Friday, October 21, 2005


20th Oct... really shocking news... Turned on the TV to watch Daniel's interview on MHI, but instead got the news that our First Lady, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi passed away peacefully at 7.55am this morning... caused by breast cancer... It's been raining the whole day... this shows that even God is weeping as Kak Endon is a wonderful lady, helping and cared for other people more than herself...

Sigh... see how unpredictable life is... Few days ago the doctors said that she's improving after undergoing treatment in overseas, but now... So, we really have to enjoy life to the max... Go holiday, eat your fave food, meet your idol, have fun!!! You won't know if one day you just... aihz... Last week my Malaysian Studies lecturer told us that, in 15 years time, the volcano in Krakatau, Indonesia is said going to erupt, and as it is the most dangerous volcano ( I think) in the world, and it will effect the countries around Indonesia including the whole of Malaysia until Bangkok! I think the whole South East Asia is in danger!!! Haha, i wonder how true it is... My friend was like "We will all die! Confirm die!"

Went out for dinner just now... Went to OUG, Restoran Hong Cha - they serve Pork Noodles and Seafood Noodles... They also have Japanese food like sushi, sukiyaki, tempura etc... Erm, i had Pork Mee Sua... The soup is very nice... full of flavors n sweet! The place is just after the BP station, just turn right after BP station and you'll see the restaurant... Only open at nights, closed every Wednesday...

8TV Quickie

Haha, it's been quite some time since i post here...

Well, I was told that Daniel will be on the 8TV Quickie on Wednesday night, 19/10/05 at 11pm... Haha, all the forummers in DFC were eagerly waiting for it! Then, there was this serial killer show until 12am, so the Quickie only started at 12am...

Adam was "all by myself" (he sang) cuz Marion went to London or something like that... He was giving away a Too Phat cd and Daniel's Mimpi single. Some guy called in to win the Too Phat cd, and then a girl name Pei Yin (from forum) won the Mimpi single... haha, she's so cute lar, she sounded so nervous! Then Adam continue chatting with Daniel, and i kept calling in, just to try my luck... After like 30 or 40 times calling, I got through!!! Rang for like 10 times, then i wanted to put down, and i was so shocked when the director picked up the phone!!!

Director(D): 8TV Quickie! How can I help you?
Me: Err... err... err... err... (Too nervous!!)
D: Do you want to talk to Daniel?
Me: YES YES YES!! Of course!!!
D: Can I have your name and your contact number?
Me: *Gave my name and my phone number*
D: Are you a big fan of Daniel?
Me: Very!!!
D: Oh ok! (Laughs) Where are you calling from, Eve Lynn?
Me: From KL...
D: Ok, Eve Lynn, please hold on a moment... Ok, you're on!
Adam: Hello!
Me: Hi Adam!
Adam: Hi, who's on the line?
Me: Eve Lynn here...
Adam: Lynn (Ish... i said Eve Lynn! Haha!) What question do you have for Daniel?
Me: Ok, hi Daniel... erm, you said that you've moved down to KL right?
Daniel: Not exactly moved down, but just temporarily...
Me: Oh ok, then how bout your family?
Daniel: My family? Oh, they come and see me sometimes...
Me: Oh ok...
Adam: Where are you calling from, my dear?
Me: KL...
Adam: Ok, KL..
Me: Actually Daniel... do you remember me? I'm Eve Lynn... the birthday girl... on Sept 17... in Midvalley Carrefour... (Daniel looks damn blur, turn to Adam with a 'what-did-she-say" look...)
Adam: She says she's the birthday girl in Midvalley on Sept 17.
Daniel: Oh ya, ya... Now i remember...
Adam: Can we give her a cd? We still have some right? (Turn to Daniel)
Daniel: ... I think so... (Laughs)
Adam: Do we have some more cds? Yes, we still have...
Me: Are you serious? Oh my god, thank you! Thank you thank you!!!
Adam: Say 'I love Daniel'...
Me (screamed): I LOVE DANIEL!!!
Adam: (Daniel laughed!) Ok thank you! Bye!
Me: Bye!

Oh my gosh!!! I was so nervous i forgot what i wanted to say! But it's a wonderful experience and my first time on air! Haha!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Just another day passing by...

Another boring day... It's quite lucky for me coz for this term, monday is free... means i have a three day weekend! But it's supposed to be revision day, but practically i am not doing anything except sleep and eat and online... And i'm supposed to finish up my report! Aiyah, don't care lar, fail only mar!

On Saturday night, went to Somerset Grill in TTDI for dinner... The food is quite good and big portion at reasonable price, but the service totally pulled down the marks... Usually other restaurants will serve table by table, as in all the dishes for one table will come one shot... But no, this restaurant, my Augus Lamb (it's just lamb chop) came first, 20 minutes later my mom's steak came, and then 1 hour later my dad's carbonara... wtf!!! Usually carbonara will be the fastest right? And the soup is served with bun, and guess what bun they use? Carrefour's potato bun! Well, might not be Carrefour but... potato bun la! And there's this waiter, i think there's a table requested for a knife, he was walking to the side station to take the knife, halfway he just took an available knife from a table (WITH GUEST) and turned back to give the guest who requested it... wtf!!! Memalufyingkan... Well, my mom said all this observations helps in my future career la, if i were to open a restaurant, then i must make sure my staff doesn't do it...

Oh, yeah... Yesterday went to this japanese restaurant, Xenri at Old Klang Road, opposite Central Supermarket for lunch... Japanese Buffet... RM38++... Hmm, seriously not bad... At first I thought the place would be quite empty cuz it's at some cheap-palak place, but when we reach there, wow it's full! Erm, not as many choices as at Saisaki or Nagisa, but still ok... they have sushis (d-uh!), temaki, salads, pancake, ice cream, sukiyaki counter, teppanyaki, grilling, tempuras... And oh, got oysters! Even saisaki also don't have... And the place is fully booked for the next 2 sundays (only sunday got buffet)...!!! Wow!

Been spending a lot of time with my baby cousin, Angeli these few days... She's really cute and smart! She's 15 months old now... She knows a lot of things, nose, lorry, bus, moon, banana, lantern, animals... and when we ask her 'how dog bark?' she'll go 'woof woof!' haha, damn cute lar... and she will point where she wants to go, then we say 'go here ar?' and she'll nod her head! Haha! Adorable kid! Love her loads... But too manja dy, always stick to her mom...

Oklar, better go do revision now... I hope! Haha, ciaoz!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Wow, so fast it's already one week since i started my final term in diploma! Still have 6 more weeks of stress and tension and hard work to go through until i graduate... wow, 'graduate'... hah, not a very nice word to use though... The whole week most of the lecturers were scolding us, saying our batch is the worst batch of all, and we're already black listed... Imagine the amount of white hairs growing on my head now... Really, really worried... What if i fail? What if I disappoint my parents and my lecturers? Sigh, really don't know how lar... I don't even know what should i do in my future... should i continue higher dip or not? Sigh, really frustrated...

Oh, Daniel's 'Mimpi' was played on Fly FM and Hitz FM yesterday... I only heard one quarter of it, that was when Ester sms-ed me about it... It sounded weird, to me... It's not the finale version of mimpi, it's a new one... using cello as the instrument for the background music... Gosh, miss Daniel already... When will i see you again, Daniel? Haha... Been downloading most of the songs sang by the Top 11 finalists in MI2 for the past couple of days... And kept on repeatingly playing 'Berhenti Berharap' by Sheila On 7... really touching song, every time i hear it i can feel my eyes getting wet... kekeke... I also downloaded the clips of Daniel in the spectaculars and finale kekeke... You guys sure wondering why am i so crazy over him right? Haha, i also dunno why lar... maybe i treat him as an international idol guah? Just like i'm sure everybody favors an idol, doesn't mean it must be a singer or actress, it could be a novelist, a politician, a wrestler, or whatever... tee hee!

Music played an important role in my life... No music, no life... I'm serious! What could be worse not having music in one's life? When you're driving, you listen to the radio/cd/cassette/mp3; sometimes when you bath, you sing or you hum a song; when you're bored, you on the radio or download songs online; even movies have soundtracks; even cultural festivals have different cultural songs! See how important music is!!! Music can be very meaningful, no matter in a happy way or a sad way... it keeps us stay strong, the lyrics help us explain how we're feeling, our stories, and music also heals our soul!

Haha, i'm just crapping lar... I'm missing my old friends now! Hope someone will open a party now and i want to meet all of them!!! Every one of them has changed since secondary school, some have bf/gf already when they say they won't so fast get one last time, some matured much more than we expected when they were the playful ones during schooltime, some became worse, some started being influenced and start smoking, some continued to since secondary... aihz... but overall everyone became better of course... keke!

Feel like going on a holiday now... with my friends... I wanna go Hong Kong Disneyland, i want to go Japan, i want to go UK to see Yen Teng, i want to go Taiwan to eat all the nice food, i want to go Ipoh (doink?!?)!!! I found a very nice quote the other day - ONE CANNOT THINK WELL, SLEEP WELL, LOVE WELL IF ONE DID NOT DINED WELL... fuiyoh, excellent, spot on!

Kaka, oklar, sleepy dy... Bonne nuit...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Heaven Knows...

Heaven Knows
She's always on my mind,
From the time I wake up
'Till I close my eyes
She's everywhere I go
She's all I know

Though she's so far away
It just keeps getting stronger everyday
And even now she's gone
I'm still holding on

So tell me where do I start
'Cause it's breaking my heart
Don't wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come back some day
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find their way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and pray
'Cause heaven knows

My friends keep telling me
That if you really love her
You've gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I'll know she's mine

(Repeat Refrain then Chorus)

Why I live in despair
'Cause while awake or dreaming
I know she's never there
And all these time I act so brave
I'm shaking inside
Why does it hurt me so?
Heaven knows...


This is a demo song sang by Daniel Lee, our Malaysian Idol, to download this song you can go to Daniel's Fans Club.

不要知道 你过得好不好
不想知道 你走过哪条街道

只是不小心听见 别人聊起你好不好*

不想知道 你过的哪条街道
Repeat **

若有一天 和你在街上遇见
只是不小心听见 别人聊起你好不好


Inginku lukiskan nota-nota
Laguku mengikut rentak gitar
Dengarkan suara mimpiku bertemakan
Namamu senantiasa selalu selalu

Sedalam tinggi, seluas jauh
Begitulah cita-citaku
Sekiranya kau ingin tahu
Selama ini, hingga ke akhirnya
Suka duka senyum selalu
Kita bersama punya satu

Dengarkan suara mimpiku bertemakan
Namamu senantiasa selalu selalu

Sedalam tinggi seluas jauh
Begitulah cita-citaku
Sekiranya kau ingin tahu
Selama ini, hingga ke akhirnya
Suka duka senyum selalu
Kita bersama punya satu
Mimpi, Mimpi
Begitulah cita-citaku
Mimpi, Mimpi

Mimpi aku realiti.....
Sedalam tinggi seluas jauh

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Finale...

Bo pa nai lor me... yesterday i spent 1 hour writing this post, then i highlighted all trying to save but instead i press the 'delete' button, so everything *poof* GONE! So now have to retype again...

Malaysian Idol Grand Finale 2005 (23/09/05 and 24/09/05)
My friend Emily came and pick me up at 2pm, then went to her house to park her car there and we take a taxi to KL Sentral for the Genting bus. But the tickets were booked until 4pm! So we took the putra lrt to Gombak to catch the 3.30pm bus... unfortunately we missed it by 2 minutes!! So no choice but to wait until 4pm. We reach Genting Skyway at about 4.45pm then quickly queue up for the cable car and rush to check in... Finally we get dressed and rush to the Arena of Stars at about 6pm... Whoa! Damn a lot of people queueing up already, so me, emily, ching, anju, anusha and siva squeeze through to go nearer to where my friends chin fai, kian pong and kok leong were... Clean and clear was giving away free samples and some 'macho' *cough cough* guys were upselling the pepsi drinks...

Until 7.30pm only the doors open, so at the mean time fans of daniel and nita were screaming their names in front of the recording camera... When the door open, everybody rush in front and me and my friends were squashed like pancakes... i was holding my banner samore... Luckily chin fai got us some nice seats so we felt much better... kakaka... Altogether there were me, emily, ching, anju, anusha, siva, chin fai, kian pong, kok leong, bernard, bernard's bro and gf... We were at the normal seating, there were vip seats in front of us, then lagi in front (just below the stage) is normal seating as well but for the idols' families and friends... but actually early birds could have gone there... Priya, chin lung, benjamin and suzanne were there too... They sneaked into the VIP seating and sat next to the idols from season 1 (!^#*(*@^*!(*Y!!!)

About 8.30pm the red carpet starts, so we just sit back, relax and enjoy the whole show... First up was the performance by the idols from season 2, i think they sang Pop Ye Ye by V.E. and Shut Up by Simple Plan... Xerra's hair was blue and damn chun weh!!! Ash was really good looking and all the other idols were great too! Then Nita and Daniel came out... After that is performance by both the idols... Daniel sang Mimpi first, then Nita with her Berhenti Berharap, then Daniel with Heaven Knows, then Nita with Big Spender, Daniel with Angin Malam and finally Nita with her version of Mimpi... The show ended with a duet by both of them singing the malay and english version of 'You'll Be In My Heart' by Phil Collins... it was really really nice!!! Nearly cried... sob sob...

Then, sadly Ching Yee's dad did not allow her to stay overnight in Genting so we send her off, me and emily went for supper at McD with Priya, Ben, CL and Suzanne... Met Mr Izham on the way, took pic with him *shy shy* haha... Don't know why la, i really admire him... He's good looking, talented and smart... Too bad he's married... Sigh...

Went to bed at about 1 something and woke up the next day at 12pm by Priya! Then we went down for lunch, coincidently the judges of MI were having meet the fans session (something unusual, usually only idols will have this kinda session thingy) so we get their autograph and Rina and Edleen (from 8tv) were giving away free goodies and passes... They have a singing competition, so Priya joined, she sang 'If I Ain't Got You' and she won! So we got 4 VIP passes and to go to the post party after the result show!

Then we go to emily's mom's canteen for lunch, had fried rice and cantonese kuey teow, then quickly go find the 8-team crew for more goodies... They ask loads of questions regarding the MI, clean and clear, creative, and even have a game called 'musical bum' where when the music stops you have to sit down on the floor, whoever is slow will be eliminated... the top 3 had to finish up 2 packets of Tiger biscuits (wah, i see also i felt full!) and some girl who really want to meet Daniel won 2 passes... Emily won a Creative bag, Anju won a water bottle i think... Kinda funny cuz Felix ask 'create a sentence out of '8tv' and 'creative', so Emily just shouted '8tv is creative 'lah'!' Haha! Then we went back to our room to rest and then by 5.20pm we leave for Arena of Stars...

By the time we reach the Arena of Stars, the 8-team crew was there to give out goodies again, they played a game where you have to pose like Nita and Daniel to win the VIP passes... I think one couple won... We got three more passes for Anusha and Siva and Chin Fai (haha, don't have to know how la)... I pass 3 tics to Shermayne (a girl i met in the spectaculars) and go back to the room to get my charger for chin fai... By the time me and emily go back to the arena, the entrance was opened... We sat near to the steps where we can see the VVIPs coming in... We saw Sarimah, Kesh, Adam, Marion, Kak Jee etc... The result show was more interesting because they have individual performance by MI2 idols, and a group performance by all the idols from MI1 and MI2... Then they also invited the 'Britney boy', 'Michael Jackson' and 'Siti Nurhaliza wannabe' to perform... Really funny! And they showed the cursing of the guy who sang Chinese song during the audition, where he cursed the judges in Hokkien and broken english... kakaka! Nita and Daniel duet 'Menanti Sebuah Jawaban' and an english song, can't remember the title though... Then Jaclyn sang Gemilang... It was really an unforgettable experience... And oh ya, they showed the clip of the judges in action and Jien where he had to take his pants off and run around because he lost his bet in football... Hilarious! And finally, the results time... During breaktime, Rina and Phat Fabes come out to 'fluff' us up... And the winner is, well, by this time you all should know, DANIEL!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

After that, me and Emily were waiting for Priya at the entrance and at that time, Daniel and Nita was walking out of the red carpet to the press conference, me and Emily went near to take their pic and the camera shot us! My friend called me to say that we were on tv, pai seh man! Then we rush to the post party, it was quiet at first because the idols were not there yet, so we makan a bit and chill... Then we take pictures with Sarimah, Marion, Jien, Sarah Tan etc... We take with anyone we could get la basically... Nita and Daniel came quite late due to the PC... I'm so happy cuz i took pics with Daniel 2 times, and i hug him 3 times (thanks to Emily!!!! Thanks a lot pal, without you it won't happen!)... All the idols were enjoying themselves dancing and chatting with everybody... Of course Daniel was the star of the night, everybody pulling him to dance and take picture... keke... so cute... but he still make sure his parents are alright all the time... Chin Fai was so happy because get to meet his idol, Jaclyn... Well, the idols from season 1 looked quite free, maybe because people tend to forget about them when there's new season haha... Andrew was really quiet the whole night... And i think Fahmy left really early... We went back about 3am... Gave goodbye hug to Daniel and the 8-team crew...

The next day pack and check out at 12pm... And went back KL with all the wonderful memories... Then i got to know that a gang of forummers went bowling and had lunch and dinner with Daniel and his family!!! Argh!!! Idiot!!! Keke, nevermind la, i happy enough get to see him already... Well, a lot of my friends think that Daniel can't sing and all, well, true also, compared to Nita, Nita is a better singer, but well, no point saying it now, people tend to vote and like him rather than Nita, keke!

To Daniel: Wish you all the best in everything you do, may your album sales achieve millions! Hope to see you again... All the best in everything you do!

At last...

Finally, i get to post up my latest news... my connection has been down for the past week, now i'm ready to rock and roll!
Culinaire Malaysia 2005 - KL Convention Center (21.09.05 - 24.09.05)
At first i had exam until the 22nd, but i think God heard my prayers and my exam was shorten to 20th... kakaka... I went on 21st and 22nd, because my lecturer was in the competition, so go there and support him! Erm, overall it's ok lar... some is boring, some is interesting... they have categories like flambe, flairing, cocktail, hot dishes - meat, hot dishes - seafood etc... In hall 5 is the culinaire thingy while hall 1 - 4 is the exhibition... didn't go to the exhibition cuz din have time... half the hall they use to exhibit the dishes prepared during 3am-7am the morning itself... they sapu a layer of gel, so all the dishes looked a bit ... erm... dry. The chocolate carvings, butter carvings were awesome! About 10 people from TCHT joined the competition... They performed pretty well! A lot of supporters from our college too! It's a good experience to see other people's creativity and learn the concept of the competition... it's also a fun time to hang out with friends... The worst thing is imagine you go there early in the morning, tak makan apa-apa, stand in a hall full of food, but cannot leave the hall because you don't want to miss your friend's performance... aiyo... my stomach was drumming non stop... The second day was more fun because they have ice carving... damn chun! Other than that, you also can meet a lot of leng chai chefs and meet people from the hospitality industry! Damn chun!

-Made out of dough, chun huh?-

My lecturer's creation... kewl?

Can you do this in one hour's time?