Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sakai ah?

Don't know why... Nowadays I really like to say 'Sakai ah you?' or 'Sakai la you.'
I guess it's very normal... because people often tend to say a sentence or a phrase or perhaps a quote very often at one particular time...

I still remember last time... I used phrases like: (For the purpose of scolding people =p)

- Bo pa nai oh! (Not clever lor!)
- Chowww turtle!
- Chicken backside baboon face!
(This was created by me and Ching where we use animal's body parts... and either of the animal or the body part must start with 'B'. So our whole phrase was actually - chicken backside baboon face pig body buffalo arm and buaya legs =D) Err, fine, i know it's lame...
- Yo!

I know a lot of you also always use certain phrases very often one right? Come, share with me...
'Jik kik dit la lei!' =D or 'SS ah you?' or 'whatever lah!' =D

Monday, January 29, 2007

Just be yourself

Why must you compare yourself to other people?
You are you, I am I, he is he, she is she...
Does it really matter if she gets it and you don't?
Does it really matter if he's in and you're not?
Does it really matter if I can and you cannot?
Everybody is unique in his or her own way...
In some way, I am good at something...
In other aspects, you're good at other things...
I never blab a single word at other things that you do...
So why on earth must there be comparisons?
I thought you were different from the others,
but come to think of it, you're just the same... Same as all of them...
You're just so immature...
Sometimes I thought you deserve it when you get it...
But now I have second thoughts...
So stop complaining...
You'll get it if you have the fate to...
If not, just shut up and kcuf off....

PS: If you think i'm talking about you... Again, kcuf off... I'm not that free... Don't be vain...

Lup Danny

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still in dreamland...

Went for Vick's mini showcase in Halo Cafe, Sunway Pyramid on Friday. I listened to Teng's cd and found that his songs are quite nice. ML came and fetch me at 5 plus and we head to Sunway Pyramid to shop awhile. CY joined us at 7.30pm and we had dinner at Secret Recipe. At 8.45pm we head to Halo Cafe. I was just joking about "VIP" seats, this Teng betul-betul go get seats which are very close to the stage >.<" He sang "Hui Lai/Kembali", "Cai Hong Tian Tang" and "Ling" from his album, and also "Ju Hua Tai" by Jay, "Ni Na Me Ai Ta" with Kevin Shu (a I wanna be model contestant), and a medley of "Hard Life", "Ti Oh Oh", "Ai Mei", "Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni", "I Love You" and "I Believe I Can Fly". Awesome. :D I won Halo voucher and a poster through the Q&A session, thanks to Uncle Milo >.<" Kent from I Wanna Be Model, Dylan Leong from 8tv were also there. Cheryl (Xin Yi) was the emcee. When leaving, suddenly i heard someone called my full name. I turned and saw Ker Ying, Kennedy, Darren and Woan Jian. They came to yum cha. Haha. This is call 'fate' haha!

Yesterday went to Ipoh and Penang with two S, ah Sar and Szen. For what? Holiday lah! =D Nolar, go for Danny's
showcases. We were late to Ipoh because we stopped at Szen's aunty's house, plus we couldn't find the place where he is. We can hear the song 'Siapa' but don't know where. >.<" After we reach, Szen - being the tall one waved to him because with my 'positive height' I can't see where he is with a big crowd in front of me. He saw and waved at us and said "They are from KL. Pls give them an applause" (in Chinese). It' so worth it although we only saw like 5 minutes of him. Haha. Met Alison and her sis there. They were also there for Danny's showcase =D

Then we continued our journey to Penang. Reached about 7pm, we were suppose to wait for Aunty Swan at the Shell station near Jelutong but we went towards George Town instead. & we waited for them at Prangin Mall. Uncle IH lead us to check in at Evergreen then we head to Prangin in Aunty Swan's car. I felt so dizzy after going round and round up to the car park.
@_@ We quickly search for the stage. One guy, the promo crew I think, saw us and asked us "You all were in Ipoh right?" and showed us thumbs up. I joined the fan club and bought the cap. The emcee gave out a few Green Love poster but must answer question lah. He asked a few then I raise up my hand. He said "I will ask you a very difficult question. Wait ar." He went on and ask another girl. Then he turn to me and said "Okok, I will ask you a very difficult question." I was thinking : Hmpf, I sure can answer one heh! Then he asked: "What's this place called?" *terjatuh* Of cuz I got it. We waited until Danny come out. He say hi to everybody. And he sang "Love & Freedom". Then the emcee chat with him.

He saw us and said "You guys are from KL right? Xin ku ni men le (San fu sai). You all drove here? Drive safely ok? Don't "piu yi" ok? You guys not selling tau fu one." He cracked a lot of jokes, until I can't tahan anymore, I took out my sweat sign and show him. He saw and he
laughed, and said 'wah, good idea ya.' Then he sang "Wai Hor Siong Tai Dor". Then games session with 4 fans. And he ended the singing with "Siapa". <3

Then we went Swatow Lane for dinner and Aunty Swan fetch us back. We bathed, rest for awhile and went out to 'makan angin' and went to the Gurney Drive for 'supper'. I wanted my Yau Yu Ong Choi but finished. So we ate rojak instead. Yummy! Walk all the way back to the hotel and sleep. Somehow I really like the hotel bed. So nice to sleep on until I didn't want to wake up the next morning. Szen's cousin - Bin, brought us to breakfast - the famous prawn mee which I forgot what that road is called. Then we went back to the hotel and sleep again. Until 11.30am we pack everything, check out and went to Prangin Mall for shopping. Went Laconic of course. Then we bumped into HMay who's working in Vince & Co. So coincident right? But why I don't bump into Danny >.<"

After that, Bin came and fetch us at about 1.30pm and we head to Penang Road for lunch. We had assam laksa, ice kacang which has ice cream and jelly with sarsi sauce and char kuey teow. The char kuey teow is awesome! *drooling* Then Bin fetched us back to Prangin and we head home!!! Stopped by at Tapah to shh shh and buy fruits.

Overall, i so totally had fun in Ipoh and Penang. Although I was freaking exhausted running all the way up to K-Box at Ipoh Parade, but I had hell lot of fun. The trip is so worth it and I enjoyed myself very much. Szen and Sar, thanks for taking care of me and running up and down with me. Love you all loads and loads. Thanks Aunty Swan and Uncle IH for accompanying us to Danny's showcase. Danny must be really happy to see you both there hahaha! Thanks Szen's couzie for bringing us and belanja us makan. <3>

Chun sayang - Sadly you couldn't join us, but we really missed your presence =D 4th I shall let you do whatever you want <3

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clarins? Clinique? Or Loreal?

I'm addicted to Danny's album... best! Track 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 damn chun! Listening over and over again... I'm collecting all his articles that I can find. So if you have any articles on him please give me ya =D <3 <3

Class started already this week. Can say quite free. But can say NOT quite free also. Already have 3 projects in hand to do. And more to come >.<" Today we had a small 'test' for law... 15 questions just to test if we remember all the terms... I only can answer like 2 or 3. Shutz! Fail la fail la... Then we had 3 hours break so we went to Pyramid to buy present and had McD and BR ice cream. *drool* offer buy 1 free 1. Then Mr Wong KK was late for 1/2 hour. Me and KY went and find him, he's so blur, he don't even know where's the class, when I say left he turn right, when I say go down, he go up *pengsan* at the end of the class he forgot to take his thumb drive *aiyak* Then Mr Frederic never turn up for our class. We waited 1 hour for him. And KY and I had to go find him again. He didn't even know there's class. Ishhh...

I'm kinda
worried about my studies now... I'm very scared I'll fail... cuz once you fail one cluster means you fail... There's still dissertation to do... And training... Have to start thinking about training placement now already... Been chatting with KY and we're planning to go Hong Kong Disneyland for training haha... Yu dan ah yu dan... nai cha ah nai cha... poh loh pau ah poh loh pau... Haha... We plan to go Chim Tsa Tsui, Wong Kok, Tong Loh Wan, at night go Lan Kwai Fong... Imagine we only need to work 5 days a week... Haha! Crazy... but it's not impossible... Will ask Mr Wong KK next week about it. And dissertation will be interesting. :D

Sigh, don't know why, felt like today I've been ignored by a lot of people. Just don't know why I feel that way... Balasan guah... Anyway, just don't have the mood to talk to people... Feeling very emo the whole day. Just because of what he said... Well, I didn't post it on purpose... anyway, i deleted it straight away... Why do you sound like you're scolding me... I guess i think too much... but, arghh... just let it be...

Sometimes I wonder, are TRUE friends well... TRUE? I just don't know. I guess, what people say about no one understand you better except yourself. I guess I'm just sad because
what I want is not what they want... and they just can't possible follow what I want... Arghh... it's good to be alone sometimes... Arghh...

Gosh, pimples have been growing over my face... more and more... Shutz... I desperately need a new facial wash set ASAP... Anybody got good recommendation? As I don't quite believe all the brands now... Clinique? Loreal? Clarins? Clearasil? Himalaya? Estee Lauder? Leonard Drake? Ponds? Clean & Clear? Ginvera? Hellppppppp ~~~~~

Went on a shopping spree on Monday... Bought a lot of things... An army pants, 1 nike shirt, 1 work shirt, 1 casual dress, & few cds. I saw this lovely casual coat in JJ like the one Candy jie tried on last time we went Zara, but kinda tight. Arghh, i like it so much. Did you guys know that MBF mastercard is having a promotion now until April? When you spend using MBF card, if the approval code number ends with the digit '5' you can get cash credit of RM50 (non-merchant) / RM100 (mbf merchant) back... Haha, so lucky I got one... Quickly sms my aunt and she tag it for me :D The unlucky thing is, i lost my parking card in MV, and had to
pay RM20 penalty. Skcuf. Bad luck. Now new year's coming... so many things that I want to buy and do. I want Nike, Nike and more Nike! I saw 2 caps that I like, 1 jacket, few handbags, and shirts... *drooling* (though it's not food) I still want that 1986 shirt Daniel has... Ishh... Even my class Ivy Lee has it! Arghhh! Can't find it anymore. Feel like joining the gym to learn yoga and dancing, feel like learning back organ and guitar and flute, feel like working part time, feel like cooking and baking...

~ I wish that one day has more than 24 hours
~ I wish that things are not that complicated
~ I wish that I had more money
~ I wish that I can see you everyday
~ I wish we could be friends... but we'll never be... because somethings are impossible...
~ I wish that I have Nokia 7360 >.<" (so chun!)
~ I wish that I can go Hong Kong woo hoo!!!

* I love my family
* I love my friends
* I love my baby Angeli
* I love D.
* I love phood.
* I love everything about my life... (I'm trying to convince myself ok!)

Fi, Eve, Ying, Ivy, Edmund, Terence, Teng 4eva...
& of cuz Amanda, Kiat, FQ =D BDH20 rocks!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Or Bad?

Finally I'm done with all the work on my hand... Err, almost all... Hehe...

Is it good or bad?
It's good when you get to take charge of things... You have the power... You have the authority... You have the privilege...
But what if two people are trying to take charge of the same thing?
I guess people are all the same, when it comes to something they like... to achieve their dreams... attention seeking... trying to be the best out of themselves...
The best is not to be involved...

Is it good or bad?
When things are not going your way, but all you can do is just keep quiet, and you don't have the heart to say no?
Just smile and let it happen.

Is it good or bad?
When many surprises come your way, and day by day you expect more and more...
And one day, it just *poof* and disappear...
Will it be better, if you see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?
I guess the best is still - don't expect anything? Haha.
Although miracles do come true =D

Been listening to Danny's album past few dayz... Somehow it gets better and better... Love Track 1 (Bing Du Bao Fa), Track 2 (Siapa), Track 3 (Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor), Track 6 (Ai Qing Wei Ji), Track 7 (Shi Jie Bu Hui Mo Re), Track 8 (Hao Si Xiang) and Track 10 (Leng Chai)
He's going to Hong Kong in May or June. ( I dowan!!!!)
Come to think about it, I know nothing about him... what authority do I have to be his fans? Just only I know that he likes Doraemon... And I saw the newspaper articles that one fan kept since 2004... almost all his articles... I feel so useless...

Perhaps being the eldest in the family, having a brother much younger than you in the family, definitely the love and care will be focused on him. And perhaps my family is not 'sporting' enough to have hug hug, kiss kiss and stuff. I miss the feeling of being pat on the head, being hugged, being showered with gifts... I miss being pampered. I miss being a 'small girl'. It doesn't happen in my family anymore... all that happens is 'u want, u take money and buy'... But I experienced something good today. I feel happy. I feel like a kid. Loved by the adults.

Haha, don't care about me... I'm just going crazy... If you think the above are talking about what happened to me, you're wrong... it's just my crazy imagination ok... Puhlease...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Insomnia, 2nd time

It's 6AM now...
And i'm blogging here while others are sleeping. Gosh, I can't sleep! Guess my sleeping time is overturned.
Teng, I got your disease! Shutz!

I watched , I finished my Shopaholics novel, I surfed the forum, I'm painting black nail polish, 'Yong Guong Chan Lan' is starting on My FM... And I still can't sleep. Oh no... Class is starting next week man!!!

Went for Danny's press conference on Monday. Hehe, managed to get some people to let me go =D but no goodie bag or free album though =( But it's ok, as long as i get to see him. =D He's nervous I can tell, sick but very happy. I'm happy for him too. And I just can't wait to get his album, and see him again. I'm gonna get him some gifts during the autograph session at Rock Corner MV on 4th Feb. <3 <3 <3 (I'm sure you guys are thinking I'm crazy or something)

*His cute poses for the reporters.

Today, went out with Swet Yee for dinner at Kim Gary Avenue K <3 Feel bad, promised to meet her for so long, but haven't find time to go find her. We've never met for 1 year. Then she suggested to go Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to see the Eye On Malaysia. Was at the traffic lights when the fireworks started. Argh... Awesome...
Park the car and walk towards the Eye. Fireworks continued. More awesome =D Thought there will be a long queue for the wheel, but not actually. And we went at the right time, just when the people are coming out. Can't remember how many rounds it went. 5 rounds i think. Nothing much being on top, first round was okay, then it got bored. It will be very chun if you sit up there when the fireworks are on. Wahh, that will be so awesome. Wouldn't mind going back for the fireworks, not the ride though hehe. RM15.

Then we walk back. Haha, was wondering why so many couples there in the dark =p Is it so nice having a stroll with your loved ones in a park like that? Heaven knows.

My stomach is growling now... hungry... It's 7am already... Sky getting bright... Mum's gonna kill me if she sees me awake... Better off the lights now... Good morning!!!!!!! Hehehe...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

CNY Shopping!!!

Yo! CNY's coming and it means shopping, shopping and more shopping! Everybody goes out shopping, buying new clothes for the new year, new home appliances, new pots and pans, new curtains, mandarin oranges, new accessories, new brooms (???)... Kesimpulannya, everything new!
Went to BTS at night cuz bro wants to go Echo Park to buy a pair of jeans. Wasn't interested to go at first, but changed my mind at the end, since I have nothing to do at home so go and walk around see if I can get anything. Seriously I don't know how those people can shop until three bags full of clothes. I can't even get a single thing. Maybe because of my size lah. Swt. Been wanting to buy a pair of 'soldier pants' but it's freaking expensive. RM110! Forget it. Bought 4 pairs of earrings for RM10 instead :D And went to Hartz for dinner, err, air con rosak, much less choice compared to the Sunway one, not recommended.

I'm back to my insomnia sleeping. Well, actually is the 'terbalik' sleeping time. Sleeping at 5am waking up at 2pm. Can't sleep until 5am and woke up at 8am. Went to the OUG morning market with parents and grandparents. And I spent RM200 on clothes. Woo hoo! Bought 2 pairs of earrings, 1 casual dress, 1 pinafold pants (dunno what's it called), one working collar shirt, and 3 pairs of pants - same design, different colour =D Next week will go shop for shirts.

I'm gonna start to be drama-addict soon. Just renew the rental membership at STARS bookstore, and rent the japanese Train Man. Wanted to rent Prince Turn Into Frog but someone took it already. So many dramas to watch! Want to watch Da Chang Jin, The Princess Hour, Lavender, Prince Turn Into Frog, Sonria Pasta, Devil Beside You etc.

Watched on DVD just now. Not bad, quite funny and interesting. But if compared to Night At The Museum, it's only average. Hehe! Danny likes too. He said about it in the Nanyang Daily featured blog. A section whereby every week they feature different artist, and every day will have an article of the artist, be it from their blog or they just write it for Nanyang. =D Manage to get article 1,2,4,6,7 only.

Danny One's 2nd album - Danny 2.0 will be released tomorrow (15/1/07). *love love love* Can't wait to get his album. Regret I didn't go CAH on Sat. Ish. Heard the 'preview' of the songs on 988 alreaedy, and it's very nice! Love every single song from his album. Different styles, different tunes. Perfecto! If can, I want to go for alllllllllllllllllllll his meet the fans sessions. Danny is really a talented guy. He's a composer! And he composes meaningful songs. Hopefully, soon he will make it big in Taiwan or Hong Kong. Yay! Again - *love love love love* Will you all support him? I'm sure you all will. You all will definitely love his songs. Because they're all awesome. And he's awesome too <3 <3 <3 <3

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Degree, here I come!!!

Thought that 3 weeks holiday is quite enough for me, but heck, no!!! It's already half gone and I did nothing during the holidays except sleep, online and lepak. The thought of getting a part time admin job during these 3 weeks has dropped from my brain to the heels of my legs - err, it means i'm so NOT gonna do it haha!

As usual, naggings came everyday - "You so free, go clean your room, go do some bakings, go wash your car, go bath the dog, go do your hair lah..... bla bla bla" Hellooo! Holidays are meant to relax! Laze around! Doing things that I want! (But I don't think I did any, except sleeping and online =p)

Parents came back from their holiday in Chiangmai on Tuesday, and they enjoyed it very much. I've always wanted to go holiday somewhere overseas with my friends... Of course with friends that really can shop, eager to walk around and explore... My biggest dream - have an 'expedition team' travelling the whole of Malaysia. Ho ho ho... that means lots of money needed... Guess that have to wait till I earn enough... Better start saving now!

Went for movies with SS yesterday. Wanted to watch "A Night At The Museum", then SS wanted to watch Kungfu Mahjong 3 as well, so we end up watching 2 movies! Haha. It's very very funny! I 100% recommend these two movies. If you're feeling down or sad, these two movies will definitely brighten up your day. =D

Will be starting my Degree at Taylor's on the 22nd. Heard from friends that it's more relaxing, but lots of researches to be done. Hopefully I can make it through. Just don't know what's got into me, I have no confidence in studying anymore. Dah lah not enough confidence previously, now worse. Well, took a long time to decide on studying here or abroad. Just received the Johnson & Wales University booklet via mail today. Perhaps I'll be going to US next year. Doing a double degree or something. Sigh, tough choice. Everybody looks forward in studying abroad, but not me. Surprising huh? Guess I cannot stand being alone in a foreign country, I'm gonna be so homesick i'll vomit. Haha! I'm scared... scared of the foreigners, scared I can't mix with the ang mohs, scared that I won't have friends there.

Everybody says no matter what, having an experience studying abroad is very good. No matter for your career in the future, for experience or whatsoever. Hopefully, studying locally can also be the same =S What if I really go abroad, and end up failing? What if I end up jobless? What if those people don't seem to like me? What if I like it there and never come back? (which is impossible) Pfft!

Oh well... let the time decides for me. Furthermore, I'll be spending two weeks in France. Will see how it goes before I decide my future. Gosh. I wish I could just get married and become a housewife >.<" Haha, what a joke right? But that's what I want. Just a simple life, doing what I like. I don't want big money, I don't want popularity, I don't want to stress up myself to get a high position. I just want to be myself. That's what everybody says for themselves I guess.

Sigh, *so confused*
Can YOU tell me what should I do? =D

Anywayz, guyz, live life to the max! Enjoy every single moment of life. You might be grumbling about what you have to do, but those are the things that makes life special and memorable.

Watched the press conference of Gary's new album launching, and I just love what he said:
"A lot of people said, 'I want to surpass myself, I want to reach my target." (shake his hand) Not for me. I just do my best. Why give myself so much pressure? I don't hurt other people. Instead, I'll think that, if I can help one person I'll help, if I can make myself happy one time, I'll make myself happy. Who knows where will I be next year? Who knows if I will have another album? Don't know. I just use whatever I can do, let more people hear what I speak, let more people hear what I sing, my voice, and what I want to say. This is what I want to do at this particular point."

"Music actually doesn't have to compare with other people. You can only compare to yourself, right? So, the reason I am more flexible for this album is that I never compare with other people. When I don't compare with other people, I'm not losing. I don't lose, so, what's there to be scared of? So I just do it. That's it. So simple."

~ whoever reads my blog, leave some comments ler... Want to know who you are... Kakaka~


Watch High School Musical today too! And it's also awesome! Love the storyline, love the songs too! Haha, of course I cried. If I didn't, that's not me.

Can't sleep (Woke up at 3pm yesterday =p). I messaged him yesterday, and I thought he will never reply. But he did! OMG, I just can't believe it. I asked him to take care. And he replied 'u too' Aww...

Craving for Kim Gary and Old Kopitiam's toasts right now. Shutz... And also tauhu sumbat. *drooling* Better go sleep now. Cheerios!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Best Ever Genting Trip

6th January - MY FM with Alpha is having a Magical Tour event again, just like their previous MY FM Anniversary Magical Adventure. This time they have Egyptian dancers, magicians, robots and artists like Danny, Andrew, John and Penny. I was able to get hold of 4 tickets, so I went up with CY, SS and YS.

Fetched CY and SS to YS's house. SA brought us for curry mee at Sri Gombak. Yummy! Not very spicy but I can taste very strong coconut milk taste. A big bowl only costs RM3.20. The ice kacang is also good (I didn't try it) but it has thin ice shavings with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. *Drooling*

We left Setapak at about 2pm, the journey up to the hill was hilarious. We laughed non-stop, worrying that the car will tumble backwards and roll all the way back to Setapak. Haha! YS was so angry when she see more and more cars potong her and drove up so slumberly. We were only going at 30km/hr. Haha! CY said: "You heard of the rabbit and tortoise story or not?" and unbelievably, YS replied: "Huh? Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise?" >.<" We reached the hill top at 3pm. Checked in and then went out jalan-jalan and walked to AOS. As expected, not many people were lining up, compared to the my fm anniversary, at 2pm it's already crowded. Saw Aunty Paris. Ivy wasn't there yet so we went Marry Brown for dinner. At 6pm met up with Ivy and she gave us our tickets. We went in and had to book seats for 30 ppl. freaking malu when people keep wanting to sit at our place and I had to say 'Sorry, someone is sitting here.' This is the first time I am so thick-skin. Saw Karen Kay and her friend. They sat with us. Kumiko, Meiryn they all were there too. Then we saw ML's mum and grandma walked passed us to go to the ladies. And wondering if ML was there. Then ML sms CY saying that she's there, and she's sitting near to KF. The show started at 7pm. It's about 6 scientists (Royce, Jack, Vivian, Phoebe, Wai Fun, Jason) owns a crystal ball and the crystal ball brought them to the Egyptian time, the old China time, the future in space and finally back to the present 2007. Danny sang Leng Cai and Siapa *love love love*, he saw us and kept waving at us. (I wonder if he can see our faces. But I don't think he saw me though >.<"), John sang On The Way and I'll Be Good, Andrew's was the best, singing the Wong Fei Hong song and a CNY song - went down the stage to give out sweets, and Penny sang a medley of her own songs. Guess what, the event ended at 8.40pm! Gosh, we felt so weird because we are not used to such an early time.OMG, I feel so we went to 'chase star'. Saw Wee and Lee Sheng Ming. Stopped awhile at Genting Hotel. I went to the toilet, and CY, SS, YS and Karen saw Lum Dak Weng and Andrew >.<" Arghhh. We felt that the stars are not there, so we went walking around and saw a lot of guards at the Be A Star Karaoke, so we stopped and wait. Wait wait wait, saw DJs and artists walking in and out. Andrew left halfway, few girls managed to take pics with him. But he was rushing so we didn't want to stop him. We were bored so we went around and snap pics.
After like few hours of waiting, I saw KF! Faster call CY. He just came out from the karaoke, the same 2 girls took pics with him, we asked for a group pic. He asked us how was the show. Then he left. About 15 minutes later he walked past me and CY with KY. Danny and John were actually in front of them but I didn't see!!!!!! Until SS and YS told us 'we said hi to Danny' and I was like 'huh? Danny?' and YS said 'You didn't see Danny? He just walked passed!' I was like 'No!! AghhhhhhH!!!' By the time we rush to the lobby, they were already out of sight. YS said Danny said to them, "Ehh, just now saw you all on top oh!" *Jealous jealous jealous*!!!!! Talked to KY awhile and CY gave Danny's cd to KY to give Danny sign. Danny sign with her name and give her a love shape samore! Ishhh!!! *Jealous jealous jealous*!!! Then 10 minutes later, Danny and John came down!! He was wearing a fluffy white jacket with the hood. I bend down and look at him, and I said "Why you cover yourself?" and he replied "aiya, dowan to let ppl see me mah." Swt >.<" He walked passed and I held out my hand, after like 5 seconds only he turn around and I said 'Happy New Year =)' and he replied "Happy new year' =) *pengsan* They went to Starbucks at Highland Hotel. We didn't want to 'chase' until so gila, so we sat down at the Bakery of Genting Hotel, which we can see Starbucks. We sat at the outside, which is like sooooo freaking cold (18 degrees) for 2 hours!!! If we were to sit 1 minute longer, I would have turned into an ice sculpture. But we laughed and talked happily. CY and I went to the washroom and took a detour round the Highland Hotel entrance out, and realize that KF and John weren't there anymore! Only Danny and the PA. I guess they were discussing about the album. We waited about 15 minutes more and Danny came out and went back to the hotel. I think he saw us, but he just act as if he didn't and walked passed. Then, we left and go back to our hotel. Stopped at Starbucks to buy a hot frothy Hot Chocolate for me and YS. We were tempted by the Strawberry Cream Cheese Square we saw at the counter, and specifically want a piece which is bigger than the others. Yummy!
We went back to our room, changed, wash up and then sit down and chit chat and played chor dai dee. At about 4am we slept. Woke up at 7.30am, wash up and went down for breakfast at First World Cafe. The food is so so only la, but it's ok for a hotel like First World. Then we head on to Genting Hotel to wait for the stars to check out. The outside was very misty and cold. We sat at the Bakery again, this time inside of course. Saw Penny going for breakfast, KY came down to buy breakfast for the artists, at 10am John and KF came down and they left. Thick skin a bit, msg KY asking if Danny checked out already or not. She say not yet so we continue waiting. Waited until 12pm, was about to give up when YS say wait until 1pm. At 1pm I said let's go, but YS said wait for 15 minutes more. At 1.15pm SS went to the toilet, and at that time, Danny came down! Quickly call SS, luckily she haven't went IN the toilet =p. He saw us, I think. Ivy and friends were at the lobby waiting too. They went up and say bye to him. He said thank you to them. And left. We followed behind until the parking lot, waited at a spot thinking they will u-turn and pass us, mana tau there's a road at the other side. >.<" Then, we left for home! We met up with Aunty Quiny, Aunty Melody, Uncle Milo and all and gate crash SA's house to give her an early birthday surprise. Her birthday is today - 9th Jan. She didn't have any make up on or dressed properly, so she was screaming all the way when she saw everyone. Actually she was only expecting me, SS and CY cuz we said we will go her house for tea. She even prepared steamboat for us (awww... thanks mummy). Everybody say don't want to eat steamboat, but end up all sitting down to eat. Apalah deyh. Anyhow, I enjoyed my weekend a lot! I had fun chasing, laughing, joking, screaming, walking, running, eating... Haha! Thank you Danny, SS, CY, YS, Karen and SA for the wonderful weekend. May our friendship gets better and better. May more happy moments come to us day by day. Mwaks.

~I just want to see you. I feel happy when I see you~

Best Countdown

Yo! Written a looooong post yesterday, but when I click 'Publish' everything disappear! So, next time if you are writing a post, make sure you copy it before you click publish. Skcuf!

31st December - Well, on New Year's Eve, I spent it at Sungai Wang for countdown. Wasn't interested to go at the first place due to the fact that it will be freaking super duper crowded, but I was tempted because Danny and LYZ are performing. Went to Sg Wang at 1pm and stood at the stage until 12.45am the next morning. Almost 12 hours of standing, my leg was soooooo pain at the end of the day. Wait, it should be at the beginning of the year.

Manage to see the artists doing their sound checks and rehearsals. Andrew, Anthony, Nick, Jin Sha, Jeff, Morna, Daniel, LYZ, Danny, John, Des, Vchuan, Suki, Ah Du and Lam Yik Pong.

The countdown party officially started at 10pm. We were standing on the left side of the stage, behind the fence of cuz. Thanks to the KP for letting me standing in front and fanning me all the time. Mwaks. Our view was great and most of the artists love us! We were so-called the loudest (I mean everybody at our side lah), thanks to our whistles and screams. I also kena 'electric' by few artists - Danny (I was holding his board), LYZ, Ah Du, Lam Yik Pong, even Nicholas from 988. The performances were great. Just that once in awhile there are annoying people spraying the 'snow flakes', it's freaking smelly and irritating.

Daniel was the last to perform in 2006 and LYZ was the first to perform in 2007 :D Oh yeah, while LYZ was singing, the pushing next to us became serious, LYZ stopped singing and advice those people behind not to push.
He asked : "Sui bu xing de qing ju sou" (Who cannot stand it anymore please raise your hands)
So me, SS and Fanny raised our hands. Well, the situation was so tensed, so we had to do something!
He saw and said, "Eh, ni men 2007 nian di yi tian jiu jiang pian hua le!" (Eh, first day of 2007 you all already telling lies!"
*Pengsan* Lum sei already.

Overall it was fun! Fun cuz kena 'electric' by the artists. Shall do it again this year end! If they are here for the celebration =)

3rd January - Went to BTS for Gary's Asia's Album Launch. We were allowed to stand in the fans zone, thanks to ML. The thing started at about 8pm. It began with him at a level higher, he stood on a metal frame and and the frame was hanged down (macam Superman coming down :D) So cool! His dressing is superb, singing also superb, interaction also fantastic! He sang 6 songs from his new album "Superman" - 3-7-20-1, Bei Pan, Bao Hu Ni, Wo De Tian Mi Mi, Liang Zhi Lian Ren and Superman! Haha, but I never buy his album, cuz I want to wait for his repacked album with the MVs inside =p

Gosh, time really pass by so quickly! It's already a new year, new things to do, new things to learn, hopefully good luck will come my way. And one last thing, I desperately need to lose some weight! Gosh... New year resolution - exercise >.<" CY and SS, every weekend we go swimming ok? Provided no events! Haha!