Thursday, February 28, 2008

10 Fast Fingers Speedtest

Teng sent me a link to play with...
It's a site to test how fast you can type in one minute...
Haha, it's fun... Treat it as a place to practice typing ;)

88 words

Speed test

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Officially Unemployed + Jay Chou's Concert

Whoopee! 6.31pm, 21st Feb 2008, I'm officially unemployed! The last day of work was humorous. Laughed and laughed non stop. High on sugar and talking craps rather than doing work.

Training's done. Now left the oral defense and I'm totally out of tertiary education! (If only I pass, *namo namo namo*) Don't really feel like continuing my studies. Everyone's asking me what's my plan after this. Well, I'm gonna 'measure floor' until as much as I can. Just wanna settle all the things that I want to do first. Dad asked me to go Singapore for a few months to get some 'lessons' from my uncle who's a chef. I haven't decide yet. Thought of becoming a full time star chaser, maybe just doing some minimum part time works & some 'freelance' baking at home ;)

230208 Jay Chou's concert. Didn't intend to go but Nicholle managed to get some VVIP tics for us (wah seh, muaks muaks darling) so the Charlie's Angels (me, Ivy and Nicholle) went together-gether.
Reached stadium around 5 something and decided to go for makan first at Old China Cafe. Yes, near Petaling Street, the place Daniel shoot his XZHXJN mv. After that was walking back to the stadium and guess who I BUMPed into? D.A.N.I.E.L. L.E.E.. Yes, read me, not saw him from far in the stadium, not stalking him or trailing him. I met FACE to FACE with him. "Expect The Unexpected" I knew he's coming for the concert, but never thought I will be so lucky. *wub* Smiled, waved and continued my journey back to the stadium. I think he's going to the cafe to eat. (ARGH!! I should have stayed at the cafe longer, sigh!)

Sat directly in front of the center of the stage, 12th row. So clear and never would I expect to see Jay Chou so clearly. *melted*

Before the concert started, saw Daniel walking to his seat, 'wait a minute, why the guy behind so familiar one?' Arghhh!!! Danny! Danny! Danny is here! With Daniel! And then William Sun too! And Monday from Star Idol. They were sitting at VVIP 2. Was so tempted to go over and say hie but nanti kena tembak "May I know who are you?" habis! William Sun and Monday! Ivy & Nicholle asked me "you come here see Jay Chou or see artistes har!?" Hehe. Before and after the concert is see artistes, during the concert is see Jay Chou. See, mutual advantage!

Overall, the concert was awesome. Balance blend of popular songs and not-so-popular songs. Best was 'Ting Ma Ma De Hua' having Chow Yun Fatt n Jacky Cheung special appearance on the screen, 'Shuang Jie Gun' and 'Yang Guang Zhai Nan'. Everyone was so high! His outfits were okay, I love his first outfit and the white outfit during "Qian Li Zhi Wai". What I'm impressed is I always thought he's cool, but he joked a lot, and he can dance, sing, rap, and instruments well-played! Drums, piano, Gu-zheng, Guitar... The sound system was so loud macam the earth is shaking. And my heart nearly stopped pumping every music beat.

Encore twice. Awesome ending. 2 and a half hours. A memorable one for me ;)

240208 Quan Nan Ban promo at Leisure Mall. Was expecting Danny to be there but sigh, disappointed. God knows why is it like that. It's been 25 days since I last see him! Jay concert tak kira! Only saw his side face and like 10 meters away ='( Fine fine, think positive, maybe there's surprises in store for us... *positive thinking positive thinking* Wua~~ Was drinking water at the end of the promo and don't know why just suddenly ter-choked and spitted the water on Soohui. So so so sorry soo hui!! I also don't know what happened. Sorry :(

At night went for steamboat with 10 other Danny fans at Menjalara. Haha, very relaxing and funny. I actually enjoyed myself a lot. Seeing how *blur* one person is, and funny funny things. And the existence of such thing as Milo + Egg. Sounds yucky but they say it's nice.

Okok, enough... I guess everyone reading this is thinking 'mctt, this girl damn action lor, trying to show off'. If this is the thoughts you guys are thinking of, well, what can I do? I am not trying to prove anything nor boast anything. I guess people who knows me well will know what kinda person I am. (Or what if not :S) Sometimes I wonder, whether people will take the words I said differently and feel offended? Sometimes I wonder if my jokes are funny at all? Sometimes I wonder if people misinterpret my words and thinking I am showing off? Sometimes I wonder there are more people who likes me or are there more that hates me? Emo emo emo... Danny... wu wu wu~

Funny names to name your kids: (Sorry I know it's lame)
- Surname Teh: La Teh, Cina Teh, Pu Teh, Bakut Teh, Sa Teh
- Surname Tee: Ice Tee, Green Tee, Liptop Tee, Boh Tee, Baby Tee?!?
- Surname Soh: Espres Soh
- Surname Toh: Affoga Toh, Macchia Toh
- Surname Wan: Wan Tan Mee, Wan Jor, Wan Dou Sik, Wan Too Tri, Wan Lap
- Surname Liew: Lye Liew, Orh Liew
- Surname Chung: Chung Ma Piew, Chung Sa Man, Chung Mei Lei, Chung Toh Toh, Chung Wan Kai

And let your imaginations flow... Wakakakaka! We had a good laugh on this. Thanks to IVY FOO and NICHOLLE LEE. I appreciate everything we did together for the past 3 and a half months. And also in the past 2 years. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. May our friendship blossom even more in the future. And may our 'mission' can be achieved! ;) Love you gals!

~ I will never forget that smile you gave me :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Nothing much... saja wanna blog... nobody to chat with on MSN... lazy to do my work... sigh... Kau meang ah! Hou fan ah!

Brought my baby to see lion dance at Bangsar. Was late, managed to see half only. Luckily there's another round in BV2 so watch again. Telling everyone she's my daughter kekeke... She's sticking quite a lot to me these few days... *wub* getting smarter and smarter. Then went to MV with Ah Foo to collect my shoes. I bought the nike shoes with gold tick wahoo! Darn nice ;p (when it's white) Wear awhile sure get dirty then not nice dee sigh. Bought a pressie for aunt at Isetan. Got an oyster pearl and a pot of plant for free haha! Then we went to Paddington House Of Pancake because I was soooooo tempted looking at their menu! 138 types of dish for us to try! It will take me 138 days to go there! We had 'Tokyo' and 'Treasure Box' which was both darn good. And the portion is big enough haha! Worth it. Will definitely go again. There's this 'volvano' dish thingy that's for 10 person! I always thought Paddington serves only like normal sweet pancakes... mana tau they have salads, breakfast, lamb, duck, spring chicken, savoury and sweet ones! Their ice cream can tahan very long also won't melt one lor!

At night, went bowling with my baby, my bro, my aunt and uncle. It was aunt's bday. She invited everyone to go but all rejected. Sometimes feel so disappointed in them. Giving excuses like tired la, old dee la. I mean, it's someone's birthday, can't you all just go for the sake of the fun of it? Sigh. And, always argue and talking with those 'stabbing' meaning behind, it's just so annoying. Always complain and make noise just for small matters. I got double strike! Wu hu! End up I was the highest scorer 128 if I'm not mistaken ;P

Suddenly miss d1 very much ;( very very much... it's been 16 days since I last saw him. Feels like months. N i guess I won't be seeing him for like 1 month? 2 months? 3 months? Because there's no events yet. Used to see him for like every week? Even 3 days in a row? Sigh ;( maybe i'm just not used to not seeing him often.


Oh, did I tell u guys that I cracked and spoiled my phone screen, spoiled the phone camera, bang into someone's car and broke my house key all in one day? Sui sui sui~~~ It's just my luck that I didn't fall into a pile of shit.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I celebrate V Day too!

Who says V Day is only for couples? Erm, even though it's MEANT for couples. I see couples everywhere. Roses, chocolates, teddies, hearts, love. Was at 1u outlet today. Working. Suppose to reach at 9.30am but woke up late and was erm... late. Business was good today ;) Mostly couples of course... and one TV3 function. Everyone's mood was good somehow kekeke, and I had fun the whole day. Had lunch at Soho (food was ok), laughed like mad. Gave out some candies and chocolates to all staff and received some too! Thanks to "ah moi-ah moi sekalian" for the chocs, ang pows (I din know u girls are married haha!) and flowers, thanks Oties for the bear bear, thanks Angah for the 'lovely heart shape latte' (chiu~ all the while also got heart shape one la).

Initially, 3 of us planned to celebrate V Day together and take the Bakerzin Vday set dinner but the Nicolet had family dinner so only me and 'lalink' and Shiao Teng and Bao Yue eat lor. Omg, 4 soh pohs together, spoil the romantic ambience only. So pai seh, other couples all so romantic saying 'i lap u' and all we laugh laugh laugh like sakais. Cannot go out with u all anymore la. The set was a trio salad (pumpkin topped with crabmeat, seared tuna with wasabi dressing and grilled vege skewer), choice of chic, beef or seafood platter for main (i chose seafood which has one big local king prawn, scallops, dory and calamaries) and for dessert is selection of mini choc desserts (sweet pleasure, warm choc cake n cheese ice cream with choc krispies). Very very the filling. Forgot to bring my camera there so wait for Ivy to send me the pics.

Overall, I enjoyed my day pretty well. It's so nice everybody joking around and have fun. At least I don't have to worry about buying gifts or anything. Wakakaka!

I miss my baby... gonna bring my baby to see lion dance later yay! Happy belated Valentine's day everyone! Hope you too had a great day, be it celebrating with your bf/gf or just friends! I was listening to the radio yesterday and this gurl got dumped one day b4 valentine. Kesian. For hokkiens, happy Bai Tin Kong. And happy birthday to my aunt!!! Well wishes from the bottom of my heart ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goodbye My Lover :(

It's been 4 years we've been together...
I remember I doubted you when I saw you for the first time...
But, you gave me faith.
For the 4 years we've been together, we loved each other, keep in touch almost everyday, no matter day or night.
You were loyal to me, and I love you so much.
I always tell my friends about you. How nice you are to me.
Why? After 4 years you say you want to leave me.
It's been 3 weeks now since I last saw you...
And now, you just dump me... saying we're not meant for each other...
But, it's ok, I have someone else to accompany me for the moment.
I've lost you forever, but the memories will always be with me.
Because I'm using it as an external hard disk.

I'll always remember you. Now and forever.
Goodbye my lover... my laptop... my BenQ :( Sobz!

[Lyrics] Peter Pan Yu Wen - Bu Meng Ren

A song that I liked instantly when I heard it. Awesome song. Translated as "Dream Catcher". And I love the MV too! And the guy who sings it! Oops! :p

捕夢人 Bu Meng Ren (Dream Catcher)
by 潘裕文 Peter Pan Yu Wen

轻轻唱 边夢边唱
Qing qing chang, bian meng bian chang
闭上眼 一路遙遙晃晃
Bi shang yan, yi lu yao yao huang huang
沒有人 知道答案
Mei you ren, zhi dao da an
路很长 循著光到前方
Lu hen chang, xun zhe guang dao qian fang

*勇氣的重量 穿过树影落在我手掌
Yong qi de zhong liang, chuan guo shu ying luo zai wo shou zhang
紧紧握著 不能放
Jin jin wo zhe, bu neng fang

Ban bian yue liang gua zhe zhong zhong de meng xiang
捕夢的人 指著天空想越爬越高
Bu meng de ren, zhi zhe tian kong xiang yue pa yue gao
Lei le tang zai dui man xing xing de cheng bao
Guo le jiu hao (xing lai ji xu wei xiao)

逆著风 跌跌撞撞
Ni zhe feng, die die zhuang zhuang
淚和汗 痕跡印在肩膀
Lei he han, hen ji yin zai jian bang
靜靜的 辨认星光
Jing jing de bian ren xing guang
灰的雲 卻擋住了光亮
Hui de yun, que dang zhu le guang liang

Repeat * and Chorus

La la la la la la
捕夢人织的網 悬在天上
Bu meng ren zhi de wang xuan zai lan tian shang
La la la la la la
捕夢人的願望好远 卻又好灿烂
Bu meng ren de yuan wang hao yuan que you hao chan lan

Repeat Chorus

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Not A Good Year To Start With :(

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Wishing everyone abundance of joy, happiness, prosperity, luck, and money in the year of Ratatouille! Hehe!
Year year got fish, dragon horse steam god, and day day happy!

I looked forward to a fun celebration this year for CNY. I expected it to be exciting, fun and joyful. But it's hot, boring and unhealthy! Wua~!

Spent my CNY eve and the first two days at my grandma's place most of the time. My cousin and uncle from Aussie are here for the festival this year. Didn't gamble, didn't go shopping, didn't go for movies. So what the heck did I do at home? Watch TV. Thanks to YR for the whole list of tv programs, there are like so many nice shows this cny! It's like all the channels are competing to show the best of the best! I wish I have 6 tvs in my house to watch all. The worst was, there are like 3 nice shows on different channels at the same time. =_=" In addition, there's still the radio with nice songs and artistes calling in all the time!

Worst was, my new year didn't start off well. Not sure if it's the mixture of food I ate on cny eve, I vomitted everything out after I got home. Vomitted again the next morning. And suffered indigestion for the whole day and today. This morning was better but after dinner at night (I just ate a small plate of beef noodles!) I vomitted again. Kns... All this is Danny's sickness, why pass to me geh... (oopsie ;p touch wood touch wood) Really make my cny no mood. No mood to do my dissertation tim. Really want to give up liao. 2 more days it's the deadline already.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

[Lyrics] Soler - Kui

Soler sang this song when they came for the Sg Wang Countdown last year. Nice nice nice!

Kui 佢
by: Soler

追忆的里面 佢永远那样高
烟花虽灿烂 总消失得太早
高呼真挚善 叫你我放下刀
差一点兑现 只想他可见到



慌恐的岁月 也试过会摇摆
多一点决绝 是否可体恤谅解
走多少里哩路 从峻岭到横街
腰骨都挺直 尽管火烧风雨打




Saturday, February 02, 2008





认识了她近半年, 从同一个出发点认识到现在好朋友。



~ I hope I can just fade away.