Thursday, September 21, 2006

17 September 2006

So, did u have a great time on your birthday?

Hmm... Yes and No...

Huh? Why??

Erm... Maybe it's just me lar... I don't like to tell out my birthday. I scared people will say I want to 'chiong keang tau' (rampas attention). And takkan I go around and say 'Hello! it's my birthday! Wish me!' >.<" On the strike of 12am, I was at a friends gathering, most of them didn't know it's my birthday, so those who know can only whisper wishes to me. But i'm glad many people called, text and even send me testimonials on friendster. Even people that I never expect they will. Thank you all so much. Mwaks.

Last Thursday, went MV with Ching, Ria and Anjanna. Watched Monster House (it's good! go watch it!) and had lunch at San Francisco Steakhouse (their set lunch only RM13.90 and it's good!) At the end of our meal, the leng chai supervisor and another manager/supervisor came up with a cake and sang bday song for me (Wah, got leng chai sing bday song for me, not bad lah!) And Ching, Ria and An made me take out the candles (they put 2 big 2 small candles >.<") using my mouth. So malu!!! Whole face cream. Yuck! Anyway, thanks guys! U guys are always the best!

Had high tea at Planter's Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotel (ex KL Hilton) with family. Erm, so so la the food. But the stupid clown call me aunty! KNS!

At night had steamboat at Puchong. Then a small cake cutting session while watching the Global Singing Competition on tv which Andrew Tan won! Woo hoo! Fruit Delight from Bread Story. Yummy!!! Thanks to everyone who made my 20th birthday a wonderful one. Love you guys very very very much! Like what Aunty Sarah and others said, 'You're not a TEEN anymore'.
My pressies...

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