Friday, November 28, 2008

Me? Lucky?

Ever tried the Hong Kong famous ginger milk pudding (姜汁撞奶)? Mum googled it and found the method for it. Not necessary you will success each time. Attempted it the other day, and I think it was quite successful la cuz I never see how the real one looks like. Just ginger juice and milk and it will curdle into pudding texture. So darn cool!

Hmm, didn't do much today. Went for lunch at Taiping Ho-Chiak at Cheow Yang, then head to NZX Fullhouse for a drink. Saw Jeffrey and Orange there, doing some photoshoot for magazine. Jeffrey is shuai dao... Wanted to walk pasar malam but it started raining so plan cancelled. And I end up stucking in the jam for one freaking hour. Pffft. Damn long never caught in a jam liao. Hee hee!

Honestly speaking, I have never ever expect myself to be lucky. Well, to be THIS lucky. Previously joined some yu xie tics contest in mags and manage to win 2 VIP tics (kononnya VIP tics but sit in PS3 pulak, not very near jeh chiu), but end up never use also la.

On 21st went for Yu Zhong + Sheila Majid's let's eat music showcase at Palm Square Jaya One. Quite a lot of people, but the crowd quite dead lah. Saw Lee Zhi Qing with his un-makeup face. Wahaha. Some girl came over and ask us to apply Halo Cafe membership and get a chance to win a lucky draw which is Yu Zhong's shirt. Believe it or not, something inside me urged me to apply. It was a really really strange feeling, even I myself can't describe it. I asked F whether she wants or not but she said not necessarily will win also. I asked S but she dowan. I almost give up the plan to apply as the show ended as the membership costs RM35 and the lucky draw was about to begin soon. The urge was still there, and considering the fact that I will be visiting the outlet quite often next month so I went over to Halo Cafe to apply. There was another girl applying at the same time, so the 'lucky' feeling started to fade away, thinking there must be a lot of applications in the box lah.

15 mins later, the lucky draw began. Yu Zhong only pick one winner for one shirt. He gave away 2 shirts but another shirt will be drawn by the Neway organiser i think. We were standing outside Halo so can't really hear what the emcees and Yu Zhong said. 'And the winner is... Xiao...' Ma de, my surname leh. But cannot be lah. So many people has that surname. One of the staff walked out and shouted the name. Ok, maybe someone has that same name too. Wait, it's my name! Oh.. my.. God... Even at the stage I still didn't believe it and asked to check the card again. Lol! What if it's not me leh, very malu one mah. Yu Zhong said 'shi ni lah, shi ni lah' Seriously, on stage your mind is totally blank. You can't see anything down the stage. You get so nervous you don't know what to do, who to face, what to say, where to look at, and when you come down from the stage, you freaking forget what happened few seconds ago. Yu Zhong said 'na hui qu gei nan peng you chuan' I think I just stared at him blankly, didn't say anything, didn't even smile pun. Wth. To those who don't know yet, I am very scared to look at Yu Zhong one. Especially in the eyes.

*breath in breath out*

Wear as pyjamas can ar? :p

I prefer the other set of baju lor :( This one I can't remember which event he wore it for. The other one is the white shirt with black vest he wore in his concert poster *i think*

Well, I guess it's just merely luck at that moment. Thanks Yu Zhong :) RM35 for his baju, totally worth it already la! Hehe!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PWH Award 2008

Back from hill top!

Well, actually back yesterday but only manage to blog now. One word for it - TIRED!

Slept only an hour before going up hill. Rolling on the bed, somehow have some bad feelings for that day. Took the bus up at 8am, didn't get to sleep cuz the sun was so blardy bright. Went and eat at Oldtown, saw quite some number of PAs, reporters, and pwh staff. Wow, they wake up so early one ar? :p Went and queue for the entrance ticket. This year, the ticket was free. They give us free seating tics first, then exchange for numbered seating on that day itself. Damn 9 angry when it was our turn. Stupid, brainless Genting staff management (I don't blame pwh, cuz those counter staff were genting staff). Waste their own time, waste our time. Blardy hell. Not gonna mention what happened.

Hang around until check in time, rest awhile (again didn't sleep), went to get tics from H2T for other people, went back, change then came out for early dinner before the red carpet starts. It was raining, and the thunder was damn LOUD. (Is it cuz we're nearer to the sky so it's louder? Ok lame) We stood near the interview stage at the end of the red carpet. CF was the first few to walk, but they weren't introduced and they walked inside the arena already :( All dressed up really nicely. I love Orange's hair and dress, everyone was gorgeous and good looking. Slurp! Hehe!

Not gonna elaborate on the award show. Pei Pei is a really good emcee. Respect. The performances were pretty good. The video was damn funny. Huang Yi Fei and KK too. The whole show was smooth, just that I felt it was kinda long. The 'almost ending' part was pretty boring. And everyone was sleepy already, cuz it was 4 hours. Honestly I was pretty disappointed at the end of the show. Danny only won 1. And CF none. Hmm, I guess reality is cruel after all. But why can't it be less of the same person winning and more people win? I mean, why can't a person win less award so that other people get a chance? I was pretty touched with Guang Liang saying he won't register for PWH anymore so that others get more chance. Well, it sounds a bit like too bossy but it was nice of him to say that. Really like the 'love and freedom' version Danny sang that night, although it was just the chorus part. And he saw us! *wub wub* He's so cute on stage.

After that, chase chase chase until post party. From one place run to another, really like sakai. All so tired and dead already. The post party was at Genting hotel coffee terrace... all look from the window, it feels a bit like seeing animals in the Zoo. lol! Waited until they leave the place. When Danny went up the bus, we keep praying 'sit this side, sit this side' but he go and sit the other side which we cannot see. After awhile he saw us and changed over this side and 'talked' to us... with sign language haha! *melts* Love his smile. Then he changed back to the other side.

Went and makan, bath then sleep. That was like 4 something already. Tired like dunno what. Sleep on the floor also slept soundly. Woke up at 9am. Get ready then head down to KL by bus at 11.30am. Went to Pavillion to see Danny hosts the Battleground Semi Finals 2. Freaking hot deyh! Cuz it was outdoor and the sun directly above. Kesian Danny samore wearing two freaking layers. Halfway through, beh tahan the sun, walk inside and have a drink. Then went out to watch again until the end. Dennis, Hao Ren and few last year's battleground participants were there too. Saw a few familiar faces and me and pk were like 'was he/she at battleground last yr?' 'he/she looks familiar' 'i saw him/her before' *chuckles* Danny asked us about yu xie. Kekeke. Mei Yan asked him 'your fans ar?' didn't expect him to answer 'supporters... my gangster' Gan dong daoooo... *wub wub*

Say bye bye to him then walked around awhile and left for dinner. It was drizzling. Went to Chong Qing at Mentari. Tried the 'ma la' steamboat. Really numb and spicy one leh. Too oily so didn't really like it. Next time eat tom yam enough la. Laughed like crazy throughout, thanks to *someone*. Really really funny. Thought of going to Look Out Point geh, but some needs to work the next day so cancel plan. Went home, bath, within one minute I fell asleep already. Only woke up at 2pm the next day. Slept for 14 hours plus :p

Thanks for all the fun for the past 2 days... Really enjoy kau kau and laugh kau kau. Hehehe.

Congrats to all pwh 08 winners! To those who didn't, more luck in pwh 2010! :) Like what KK said, not winning doesn't mean you are not good, people can see the effort that you put geh! Mwaks, love u all ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ABC post

This is gonna be a everything-mixed-up post... so I call it the ABC post...

Been making a couple of stuffs these two days... Phood frenzy I guess... hopefully it will last... haha! There's just so much more to learn, never ending... Sorry if I make your stomach grumble :p

Chocolate Cupcakes
but the frosting is another recipe though :)

Roasted Chicken Leg - to be shredded for mum's sandwich but since it's so nice I mm seh tak shred it liao... :( But taste wise I belum tau lagi hehe!
(no it's not burnt you dumbo, those are thyme)

Simple coleslaw

I never fancied using bread maker to make breads, but thought of giving it a try. Using Kenwood Rapid Bake Bread Maker. Hmm, still prefer the texture of hand-knead bread.

Packed them in individual package for easier consumption :)

PWH Award 2008 is this Saturday!! I'm so nervous!! Well, wth, I'm not nominated also. Chiu. I'm nervous for Danny *wub wub* :)! For CF! *namo namo* praying super duper hard. I seriously hope they get at least one award... but, it's a competitive world out there, fair or not *heaven knows* Looking forward to Saturday!! Hopefully I get to see them they get to see me ho ho ho! Fine, I know i'm dreaming too much. Well, good luck everyone for 娱协奖! There's live telecast on Astro Jia Yu Channel 304, so for those of you who can't make it to the hill, make sure you stay in front of the tv and watch it!

988's CNY album is out in stores today! Previously they were having pre-order and sold 12000 copies already! *bravo!!* Heard the 主打歌 and it's seriously nice. Gonna get one for myself and one for my grandma. For CNY yahoo!!! But hor, xmas belum datang already CNY mood. Wth... Anybody wants to buy? I buy one shot then pass to you la :)

Doesn't the cover reminds you of a HK drama? :p (Danny, I like your scarf though :D)

Bankrupt lo bankrupt lo. Danny's OST for the local movie 林明别恋 also out. Out = have to buy. What to do... support ma ^^ Buy original! (Can I use fake money?)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Singapore Nov'08

Didn't shop much, but ate a lot. Like, eat at one place, take a bus to another place and eat again, then after walking 15 minutes eat again. I can see the fats growing under my skin. Not i tam jiak lor, is my uncle keep introducing all the good food in Singapore lor. Macam shooting 'ho chiak in Singapore' konon. Ish.

Well, shall not talk much, just see the pics enough lah. Can't shop in Singapore because the exchange rate is not cheap.

What does the cloud looks like?

Xmas deco is everywhere!

A yong tao foo shop in 'Zhen Zhu Fang 珍珠坊' at Chinatown. People queue up one leh! But I don't see anything special. $3.50 per bowl leh! KNS. No noodles one somemore. Just tofu pieces and fish balls only.

First time see people make popiah skin. Chinatown.

Fancy some desserts? Chinatown.

Walnut broth 杏仁糊

Ya Kun kaya toast. Chinatown

The building is cute

Clarke Quay

If I can name my shop 'Rumours' I can name my shop 'Anything'

Fancy a drink in the Clinic? My mum goes *choi!!!* Clarke Quay

You will be 'bedridden' and 'wheelchair bound' *touch wood man*

Holland Drive. Reminds me of Bangsar.

Mellben Seafood at Toa Payoh Lrg 8. Crab Noodles. Similar to claypot fish head noodles here but using crab instead.

$2 laksa @ Jalan Besar. And the funny thing is, no chopstick given. You only feed yourself with the spoon.

Little India

Am I in two places at one time? Or am I at none at all?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bro's Bday Party 08

This post is like super delayed, well, didn't have the right mood at the right time to post this up.

Bro's birthday was 1st Nov, he mentioned about wanting to have a party like 3 days before his birthday, we were like, how the hell to do so last minute. He wanted to do it at the barbeque area at the condo we used to stay in, unfortunately it was booked for some Halloween party so his party had to be postponed one week later.

Invited some family members over and also bro's own friends in school and church. Total of about 60 people.

My first time attempt making baguettes or French loaf. It was heavenly when it came out right from the oven. Crusty and soft inside. Yum. It definitely taste better on the day it was baked. Not bad for a first try :) But the look of it is totally out la.

Grissini sticks or bread sticks. It was good but should put more herbs. First time making too.

Bread rolls. Soft soft soft! But doesn't look nice due to uneven baking. Some became too brown.

Tomato bruschetta. Using the baguette I made.

Uncle's chee cheong fun. Yum yum.

My fave satay stall's satay. Lamb satay anyone?

My fave noodle dish in the whole wide world. Dad's fried 'chopstick' noodles. Yes, my dad cooks, not my mum.

Also served was some crudites, potato salad, mashed potato, barbeque items - lamb chops, pork sausages, home marinated chicken wings. Banana as dessert (hohoho, no prep required, self service pluck and peel), and drinks were a cordial mixed by yours truly (recipe by Szen) which everyone liked, now we call it the taokei drink but didn't bought enough soft drinks to mix :p, coke and beer.

And the main character of the night...

Ta daa...

*applause applause*

Nice hor nice hor? Suddenly so proud of myself for coming up with the idea of the cake design. Bro shares the party with another friend named Julian, so double J. (I wanted to get a double heart cake for them actually, make them look gay, lalala)

I love preparing for parties, I don't mind cooking, but never ask me to clean. Four things you'll get scared of before and after the party ended.

1. The equipment and tools you need to use, transport and carry, especially when the party is not at your own house.

2. You need to 'tan' yourself at the barbeque pit to serve others. Fortunately this year there were other hands to help *thanks*

3. Cleaning

4. Stuffing yourself with the leftover food for the whole week after. *shivers*

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Have you ever hope on things that as a matter of fact you know it just won't happen?

Have you ever want to give up on something that doesn't belong to you in the first place?

Have you ever missed someone who never exist at all?

Have you ever lied to others, or even to yourself to make yourself feel better?

Have you ever tried to get away from something or someone for better, but it gets worse?

Ok, I don't know why these craps are in my head. I'm feeling pretty sucky now. And having all these mixed up feelings inside me. I'm feeling happy, sad, jealous, excited, frustrated, anxious, emo, grateful, thankful, hateful, lost, resistant. Suddenly it seems like all the bad stuff is happening. But... I just don't know what they are. I never thought of suicide, but I am wondering what use do I have existing in this world.

Things changed. People changed. Even I myself changed. A sentence from the song Downfall suddenly struck me. 'you don't know anything on the other side of me' pretty cool right? I mean, yeah, only I myself know what's really in me. But there are even times where I don't really know myself. Sometimes I can just keep quiet without talking for hours (not including sleeping lah), just wanna stay at home and do nothing, talk to no one. Maybe being used to it, the feeling of being alone is kinda entertaining actually. So don't be surprise if I just don't talk at all. It's just.. well.. me.

It gets pretty sucky when all the while you thought you knew the fact, but when you found out that it isn't, even though it was not a lie in the first place. Some people lie to make you feel better, but when you found out the truth or something you presume is the truth, the feeling is kinda like a knot tied in your stomach.

Aih. I don't know what am I crapping. I'm losing... losing a battle which I never step into; losing the bond that used to be unbreakable; losing to others, and losing to oneself.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Don't know who has been missing cursing me so much I started sneezing when I was in Wing's Puchong for Pei Jie's singing session. Horrible horrible.

Now down with slight fever, soar throat and stucked nose. Guess it's the weather la.

Wanted to blog about bro's birthday party on Friday but the mind is temporarily out of service.

Going Singapore for four days tomorrow, with parents. No strength to pack. Headache, backache, eyes also ache. Better go sleep now.

Tata for now. Miss u all. *wub* Enjoy your weekdays :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

[Book] Jodi Picoult - My Sister's Keeper

6am now. Hey hey hey! Rise and shine, but I haven't even sleep yet. =_=" Don't have to remind me that I am still in US time zone. My stomach's growling, my eyes drooping but I don't want to sleep just in case I oversleep later. But I am still thinking whether I should go out or not.

A book that I manage to lend from a good friend. It's the type of book where you can't stop reading it until you finish it but *gulps* I took more than a few months to read it.

It tells a story about Kate having a rare leukemia disease, and Anna, a designer baby born to donate parts of her blood, bone marrow and parts of her body to her sister. Anna files a petition towards her parents for 'forcing' her to help her sister. Does Anna have the rights to make her own decision over her own body? Is Anna selfish because she wants the best of herself and not wanting to help her sister anymore?

I think the best part was the ending. I don't think I cried so much for a book. Yes, i am an emo sillo person. A book really worth reading, plus I found a lot of meaningful quotes in this book.

- No matter who you are, there is some part of you that always wishes you were someone else

- Who we are isn't so much about what we do; but rather what we're capable of when we least expect it

- Love is when you care more if someone else lives more than you do about yourself

- It doesn't take a whole long life to realize that what we deserve to have, we rarely get

- You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not

Next: Jodi Picoult's 'The Pact' :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Magical Kagaya

Have you all heard of Kagaya art? Or seen the beautiful images of Kagaya art?

I remember first saw Kagaya arts when I was in high school. They were available in puzzle forms in various puzzle shops (even in pasar malam). I forgot which birthday was it that I was given a completed Kagaya puzzle of my horoscope as a birthday present. I still keep it with me until now.

Kagaya stands for Kagaya Yutaka, a Japanese digital artist. He is known for painting all these colourful, magical artwork. Really remarkable indeed.

There are hundreds of paintings but somehow, my favorite is this:


Every morning when Eos,
the goddess of dawn,
with the rosy fingers,
drops stars and dews on the silence, Princess Andromeda

is cleansing herself alone in the lake.

She prays,
in the water as pure and clean as she,

"May our home country be in peace."

Everything goes
quietly,deeply and moderately,
before the south-eastern wind,

I'm just so impressed with the fine arts in these designs. It speaks a thousand words. Peace, serenity, blessing, hope, dream, magical. It just calms me down looking at these pics.

Some of the artwork:

My horoscope sign ;)

Speaking of magical, Christmas reminds me of magical. Lights around the christmas tree, lights on the streets, christmas songs everywhere, santa claus, raindeers, snow, pressies and of course holidayyyyeeee! It just brightens me up thinking about Christmas. Time flies like no one's business. What's your impression on Christmas ye? *sings* Santa Claus is coming to town~~

Monday, November 03, 2008

[Lyrics] Jay Chou - Dao Xiang

Woot! Ok, this album is not cheap. 3 digits. And the most expensive album I ever bought in 22 years of life. (Will be for the coming 70 years too *if I live up to 92*)

Album name 魔杰座 (Capricorn) CD of 11 Tracks and Bonus DVD of 2 MVs. I bought the imported album which comes in a metal box (as above) and a Rubik's Cube. Though I don't dare to twist the cube, worrying I won't be able to fix it.

I really like the album cover but the booklet photos were ok only lah, maybe cuz I was expecting very magical pics inside. But the album still rocks. Listening for the first time I find it so so, but upon hearing it a few times (I guess that happens often in many albums) it's pretty cool. Still as 'Jay' as usual.

Personal fave: Dao Xiang, Long Zhan Qi Shi, Hua Hai, Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne, Liu Lang Shi Ren, Shi Guang Ji.

Currently, find Dao Xiang very motivating. Nice lyrics. So here it is! Kinda lazy to pinyin it myself , and coincidently found it at, with english translation too. I repeat, very DIRECT english translation, so erm, bare with it.

Dao Xiang 稻香
Performed, lyrics & melody by: Jay Chou 周杰伦

dui zhe ge shi jie ru guo ni you tai duo de bao yuan

对 这 个 世 界 如 果 你 有 太 多 的 抱 怨

If you have too many complain in this world

die dao le jiu bu gan ji xu wang qian zou

跌 倒 了 就 不 敢 继 续 往 前 走

Once fall down, you won't have a courage to move forward

wei shen me ren yao zhe me de cui ruo duo luo

为 什 么 人 要 这 么 的 脆 弱 堕 落

Why does human so fragile

qing ni da kai dian shi kan kan

请 你 打 开 电 视 看 看

Please switch on the TV and watch

duo shao ren wei sheng ming zai nu li yong gan de zou xia qu

多 少 人 为 生 命 在 努 力 勇 敢 的 走 下 去

How many people try hard and brave to move forward just because of living�

wo men shi bu shi gai zhi zu

我 们 是 不 是 该 知 足

Shouldn't we feel enough

zhen xi yi qie jiu suan mei you yong you

珍 惜 一 切 就 算 没 有 拥 有

Treasure what you have now, even you have nothing you actually own everything�


*hai ji de ni shuo jia shi wei yi de cheng bao

还 记 得 你 说 家 是 唯 一 的 城 堡

Remember back then you said home is the only castle

sui zhe dao xiang he liu ji xu ben pao

随 著 稻 香 河 流 继 续 奔 跑

Fragrance rice, as the river continue flowing

wei wei xiao xiao shi hou de meng wo zhi dao

微 微 笑 小 时 候 的 梦 我 知 道

Slightly smile, dream of childhood, I know

bu yao ku rang ying huo chong dai zhe ni tao pao

不 要 哭 让 萤 火 虫 带 著 你 逃 跑

Don't cry, let firefly bring you running.

xiang jian de ge yao yong yuan de yi kao

乡 间 的 歌 谣 永 远 的 依 靠

Forever rely on village folk song

hui jia ba hui dao zui chu de mei hao*

回 家 吧 回 到 最 初 的 美 好

Go home, back to the beginning of beauty

bu yao zhe me rong yi jiu xiang fang qi

不 要 这 么 容 易 就 想 放 弃

Don't give up so fast

jiu xiang wo shuo de

就 像 我 说 的

Like what I said

zhui bu dao de meng xiang huan ge meng bu jiu de le

追 不 到 的 梦 想 换 个 梦 不 就 得 了

The dream you can't achieve, just exchange it, you got it

wei zi ji de ren sheng xian yan shang se

为 自 己 的 人 生 鲜 艳 上 色

Let you life coloured brightly.

xian ba ai tu shang xi huan de yan se

先 把 爱 涂 上 喜 欢 的 颜 色

First, let paint the love with favourite colour

xiao yi ge ba gong cheng ming jiu bu shi mu di

笑 一 个 吧 功 成 名 就 不 是 目 的

Smile, become famous not the purpose

rang zi ji kuai le kuai le zhe cai jiao zuo yi yi

让 自 己 快 乐 快 乐 这 才 叫 做 意 义

Let yourself happy, is more meaningful

tong nian de zhi fei ji

童 年 的 纸 飞 机

Childhood paper plane

xian zai zhong yu fei hui wo shou li

现 在 终 于 飞 回 我 手 里

Finally, now fly back to my hand

suo wei de na kuai le

所 谓 的 那 快 乐

So called happiness

chi jiao zai tian li zhui qing ting zhui dao lei le

赤 脚 在 田 里 追 蜻 蜓 追 到 累 了

Barefoot on (rice)field, catch dragonfly until tired

tou zhai shui guo bei mi feng gei ding dao pa le

偷 摘 水 果 被 蜜 蜂 给 叮 到 怕 了

Pluck fruit, scared being sting by bee

shei zai tou xiao ne

谁 在 偷 笑 呢

Who, laughing, woollen cloth

wo kao zhu dao cao ren chui zhu feng chang zhu ge shui zhao le

我 靠 著 稻 草 人 吹 著 风 唱 著 歌 睡 著 了

I lean against the scarecrow/straw man, blow by the wind, singing and then


Oh! Oh! wu hou ji ta zai chong ming zhong geng qing cui

哦 哦 午 后 吉 它 在 虫 鸣 中 更 清 脆

Oh! Oh! Afternoon guitar accompany by insect singing make it more melodious

Oh! Oh! yang guang sa zai lu shang jiu bu pa xin sui

哦 哦 阳 光 洒 在 路 上 就 不 怕 心 碎

Oh! Oh! Sunlight shine on the road, don't worry heart will broken

zhen xi yi qie jiu suan mei you yong you

珍 惜 一 切 就 算 没 有 拥 有

Treasure what you have now, even you have nothing you actually own everything

Repeat Chorus x 2