Sunday, December 31, 2006

TARC Unplugged

Some of you might be wondering, why my blog became plain and white? It's because I want to change the blog skin. Suppose to have a background pic but I can't open the manual pdf on how to fix in the background image, (thanks to the lovely earthquake) >.<" So I'll change the skin once I get to open the manual (which might take 3 weeks? )*&(#$^*)!(@*$(&!(@*&#)_!@_~!!!

29th Dec
Went to college to register for degree... Decided to take degree locally... Perhaps next time if got chance will go overseas... Double degree eh? Hehe. So many people was registering when I went to college... That was like 5pm? Bee Fong was there too with the parents and bro. Took my final exam transcript before that. Holy shutz! I got a shock of my life getting the result. So f**king bad lah my results!

After registering, went to the TARC Unplugged because Danny is the judge cum guest artist. I reach at 6pm, met up with Ostro and his friends and went in together. John was the first to perform. Then 7 bands battle against each other to masuk semi finals then finals. The 7 bands are N'Core (they're good!), Trash & Flood, Dreadnaught, I-Ballad (i like the girl's voice), Raison Detre, The Randoms (My fave!!!) & Soar. All of them are good actually! And the song choices are very good. The bands are good. But I still like Randoms the most. They sang songs like Perfect, Mungkin Nanti, Sophia, Can't Take My Eyes Off You and a song by Coldplay. Though forgot lyrics at some part, but they're the best among all, and they're the champion! I think Danny likes them too. Haha, just my sixth sense =p

Danny was the last to perform. Szen suppose to come with me one, but she scared by the time she come Danny already finish. We were told that Danny is performing in the middle of the event, mana tau is at the end. I thought he wasn't going to perform because he was sick before this. Kesian... But when he came out, he was as energetic as ever!!! He sang 'Leng Chai' and 'Love & Freedom'. The TT Crew went up stage and breakdance while he was singing. So chun! Wonder if he saw me or not :p Don't think so. I think he went back straight away after that, was looking around to take photo with him, but cannot find him.

Samson and Crystal were the emcees of the night. Towards the end of the event only I realize, I know Samson! Yes, the karate Samson! Quickly msg Isa to confirm, yes, it's him. But he don't remember me lah. Cuz I seldom join them last time during karate tournaments. Crystal's body very the chun, wear a bare back samore! Body like Marion Caunter. Ostrova also drooling there. Swt.

30th December
Went to Bangsar to shop around in the morning. Saw a lot of nice clothes, but all not for my size. Kakaka! Haven't even buy christmas pressies for my fwens. Sigh, i'm a stupiak friend am I? Found out from Ching that my pandai punya kai kor changed his phone number without telling me... Hmpf! I'm so not gonna friend him from now on. Was thinking of getting him something, but now I guess not. Hmpf hmpf hmpf!

#Sighhh! Why does disappointments keep coming and coming? I guess, I'm not a good friend after all... What to do... I got no 'yan yuin'. I guess 2007 will be a bad year for me. Hopefully not.#

Cheerios! ;-)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fake people!!!

I can't believe I experienced so many ups and downs in just two days... Well, more downs than ups though... These two days, I found out things I don't want to know from people I don't want to hear... All this reminds me of the show "War Of Beauty". Onn Sin said to Yuk Ying "In the palace, there will never be friendship. When someone treat you nice, it means he wants something from you. If someone keep helping you, it means he wants to use you for his benefit." Now I know it's very very true... It does not only happen in the palace, it happens everywhere... It's just a fake fake world out there. Now, the people I can trust, I think 10 fingers also can count.

Why ar? I just don't understand why do people say different things at different time... All those lies... They say one thing and do another...

Just when I'm about to forget and let go about what happened previously, I was told of another thing that happened... I don't want to know! I would rather not knowing! Please! Just let me go! I don't want to care, I don't want to know anymore! For god sake! Knowing it from a third party is even more hurtful then knowing through you. My heart cannot afford to hold all these pressure! Go away!!!

1 minute I hear the A side of the story, another minute I was told the B side of the story... A talks bad about B, but at the end A is the one who backs B up. "I am not sad because I wasn't invited, but because I thought we share everything" was what i told B. Yes, I sms B directly. I don't care anymore, you want to get angry at me, ignore me, whatever, go ahead... I knew all these will come into place sooner or later... Because of XXX. There is only one champion, it can never fit 10 people in the 1st place. I guess things will never be the same again. Since you guys have the privilege, take it lah. Do everything by yourself then. I'm so not interested. I'm more interested in FRIENDS... Skcuf! It's okay, I still have C, D, E, F, S, W, I, J, K etc... Sigh, these politics... Already happened to me not once, but many many times... I can't believe I've fallen into the same 'perangkap' again and again.

Btw, I dyed and highlighted my hair today. Red mahogany with lighter strips of highlights. Woah! So bright! But i like the colour! When degree starts, dunno how to hide my hair la haha! Wanted to go Village Park for dinner, but tak buka!! Sobz! So went for Yong Tau Foo. Oklah the food there. Suppose to register for degree today, but actually, until now, I still don't know to do it here or not. Many encourage me to go overseas... But I really can't make up my mind now la! Few more days will be the dateline for the discount... Arghhhhh shutz!

5 more days till 2007! Where are you going for countdown? I am going to Sg Wang! Just a reminder if you're going out for countdown, don't bring big bags as it's gonna be super crowded and many pickpockets! Minimize your valuable things, keep them in the pocket, don't wear skirt/skimpy clothes pls (mau kena ambil kesempatan karr? >.<") If going with friends, stick with your friends, go in one gang instead of alone.

PS: If you think this posting is talking about you, please don't syiok sendiri lah... I've better things to do than to talk about you.

Finally, just to wish everybody Happy New Year 2007! What's your new year resolution? Come tell me! Hehe!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mevvy Quizmas!

Kinda late here.... But, just want to wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I had the best christmas ever!!! 23rd was in SA's house, 24th at Justin's Christmas Concert, it was superbbbb!!! 25th at Shabu shabu... Received gifts from unexpected people... Unfortunately, i haven't buy anything for my friends yet... Be patient ya, will buy a belated one for you guys...

Bought this pair of "Ray-Ban" at The Mines before Justin's concert... Doesn't it looks familiar? Wakakakaka! And we had Kim Gary! That adds another first Kim Gary visit to the Mines KG. =D The Asst Supervisor was very friendly and nice, but i guess it was super busy, service was freaking slow...

Will post up Justin's concert pics soon... Blogger not working properly today... Grr...

Did something really crazy just now... Unfortunately, mission failed... Sigh, no fate means no fate la... Why still so crazy over it... Siao cha bo! We're never meant to bump into each other anyway... But we had fun =D

I've got so many things to do, but i'm just so lazy to move my butt from this chair and do my stuff... Guess I must stop myself from going online for a couple of days!!!

My belated christmas wishlist :-
1. Canon Ixus camera
2. A video recorder
3. I freaking want a new phone! I'm starting to hate Sony Ericsson )@*&$%@&*)(!
4. New haircut with new highlight
5. New clothes
6. New earrings
7. More time >.<"
8. Lastly, of course, for everybody to stay happy and healthy, and for me to stay good and treat everybody nicely. Hopefully I won't lose all my friends and family =S

Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Anniversary...

November 14 2005 - My first Daniel event... a meaningful one which I first met many of my good buddies now in DFC... Teng, Chilicandy, Szen, Superaunty, Piggygrace, Eeleng, Jovee, Aunty Quiny, Soursand...


December 18th 2005 - Is my most meaningful event... my 2nd event... right after my diploma finals... And I became instant best buddies with a few of them... Futsal in the morning, autograph session in the afternoon... I first met Chunyiun, Aunty Jean, IH, Swan, ForeverDaniel, Gymnast, Silverwings, Ostrova etc...

LCY - Since this day, we have been through a lot together... everywhere we go, whatever we do... There were a lot of ups and downs towards the middle, but things have been smooth now... I'm very very glad to have you as a friend, thanks for sharing with me and also don't mind me blabbing at you... I'm sorry if i've annoyed u in any ways.. But I love you very much... *geli* Friendship forever! Mwaks!

YSS - *These three are always seen together* That's very true right? I really admire your observation level and your caringness towards others never seems to end... I am touched by the things you do for me, and I'm very, very glad to have you as my friend... Thanks for being there for me, and becoming my makan partner... Again, i'm sorry if i've annoyed you in any ways... Thank you so so so much and aku cinta padamu!!! hehe! Mwaks!

Teng - I've known you already during nov 14th. We've also gone through a lot of ups and downs together... thanks to aherm aherm! Big girl liao lor, better be good! Study lor! Just want to tell you I do enjoy spending time with you... I'm sorry if i've hurt you in any ways, and thanks for being my friend... Mwaks!

I still have a whole list of people to thank... for this one whole year of fun, joy and laughter... Many things happened in this whole year, I shed tears, and also laughed like mad. I gained a lot a lot a lot of new friends, and I learned a lot of new things. I learned not to trust people easily, but I also learned that many people care about me. I learned that if I want people to care for me, i must care for them first.

To all the pioneer pinkies I know for one year, especially Ostro, Szen, Jovee, SA, Chilicandy, Mich, Eemun, Aunty Quiny, Aunty Melody, Uncle Milo, Aunty Wendy, Aunty Jean, Uncle Pingeye, Uncle IH, Aunty Swan, Ryan and many many more... (don't feel intimidated if your name is not mentioned, because it just didn't came to my mind at this moment, sorry!) You guys have made me who I am today, and I feel very comfortable being with you all. You guys have encouraged me in everything I do... Thank you so much. I don't know how I can repay you guys... Thank you thank you thank you...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

PD, Here I Come!

It's been a few days since I'm freed from "jail", but did nothing to clean up and nothing worth doing except going out, going out and going out...

18th - Went KLIA... Saw JJ, LYC and Ah Du! *love love love*

19th - Went college in the morning, saw the bunch of lecturers... gosh, i'm so gonna miss all of them... Then had lunch with grandparents and baby Angeli at Ah Yat PJ, dim sum was awesome! Then went back to PJ to meet up with Ivy, KY, Mund and Fi. Watched a movie, then head for dinner at Tony Roma's with classmates and Pn Siti and Mr Murad. Food was fantastic!!! Will post up pics next time...

20th - I'm going to Port Dickson!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! My first holiday with Ivy, KY, Fi, Mund, ST and Terence. Pn Siti and Mr Murad supposed to go, but their baby is sick... Though only a 2 days 1 night trip, i'm sure it's going to be fun fun and more fun!!!!!!! Will be back on Thurs! Cheerios!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not As Expected

16 December 2006

Ahhh, finally, my 1 dreadful, tiring, stressful year of Higher Diploma has ended! Frankly, it was quite a stressful year, but maybe because last minute study guah... Tee hee! From theory to practical, though there's pressure, but everything's fun! I gained true friendship and had lots of fun with my besties and lecturers for the past year...

On this day, it's the results announcement day... And today is the day I cried the most in a day... I think worst than when I was first born, seriously!!! And to be frank, I'm crying right now writing this post...

We had high hopes on each other, expecting the best out of each other... Started off with the Diploma batch, then HD tourism, then us... I guess a lot of us from group 3 and 4 expected more... I thought I can make it to congrats... One by one, names were called out in alphabetical order in the particular mention... As i see one by one of my friends being called out... Ivy, Fiona, FQ, when they come back, they made me cry!!! Edmund, Amanda and I, we expected one of us will get VHPWC... However, "now i'll announce the students who gets the mention of Very Honorable Pass"... Liew Chien Hern Edmund... *oh kcuf! what happened*........ I prayed very hard for mine and Amanda's name not to come out next........... Siew Eve Lynn... *shit!* Went to collect the cert on stage from Mr Pierre, came down, and I can't control my tears anymore... Fiona hugged me, and I went straight to Pn Siti... She hugged me and I said "I'm sorry ma'am, I tried my best... I'm so sorry' ........ Teng Yin Sann Amanda...... *another shit!* Why must disappointments keep coming, god damn it! But at least Denise fought for it, and got a congrats... Pn Siti said our results are good compared to previous batches. And she said Mr Hisham (fnb external jury + taylor's alumni) said our batch's fnb is good :D

It's not that I cried because I didn't get congrats... Well, partly is that actually... But, I don't know why... I just feel that I've tried my best!! I thought I was okay! I received good comments! I did quite well in my theory papers! Perhaps my TIS pulled me down... I felt that we've disappoint our lecturers... Each lecturer I see, I give them a hug, and I end up crying more... Pn Siti, Mr Murad, Chef Patrick, Chef Chong, Chef Bala... I see them, I start crying... Pn Siti and Mr Murad helped us a lot a lot a lot a lot... they guided us through this whole year, motivated us, taught us, have faith in us... Even though our results are not that good, they comforted us and said we're the best! Edmund is going to study overseas, few others too... Sobz!!! Mr Wong KK said they were shocked by the results as well... they too expected more... Sigh... Had some coffee break, took loads and loads of pics with mostly everyone... Wanted to go for Ah Gong BKT but cancelled... So stayed and chat with Pn Siti... Which made me cry even more... She said she always loves us and will treat us like her own children, and will even fight to go to France with us for Degree... Mr Patrick came and said 'you say samore, i think this whole place will be flooded already' Me, Ker Ying and Ivy cried like dunno what water pipe burst like that... It's no doubt she gets the 'best lecturer of the year' this time :D

Went and check out the degree courses... I said I wanted to go Switz, but Pn Siti said Switz is not good... Australia still ok... but why not finish it here... The MEFS degree option is quite interesting... Perhaps I'll just do it here la... Don't think I can let go everything here in M'sia to go overseas... though only for just a year....

Yesterday night was DFC's 1st anniversary... It was a blast!!! Daniel had fun too, I think... Although he was sick... Didn't manage to get a pic with him... But, anyway... It doesn't matter anymore... Getting too deep into it will only cause sadness and hurt... Some of you will know what I mean... I wished he could talk more in hosting the games... But he's sick, so I should forgive him. He opened up a lot compared to last time, pinkies this, pinkies that, which is good! And he said 'you guys are the best fan club I've ever seen!'

Just now was the Perfect 100 Charity Concert in Bkt Jalil... It was a blast! With soooooooooo many artists involved - local and international... Ah Du, JJ, Lin Yu Chong, Guang Liang, Daniel, Kwok Fai, Nan Fang Er Chong Chang, Cozzi, Zheng Shu Qin, Aki, Lee Zhi Qing, Zhang Jue Long, Will, Jeff Chang, Tong An Ge, Jin Sha. I enjoyed the Aki, Zhi QIng, Jeff and Will's section the most!!! They sang all the previous gold hits. Zhi Qing's and Will's guitar playing is dammmnnn chunted! And I also liked Nan Fang Er Chong Chang and Zheng Shu Qin's section... they sang some old songs... their harmonizing, fuhhh cantik siul!!! LYC sang Kong Qiu Qian and Zhu Ti Qu!!! Guang Liang sang Tong Hua and I Am Who I AM (and they premier his MV there!), Daniel sang Fei and You Ji (he msged aunty swan asking where we're seating, so that when he come out he knows where to wave >.<"), Kwok Fai played his saxaphone and it was superbly awesome! I guess he practiced it a lotttttt of times! It was very good!!!!!!

That's about it lah... No mood to write anymore... Thanks to some people.... Fake people... Shoe polishers... Batu api... Fakers... Whatever you call them... I am so freaking sick of all these fake people... I just don't want to know or see anything of it anymore..... I'm leaving! I quit!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog of Boredom...

Here I am, sitting in front of my comp, blogging... Other people are burying their heads into their notes and books, memorizing each sentence of each subjects... But, I am here... Right here... Blogging >.<"

Danny will be coming out with his new album very soon!!! Am waiting for it eagerly!!! He posted up his recording sessions in his blog - Check it out!

4 more days and i'll be free!!!! DFC nite, Perfect 100 Concert, Badminton, Shabu shabu, Green Lotus, Justin's concert all waiting for meeeeee! Woo hoo!!! Rather anticipating Justin's concert... because I know it will definitely be a greatttttt one!!! After my exam, i'll search upside down inside out for all his news and post it here...

Tension is rising like a rocket shooting up the sky... Who doesn't want a VHPWC... But i 99% doubt i can get it... Argghhhhhh!!! *Praying hard*

Saturday, December 09, 2006

7 more days...

It seems like 2 hours ago, i was still taking my trials exam...
So fast, i'm already in the midst of my finals... I repeat, F-I-N-A-L-S for Higher Dip.
All theory papers are over... Left with all the orals and presentations...
TIS and Workshop 2,3,4 which I dread the most... Urghh... Hopefully I can score in those... Wait, let me rephrase that... PASS... don't say SCORE... Puan Siti said the externals on that day, she sendiri pun takut... If she herself is scared, what about US??? Die la like that!!!

Why is it everytime that, towards the end of the term only we get close to our classmates? I don't know about others, but it happened to me for quite some times... Only recently I became closer to quite a few of my classmates... And it's through these exams that we get closer... Sharing stuff, helping each other... Not all of them are going to degree... Many will start working already... Sigh!!! The plan to go holiday together after graduate pun tak tau will jadi or not... Say say say, but no one organize... Plus all going back to their hometown or go holiday by themselves... Maybe i just go travel myself la kakaka!

Kena lecture (bla bla bla) by Chef Bala yesterday... Well... in a good way of course... Asking us to continue with degree, cuz we need the qualifications... I'm gonna miss him... Won't be seeing him so often dee I guess after this... Practical yesterday was OK... Was judged by an external jury, the Indian guy who was my jury too in Diploma time... which is the guy who made me cut 3 fingers... But yesterday I was very calm, didn't hurt myself... And he was very, very nice... He helped me a lot... And gave me a lot of advice... Aww, i like him!!! :D As a chef of course... Chef Chong said he's from dunno what US Potato... (is there such company?) And i say he got that CAM logo on his shirt... This chef chong 'cha' me say 'if u want u also can stick what' =_=" Geramnyaaaa aku... Whole day he tease me... Say after this no chance dee... Hmpf...

Not to say I merajuk or what... Or I crave for their favoritism... it's just that I respect all the lecturers very much... ALL OF THEM... And I love them all very much... But all macam tak peduli me one... I think they don't even know what's my name... haha! Except Pn Siti and Mr Murad of cuz... They're our ibu and ayah in college... I guess, in the whole freaking entire universe, no lecturers will treat the students like they do. Pfftttt! Got one new French lecturer quite good looking oh! He was our French listening jury. Very funny guy... He said he's 35 years old, but i think he's cheating. That day he asked 'is the sound loud enough? (For the recording listening) Do you need me to lower down or lower up?' Huh? Lower up? Haha! He's so funny and blur... Sigh, I guess I'm lack of what they call 'fate with people - ren yuan' guah...

"Everybody's changing and I don't know why"... Heard this song before by Keane? Haha... Nowadays I very quickly get annoyed with other people... Not that they irritate me or what... It's just... I don't know... Their attitude and stupidity I guess... I think it's because I feel that what they do is not what I wish they would do, or I should say - immature... Arghh... What's freeeking wrong witha meeeee? *Emo-elmo*

My couz just gave birth to a baby boy few days ago... Went and see the baby at me Uncle's housee today.. Soooo freaakkinnggg small la the baby... 3kg... So cute... I wonder when can i have me own baby... awww... haha!! Anyway, i'm an aunt already... arghhh! Nooooo! And anyway, congrats Lai Yee jie jie... You looked really weak, take more rest!

Emo-elmo Eve wants to thank a few ppl here...
To: Fiona Teng, Amanda, Ivy Foo, Ker Ying, Edmund, Shiao Teng, Kiat, FQ, Terence, Kenneth, Keith, Faheem, Ravi, Darren, Kennedy, Simon, Denise, Melissa, Faiz, Edreena, Jessy, Chiong, Woon Jian, Hui Ling, Wen Hsin, Fly, Siau San, Li Hsia, Ivy Lee, Oscar, Frank, Kepkep, Maureen, Maria, Sie Lu, Hengky for making my higher dip life so interesting and memorable.... (To those who are special, you know who you are :D ) May we meet again in the future... I love you guys! You guys rocks!