Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mevvy Quizmas!

Kinda late here.... But, just want to wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I had the best christmas ever!!! 23rd was in SA's house, 24th at Justin's Christmas Concert, it was superbbbb!!! 25th at Shabu shabu... Received gifts from unexpected people... Unfortunately, i haven't buy anything for my friends yet... Be patient ya, will buy a belated one for you guys...

Bought this pair of "Ray-Ban" at The Mines before Justin's concert... Doesn't it looks familiar? Wakakakaka! And we had Kim Gary! That adds another first Kim Gary visit to the Mines KG. =D The Asst Supervisor was very friendly and nice, but i guess it was super busy, service was freaking slow...

Will post up Justin's concert pics soon... Blogger not working properly today... Grr...

Did something really crazy just now... Unfortunately, mission failed... Sigh, no fate means no fate la... Why still so crazy over it... Siao cha bo! We're never meant to bump into each other anyway... But we had fun =D

I've got so many things to do, but i'm just so lazy to move my butt from this chair and do my stuff... Guess I must stop myself from going online for a couple of days!!!

My belated christmas wishlist :-
1. Canon Ixus camera
2. A video recorder
3. I freaking want a new phone! I'm starting to hate Sony Ericsson )@*&$%@&*)(!
4. New haircut with new highlight
5. New clothes
6. New earrings
7. More time >.<"
8. Lastly, of course, for everybody to stay happy and healthy, and for me to stay good and treat everybody nicely. Hopefully I won't lose all my friends and family =S

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