Saturday, May 30, 2009

Danny One 温力铭 - Friends Forever 排排坐

His latest single! Heart it to the max just the first time I heard it. He recorded it with the P字头 crew. Really meaningful and lovely. Listen to it, and you will know! I don't tipu you geh... :D *wub*

Oooh, ooh OOH ooh~~~

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Globe!

525 marks the first anniversary of the birth of Baby Globe, the birth of "All In One", the birth of a stronger friendship among the Gangstas.

It also means, I 3 months never see dai lou already. Broke the record. Previously the longest time was only 2 months. Damn suffering. Sigh! :'( Seems to have lost contact with everything regarding him. Didn't even know he is hosting a food show until recently. I don't even know how is he. Sigh sigh sigh.

I need to lead a better life. Existez-vous?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I feel so useless all of the sudden.
Useless that I couldn't even help at all.
I used to think that I am a good listener.
Though I don't give much advices, but I listen to their problems.
I always tell myself to put myself into others' shoes,
in order for people to respect me, I must first respect them,
in order for people to be nice to me, I must first be nice to them.
Now only I realize that, it's not always like that.

Friday, May 15, 2009


The view of darkening sky, with the sun just beyond sinking out of our sight, the sky still blue, with streaks of apricot, pink and purple. Such a comforting sight after a long day's work.

Just some normal pics of the sky from my house balcony. No editing. I'm still saving to buy a good lens for landscape shots.

So much to save for...

- Wide angle lens
- Zoom lens
- Knife
- Nike
- T90
- my dream

Monday, May 11, 2009

100509 Mother's Day

I feel like a total different person compared to 2 months ago. Long gone the days of US time zone (sleeping at 6am, waking up at 3pm), the days of seeing my idols every weekend, catching up with entertainment news everyday, go to mamak whenever I want. I don't even bother going online. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong, going ONLINE. Wharhhht?!?!? Onlining, for me, was just like daily dosage of nicotine for smokers, addictive gambling for gamblers, clubbing for clubbers. Friends will always see my name appear on MSN almost 24/7, but now... (CY, right?) I take a look at my portable, I lie flat on the bed.

Ohh, back to the topic. An hour ago, it was still mother's day. We never really celebrate the occasion among my immediate family *guilty* I remember buying a gift set for my mum few years back, when I don't even have income on my own. So indirectly, she's buying it herself =_=" This year, bro and I surprised her with a homemade card & few slices of Secret Recipe cakes *guilty* (last minute beli punya *gulp*). No special gift as my salary this month left only bits and pieces. Sigh! Anyhow, she was surprised.

We usually celebrate the occasion with my mum's family. This year, we couldn't have any celebration, so we just had dinner at grandma's. Since grandpa passed away, we've been spending a lot of free time together, and nonetheless every Sunday, we go for breakfast and dinner.

Dad cooked yesterday. Sang har noodles, crab noodles, kai lan siew yoke, boiled chicken, stir fried crabs. Yummeh. I made some Mango Yoghurt Pudding & Chocolate Brownies, which didn't turn out that well. Still need to try harder.

Bro asked me when was the last time I said I love you to mom, I said 'never'. I guess, we just couldn't say it out in front of our parents. I need more courage to do so.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in the whole wide world. You are the best, moms!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

[Lyrics] 侧田 - 无言无语 Justin Lo - Mou Yin Mou Yu

侧田 - 无言无语
编曲:Ted Lo

只要相信尚存爱 就算多深的海 难以阻碍
Ji yiu xiong sun xiong qun ngoi, zau xuin doh sum dik hoi nan yi zhor ngoi
总有天你心会开 然后我会踏进来
Zong yao tin nei sum wui hoi, yin hau ngor wui dap zun loi
只要真正在乎你 为那小小悲衰 谁当伤害
Ji yiu zan jing zoi fu nei, wai na xiu xiu bei ngoi sui dong xiong hoi
因你一眼一喝彩 难道这也不算爱
Yan nei yat ngan yat hot choi, nan dou jeh ya but shuin ngoi

Mou xui seang seh ngoi yi yok but chit dai
Sum mo xiong ngoi nei sup man nin yik nan kap mak kai
Qing gor qin sao but goon zum moh fatt fai
Na gao cui tao mak mak mun nei sao jing jing fong dai

如要靠开口 先知我在左右
Yu yiu kao hoi hau xin ji ngor joi jor yau
Gong dor gau dou ya mei gao
神情若协奏 心事能看透
San qing yok hip zau, sum qing nang hon tau
Yeong piu leong shuit wah fah zou mooi yat mei lai wan sao

情要说出口 先知那是温柔
Qing yiu shuit chut hao sin ji na si wan yau
Ji yan bei qi ngoi mei gao
一拥抱颤抖 比爱字还深厚
Yat yung pou chan dau, bei ngoi ji wan sum hau
无言无语 才无忧
Mou yin mou yu, choi mou yao

不够资格做情圣 但靠彼此双手游进生命
But gao ji gak zhou qing xing, dan kao bei qi xiong sao yau zhun sang ming
心似手语可发声 才是虔诚的见证
Sum qi sao yu hor fatt sing, choi si king sing dik kin jing
Mou sui sing seh ngoi yi yok but qit dai
Sum mo xiong ngoi nei sup man nin yik nan kap mak kai
Qing gor qin sao but goon zum mo fatt fai
Na gau chui tao mak mak mun nei sao jing jing fong dai

如要靠开口 先知我在左右
Yu yiu kao hoi hau xin ji ngor zoi zoh yau
Kong doh gao dou ya mei gao
甜言像雨花 怎样能永久
Tim yin jiong yu fa, zum yong nang wing gao
Yeong piu leong shuit wah bin zhou mooi yat mei lai wan sao
谁要等开口 先找到藉口
Sui yiu dang hoi hau xin zao dou jik hau
Chan yat mun mun chut yin hau
当思绪围着你走 比爱字还深厚
Dong si sui wai jiok nei zao bei ngoi ji wan sum hao
无言无语 才无忧
Mou yin mou yu, choi mou yau

Friday, May 01, 2009



Eve is watching: The Four 《少年四大名捕》

Eve is saving money to buy: Nike Zoom Sister One (I will get you, someday... someday) & a Perlini Silver necklace.

Eve is wanting to go Sabah - to climb Mount Kinabalu.

Eve is also wanting to go holiday - Cameron, Malacca, Penang, France, Ireland, UK, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand.

Eve wishes that money do fall from the sky.