Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moody Day

Sometimes I realize I can turn into another person all of the sudden...
One minute I was talking happily, laughing out loud like a mad person...
Another minute I can turn into a moody, quiet and just sit down in silence the whole night.
I really don't know what's wrong with me. I know they felt it, but I just don't know what's got into me. Out of the sudden, I'm feeling really, really moody. I didn't feel like going home, I wanted to sit there the whole night through. I want to hear them sing. Their singing makes me feel better.
I feel like crying right now. All the bad things are filling up my head. I can't help it. They just kept coming.

I know, human are not lucky forever. Lucky moments happen only once or twice. Some dreams do come true. But some dreams don't. The more you want it to happen, the more it won't. Work hard for it? No, sometimes somethings you can't work for it. If it doesn't come true, it just doesn't. Full stop. Perhaps it's fate. Give and take. You have to give up something to take something in return. Nothing is free in this world.

Sometimes, even I am surprise of myself. People often say that I'm not my age. (Indirectly - mature, literally - I'm old looking =_=") I can advice people, i can comfort people, I can be sooooo patient, sitting down and be a good listener. But when the 'empty' feeling comes, I turn weak. Weaker than anyone that I know, even weaker than how i expect myself to be. Speaking of expect, I guess I always become sad because I expected too much. Wait, rephrase it, i ALWAYS expect too much. From myself, my family, my friends, my... whoever...

I can be very positive thinking at times... However, I can be very negative at times too... I'm always scared. Scared of doing things. Scared of failing. Scared of disappointing other people. Scared of hurting others. Argh...






Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bad dream...

Woke up at 1.3opm just now... Had a loooooong day at the 50th Merdeka Concert yesterday at Bukit Bintang. Was out from 10.30am to 3am the next day. Had brunch at BTS food court, then head to the stage to check out the place. Then I head to Sg Wang to see Superstars' performance for some Magnum event.

Saeng Sun kept reporting to me about what is happening at the stage. After the Superstars' performance I quickly rush back to the stage. Sorry Teng :S

Was in time for the artists' sound checks. Saw all the sound checks including Danny's <3. We were let into the Super Zone at about 6.30pm and we rush to the best spot we can get. The medias start taking the fans' pics with our boards. I was holding Danny's while others holding Daniel's. Michael (one of the media) asked: "Why tak pasal pasal Danny come out one?" =_=" "We're one stop mah :D" Stood until 7.30pm and the AEC hosts came out and hype up the crowd.

At 8pm sharp, the event started with everybody singing Negaraku. And one by one the artist came out as the opening medley, after that the show began. About half an hour after that, it rained again!! Such a 'lucky' day. 3 times it rained in a day. In the afternoon it was so sunny and hot. Totally unexpected.

It's definitely one fantastic concert that could not be missed. Imagine seeing so many local artists, be it working here or abroad in one single show, *drooling*.

The concert ended at about 12.30am I think. We still don't want to leave and stand in front of the hotel and see see look look. Until 1 something only we left. Thought can see Danny & Eric one =( Then we went to OKR for BKT (My lunch/dinner) and reach home about 3am. Tiring but a blast!!! Though not as fun as countdown, but I still have a wonderful memory =D Thanks.

Had a weird dream just now. I dreamt that I was at a concert or event, can't remember. And I gave a bouquet of flowers to ___. After the event, we went backstage to see see look look. And my friend pointed towards the backstage and say :"Hey, isn't that your flowers?" Guess where the flowers are? In the rubbish bin. =_=" I wonder if it really happens... I wonder if it really happened to my flowers... Sigh, i guess it's just what I fear will happen.

I wonder where's the Patrick doggie... the shirts... the Doraemon... the cookies... in the dump perhaps? :S

~Suan le ba, jiu ze yang suan le ba, gai fang jiu fang, zai xiang ye mei you yong~

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trip to Taiping, Penang

I'm blogging in Penang! Right now in CY's house, doing nothing so blog for the fun of blogging... Hahahaha......

I was in Taiping two days ago... Thank god I didn't miss the bus nor went up the wrong bus, despite my blurness. I took the 1.30pm bus and reach Taiping at 6pm. SS came and pick me up and we head to her house. Then Szen came and fetch us for JJCM trip. First went to Prima, then dunno where but few shops we tried to go weren't open, so last resort was to go to Taman Tasik hawker center. Yummy yummy food. I drank the best ever 'sa lei' juice ever! Yummy! Hehe.

I spent the night in Sar's house and Shin Yau called back, and I talked to him for a couple of minutes. Glad to hear that he's doing fine in Aussie land. :D

The next day we went and take photos around Taiping Lake Garden. The view is excellent. I never know that Malaysia has such nice views =p The lakes, the fountain, the hills... Szen & Sar said a lot of couples come here to snap their wedding pics... I think next time I will too =D Well, too soon to think about that. Szen said 'wah, you macam never see lake garden before' =_=" Not never see before, it's just that I enjoy all these lakes, gardens, sea, sights very much. I feel very relax and relief when I'm around these places. Haha, perhaps when I retire I'll move to Taiping and stay near the lake garden. Well, lagi too fast to think about this. Hahaa! And I saw a lot of monkeys!! And a cute lil' baby one! So cuteee! (Never see monkey before ar?!? =_=")

Then we went for so-called breakfast at Restoran Kakak which serves nice soup noodles :D And then we head on to Penang!!!!!!! Slept in the car and upon reaching Pg we went to fetch CY near her house. Argh, we went the wrong way and had to make a big round. Then we went to Penang Road for the famous laksa, char kuey teow and ice kacang :) Yummy! And then we went for the redbox gathering at Gurney. Met Ostro, Layleng, Swteh, Yumi, Mich, Maehoe, Elie, their cousin there. Sang and sang and sang, did stupid things, stupid things and stupid things until 5pm. Then we left. Walk around for awhile. And Ostro fetch us back to CY's house. Watch 8864 (Got Danny and LYC :D ) then get ready for dinner with CY's family. Haha, macamlah I'm their family member =_="

That's all about my last two days in Taiping & Penang. Will upload the pics when I get back to KL... So fast, 1 week holiday is gonna be over soon. Have to get back to reality.. get back to college... Argghhh.....

Thanks Sar, Szen & CY - For bringing me around, letting me stay over, even though sleeping at the porch =_=". Thank you guys so so so much. Mwaks.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Am I The Only One?

Arghh... It's only the 2nd day of CNY, and i'm already bored to death!
Done some visitings, ate like a pig (10am, 1pm, 4pm, 8pm). I need ENO.
People are out having fun, eating or gambling or ang pao collecting but I'm at home onlining, watching TV. But luckily there's lotsa shows on TV. So I'm not dead yet.
It's just that when I online, there's no one to talk to!!! Gosh... I feel so miserable.
Petrol naik, harga barang naik, fees naik, tapi ang pao tak naik... >.<"

I watched The Myth on Astro. It's nice!!! So touching. (Sorry I'm outdated)
I want to watch The Lady Iron Chef! Suppose to watch with cousin yesterday but i was too tired to go for midnight movie. ZzzZzz...

Nothing much to blog about... Oh, 988 got this contest to win prizes from Double D (Danny & Daniel) Weeeee! I want i want i want!

Downloaded 4 ringtones of the 988 G Si Ding... Cute! I love the one whereby it sang in the Happy Birthday tune *Pig you new year happy, pig you birthday happy, pig you ma ma day happy, pig you day day happy!* Hahahaha, it's just so cute!

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going to Taiping & Penang! Whoopeeeee! Gonna eat and eat and eat! Gonna lepak, lepak and lepak! I'll have fun! I hope. Hopefully I don't end up on the wrong bus tomorrow *pengsan*

Adios! Fatty signing off.

PS: Learned a new word today. GXFC.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Yay! New header for my blog! I did it myself... well, i'm quite satisfied with it as it's my first time doing a siggie. Danny One Forever <3 I almost burst my brain trying to figure out how on earth to post this header up. Took me ages.

Yay! I received my first ever CNY card this year. By Ivy. Thanks Foo Foo. Haha, somehow although sms, emails and phone calls took over the duty of CNY cards, but I somehow always still prefer receiving CNY cards. Thinking it will be people that I won't expect.

Yay! It's CNY already! But I seem to be getting moodier and moodier. Small lil' bad things keep happening around me. Well, you know, family politics. Urgh. It makes me sick. I wish I can stay home for the whole week. Just stay home and listen to the radio and watch TV. Argh. I'm watching Silence again on UTube. Hehe very touching show.

Why am I feeling sad for no reason?
Why am I laughing to myself at times?
Why am I dreaming that I will ever be friends with all of you?
Why am I so lost in this world?

Happy Chinese New Year peeps. Wishing all of you a prosperous new year and be blessed with luck, happiness, good harvest and love all year round. Welcome to the year of the golden boar =D
I can't wait for the 24th <3

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Death = Appreciation

Did you realize that, many times, appreciations comes after a person's death?
It happened loads of times, well of course to those celebrities that we know, such as Princess Diana, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, and just recently Xu Wei Lun.
Many times, people will only start to appreciate the presence of another after they were gone...
Many times, people will only remember the person after they have left this world...
Having musicals, things/roads named after them... Well, i don't mean to offend anybody seriously.. But I just felt that, what's the point?
Sigh... I don't want to only be remembered after I die.
Will people cry or laugh after I die?
Will I be buried well after I die?
How will my family and friends live after I die?
I want to know... But if I die, I won't know a single thing. I won't get to hear what they say, I won't get to see what they do...
Therefore, appreciate your love ones when you're still in this world. Make others feel happy and appreciated. At least, they know that you actually realize their presence.

I've been doing it over and over again. Am I enjoying it? Yes. But i'm getting bored of it. I don't know why. But I really enjoy doing it. I'm just feeling very emo out of the blue. Tomorrow is CNY, but there's no feel about it. Unwanted things keep happening. Why is this so? Sigh. It's good that i'm going to Penang for a change.

Vivian's forum is up!
Click on the pic!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Electricity comes from Electrons, Morality comes from Morons

Been eating and eating non stop these few days...
Gosh, i'm putting on so much weight... Makan dee, few hours later feel hungry again... Gosh, didn't know that of all my body parts, my digestion system is sooooooooo efficient. Too efficient I suppose =_="

How did I spent my Valentine? I went for dinner with my dearests. Joanne and Lisa. Haha... I told my mum that i'm going out with Joanne. Just now in my grandparents' house, guess what she told me? She told my dad I was going out with Joanne. And my dad asked my mum back, "Why Joanne and not Joseph?" I was like: who the heck is Joseph? Only then I realize he's just simply crapping a name that starts with Jo**** because of Joanne. Lmao... Then, my brother came home late yesterday as well. My mum asked him where he went? He said "I went dinner with JOesinn." (His best buddy). OMG, so coincident. JO as well. Hmm, let me see... Perhaps next year i'll date Joseph, Joel, Joe, Jomanji, Jojo, Joja, Joju, and even MOJOJOJO!

My 'bro' was sick. He was admitted into the hospital. Saw the white hospital wristband on his wrist. Scared the hell out of me. I totally have no mood after that. I thought it was due to me that he fall sick. But then my 'bro' was admitted for a check up only. Scary isn't it. Well, I think he hates me... I think he's scared of me... Maybe I'll just see him less la... =_="

Well, seriously, what is freaking wrong with Malaysian highways nowadays? Tak pasal pasal jam... All blame on the freaking-moronic-Malaysian-drivers-whom-i-don't-know-how-they-pass-their-freaking-driving-license! KNNCCB!
~ I freaking hate those b******s who thinks they drive a freaking nice race car, speed all the way and when somebody blocks their way, they'll stick to your car butt and flashing their lights like they're being electrocuted. Kcuf.

~ I freaking hate those people who thinks that the roads are owned by their grandmothers or grandfathers, cutting lanes without putting their signals? Why? Does it freaking hurt ur poor little finger just to put your signal? GDI!

~ I freaking hate those b******s who likes to show off... Mat Rempit ker, driving the AE86 taufu car ker, if you freaking drive a nice car, I accept. If not, keep it to yourself ok. I so not want to see your lauyah skills. And sorry to say, I don't know how to appreciate drifting... When it goes down the longkang or being 'burgered' perhaps I'll clap. Ho ho ho... I'll be pointing at you, laughing so bad until i have cramp on my face and shout "DAI SEI!".

~ I freaking hate those b******s who are rushing to go give birth, who can't even wait a single second when they're at the end of the road, and the traffic light 20 cars ahead of them just turned green. Come on lah... Never learn physics ar? SAKAI!

I am sure these people scored As in their moral paper last time. No wonder their morality is sooooooooooooooooooooo "D"isastrous. God, save them.



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dreaming Away...

Can't sleep... Cuz I slept too much today...
Ahh, it's Valentine's. Everybody is talking about it. Suddenly I felt cold. Don't know why.
The traffic was heavy on Federal Highway at 11pm just now. So many cars at such a late hour? I guess they're mostly couples, or some of them are bfs going to fetch their gfs. Hahaha!
It's Chinese New Year in few days time. Don't have the mood, but desperately want it. Ang pows of course :) And food.

Don't have the mood to study this year. I just don't have the mood anymore. Pn Siti was right. You will lose determination very easily as everything is theorethical. Sigh. What's wrong with me man... I prefer practical. I want to go for kitchen classes. F&B classes. I want to go holiday! I'm so in the mood to go holiday! Langkawi, Bangkok, Hatyai, Singapore, Australia, Penang, France, UK, US, everywhere!

I want to dance. I want to learn yoga. I want to go gym. I want to go swimming. I want to play bowling. I want to play volleyball. I want to shop. I want to go karaoke. I want to watch movies. I want to eat Kim Gary. I want to work. I want to chase stars. I want to cook. I want to bake. I want to watch dramas. I want to read novels. I want to sleep. I want to go holiday. I want to see you. I want steamboat. I want Nike. I want everything.

I need to clean my room. I need to wash my car. I need... i need... i need... err...

*There's actually very few things that we need... but there's a lot of things that we want...*

Monday, February 12, 2007

'G' for Good.

Skipped class today. Cuz of my leg. Pain ler. Cannot walk. Whole day stay in the room. Wanted to make cookies also cannot. Susah want to go out to buy ingredients.

Woke up at 12.30pm. Online. Do some work. Ate lunch. Online. At 5.30pm felt sleepy and slept until 7.45pm. Shutz. Missed "Silence". Tomorrow last episode liao! Went Fat Rock for dinner. Had their famous fried rice. Yummy. Aunt suggest to go urut my leg. Just nearby. Mum went for facial and me and dad went for urut.

People say when urut, if the part kena urut very pain means one part of your body got something wrong right? Wah liao, the lady urut for me, soooooo~~ painnnnn! Does it means that every part of my body is wrong? *pengsan*


Hopefully my bad lucks don't come in 3's. =_=" Most importantly, hopefully this year won't be BAD for me.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Enjoyable but painful weekend

Oh no... More and more projects coming our way!
Gosh, so many things to do, so little time, and soooo not enough money... Can anyone spare me few thousand bucks for me to spend? :D
Jikalau saya ada sepuluh ribu ringgit, saya hendak... hehe!

Classes on weekdays are usual... Again, don't really have the mood to study... Perhaps cuz dreaming away about CNY. Ang pows, food, mandarins, kuaci, new clothes... I've done my cny shopping dee... Left a nice little bag for the new year... hmm, maybe i'll just recycle old bags to use. =_="

10.02.07 Saturday
Went to 3 events.. Really macam chase star lah. First was Endah Parade's Danny's promo. It only started at 2.30pm. When I'm rushing, it start late, when I reach late, they start early. *pengsan* He looks a bit sick and tired. And he cut his hair. So cute. Like small boy.

He said 'We meet again. Seems like every saturday also we meet hor?' He even asked 'is my hair nice?' *pengsan* He sang 'Love & Freedom', 'Wai Hor Siong Tai Dor' and 'Siapa'. I gave him a Doraemon pillow, Sar, Szen, ML and CY said he thanked me and said my name. But I didn't hear. But when he pass it to his PA, he told his PA "Don't snatch away ah" Evil la he...

Then me, ML and CY rushed to Cineleisure for Kwok Fai's Laconic appearance. Met Pek Li, Mei Yan, Mai Mai and gang there. They started late. They chose 3 couples for a Q&A session. Finally heard his "Love Is Beautiful", I proudly announce that it's composed by Danny Wen! Love the tune, and love the lyrics... So touching. I wonder what makes him wrote this song? Nyek nyek nyek.

Then at 4pm there's a CNY gathering for KF FC at Redbox. I didn't want to go so I walked around... Wanted to look for Zyna's flea market stall but saw Meg instead. And Sar came. Then ML called saying the cny card is with me. So I had no choice but to go Redbox. Stayed there awhile. KF is such an adorable person and nice and sweet. Feel bad if say hi then go away so me and Sar stayed awhile. Don't know what got into me, getting crazy and all, sang Ni Na Me Ai Ta. I did some crazy move which I think shocked KF like hell, but he was sitting behind me and he came and sit next to me. OMG! And we sang together... la la la... Told ya he's adorable. His voice is absolutely fantastic.

Then at 5pm me, Sar and ML left for Danny's promo at Cineleisure. For the Hip Hop Street Party. Forgot what he sang. We wanted to make him dance, but he keep finding excuses, switching topics. Evil him. He said he's scared cuz so many profeh around. He can dance ok! Really must show him sweat sign la. Then his autograph session. And I gave him the bag of 'goodies' =D La la la... Jovee gave him a teddy bear, he go put on his pants pocket. So cute!

Me and Sar walked around and this 'pandai' Szen met Danny twice b4 going back! Arghh! Unfair!!! Hmpf! They're fated. Anyway, then we headed home.

11.02.07 Sunday
Today is d day... D day of Inter'club'sional Futsal Tournament. Woke up at 6.30am and get ready. Aunty Audrey came and fetch me and CY then we head to Sports Planet in Ampang. We were the earliest to reach, belum buka so we go mamak yum cha first.

You may be shocked, but yes I participated. Haha, laugh out loud. There were Pinkies, Jacsville, Rentak Sejuta, Rockenstein, Paul Moss Forum, Supersukis, Farahnatics and MyNita. We were there more of picnic-ing rather than playing =_=" Food was everywhere around us! From nasi lemak to coffee, tea or me to cny cookies, jellies and mandarin oranges! Unfortunately we lost.. Played three games, lost all three. But anyhow we had fun! Loads and loads of fun! So win or lose, we're still the champion! Woo hoo! Hip hip hooray! Was knocked in the 3rd game and fell on my leg.

Then we head to Sungai Wang for an 8tv event. Went to Cosway Bay for lunchie. My ankle started to feel pain. Yeerei made cards for Daniel. Gosh, it's so freaking extremely no-one-else-will-do nice. She spent the whole night doing it man. The thing started at 4pm and ended at 6pm. Got Eric, Daniel, Des and Suki and also the 8tv chinese hosts. So long never see Daniel already. Hair macam lion king. He just flew back from Sabah. Guess he's very tired. At 6 I rushed out to listening to Danny's Xin Qing on 988 - his love stories... so romantic haha. Sat there for 1 hour listening to it while the others waited for me :p Sorry. And I think I saw ZZ, but being short sighted, I might be wrong. My leg was pain and I had to walk limping.

Then me, Sar, CY, Fish, Fanny, Yeerei and Audrey went to eat Korean food. Yummy. But the pork too dry though I thought. But overall still yummy :D Laughed like some baboons at the shop. Heard a super super shocking news and laughed non stop.

I was practically limping all my way back home. Imagine limping from Low Yat, cross the overhead over to Times Square and all the way in Times Square until the car. Yes, I sprained my damn freaking leg. It's freaking pain now. And this CY can't stop laughing at me. Sakai...

I can't wait for CNY! Going Taiping, going Penang! Woo hoo!!!

Danny left a message at his web site.. aww so sweet. But of course it's for all his fans lah haha! Dating? Mimpi lah... kakakaka!

That's all for now. My leg is painful. Doubt I'll go class later. Good night. Mwaks. Peace to the world!

Oh.. PS: Happy Valentine's Day!

Green Love? Where is my love?
(Spot the small red love)

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Have you watched these videos? Innocent little babies, aren't they?

I almost died laughing =_="

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Practically....... help me!!!

Was practically late for class today. Woke up late and my blurness took over my body. Until I saw the wrong time. My alarm clock is 15 minutes earlier. When it's 8.45am i thought it was only 8.15am and i slumberly get dressed. Everybody was staring at me when i walk in the class. My blurness actually began since yesterday. Was making choc chip cookies, instead of 1 + 3/4 cups flour, I put 3/4 cups only... F*ck. What's wrong with me man... And today I tried again, I think I used the wrong measuring cup. Double f*ck.

In class, I was practically daydreaming all DAY through. Imagining really stupid stupid stupid stuff... Haha, don't ask me what is it... Heard someone playing Siapa in the library. Siapa... shi ni mah... dao di shui hui teng ai wo lah...

Practically, I put on weight... And practically, i desperately need to lose some weight... If I can't fit into my new year clothing, jia lak lohh! Haha, if not, just wear Danny 2.0 shirt la... XL... Big enough... wakakakaka!

During French class, suddenly KY ask me 'do u subscribe to Chinese newspaper?'. 'No, why?' KY: 'I saw you in the paper!' Oh shutz! Thanks so much la mr. reporter... "nice" pic. F*ck.

Practically, I fell in love with this Anson Hu Yan Bin's song "Waiting For You" since the first time I heard it. Love at first "hearing". :D Listening to it over and over again... It's totally freaking awesome... Love the melody, love the voice, love the lyrics :D Can someone sing it to me? <3 style="color: rgb(204, 102, 204);">

Waiting For You
Anson Hu Yan Bin

金色的舞鞋 伴著音樂
而忽明忽滅 掩藏不可思議的美
讓我暈眩 在懸崖邊 誰知一睁眼就不見
Waiting For You I'm Waiting For You
Waiting For You Kiss Me In The Night 為何你Cinderella
Waiting For You I'm waiting for you
Waiting For You come Here To My Dream

牵着你不断旋转 一直到黑髮變成了銀線
Waiting For You Waiting For You 只到永遠
而忽明忽滅 掩藏不可思議的美
讓我暈眩 在懸崖邊 誰知一睁眼就不見
Waiting For You I'm Waiting For You
Waiting For You Kiss Me In The Night 為何你Cinderella
留給我一望無際的思念 Oh Waiting For You

Waiting For You Waiting For You Waiting For You
Waiting For You I'm Waiting For You
Waiting For You Kiss Me In The Night 為何你Cinderella

Waiting For You I'm Waiting For You
Waiting For You Come Here To My Dream
牵着你不断旋转 一直到黑髮變成了銀線
Waiting For You Waiting For You Waiting For You

*Don't treat me too good... i'll fall in love with you*

Tuk tuk tuk chiang!! Tuk tuk tuk chiang!!! Cai shen daoooo!!!! Cai shen daooooo!!! Hehe... CNY's coming!!! Woo hoo!!! But the mood's not. =_=" I'm in the mood to listen to CNY songs, but CNY? Owh, it's here already? Heck. But I'm looking forward to ang pao collecting... Just make sure it's not a red pau... If you get what I mean. Will be going to Penang and Taiping during CNY :D To visit my beloved friends' homes and Jalan Jalan Cari Makan. I just can't wait!!! I heard the CNY version of DT and Jolin's 'jin tian ni yao jia gei wo' hahaha... I laughed out loud listening to it... It's basically asking people to 'jia gei wo' in CNY? Haks! I want to go sing K! I want to do lots of lots of things! But so many things to do but so little time!


Sunday, February 04, 2007

My wonderful weekend...

Haha... people will kill me by now... 'yao hai Danny ah...'
This post is also about him...
Sorry lah... I'm in love with him... I support him... So I post about him :D

Went to Seremban - Era Walk...

We were wondering if we were at the correct place because the stage wasn't a single mother event but a CNY event instead... Called ML and she said it's a joint event... Phew...

We had dinner at a Western restaurant... I ate chicken chop (sauce is nice but chicken so small piece), teng had fried rice, and we ordered fried sotong and potato wedges (big sucks!)

After dinner, walked out and saw Danny and HX standing behind the backstage tent. Went up and say hi then walked in front to see the show. After Dato Ng Yen Yen's speech, Danny came out and sang "Siapa", dedicated to all single mothers. Then he went backstage, and me and Teng sat down and wait. We went and buy Danny's album and got the Echo Park tag string. Gonna hang my whistle... hehehe!

Teng went the 2nd time to buy cd for ML. But so pandai pay $$ but never take cd. 20 mins later she realized and we went back to take our cd. Then I went toilet and walk passed the other side of the backstage and saw Danny and gang there... (He was there all the while >.<") We went back to our spot. Teng went and request to take pic <3 Then we stood there watching the Urban Groove breakdancers practising. Then the breakdancers' turn to dance. We went in front to watch. Then Danny's turn. He sang "Love & Freedom". Then "Leng Chai" where the dancers and one small kid as backup dancers and breakdancing. The small kid was so chun!

The event finished and we stayed awhile thinking got autograph session. But people just go to the backstage for signing. So we went also. He thanked us for coming and ask us to drive safely. Hehe! Lup Danny.

Went Midvalley for Danny's promo again... Woke up late.
Had lunch at Oasis foodcourt. But i wasn't hungry so i just drank soya bean. 15 minutes later my face turned hot, and my stomach feeling uneasy. They were happily chatting but I just don't have the strength to say anything. After leaving the food court, I quickly walked to the toilet and vomited everything out. The soya bean sucks!
He was in La Manila eating. We can see his head from the mirror. Haha...
He sang "Siapa" and "Wai Hor Siong Tai Dor". We sang along with him. Shit, i'm praying that I won't be on the tv or newspaper. =_=" We were the noisiest ones... But we have to be supportive and have fun mah! Hehe! After that it was the autograph session.

Then he went up and took photograph with the staffs. And he was given a doraemon soft toy. By the Rock Corner staffs i think. Then we went to the stairs behind, trying to see if we can see him leaving. We were doubting, and wanted to go away when I tried my luck and ran up. He came out from a door, scared the hell out of me. He also was shocked. Then we took a group photo and we requested him to sing a song next week. Hopefully he'll sing it :D My fave song... Can't wait for his showcase or something... I just want to see him play the piano... Sing english songs... *lum sei*

Then SS left and we went BK cuz I didn't eat b4 the show. Stayed and chat for a long time. I missed those days. Then we left. I just love this weekend... I had fun... You made me laugh. You made me happy. You made my day. Thanks.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Syiok Sendiri...

I think you guys are already freaking bored, reading all my posts... because all of it are about the one and only Danny <3

I looooooooove this pic very very much.... Courtesy of Idolhunter of Pinkies World

Szen was driving at 170km/hr all the way from KL to Penang... A wira going at 170?.... Freaking scary

3 sakai on a trip... wiao wiao wiao... to ipoh and penang... wiao wiao wiao...

Danny and KBox boss posing for media

Guess who we met? Alison!!

There's a silver lining behind every cloud... Miracles do happen <3
With ma name... <3
And in Penang, we met Hmay...

I was in love with this... it's tinted on the glass of Rock Corner in Midvalley... I wish i could do this on my window glass :p

At the entrance of Rock Corner Soooooo many! Sooooo cute!