Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am back! Anyone missed me? Haha.

Singapore was good. Went to a lot of places. It's been more than 10 years I never go to Singapore already so everything seems so new to me. Fiona and my uncle were very nice to us, bringing us everywhere. Thanks Fi :) This trip I ate a lot, now my stomach is so bloated it feels like 5 months pregnant. However things are not cheap there. The currency times 2.33 was always on my head when I buy things. Will post up pics of the trip soon.

After I came back from Spore I went Penang the next day. Wah, down south up north in a week hehe! Yeah went to see Daniel at the Penang Shanghai World Star Quest but honestly my MAIN POINT of going is not for Daniel. I went to meet up with CY, Ostro, Layleng they all. Because it's been ages since I met them. Even though it was a tough decision to make cuz Danny has a very meaningful event in KL, but I guess to meet up with old pals is more important. Plus I felt like going travelling. I did sort of regret that night after knowing what happened at the event, but I enjoyed the Penang trip a lot. We went Butterworth, see beautiful temple and ate cheap and yummy food, went Tambun for super fresh seafood, and went Sg Klah Hot Spring! Memorable :) I'm determined to plan a trip around the whole of Malaysia :)

*wub*wub* The best person I ever know *wub*wub*

Nice shirt Danny! Mwahaha! Sigh, he's getting thinner and thinner. Kesian. Very busy with his album and projects. Have you guys heard his new song? If not, you can hear HALF of it here :)

Well, I haven't actually heard it yet. Sad case huh? But just now was listening to the ivote music chart show hosted by Pei Jie on wanita.net (use IE to log into wanita.net and the player will automatically play it). At the end of the chart he played the song, so basically I've heard it. But not on radio. My comment after the 1st time hearing it? Erm, I didn't really like the verses, I can't hear what he's rapping and I feel that the sentences are too over-emphasize. Sounds too angry. I know it's supposed to be angry. Because it's talking about people not caring about the earth and stuff. But I really liked the chorus :) People can sing along to it. The tune easily stuck in your head. And the ending :) Very nice.

Will blog about my trips tomorrow. Haven't upload the photos yet.

~ To give and take is a tough thing to do.
~ Eve hopes to get a PSP, N81/N82 and a DSLR :(

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lonely Sunday Dinner

This afternoon went to Mines to see Danny. We slumberly take our own sweet time, 2.15pm only go up. It was crowded! Can't see a thing. But slowly slowly squeeze in. Some was good, but the shuffle was boring. I don't know, not my taste. Not his either I think.

Sigh~ Booooriingggg~

I think he was too freako board he took out his phone and started sms-ing. We thought 'Ma de, judging samore can sms.' Then suddenly Meg's phone beeped. And Meg started laughing like crazy. It was a shoutout by Danny. "If I know ah dong (his nephew) learning shuffle I will whack gao him"

Disclaimer: I am not saying that shuffle is not good. It's just not my taste.

Then had to rush around to do so many things. Went to Bangsar to collect bus ticket, then MV to change money, coincidently bump into Ed and Ivy. Haha. Then wanted to wash my car but it was raining.

Went home, waiting for someone to call me out for dinner or something.
Parents went BM with friends. Thought will go dinner with Teng and ML but they weren't free. Aunt was not free also. SS called for yum cha but I rejected cuz wanna pack. Ask bro to go out eat he ask me ta pao back for him instead. Idiot. Think left think right also can't think of anyone. Well, Sunday - it's family day. Since there's some veggies left in the fridge I cook Minestrone. Been wanting to make it for a long time dy. It's an Italian dish, which is actually a soupy dish, tomato based with lots of veggies, and a bit of pasta.

Erm, it reminds me of Kim Gary's Borscht soup. I eat all the veggies and leave the spaghetti at last. Yummy :) Not a bad Sunday afterall.

Heading to Singapore in a few hours time. Will be back on Friday. Miss you all loads. Take care. Update me if you guys have anything happening :) And, DON'T FORGET TO TUNE IN TO 988/MYFM/AIFM AND LISTEN TO DANNY'S NEW SONG!!!!! CAN START HEARING TODAY ALREADY!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ideal Autograph Session :)

I guess everyone would want this to be the way of an autograph session... (Read below) It's referring to David Tao during an autograph session prior to his Singapore concert which was yesterday (April 19th).

As it turned out, the great thing about this small stage set-up was that the whole experience was up close and personal, yet stress-free. David makes your 10 seconds of ‘alone’ time with him truly yours. You don’t feel small, worthless, pathetic and like an overzealous idiot shoved around by watchful security. You don’t feel like you’re merely a part of a mindless autograph churning conveyor belt. David was calm, confident, acknowledged everyone’s presence, and gave each one undivided attention as he signed your stuff and chatted with you. And best of all, he offers a handshake at
the end without you asking. Fabulous!

At the end of the whole session, sis n i walked with David n his minders to a holding room. Together with two other fans, we waited outside for abt 2 minutes before he reemerged to
leave the building with security. My sis called out his name. He turned back with a surprised smile and waved, saying Thank you very much! I said Bye~! and he replied cheerily.=) As he walked along, we decided might as well follow along and send him off. Out of the building in broad daylight, David with his entourage attracted a couple of surprised stares and waving onlookers. As he boarded a white minivan, I thought his minders wld shut the door immediately. Thankfully not. David got on the van, sat down and once again saw sis n I. He pointed to us and waved! We waved back happily. When the door closed and the van started to drive off, we saw through the tinted windows David actually turned back to look at us and waved bye
again! That totally made my day.=)
- 3/31/2008 1:56 AM

Written by YG, taken from taozhe.blogspot.com

Friday, April 18, 2008


22 APRIL 2008

In 2004, he composed "Love & Freedom"

In 2005, he composed "Crazy"

In 2007, he composed "Siapa"

And now...


Stay tune to all chinese radio stations on 22 April 2008. (Perhaps on 21st April already can hear)

- Malaysia
- China
- Taipei
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- Melbourne

*Seriously can't wait. But sigh, I'll be in Singapore. Hopefully I get to hear it there. Good also, can test market see what Singapore radio station says about him wahaha. So so excited. Will be seeing him a lot a lot in the coming months. Yes, what happened last year will repeat itself again this year. If he's coming out with album, I'll buy 10! That shows my excitement. Really! He's losing his voice cuz busy recording. Kelian oh :(

*wub* *wub* Danny *wub* *wub*
(Photos credit to Eddie)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Positively Emo

Did you all notice that it's 17th today? 17th 17th 17th... My fave number again. Hope today is a good day.

Went 1U with kopi-kopi for lunch at Bakerzin. Then KY left to go her tea, so left me and Ivy. Was craving for my baked apple tart. Yummy yummy. Then we walked around for awhile then left to go to Vintry. The wine shop that Edmund works. People now so happening in the shop, all the customers know him, he's the sommelier there, the person in charge wahaha. We only thought of eating cuz Ivy said their banana peach crumble is darn good. But he offered a bottle of white zinfandel and it was cheap so we took it. Imagine 2 girls finishing one bottle of rose wine! It was a good wine. Nice and smooth. At the end of the meal, both of us high high dei already. Laughing like sakais. But it was really fun. Really comfortable. Hope we can have a gathering with all the ex classmates there one day. Ivy said if we're at home we'll probably just get ourselves drunk already.

I can't decide. I can't make up my mind where to go. Wait, I can't make up my mind in a lot of things. I wish I can split myself into half and be at two places at one time. Some of you might be thinking why a nobody is so fussy in choosing her blardy job. Yes I can be really fussy at times. I'm blunt, I'm lost and I'm annoying, that's ME.

Positively emo, how can someone be positively emo. After chatting with SQ that day, I realized that I'm not alone in this world. Perhaps 3 quarter of the world feels the same as me. And I know I have hundreds of friends caring for me, and for me to care about. I'm really grateful to have people like you guys reading my blog, it means I have friends that cares about what is going on with me. I'm really grateful to have friends to dine with, to party with, to yum cha with, it means I'm not an antisocial person (I hope). I'm grateful to have friends who forward sms to me, email me, call me, ask me out, it means they're thinking of me. Mwahaha! Thank you all, so so much, I really don't know what can I do to repay you guys.

I may be a good person for you,
I may be bad,
I may be irritating you,
or I'm always sad,
I may be the best person on earth,
or the worst,
I may be friendly,
perhaps a little evil,
I may be smart,
but I'm dumb.

Whatever a person I am to you (perhaps you can tell me),
I just wanna thank you (ALL) and say sorry.
I am not a superwoman who can help everyone.
I am not a clown who befriends everyone.
I am not an iron chef who knows how to cook everything.
I am not a person who can do whatever you want.
I am a person who has weaknesses.
I am a person who has feelings.
I am a person who annoys ppl without knowing,
who some people hates at times.
I just wanna say that,
I am me, myself and I.
I am not someone who you think I'm supposed to be.
Treat me as who I am,
not who you wish I should be.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

[Lyrics] Xu Ru Yun & Ah Mu Long - Nan Ren Nu Ren

Nan Ren Nu Ren 男人女人
by: Xu Ru Yun & Ah Mu Long 许茹芸,阿穆隆

Ai ai ai ai le ji hui

Ye ming bai qi zhong zi wei

Fu chu de cong lai bu hui deng yu shou hui

Wo que hai zai deng dai zhe

Shui neng chu xian

Shang shang shang shang le ji hui

Ye ceng jing wei ai qiao cui

Ai qing li hao ren zhong bi huai ren lang bei

Wo que hai shi xue bu hui

Hen xin dui shui

Nan ren nan ren

Duo xi wang ni shi hao ren

Duo xi wang yong ni de zhen

Rang wo bu bi zai xin teng

Nu ren nu ren

Wo da ying zuo ge hao ren

Wo da ying yong wo yi sheng

Lai huan ni de kuai le yi sheng


Nan ren nan ren

Duo xi wang ni shi hao ren

Duo xi wang yong ni de zhen

Rang wo bu bi zai xin teng

Nu ren nu ren

Wo da ying zuo ge hao ren

Bu hui zai rang wo (ni) xin teng

Yi deng zai deng

Ni jiu shi wo deng de na ge ren

Nan ren nan ren

Nu ren nu ren

Duo me xi wang ni shi dui de ren

Monday, April 14, 2008


Went for Summit's 10th Anniversary celebration yesterday. Damn sui loh. Afternoon rain then stop which the weather was perfect for the night already. When the event start it rained again! I went for the sound check in the afternoon (alone), feel like a jacoon standing there only. But it was worth it muahaha! Anyway, back to the event, well, I guess in ALL events, it's not the show that matters, it's the people you go with. I'm glad to have friends that is crazy enough lol. That night got Danny, Andrew, Karen Kong, Quincy, Bang Bang Tian Shi (kids group), some chinese yoyo performace, and dance performance by dunno what academy. Then there's lots of games and funny jokes by Jack Lum Dak Weng and Ngan Mei Yan. Please... never ever say Malaysians are shy. They're so NOT. The funny acts they do on stage, omg, can laugh until you roll on the floor.

Look at Danny's pic inside this announcement board LOL!

I was making more boards the previous night cuz the old ones rosak last time at the 'Cow Car Water' event which we were soaking wet. That night rain again. Wah lao eh. Sui loh. I wonder who brought the rain. Andrew or Danny? Lol. Cuz both events they were there.

Back to my boards, I enlarged the fonts on Words and printed it out. Supposingly fully black, big words. But, my printer love art so much it decided to be creative.

I thought only shirts have stripe design, not words!
(Disclaimer: It was meant to be totally black font)

Speaking of ART, I always envy how others can draw so well and so impressive. I was chatting with Teng few months back, and I tell you, her arts impressed me too. I forgot what we were talking about and we started playing with the MSN's that handwriting facility which instead of typing you draw your message. And I started drawing her display picture of her at that time.

And my workpiece nyahaha:

(Psst: A bit SS but I was quite impressed with mine... cuz I always get D for arts in school.)

Then she started drawing MY display pic at that time. Very... very... impressive...

She's really artistic!

Seriously wanna see hers???

You sure???

You want???





I think you will like it a lot...

It's way better than mine.

I really liked it...

I begged her for so long...

To let me show to you guys...

That's why I'm keeping a copy of it...

Here goes...








Friday, April 11, 2008

Day = Night

My life is becoming dull and upside down. Jobless, aimless, useless, motivationless. Well, I'm not complaining, just taking my time to relax. But a lazy life has led to a overturned life. My day has become night and vice versa. Sleeping at 5am/6am, waking up at 2pm, sometimes even later.

I'm beginning to fear for my own's health. I used to fall asleep like a pig after just like 5 minutes lying on the bed. Nowadays I toss and turn for 2 hours before I get to sleep. And there's always phlegm stuck at my throat which I can never seem to cough it out. Maybe it's because I drink tea/coffee/milky stuff. Nooooo, means I cannot drink these anymore :(

Went for Cheng's (Lee Zhi Qing) showcase cum press conf the other day. He is actually more of a producer and composer. Now he's out as a singer. I would say that he improved a lot or maybe he has always been talkative but shy on the outside. Have always been impressed with the songs he writes (Kao An, Bao You Wo, Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni, Zen Me Ban etc). Bought his demo album and have been listening it for the past two days. Fave is Track 3 and Track 7. All the songs are the demo version of songs that he sold to other artistes before. Some people think it's boring and put them to sleep because they don't like such quiet songs, but to me it's good. Can hear the quality of the voice.

"Are you going to Penang?" "Are you going to Autocity?" "Are you going for D's event?" No! I'm not. But now you guys are tempting me to. Sakai. I'm going for FHA in Singapore. Maybe I'll just come back one day earlier then. Tee hee. Arghh! Dilemma dilemma. Speaking of FHA, we have to register online and get the confirmation number. It's been two days but I still haven't get it so I emailed them. Kena 'marah' indirectly instead. Because I didn't notice the '10 working days to process the confirmation'. Shyt. Pai sehnya. Eve oh eve, why so impatient. Sigh. Losing faith. Losing wisdom.

Losing faith but still determined. Determined in a lot of things. Was chatting with SQ just now and he encouraged me. Thanks Shenq, thanks for believing in me :) I'll make you the hamster when you're back :)


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Danny pranked Daniel on pregnancy and abortion for April's Fool. I, not realizing it was 1st April was pranked too, luckily not so serious la. I seriously thought it was real. Here goes: (just a rough draft of it, can't really remember the exact words)

Layleng: Eh, I got something to tell you.
Me: Yeah, what?
Layleng: Danny is coming for my company department annual dinner on April 19.
Layleng: I'm one of the committee for the dinner.
Me: But if I go I'll be alone leh, you have to walk around and work.
Layleng: Nolah, Saturday no need to work la. (She didn't understand me =_=")
Me: No, i mean you committee mah, so you have to help around at the dinner.
Layleng: Then ar, I bring you around also la. You're the committee also what. HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL!!! Haha!
Me: I HATE YOU LAYLENG... IDIOT!!! (LL: It was a joke lah!)
Layleng: Sorry!! Sorry!!
Me: (I already changed my MSN nick to "I HATE YOU LAYLENG!") Haha!
Layleng: (She thought I really angry) So so so sorry! Yor, change the nick samore. Sorry! SOrry!

Then it was actually planned by Layleng, Ju Yen, and Mich. In a group chat I said "You are all MEANERS." But I'm sure you all know I'm just joking lah right? :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Yeah I'm still jobless so what? People have been asking me to chill for as long as I can. People ask me to slowly find a job that suits you most. But I know it's not easy, almost impossible to find one. What's work if it's not tiring, challenging, boring and not highly paid? Sigh. I fear getting a job I dislike, I fear of finding a job because it means no more rest, I fear of working because it means no more leisure, it means 6 days non stop, 8 - 10 hours continuously. I fear... of beginning in the first place. I am used to my current position. Even though i'm doing nothing, no income. But, all I want is to do nothing. And I still have a lot of things to do before I start work! Damn.

I guess floor measurers tend to think a lot. And I seemed to be getting very much materialistic these few days. LV, Gucci, CK, AX, G2000. Maybe unemployed people who have no income dreams for all luxuries. Speaking of dreams, floor measurer dreams a lot too. Crappy dreams. Stupid dreams.

We often watch shows thinking it's so dramatic. How a guy dramatically tackle/propose to a girl. How a person dramatically wanna die because they broke up. How two people dramatically love each other secretly and don't get to be with each other. How dramatically two people walk past each other but not noticing and the camera shoot it until the viewers with teary eyes go 'omg, so wasted. they not no 'yuin fun''. Shitty. But dramas does happen in real life. Can't believe a guy can be so useless after breaking up. A girl can go all crazy over a guy. Dramatically real. Oh, how I wish dramas happen on me. Well, happy dramas of course.

Finally Danny is willing to come out to see people. Haha. Yay I get to see him soon. Mwahaha. Crazy. 12th April at USJ Summit. Woo hoo!

~ I need some essence in life.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Circle Magazine

Was browsing through wanita.net and saw an ad link that directed me to this.

It's an online virtual chinese entertainment magazine. You download it and you can read it just like a normal magazine but on your screen! I'm quite impressed with the graphic designs and ideas used. If you can read Chinese, I definitely recommend it. If you're a banana, just go through the pics and clips :) There's 7 people behind this online mag, and if I'm not mistaken, one of them is the Halo Cafe marketing personnel - Ah Yuan.

Loads of fun stuff in this mag - They have artistes interviews, music reviews, movie reviews, step-by-step make up lessons, shopping guides, personality test etc. Each issue they target different topics like 'Recycling', 'Ladies First' etc. Very very interesting (for me lah).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

[Lyrics] Orange - Ai Qing

A song that I instantly fell in love with when I heard it as a background song for some programs introduction on TV. This song is about a third party's view on love and relationship.

Ai Qing

by Orange

Melody & Lyrics: 柯文坤

当 你得到了他以后
Dang, ni de dao le ta yi hou
想 了解他的习惯
Xiang, liao jie ta de xi guan
当 你失去了他以后
Dang, ni shi qu le ta yi hou
Hai mei ming bai ta de suo you

Ai qing mei you fen dui yu cuo
Zhi you fen xu yu wei yu jia li you
Shi shang de ai qing bian de na me de gan dong
爱情骗子 情场杀手
Ai qing pian zi, qing chang sha shou

闭上眼睛oh 闭上嘴巴
Bi shang yan jing oh, bi shang zui ba
侧耳倾听 用心去看
Ce er qing ting, yong xin qu kan
你会听见 你会看见
Ni hui ting jian, ni hui kan jian
真正的心oh 真正的他
Zhen zheng de xin oh, zhen zheng de ta
甜言蜜语 另有目的
Tian yan mi yu, ling you mu di
忽冷忽热 缥缈不定
Hu leng hu re, piao miao bu ding
无动于衷 不懂珍惜
Wu dong yu zhong, bu dong zhen xi
冷看爱情 不懂真心
Leng kan ai qing, bu dong zhen xin

Repeat *

重视爱情 万众无一

(P/S: Pokok, I know this is your blog song too, but too bad! Neh neh ni bu bu!)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hello hello. I know my blog has become dusty already so I'm here to clean it up. It's not that I didn't online or anything but I just don't know what to blog. Life has been erm, very simple. Didn't do much for the past week except that I went to Hatyai with my parents, meet up with friends and then went to Penang last weekend for Sourir Pour Moi promo just for fun.

This post I will talk about Hatyai only. I guess since secondary school I've been going to Hatyai a lot, perhaps few months once. If you still don't know, Thailand is a nice place to shop, eat and massage and 'imitation goods'. My parents go there often to buy those Zebra pots and stuff, and I'm back with shoes and bags cuz I freaking can't fit into their clothes. Sigh.

It's been over 3 years I didn't go due to my studies in college and fear of bombing and now, finally I get to go! Hatyai has became much quieter compared to last time, the stalls close at 10pm, more chinese/hokkien/english speaking Thai yet the quantity and quality of food remains :)

From Wikipedia:

[Hat Yai (Thai: หาดใหญ่; also Haad Yai / Had Yai) is a city in southern Thailand near the boundary to Malaysia. Geographical location 7°1′N, 100°28′E. With a population of 157,359 (2008) in the core city and about 800,000 in the Greater Hat Yai, Hat Yai is the biggest city of the Songkhla Province and the largest metropolitan area in Southern Thailand, and is thus often mistaken as being the capital of the province. However Songkhla is the capital, unlike the other provinces where the capital is the biggest city of the province. The city covers the whole tambon Hat Yai of Hat Yai district. Both cities are a part of Greater Hatyai-Songkhla Metropolitan Area.

The name "Hat Yai" is a short version of "Ma Hat Yai", meaning big Ma Hat (Thai: มะหาด) tree.]

We used to take the bus from KL to Hatyai but now my parents drive up to Changlun, stopping halfway in Ipoh for lunch, enjoying the journey up. Park the car at Changlun and take a taxi up to Hatyai. I would say a 4 days 3 nights stay is sufficient. You take 1 day to go to the big market (shoe, pots, dried goods shopping), 2 nights to walk around the small market (around Lea Garden hotel), 1 day to Big C/Tesco, the rest go for massage every day because it's very cheap! Traditional massage is only 240 Baht (equivalent to RM24 here).

For me, it's a food haven there. And shoes too. I came back with 6 pairs of shoes and a stomach 2kg heavier. Serious! I eat 5 full meals a day because they serve all porridges and noodles and rice there. But yummy *drools*. And anybody know if there's a fashion brand in Malaysia called Espada? (Not ESCADA) Because I saw it there and the clothes were nice! But expensive. Should be a foreign brand.

Well, let's say no more and let pictures fill you with words :)


You will find quite some number of these Bird's Nest and Sharks' Fin restaurant around. And also small dessert (Tong Sui) push cart stalls that sells dessert drinks such as Soya Bean, Taufu Fah, 8 Treasure dessert drink etc.

Small push cart stalls businesses are more popular than those restaurants'. Street food are every where and is yummy always. You can find carts that sells Thai pickles, grilled squid, fruits, roti canai, coconut etc.

Every corner you will find clothes stalls set up like this, especially at night, at the market area (around Lea Gardens Hotel), from clothes to watches to necklace to collectible items.

This is the Pasar or 'big market' that we call. I seriously don't know what its real name is. It's actually a square building where there are tonnes of shoe and bag stalls here.

They also have a lot of stalls selling these crackers and nuts and snacks.

Here comes my fave part - PHOOD

I first had this roti canai thingy in Phuket when I was 7. I remembered loving it so much because it has evaporated milk, banana, egg and chocolate sauce on it. I came back to KL and tried making one at home and I vomited everything out. Hmm... weird. This one has got no choc sauce but it has banana, egg and evaporated milk inside. The guy actually will pour more milk on top but it's too sweet to be consumed so cut it.

Orange juice made from local oranges.

My favoritest dish in Hatyai from ONE particular aunty - Fish Maw soup (at the small market)

Ho ho ho! Guess what is this? What the Chinese know as "lou jue tao" (stewed pork head). I doubt you'll find this in Malaysia. And NO I DIDN'T EAT THIS. Can't imagine myself eating the erm... nose. The ears yes lah.

Beef Noodles near BP Grand Tower Hotel.

They still use old-fashion bottles.

Essential condiments on the table and the Thai seriously put everything in their noodles. (Clockwise from upper left: Crushed peanuts, chili sauce, sugar, chili powder, green chilies, and XO sauce.

Duck noodle soup few doors away from Hatyai Central Hotel. Yum yum! They used to have the green noodle made from spinach, but not anymore. It seems to have disappeared from all the shops :(

Ever-wonderful Thai laksa. (Opposite Pasar) The Thai eat the laksa with lots of greens as seen below. Not the normal lettuce or cabbage or so but leaves with more pungent tastes such as basil, curry leaves. If you don't like the taste you can opt for bean sprouts and cucumber. You can take as much greens as you like, the laksa is only 20 Baht! And water is free :)

Mini Petai look-alike. And taste like petai too.

Cucumber, mini eggplant and guava pieces. To go with the laksa.

On the way back from Hatyai to the custom, we asked the taxi driver to stop at this town called Kongeh or something (the name sounds obscene) for Kuey-Chap. For me it's so so but my dad loves it.

Usually what I do in Hatyai is eat (of course), shop, facial (Only 300 Baht around the corner of Hatyai Central Hotel), massage, go to the salon to straighten my hair or dye (used to be cheap but now not anymore) and manicure/padicure (only 120 Baht for both, but don't expect those nail arts lah), eat eat and eat more. Hehe.

Going to Thailand during the Water Festival will be much more fun, but if you would prefer a peaceful and relaxing trip, you can go anytime :)