Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Summary of 2013

It's been quite some time since I last wrote here. Well, no feel to write already, but just wanna conclude my 2013 here.

I resigned from my 4 year job of kitchen life and now doing a stall business with my family at my neighborhood area. Of course, there were uncertainties, there ARE uncertainties even as now, as in will I ever quit this business and go back into kitchen. You meet new people along the path and you see different attitudes and personalities. It seriously amazes me, at how people can be, how they can be like that.

2013, was emotional. Lol, every year is emotional for me. Envy, sad, happy, laughter. I get so disappointed at how a few of my family member changed into, happy that I met new people, traveled to Hatyai and Taiwan, and attended few friends' wedding dinner. Every year, I learn that, honesty, trust and kindness is very important. It's nice to know if someone have you in their mind. But, never expect anything, because you will end up being very disappointed when it never happened.

2013, still lol - lack of love. partner-less. What is love to you. How does it feel like, to be loved? i keep question about that. But never get to know the answer. What is most important among each other? How come i feel more cared 4 years ago than now. Our feelings tend to turn to more hatred and bad tongued, annoyed and irritant. We tend to complain about what other people do wrong than compliment what they do right. Atmosphere changed. No more family gatherings with all sitting together laughing around, no more happy moments, no more present exchange, no more christmas or cny mood, nobody to be around me. Whatever I have faith in, never seem to come true.

But, nevertheless, I still thank those who have guided me and be with me for the past year. New or old friends, whether we just meet 1 time or 50 times, I thank you all for being part of it. I thank God for coming into my life and blessing me with things that I have health and necessities and ability to earn for myself and have desires and wants. That I can travel and have important people in my life. It is all a blessing already.

Resolution for this year, haha, hopefully all I will achieve them:
1. Sponsor a child
2. Donate blood (I couldn't donate last week because I did acupuncture 4 months ago)
3. Lose weight (hardest part @.@)
4. Travel to somewhere new
5. Love

Wishing everyone a blessed 2014, happy always.