Friday, November 17, 2006

Une semaine plus

Shutz! One more week to go... And i'm here blogging about my damn life!
A big thank you to all the lecturers who have so much faith in BDH20 OB...
Top student? I'm sure all of us wants to... but, having a big competitor in OA... that's hard.
Really have no mood to study liao... Perhaps the confidence vanished in the air after diploma.
Plus more subjects, more presentations... I hate presentations... My weakest - presentations, F&B, Marketing... shutz again!

Had my delf - written exam last Sunday.
Went with Amanda. Fetched her from KL Sentral.
And I lost my way... Just because of the mistake of keeping left!
Skcuf! And i went allllllllllllll the way to Wangsa Maju.
And paid toll for no reason (was too nervous, didn't see how much it was)
And better, there's no U-turn at all! It was like Penchala Link...
Called Szen to ask directions.... (Thanks szen! Sorry to kacau u sleeping on the bus!)
Luckily manage to reach the place in time.
Damn turning, if not i would have reached there half an hour earlier.

Last Sunday, Ah Foo suddenly sms me inviting me for Korean food the next day.
So me, Foo, Mund and Fi went to Desa Sri Hartamas for Korean food.
Han Sung Restaurant. The lady boss is pure Korean. But can speak Chinese!
Wanted to take a photo with her. But she was too busy. A lot of Koreans makan there!
The food is fantastic!
It was my first time eating Korean food. The beef is excellent! Wrap it in the lettuce leaf served with various condiments... Yummy! Well, pure Korean food pun expensive jugak! We ate the set for four, RM50 bucks each (that was after discount - if lunch got 15% discount cash)

Life is a mystery.
Anything could happen in life.
For example, u nvr expect this person to be with this person, and they end up together.
U think that this person is your bestie, but end up this person betray u.
(These are just merely examples...)
For the past year, i've learned a lot... In college, at home, in events...
I've learned not to be so sensitive, because in the end no one is hurt except yourself...
I've learned who are the friends I can trust, and who not...
I've learned that life is to be enjoyed, so do whatever you want, if not you'll regret... Enjoy food...
I've learned to be more matured... some even said i'm too matured for my age...
I cried, i laughed, i smiled, i hated... i guess this year i've gone thru the most emotional moments compared to other years...

Last Saturday was the PWH Award (Yu Xie Jiang)...
Daniel won 6 awards -
SMS Voted My Favourite Local New Artiste Award
SMS Voted My Favourite Local Artist Award - Local Composition

SMS Voted My Favourite Original Composition - Local
Top 10 Original Composition - Local (You Ji)
Best New Artist - Silver (share with Yu Heng)

Most Outstanding Artist

Danny won Best Original Composition Dialect Song
He's the best! I just love him! He purposely dress himself cutely and dye his hair for this event. I'm so proud of him! *love love love*
Lin Yu Zhong won Best New Artist (Gold), Fave K Song (Bronze), Top 10 Original Composition Local (Shi Lian Xue). He's cute and nice, isn't he? Tie Tou *love*
And I noticed a few talented musicians in the show... I think they're coming out with their own album soon. I'm so gonna support them...

Lee Zhi Qing - LYZ's best friend and composer... He has composed many songs for artists like LYZ, Z Chen, Emil Chau and lots more! And all of the songs are freaking nice!!!
Hwang Lan Yin - The one who sang 'Er Zuo Ju' for It Started With A Kiss (Er Zuo Ju Zi Wen). I didn't know she's a Malaysian. She has a blog - Click Here
Support local music! *thumbsup*

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, family, lecturers, teachers i've known for the past 20 years, thanks for all your guidance, advices and laughters... I really appreciate what's in my life for this two decades... EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU MEANS A LOT TO ME... *love love love love*

That's all for now...

Wait!!! Just wanna wish all BDH20 students - Good luck for your trials and finals!!! All aim for VHPWC ya! And top student!!!!!!
To BDH20 OB students - hope we'll meet each other again... Mwaks... love you all very much!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful blog siul.....^-^

rachteng said...

lan yin's song in her blog sounds so good . =D She's not lara liang . -.-" But she's the singer for er zuo ju . lara liang is the nqmm lara . lol .

i got mixed up until my cousin clarified . lol !

WHAT ?! danny dye his hair because of the event ? Well its more like he dye his hair because of his outfit . I prefer him in black hair lah : ( now blacks the style ner !

how come daniel dont have *lovelovelove ? Lol ! Just kidding =)

Owh , so lee zhi qing is the famous composer lahhh ! i thot who . lol .

chunyiun said...

Oh...Im just so in love with LYZ!!...*love love love*