Sunday, December 31, 2006

TARC Unplugged

Some of you might be wondering, why my blog became plain and white? It's because I want to change the blog skin. Suppose to have a background pic but I can't open the manual pdf on how to fix in the background image, (thanks to the lovely earthquake) >.<" So I'll change the skin once I get to open the manual (which might take 3 weeks? )*&(#$^*)!(@*$(&!(@*&#)_!@_~!!!

29th Dec
Went to college to register for degree... Decided to take degree locally... Perhaps next time if got chance will go overseas... Double degree eh? Hehe. So many people was registering when I went to college... That was like 5pm? Bee Fong was there too with the parents and bro. Took my final exam transcript before that. Holy shutz! I got a shock of my life getting the result. So f**king bad lah my results!

After registering, went to the TARC Unplugged because Danny is the judge cum guest artist. I reach at 6pm, met up with Ostro and his friends and went in together. John was the first to perform. Then 7 bands battle against each other to masuk semi finals then finals. The 7 bands are N'Core (they're good!), Trash & Flood, Dreadnaught, I-Ballad (i like the girl's voice), Raison Detre, The Randoms (My fave!!!) & Soar. All of them are good actually! And the song choices are very good. The bands are good. But I still like Randoms the most. They sang songs like Perfect, Mungkin Nanti, Sophia, Can't Take My Eyes Off You and a song by Coldplay. Though forgot lyrics at some part, but they're the best among all, and they're the champion! I think Danny likes them too. Haha, just my sixth sense =p

Danny was the last to perform. Szen suppose to come with me one, but she scared by the time she come Danny already finish. We were told that Danny is performing in the middle of the event, mana tau is at the end. I thought he wasn't going to perform because he was sick before this. Kesian... But when he came out, he was as energetic as ever!!! He sang 'Leng Chai' and 'Love & Freedom'. The TT Crew went up stage and breakdance while he was singing. So chun! Wonder if he saw me or not :p Don't think so. I think he went back straight away after that, was looking around to take photo with him, but cannot find him.

Samson and Crystal were the emcees of the night. Towards the end of the event only I realize, I know Samson! Yes, the karate Samson! Quickly msg Isa to confirm, yes, it's him. But he don't remember me lah. Cuz I seldom join them last time during karate tournaments. Crystal's body very the chun, wear a bare back samore! Body like Marion Caunter. Ostrova also drooling there. Swt.

30th December
Went to Bangsar to shop around in the morning. Saw a lot of nice clothes, but all not for my size. Kakaka! Haven't even buy christmas pressies for my fwens. Sigh, i'm a stupiak friend am I? Found out from Ching that my pandai punya kai kor changed his phone number without telling me... Hmpf! I'm so not gonna friend him from now on. Was thinking of getting him something, but now I guess not. Hmpf hmpf hmpf!

#Sighhh! Why does disappointments keep coming and coming? I guess, I'm not a good friend after all... What to do... I got no 'yan yuin'. I guess 2007 will be a bad year for me. Hopefully not.#

Cheerios! ;-)

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