? malu lu~~