Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Intern @ Bakerzin

Great! Went for the MCA 50th Merdeka Anniversary Cultural and Arts Performance at Bkt Jalil Stadium. My water bottle cap was loose and water leaked into my bag. And now, my camera is spoilt! Wuaaa~~~ I need a camera to survive! Maybe it's a sign, for a new SLR. However, my mum disallowed me from buying SLR. Saying it's so heavy. And still! I need my camera to record!

It rained throughout the whole concert. Aiyah, yu zhong also never perform, why rain wor! Soaking wet even though we have ponchos over us. But get to see Danny in a blue collar long sleeve with a black vest, wah seh! Hensem! Keke. But it was quite boring though. Didn't really enjoy it. Sigh. Due to the rain. And my camera. Double sigh.

Ok, back to my work. So, I've started my internship on Monday, at Bakerzin. Many people don't know about this Bakerzin but it's a Singapore brand opened by Mr. Daniel Tay - a chef specializing in French pastry. Then Mr. Daniel Yong and Puan Siti Yuhaniz franchised it in Malaysia. Bakerzin is more of famous for their desserts rather than main course. Sort of like 'Desserts in Bakerzin are the main course'. Get it?

This week, me, Ivy and KY just jump around. Monday we were at 1U, Tues at The Gardens and Wed and tomorrow at KLCC. Bakerzin has 6 branches nationwide - 1U, Bangsar Village 1, Bangsar Village 2, KLCC, Queensbay Mall and The Gardens. For KLCC and The Gardens, the Bakerzins are situated inside Isetan, which many people don't know.

Work was okay this week. Met many new people from different outlet. Most of them are quite friendly and helpful. Today was the busiest. Full during lunch hour. Somehow I feel that it's more fun working in the kitchen, but too bad my topic is not about kitchen. Sigh.

Tried a few dishes there, it's damn nice. Seriously. For me lah. Hehe. But it's quite pricey though. Bakerzin food are made WITHOUT MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and all made start from scratch. Even tomato sauce are made from fresh tomatoes, therefore the waiting time for the food is much longer. They don't pre-cook any dishes before hand. Which i find it quite interesting and nice.

Dishes to recommend (a lot leh!) - Mini tapas, warm choc cake, coupe cheesecake (actually is 3 scoops of cheese ice cream la with strawberry coulis), roasted chicken salad, otak bruschetta, seafood pasta, fettucini meatball, clam pasta. Pizza looks nice, brioche with mushroom looks nice, seafood fried rice looks nice but haven't try yet. Hehe. Some like the Irish Bailey's Souffle, Tiramisu, Chocolate Amer. And their cappucino all on top got heart shape foam one leh! So nice! :)

Come visit me anytime when I'm working. I'm working from Monday to Thursday. But don't know what shift lah. Give me a call if you feel like visiting me. Depending which outlet I'm at. If you want to belanja me dinner at Bakerzin also can geh. No problem tee hee! Just call me. Aiya, must promote Bakerzin a bit mer.

1U - New Wing, Ground Floor
KLCC - Next to Isetan Supermarket, 3rd Floor (opposite Sun Moulin bakery)
The Gardens - Inside Isetan, 2nd floor (opposite I-Club counter)
Bangsar - BV1 and BV2

(Psst, too bad Leisure Mall don't have. Sigh. Haha! Kidding!)

FYI: Isetan Member Card can get 10% discount. CIMB, SBB, Direct Access Credit Cards also. (Terms and conditions apply). If not leh, our promotion now is Tea Time Promotion whereby you order one slice of cake (any) and one serving of coffee or tea (any) for only RM14++. (Eh, cheap leh!) For KLCC and Gardens leh, above RM50, Isetan Member can get free plated dessert. (Any dessert from the menu leh! Gao siao! But subject to availability lah.)

Oklar, will blog about my France trip this weekend. Be patient! :) Thanks to all my faithful readers. Love you all.

~ If only I know what's going on.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

261007 MACIP @ Genting

Went to Genting on Friday to watch the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant. H2T got some tickets that's why.

Took the bus from TD to KL Sentral and waited for Pik Kei there. Went there quite early thinking of going for a hair cut at those QQ salon but there was none. So took my lunch at McD while waiting for Kei. McD's food seems to be getting worse. I lost my appetite looking at the pathetic McChicken set which was what I felt very simply done. The fries were so not tasty.

Took the 4pm bus up to Genting and got our tics from H2T. Checked in, and quickly rush out for a quick dinner. Walked around searching for cheaper and nicer food but the nice Pandan Jaya pork ball noodles cafe was closed for renovation. So we end up at Sushi King. Quite expensive though. Sigh, Japanese food, not cheap. Not to say being bias or what, but Zen food is still so much better. Somehow I just like Zen's food compared to Sakae or Sushi King or any other.

7pm - Went to the Genting International Showroom and there were whole group of people queuing outside the entrance already. Saw Wu Guo Fei there. 7.30 we were allowed to go in. Saw Elvis (from New-z). And Derrick (from P.A.B) :) And the mood for the rest of my evening was spoilt due to the incident below:

We went in, of course common sense we'll rush to the seatings nearest to stage. But all the seats have stickers of the pageants' names on. Uh ohh, we're not any of their relatives or friends. Thought of sitting with Christina's gang, but when we asked, they looked at us one kind so, nvm, walked away. So we decided to ask the staff.

Me: (Not knowing where is the free seating section) Erm, may I know where can I sit? (Showing my ticket)
Worker A: (Stare at the ticket for 10 seconds) Erm, I don't know. You ask the person behind.
Me: (A little annoyed, went to another person) Erm, may I know where is the free seating?
Worker B: (Stare at the ticket for 10 seconds) *not again!* Erm, I don't know eh. You go in front and find yourself lah! (I'm not exaggerating!)

Luckily the supervisor came after that and show us where to sit.

WTF! As a guest, I am annoyed. As being in the service industry, I'm SUPERBLY annoyed! Ma chow turtle, Genting event supervisors, please brief your staff before any events begin lah for God's sake. Not only that they don't know anything, they even give the wrong information on the seatings! Samore can say 'go find yourself'. I ask you go die, you die or not? Chiu! Geramnya.

Ok, the show started at 8pm sharp. Before that we pay our respect to the late Datuk Seri Lim Goh Tong by standing in silence for 1 min. The show was quite boring though. And the lady emcee - Debbie Goh's (1998 champion) Cantonese is bad. Can't understand what she was saying.
Talent time. Finally something more interesting. Christina played the chinese drum. Joanne played the piano. Got yoga, street dance, boxing, latin dance, kungfu etc. The best was Tiffany, a national gymnastic. Awesome and darn flexible la she.

Bikini time. Danny's time too. He came out and rap. Rap what? 32 24 36. Haha! Yeap, he rap about the pageants. One by one. I mean, he rap about each pageant's profile. And the rap was darn good! No mistake. He took 2 - 3 weeks to write the lyrics. Perhaps he spent quite some quality time with each pageant? Haha! So many sexy leng lui surrounding him, didn't make mistake, one word - geng! Samore not rap about 1 or 2 or 3 wor, rap about all 10 pageants leh! Gao siao! Then we thought he will sing another song, mana tau after talking to the emcees, he left the stage. And never came up again! Zha dou. Disappointing. Not enough lor ok! Ish.

Top 5 result was based on SMS voting. Chistina, Naomie, Joanne, Emily and Tiffany got in top 5. Final result from 5th to champion - Christina, Emily, Naomie, Tiffany and Joanne. As expected. Joanne was favored by ALL the judges, and ALL the ex-pageants. Hope she'll make it big, hope she will be favored the same in the International competition next year :)

We left and head to the Resort Cafe to wait for the post party. Cutiebee came and join us after she finished work. Of cuz we can't go in but we wait to see the celebs. Waited for like 1 hour before the pageants and celebs came. Gosh, looking at all those chun-ted bodies make me feel so low-self esteemed. We took silly pics, singing and laughing loudly while we were waiting. Sakais.

Saw Danny but he was on the phone. When he finished talking we shouted. Hmpf, just now in the show he didn't see us, cannot! Must let him see that we came to see him. Haha. Lame. He belum go in we already waiting. He come out also we still waiting. He asked us how was it, we said not enough, he just smiled and shrugged and left. Then the 3 of us went and eat supper.

After that, Kei was having headache so we decide to go back to the room. Missing my strawberry cheesecake, I decided to go to the Starbucks near 1st world hotel to buy. Suddenly saw Danny at the counter ordering! We were like 'how come's he's there?'. I walked to the counter but just stare at the floor and walk. Suddenly the idiot server at the counter shouted 'Good Morning!' then Danny turned to see who's behind. He looked in front again then stopped and looked back at us. I just smiled and continue my order. Aww, *disappointed again* no cheesecake :( so I ordered hot choc to take away. I looked at the place to collect the drinks, Danny wasn't there so I thought he walked out already. When I walk over to collect my drink, he was there. Scared me.

Took my drink, and walk out. This sakai Kei didn't want to go back to the room say want to walk around. So we jalan jalan around First World Plaza. Go up only, while walking, I looked around and suddenly saw Danny & H2T heading our direction. Wah liao, so got fate meh? Haha. I laughed and tell Kei 'look to ur left'. She 'OI?' and laughed too. Rupa-rupanya starbucks server down, cannot online. They head back to their room. We walk around awhile more and head back to our room.

Already dead tired but both of us still don't want to sleep. Chat chat chat until 3 something. But it was a really nice chat though. Thanks for the wonderful chat session, Kei :)

Woke up at 10.15am and get ready to go back KL. Had our breakfast then took the Skyway down. Headed to Sg Wang for the Nation Care Charity roadshow. Waited until 2.30pm only start. Artistes who came were Karen Kong, Kwok Fai, 5 of the Star Idol, and Vick. I like the girl emcee, Zheng Ruo Bing :) Very pretty girl! Very cute.

Grab some tickets then head home by bus. Donated RM10 for the Nation Care. Really effective one wor. When I was at Brickfields waiting for the bus to come, I saw this guy in pink who looks familiar, and I simply say to myself 'This guy should be taking the same bus as me one'. Wah, really woh! Then when I was walking behind him, he suddenly give me one bus ticket. (Rapid KL buses are RM2 daily, don't care how many times you take in a day it is still RM2). Maybe he got extra guah. Haha. Saved my RM2. Kekeke. I was taken back that I forgot to thank him :p

Went home, took a nap and head to Darren's party. Darren ar, must improve your map drawing skill leh. At least draw lah 2nd junction or 1st junction. Pengsan aku tengok your map. All the food were cooked by his mum. Geng! Beef Rendang was superb! Too bad I didn't get to try the Sherpherd's Pie which KY said it was nice. It was fun hanging out for the night. Douglas came too, with Jane! Long time no see, bro. I guess it's the last time we hang out before all of us gets busy with our intern. Sigh, I wonder when will we get together again. Sigh.

P/S: Image upload got problem. Only manage to upload 1. Bare with my long draggy posting. Good night.

~ 不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有

[Lyrics] Danny One - Virus Attack 病毒爆发

Another boom chak boom chak song... Too many to upload each week... Starting to search for English songs though. Kekeke... Maybe too much of Battleground dee haha!

Bing Du Bao Fa (Virus Attack)
病毒爆发 (Feat. 余永锦)


Yan jing kai shi tong, zui ba bu neng dong
Shen ti yi bian suan tong, nao dai yi pian kong kong

Shi ni chuan ran wo, bi qi ta bing geng du
Fa shao xiang yi ba huo, zhe jiao si nian de bing du

Dang bu zhu, jin zhi bu zhu
Ni chu xian, jiu xiang bing du

Yan jing kai shi tong, zui ba bu neng dong
Shen ti yi bian suan tong, nao dai yi pian kong kong

Shi ni chuan ran wo, bi qi ta bing geng du
Fa shao xiang yi ba huo, zhe jiao si nian de bing du

Dang bu zhu, jin zhi bu zhu
Ni chu xian, jiu xiang bing du

Nian se bian de bu yi yang, xin zhang tiao de hen kua zhang
Kai shi hu si luan xiang, ni shi fou he wo yi yang

Ju wo suo zhi, hao wu bang zhu
Guai ni de mei li ba wo lao zhu
Wei ni fu chu, yi wei zi ji hen cool
Dao tou lai hai shi gao dao yi ta hu tu

Dui ni de hao, ni gan jue bu dao
Dui ni de ai, chou li bu dao
Ni de mei li chao yue wo de di kang li
Fa xian wo que shao wei ta ming C

Friday, October 26, 2007

Semi Graduate + Connaught Pasar Malam + Emo Randoms

Finally! End of exams! 3 freaking study-till-i-want-to-die days. I even made an appointment with KY to jump down from KLCC at 12am because I seriously think I'm gonna fail some of the papers. Especially fcuk idiotic moronic stupid FINANCE paper. Spotting on ratios and all, having quite some confidence in cash flow, maaaa jiiii boxxx (cursing word creation by Edmund) our beloved finance lecturer come up with BALANCE SHEET. Of all things, BALANCE SHEET. And of all methods to do, he gives the 2006 B/S and ask you to do 2005's. Wtf man! Ask us to study cash flow statement, so I study kau kau on CFS and you come out BALANCE SHEET.

Ok, so exams over. No more exams forever! (Unless I failed and have to resit the papers), I just have to finish this 4 months internship coming up, do my dissertation, go for the oral defense and that's it! I'm done! But, so what? I seriously don't feel anything after exams over. Wokayh, it means, I'm gonna have to start work already. People will go like, oh yeah, a degree in hand! But I seriously am not feeling anything at all. No excitements, no sadness or whatsoever.

But, exams over, it's time to celebrate! Went home and waited for the others to be ready for Connaught pasar malam. 7 of us - me, Foo Ah Ma, Mrs Ah Moo, Vi Ni, Edmund, Darren and Woan Jian; Terence & Shiao Teng joined us later. Dunno which turtle is even slower than turtle, 5.45 I waited until 7pm leh KNS! Connaught pasar malam tends to be one of the longest pasar malam in KL I assume. There's just so much food, so many things there, and it's looooong and crowded. Argh, it was a suffering for me to walk through the crowd. We ate so much stuff such as lok-lok, deep fried battered cempedak, red bean ice, fish balls etc etc etc.

Red bean ice :)

Voo doo dolls. Each doll has their specific meanings and character.

All of us were adventurous enough to try the famous Chew Chew 'smelly tofu' . We bought 8 pieces. It was really smelly when we queue to buy, from far you can smell it. But when we ate it, it tasted okay. Only rather bland taste of bitterness. The taste is even lighter than petai. Eating it with kim chi, yum yum.

Chow tau fu :)

I would say that this pasar malam opens the latest too because it opens until quite late. There are even rela members aiding the traffic of cars and people.

Cute? It's potato chips.

We only left at 11pm. Saw a lot of nice shoes and boots there. But sadly I wasn't really attracted to the food there. Maybe because there's just too many stalls. But I do see some familiar stalls which also opens in TD pm.

I've still got a few blog postings in my mind. Haven't even blog about the Falansai trip. Too many pics. Too many things to blog about.

Am currently feeling quite emo. Argh, thanks to wwt. Well, I shouldn't blame her. There's just too many things happening. Suddenly just cried out for no reasons. Too many things in my mind. Is it really them? Or is it just me?

1. Been reading Michy's blog, what a pity. She's good in making those video clips, very creative. Lots of video presentation at events were done by her. Mich, I have faith in you. Go for your dreams. Suddenly I just felt grateful to be able to study what I'm interested in. I'm lucky to have supportive parents that allow me to study what I want.

2. Few days ago I was defending it, because I believe in it. But am I just lying to myself? It's really true though. Nothing really happened until now. I'm not wanting it for myself, but for everyone. I'm losing my faith in it. I don't know why. Not one, but a few. Why are people so fake? Why some people never change? Is it worth it after all? Don't expect anything is also an expectation. Rachteng is right. No matter in what aspect, I guess it's better to just do and expect nothing in return.

3. I feel like I don't understand at all. I seemed to always make wrong interpretations, wrong information received. Don't say things for the sake of making people happy. Say because you mean it, and mean it from the bottom of your heart. And always remember what you said.

4. Sigh, gonna have financial shortage for the coming 4 months. Yet, so many things on my wish list.

5. Sometimes, it's better to believe only half of what people say. You never know how true things can be, or how fake it could be.

I really don't know what I'm crapping about. Gosh, 4.40am dy. Gd night.

~ I'm a good friend who don't know anything about you.
~ When will the journey of stars end?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Danny's hosting program - Battleground

Catch Battleground - a dance competition show
that is hosted by Danny One & Sharlin
starting from TODAY (20/10/07),
7.30PM every Saturday
on Astro Wah Lai Toi (Channel 311).

(Pic taken from TheStar)

Repeats at 12.30am and 12.00pm the following day.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Sigh, I think everybody is busy studying, making notes, revising notes they have made perhaps months ago. While I, sit here, writing my blog. Gosh, I think only I'm so 'free' to write my blog. Not that I've finish studying, but not even started studying yet. No mood to study at all. Next monday exam starts and I think I only revised 20% of my notes. Dim shuin hou? Sei loh like that.

I snap one ar... yeng mou? :D

I've got tonnes of things on my to-have wishlist. So many things that I want to have or want to buy. But, no money no talk. Will list out my to-have list next week. So many things to buy, so many things to do. Argghh! Kau meang ah, kau meang ah, sat yan ah, sat yan ah...

Perhaps I shall consider buying from EBAY. Can anybody tell me whether is it save to purchase from ebay?

Next week... so many events after exam... 25th Daniel @ TARC, 26th Danny @ Genting, 27th KF @ Sg Wang, Darren's party, 28th Danny @ Bkt Jalil. Anybody want to go for the 50th Merdeka Anniversary Cultural and Arts Performances on 28th @ Stadium Bukit Jalil? I've got a few more VIP passes. How VIP is VIP that I'm not sure. But Danny's gonna duet "SIAPA" with Xie Wan Ting (the girl voice in the song) for the first time!!! Got Guang Liang, Andrew Tan, Erra Fazira, Wang Meng Lee etc. Wahaha. Sudah habis exam can go la nyek nyek. Then, in November got Pei Jie's promos all in Halo cafes. I wanna go! Hopefully I can go for those in KL :)

Oklar, better go study liao. If not, I will play hangman soon. Namo namo, God, give me some tipsi ler... *pengsan*

~ How did they know? =S
~ Expect the unexpected.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

[Lyrics] Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

Seems to like a lot of this type of heavy beat songs... One of it is this song by Nelly Furtado - Say It Right. Love the chorus a lot.

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
(Break it, break it down)
(You don't mean nothing at all to me)
(Hey, hey)
(Break it, break it down)

In the day
In the night
Say it right
Say it all
You either got it
Or you don't
You either stand
Or you fall
When your will
Is broken
When it slips
From your hand
When there's no
Time for joking
There's a hole
In my plan

Oh you don't mean nothing at all to me
No you don't mean nothing at all to me
But you got what it takes to set me free
Oh you could mean everything to me

I can't say (Say)
That I'm not (Not)
Lost (Lost)
And at fault (Fault)
I can't say (Say)
That I don't (Don't)
Love the light (Light)
And the dark (Love the light, dark)
I can't say
That I don't (Don't)
Know that I (Am)
Am alive
And I love
What I feel (Feel)
I could show (Show you)
You tonight, you tonight

Oh you don't mean nothing at all to me
No you don't mean nothing at all to me
But you got what it takes to set me free
Oh you could mean everything to me

From my hands
I could give you
That I made
From my mouth
I could sing you
Another bridge
That I made

From my body (From my body)
I could show you (I could show you)
A place (A place)
God knows (That only God knows)
You should know
Space is holy (Ahh...)
Do you really
Wanna go?

(Hey, hey, hey)
(You don’t mean nothing at all, to me)
(Hey, hey)
(Hey, hey, hey)
(You don’t mean nothing at all, to me)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Miss Astro Chinese Int. Pageant 2007 - Vote for Christina

Just wanna help to promote my friend, cum Fiona's cousin - Christina Teh Shu Ping, 1st contestant.

This is the first time someone I know is in a beauty pageant competition. All the best to Christina.

You can vote for her via SMS or call the fixed line.

SMS: Key in MACIP(space)01 and send to 33888 (Ex: MACIP 01)

Fixed line: Dial 13728 and then press 01

Voting Due: 26 Oct 07

The finals will be on 26th Oct 2007 at Genting Arena of Stars at 8.30pm. There will be live telecast on Astro Wah Lai Toi too. Danny is one of the guest performer as well. Wakaka.

Memorable Trip

I am back from France! Arrived 2pm in the afternoon just now. Went to 3 places in France which were Paris, Toulouse and Foix. Besides the dreadful transit time of 6 hours in Bahrain, 13 hrs on the plane each way, the tiring up and down the stairs of the metro stations with all your luggages and the management game, everything else was lovely. Weather was Genting-like as it is the end of autumn, it was so comfortable walking around with such cool air. Spent most of my money in eating instead of shopping. Not cheap to eat or shop there. Don't convert, seriously, if not, you'll die of heart attack.

I personally like Toulouse the most. I don't know why. I just like it. A small 'kampung' town but it has everything from pubs to clubs to McD kekeke. Photos will be up SOON. When I get from everyone.

Can't online often this week cuz exam is up next week. Sigh, if i fail it, means I'm dead. Perhaps the word 'RESIT' is welcoming me. I brought my notes to France with me, end up not touching it at all. After that, internship time. No time for leisure anymore. Have to rush for my dissertation deadline. Sigh.

The trip actually gave me a lot of time to think about everything. Especially during travelling times in trains, buses, metros and walking. At times I wished I could stay in France and not coming back to Msia. Sigh, I don't know why. But, holidaying there is fun, but when you stay there, it's not. True enough.

-If only I can know what's on your mind :)
"Love si ha mi?" - Love si hamsap hamsap lah :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Falansai Toast, Falansai Fries and Falanza?

Went to 1U this morning, the plan was to have lunch at Bakerzin then shop for stuffs. Was supposed to meet at 12.30pm, but the girl who usually is the latest one was the earliest, and the one who say 'go earlier leh! jam!' end up 45 minutes late. KNS...

It rained since 6am throughout the whole morning, and the air cond in Bakerzin was darn freaking blardy cold. Due to the lack of financial resources (sigh, if only I have the money), we only ordered one Fried Calamari Salad, one Seafood Pasta, one Lamb Stew, and the dessert tapas to share among 5 of us. Someone told us that the portion is very big so it's ok to share. But, to me it wasn't that big after all. I alone can finish the pasta and lamb stew ler. Ish ish. And the bill was not cheap though. Sigh. High class restaurant is like that one ler.

Then we went to Giant to buy our stuff. Didn't buy much. Only share shampoo and soap with KY, then bought some convenience food. Then I left to go Pyramid to collect my specs. I made new pair of specs from A-Look. Hytex Studio opening today, so went and look see look see but nothing interests me. Pyramid 2 is opened already. I mean, some shops are opened, but a lot still renovating. Looks kinda messy... the links are like Times Square, here link to there, there link back here. @_@ Then I went to Seksyen 14 bazaar to buy some food and went to my grandpa's house.

It's 3am now and I haven't done packing my stuff. In 13 hours time I'll be on my way to Falansai!! Woo hoo~ it's included in our degree program, so called expenses paid but actually it's already included in our school fees since diploma. Going to Paris, Toulouse and Foix. It was said to be 2 weeks, but actually only 12 days. And in the 12 days, 2 days gone due to the long duration of flight. Then minus 2 more days of travelling in metros and trains and whatsoever. So actually only 8 days there =_=" Minus 4 days of management game, so basically only 4 days of fun. Chiu. It's ok, I shall go eat tonnes of Falansai Toast, Falansai Fries, Falansai Bean, Falansai Loaf, Falansai Fried Rice, if not, I just Falanza loh! Haha, ok, it's due to the lack of sleep. Good night. I'll be back on the 14th! Don't miss me! But I'll miss you all! Mwaks!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Gardens + Pavilion

The Gardens at Midvalley is now officially open. Went there to look see look see on Wednesday night. Gosh, it feels like I'm in a hotel rather than a shopping mall. And the shop names, I've never heard of them :p All TOO PREMIUM BRANDED to be named.

I've had 4 rounds of Kim Gary this week. Kekeke. I seriously don't know why I won't be bored of KG anyhow. Hmmrm...

Yesterday went for Pei Jie's promo at Sg Wang. I bought his singles but I haven't listen to it yet :p and I forgot to bring to let him sign :( First time seeing him in real life and hearing him sing. Gosh, his voice is fantastic for a 19 year old. He was the 2nd runner up for the Digi Celebriteen 2006. His guitar skills are good, and his interaction with the crowd, talking and hosting, excellent! And his smile, wah, can sot sei yan one. Very similar to Zhang Dung Liang. Seriously! But 19 year old only la. Small boy. Haha! He needs to sell 5000 copies of this single before he can come out with an EP. Now he has reached 1000 copies. 4000 more to go! Jia you loh!

Surprise of the day was, Eric Linkin5 and Vick Teo came to support him! Eric flew back all the way from Beijing and attended this promo! Very nice of them.
Gosh! He's so thin already! Kesian.

The queue for autograph was long. A good sign :) There were a bunch of people who hired 2 buses and came all the way from Seremban to support him.

After the thing, me and Kei went KG for 'lunch' and then went to find the others. But they've already finished redeeming the tickets for JJ's showcase. So since I have to leave early so they went and makan, but I didn't have to leave THAT early so Kei suggested to walk to Pavilion. Since I've never been there before so why not.

Gosh, another TOO PREMIUM BRANDED to be named. Even the supermarket I've never heard before - Mercato. =_=" Carat Club lah, Ferragamo, DKNY, Guess, they even have a Quiksilver outlet for KIDS only, and there's 3 floors of Esprit! And even escalators IN the Esprit! *pengsan* I seriously wonder how much are the rentals. But argh!! I spotted a few nice stuff there! But expensive!

Hooded 3 quarters jacket from Esprit - RM209.90
A black and white tee with ribbon and vest printing from MNG - RM79
Hooded jumper from Topshop - RM99
A black 3 quarter coat on display from one of the shops, can't remember where.

Very nice concourse they have. Big and spacious. I was telling Kei that it's very suitable for promos and concerts... Hehe! People can sit down and watch. But the rental erm... have to think twice.

You can see the view of the whole Bukit Bintang street.

Sigh. If only I have the money.