Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not As Expected

16 December 2006

Ahhh, finally, my 1 dreadful, tiring, stressful year of Higher Diploma has ended! Frankly, it was quite a stressful year, but maybe because last minute study guah... Tee hee! From theory to practical, though there's pressure, but everything's fun! I gained true friendship and had lots of fun with my besties and lecturers for the past year...

On this day, it's the results announcement day... And today is the day I cried the most in a day... I think worst than when I was first born, seriously!!! And to be frank, I'm crying right now writing this post...

We had high hopes on each other, expecting the best out of each other... Started off with the Diploma batch, then HD tourism, then us... I guess a lot of us from group 3 and 4 expected more... I thought I can make it to congrats... One by one, names were called out in alphabetical order in the particular mention... As i see one by one of my friends being called out... Ivy, Fiona, FQ, when they come back, they made me cry!!! Edmund, Amanda and I, we expected one of us will get VHPWC... However, "now i'll announce the students who gets the mention of Very Honorable Pass"... Liew Chien Hern Edmund... *oh kcuf! what happened*........ I prayed very hard for mine and Amanda's name not to come out next........... Siew Eve Lynn... *shit!* Went to collect the cert on stage from Mr Pierre, came down, and I can't control my tears anymore... Fiona hugged me, and I went straight to Pn Siti... She hugged me and I said "I'm sorry ma'am, I tried my best... I'm so sorry' ........ Teng Yin Sann Amanda...... *another shit!* Why must disappointments keep coming, god damn it! But at least Denise fought for it, and got a congrats... Pn Siti said our results are good compared to previous batches. And she said Mr Hisham (fnb external jury + taylor's alumni) said our batch's fnb is good :D

It's not that I cried because I didn't get congrats... Well, partly is that actually... But, I don't know why... I just feel that I've tried my best!! I thought I was okay! I received good comments! I did quite well in my theory papers! Perhaps my TIS pulled me down... I felt that we've disappoint our lecturers... Each lecturer I see, I give them a hug, and I end up crying more... Pn Siti, Mr Murad, Chef Patrick, Chef Chong, Chef Bala... I see them, I start crying... Pn Siti and Mr Murad helped us a lot a lot a lot a lot... they guided us through this whole year, motivated us, taught us, have faith in us... Even though our results are not that good, they comforted us and said we're the best! Edmund is going to study overseas, few others too... Sobz!!! Mr Wong KK said they were shocked by the results as well... they too expected more... Sigh... Had some coffee break, took loads and loads of pics with mostly everyone... Wanted to go for Ah Gong BKT but cancelled... So stayed and chat with Pn Siti... Which made me cry even more... She said she always loves us and will treat us like her own children, and will even fight to go to France with us for Degree... Mr Patrick came and said 'you say samore, i think this whole place will be flooded already' Me, Ker Ying and Ivy cried like dunno what water pipe burst like that... It's no doubt she gets the 'best lecturer of the year' this time :D

Went and check out the degree courses... I said I wanted to go Switz, but Pn Siti said Switz is not good... Australia still ok... but why not finish it here... The MEFS degree option is quite interesting... Perhaps I'll just do it here la... Don't think I can let go everything here in M'sia to go overseas... though only for just a year....

Yesterday night was DFC's 1st anniversary... It was a blast!!! Daniel had fun too, I think... Although he was sick... Didn't manage to get a pic with him... But, anyway... It doesn't matter anymore... Getting too deep into it will only cause sadness and hurt... Some of you will know what I mean... I wished he could talk more in hosting the games... But he's sick, so I should forgive him. He opened up a lot compared to last time, pinkies this, pinkies that, which is good! And he said 'you guys are the best fan club I've ever seen!'

Just now was the Perfect 100 Charity Concert in Bkt Jalil... It was a blast! With soooooooooo many artists involved - local and international... Ah Du, JJ, Lin Yu Chong, Guang Liang, Daniel, Kwok Fai, Nan Fang Er Chong Chang, Cozzi, Zheng Shu Qin, Aki, Lee Zhi Qing, Zhang Jue Long, Will, Jeff Chang, Tong An Ge, Jin Sha. I enjoyed the Aki, Zhi QIng, Jeff and Will's section the most!!! They sang all the previous gold hits. Zhi Qing's and Will's guitar playing is dammmnnn chunted! And I also liked Nan Fang Er Chong Chang and Zheng Shu Qin's section... they sang some old songs... their harmonizing, fuhhh cantik siul!!! LYC sang Kong Qiu Qian and Zhu Ti Qu!!! Guang Liang sang Tong Hua and I Am Who I AM (and they premier his MV there!), Daniel sang Fei and You Ji (he msged aunty swan asking where we're seating, so that when he come out he knows where to wave >.<"), Kwok Fai played his saxaphone and it was superbly awesome! I guess he practiced it a lotttttt of times! It was very good!!!!!!

That's about it lah... No mood to write anymore... Thanks to some people.... Fake people... Shoe polishers... Batu api... Fakers... Whatever you call them... I am so freaking sick of all these fake people... I just don't want to know or see anything of it anymore..... I'm leaving! I quit!!!!!!!!

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