Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fake people!!!

I can't believe I experienced so many ups and downs in just two days... Well, more downs than ups though... These two days, I found out things I don't want to know from people I don't want to hear... All this reminds me of the show "War Of Beauty". Onn Sin said to Yuk Ying "In the palace, there will never be friendship. When someone treat you nice, it means he wants something from you. If someone keep helping you, it means he wants to use you for his benefit." Now I know it's very very true... It does not only happen in the palace, it happens everywhere... It's just a fake fake world out there. Now, the people I can trust, I think 10 fingers also can count.

Why ar? I just don't understand why do people say different things at different time... All those lies... They say one thing and do another...

Just when I'm about to forget and let go about what happened previously, I was told of another thing that happened... I don't want to know! I would rather not knowing! Please! Just let me go! I don't want to care, I don't want to know anymore! For god sake! Knowing it from a third party is even more hurtful then knowing through you. My heart cannot afford to hold all these pressure! Go away!!!

1 minute I hear the A side of the story, another minute I was told the B side of the story... A talks bad about B, but at the end A is the one who backs B up. "I am not sad because I wasn't invited, but because I thought we share everything" was what i told B. Yes, I sms B directly. I don't care anymore, you want to get angry at me, ignore me, whatever, go ahead... I knew all these will come into place sooner or later... Because of XXX. There is only one champion, it can never fit 10 people in the 1st place. I guess things will never be the same again. Since you guys have the privilege, take it lah. Do everything by yourself then. I'm so not interested. I'm more interested in FRIENDS... Skcuf! It's okay, I still have C, D, E, F, S, W, I, J, K etc... Sigh, these politics... Already happened to me not once, but many many times... I can't believe I've fallen into the same 'perangkap' again and again.

Btw, I dyed and highlighted my hair today. Red mahogany with lighter strips of highlights. Woah! So bright! But i like the colour! When degree starts, dunno how to hide my hair la haha! Wanted to go Village Park for dinner, but tak buka!! Sobz! So went for Yong Tau Foo. Oklah the food there. Suppose to register for degree today, but actually, until now, I still don't know to do it here or not. Many encourage me to go overseas... But I really can't make up my mind now la! Few more days will be the dateline for the discount... Arghhhhh shutz!

5 more days till 2007! Where are you going for countdown? I am going to Sg Wang! Just a reminder if you're going out for countdown, don't bring big bags as it's gonna be super crowded and many pickpockets! Minimize your valuable things, keep them in the pocket, don't wear skirt/skimpy clothes pls (mau kena ambil kesempatan karr? >.<") If going with friends, stick with your friends, go in one gang instead of alone.

PS: If you think this posting is talking about you, please don't syiok sendiri lah... I've better things to do than to talk about you.

Finally, just to wish everybody Happy New Year 2007! What's your new year resolution? Come tell me! Hehe!


Anonymous said...

aunty... first time c u wear until so sexy lo...wakakakak...anywayz... there r dozen's of ppl who r acting exactly like the A n B situation.. met dozens of them already...juz choose ur words wisely when u tok to ppl as u dunno wat's on their mind unless u dun give a damn about wat they have to say next... anywayz.. make up ur mind fast about whether to do ur degree here or overseas... i think it's more or less the same... coz if u do ur degree here u will get to go overseas to work as well coz of the 6 months training... so juz think about it lo wat u wan to do next... but we will miss u loads if u go overseas...

chunyiun said...

My New Year Resolution weight....Hahahahah.....I think i said the same thing last year lah...But this time, must make sure i realli lose weight ler...Hehhe..I am craziee..

Anyway, the experience of studying overseas is good la..since u have the chance to study overseas, go for it lor...Unless, u feel like u miss me too much la...Kekek..Kidding!!..

All the best in making the right decision..keep me updated too! Happy New Year 2007!

jintanmanis said...

New year comin...Peace be with you my lil one.Wanna see your new hairstyle.Yup! Village Park..oo the best Roti thin you cannot stop at 1....Goin overseas have its advantages too.Goin Taiwan to study ar? Will definitely miss you loads! My New Year resolution is...I must stick to my diet! NO more carbos!..but how ?? CNY comin n I luv..'joo hoo char' n that is so much carbo in the yam bean! Haigh!!