Saturday, September 23, 2006


Don't know what's wrong with me... Can't sleep for the past 3 days... Rolling on the bed from 1am to 4am... Wake up to read book or magazine, felt sleepy but when lie on the bed the eyes wide open. Gosh, can somebody help me... is this insomnia?

1 week holiday passed... didn't do anything that i planned to do... so, in conclusion, plans are useless... just go with the flow... Just saw my timetable for next term, yippeeeeeee friday no class... But it's suppose to be for study purpose ler >.<"

Went for OIAM Grand Finale at PWTC yesterday with Anjanna, Chunyiun, Teng, Aunty Swan, Layleng... Saw Fish, Yeerei, Aunty Steph, Julielai and family, Idolfan, Uncle Milo, Ostro (it's so good to see u!), Evon, Revo, Cath, Aries, Evelyn and a lot more BH forummers that I know. Thought will be jam but reached there at 5 something. Stood at the red carpet see all the stars walk in... Got artists from Realiti like Alvin Wong, Shazzy Falak, OAG, Nita, Jaclyn, Desiree, Daniel, Dina (3Ds!), Fly Guy, and so many more! Daniel and Dina supports Faizal! Woo hoo!

When they announced that Faizal's got the lowest vote, gosh, so disappointed. Although he got to compete again, but still... Honestly, I liked Faizal's and Alif's performance... No doubt Suki has a great voice, but hers was just average la. And Faizal's 2nd song awed the whole crowd. A standing ovation was given to him. Even the artists, Mr Izham, his wife all stood up and clapped. HE deserves the RM1million, but well, no use crying over spilt milk now. I'm sure he'll move forward to make better music in the future... Faizal, i sure will buy your album!!! U'll make it big!!!

If only there are more than 24 hours in a day! Time not enough oh! How i wish I can have more time... Well, maybe it's just me who never organize myself... everyday online aje...

Daniel, Teng, Meiling, Aunty Swan, Layleng, Aunty Melody, Aunty Audrey all in Cherating... arghhhh, i'm so bored... Saw Layleng's book of Daniel's articles... Woahh, so many! Cleared up some of mine... Got quite a lot also... hehe!

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