Monday, December 26, 2005

Eating 'Vith' Eve - Cafe Modestos, Hartamas Shopping Center

Merry Christmas everyone! It's a jolly good day! Woke up at 11.15pm and get ready for lunch... supposingly my parents and i were to go to Sunway Hotel's Avanti, but the buffet was RM98++, and members only can get 20% discount! Not worth it, so plan to go to Midvalley for Coffee Bean lunch, turn out to Old Klang Road, whoaa, jam!!! The whole MV was crowded with people! Eeleng message me and said that they were stuck for 1 hour and no choice but to patah balik... ;D

So mom suggest to go to Hartamas Shopping Center to look see look see... Initially i thought Hartamas would be crowded too as I heard that it's quite famous... When we reach there, =_=" i can count the people there with my ten fingers... ample parking spaces available! (But the parking charges are crazy, 2 ringgit per hour Monday to Sunday!) Look around for food, saw Kim Gary (hehe!), Bak Kut Teh, Only Mee, Yik Mun Kopitiam, Kenny Rogers and Cafe Modestos... FYI, the 'jiong moon yan' (Super Trio Show hosts) restaurant will be opening soon in HSC...

Not much choices, so parents decided to give Modestos a try... Not a single customer was inside... Throughout our dining duration there, no one stepped into the restaurant... All 3 of us ordered the pasta combo whereby you choose one pasta dish from the menu, and comes with free fries and a cup of soft drink. Mom and i ordered Spaghetti with Mushroom Cream Sauce while dad ordered Fettucini with Plum sauce and seafood. The fries was nice... crunchy enough... The portion of the pasta was ok, enough to fill my stomach hehe! But to me, i think that the cream sauce is not creamy enough, and the mushroom taste was really heavy... For dad's, the fettucini was too thin (i prefer it thicker), but the plum sauce was quite nice! Saw their homemade pizza in the display counter, whoaa, really big piece but the dough was too thick, and guess how much is one piece? RM7!!!! Crazeee!!!

Then went to buy some stuff in the supermarket, and wanted to yum cha at Yik Mun Kopitiam, but a cup of kopi-o is RM2.50, and Milo is RM3! I told my mum, i go home and make for you lah~

Monday, December 19, 2005

E.V.E. - Eating Vith Eve

16 December 2005 - Was invited for lunch with Anju, Ching, and Ria. Since Ching is working in Danau, so we decided to just have a quick lunch in Danau. Chooi Suet and Boon Chong joined in last minute... After much thoughts, we made our decision to eat at ----- KLG.

According to wikipedia, In Taiwan and Malaysia, there exists a KLG, which stands for 卡啦鸡 in chinese. KLG is the initials of the chinese words. The store also uses KFC elements in an altered form. For example, the lettering is of the same font and color as KFC. One visible difference is that their logo is that of a rather plump chicken wearing a bow tie, instead of Colonel Sarders.

There were just one Malay couple in the restaurant when we went in. There were 4 set meals and the promotion was additional 99 cents for fries or coleslaw. I ordered the fried chicken which consists of 2 pieces of fried chicken, and a drink and additional fries. Others tried the burger. Like anybody else, we tend to compare the quality of the food with KFC, but sad to say that KFC is 10 times better.

The chickens were dry and the colour of the meat was greyish!!! The coleslaw was ok, but they 'mince' the cabbage too much, so became very mushy. But the fries was nice! =p But then the burger, the meat was too big so very hard to bite... Need a lot of improvement! Hehe, if they offer free drinks refill, i MIGHT go back again lar kakaka!

Haha, after finish eating, we quickly left and said we'll never go back there again... But there's till space for improvement... hehe! For a restaurant to have 200 over franchise in Taiwan and China, i think their standard is really low.. sigh!


From left (Front to back): Mr Pierre (Chief examiner for finals), Mr Pradeep Nair (Chief Operating Officer), Mr Eric Olmedo(Director of Studies), Mr Yeoh Tay Boon (Head of academic studies), Mr Neethia(Head of Tourism and Languages), forgot her name (Chief examiner for Tourism), and Chef Bruno (Expert in cuisine from Toulouse)

Mr Reuben putting the kangkung leaves on his head... He said that they couldn't find coral leaves for the graduates, so Chef Bala gave him kangkung crown instead =_="

With our chef Bala!!! Chef ar, why so serious? Smile la!!!

Cute hor? I like this pic a lot!!!!

17 Dec Announcement Of Result Ceremony

10.30am - Reach college and wait at Uma Curry House to be 'escorted' to the Annexe hall... Few minutes later, Mr Wong Swee Lin came out and ask us to go in the hall. DH 17 were to be seated at the front right corner... All of us were very nervous as our result will be announced...

11.00am - The ceremony started. Mr Reuben was the emcee of the day. I like the way he speaks and the things he says. He started by telling us the story of a boy, going through the things we had went through, the feelings we felt when we took the exam, and that boy was he himself. Then it was followed by Mr Pradeep Nair's and Mr Pierre's speech... Chef Bruno was everyone's favorite for the day... hehe, i wonder why...

Then the cert giving started... It started from BDT, then DT, then DH then BDH... Our batch did quite good, but some were unexpected... Aih... Hehe, but i'm proud to announce that i receive 'Very Honourable Pass with Congrats From Jury'... In our batch, me, Amanda, Natassya, Keith, Lorraine, Kah Mun got VHPWCFJ. Others scored well too!!! Bravo DH17!! Bravo!!!

Then, we head for light refreshments in the L'escoffier Restaurant, and took pic with everybody... Chef Bala had to leave to teman his family. Chef CHong came and see us too!!! So nice of him! We laughed and joke with Chef Patrick Siau, even touch his bald head while taking pic! Hehe! Aih, i'm gonna miss this big family...

DH17 - To those who are continuing BDH, we shall meet again... for those who are not, all the best in your future and hope to see you guys again... keep in touch ya?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hmm, was wondering about this 'word' for quite some time... Actually, more precisely the words 'true friends'... Is it easy to find a true friend? Honestly, how do you consider a person to be your true friend? Nice to you, give you the best presents, have the same taste as you, or both of you know what's on each other's mind? Is your best friend your true friend? Do you have many many true friends or only one or none at all?

Sigh, to me, it's very complicated... what if you treat that person as your true friend, but he/she doesn't? If you hear him/her talk bad about you behind your back, how would you feel? What if you're close to someone, and one day, in a sudden he/she doesn't talk to you anymore, without any reason! Hurtful huh?

People changes day by day... In Standard Six, we say that we'll have no friends in form one, and will have gathering every year to meet each other... it might happen the first year, but slowly, we are asorbed into our own secondary school life... we lose track of each other; In Form Five, we say the same thing, we say we'll go pasar malam every week, or go out once a month, but soon we're into college life or some are busy working, we don't even have time to meet each other... then, our relationship falls apart... The things we talk about is new to each other, the people we meet, the things we do, the places we go...

People are selfish... we always live in our own lives... we want people to care for us... But at the same time, we must also know how to care for others... But never demand too much, because people ARE selfish, no matter what...

Ok, i don't know what am i crapping... good night!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Hotlink Myfm Party in Atmosphere, 23rd Dec

Wahh, honestly speaking, i think that Daniel is my idol and also my lucky charm!!! Hehe, today is the first day for the contest on My FM where you call in to win tickets to the party, and at 7pm i heard the cue to call, i called, the 3rd time i call, i got through... waited waited... and the dj picked up the phone!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! So i have to answer why i want to go to the party so much! And i won 2 passes! (If hotlink user can win 4!)

Really happy! But now i got 2 passes, one more pass give to who leh? Aih, hard to choose my partner!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Finally, trials is over... but 33 hours later i will be sitting for my finals for diploma! -_-... Haven't even study yet! Today chef patrick siau came in and give us some TIPS for finals, i got headache after that, so many things to study! And i have less than 24 hours to revise on everything!!!

Our batch is kinda unlucky, cuz supposingly all batches should get minimum one week study week between the trials and finals, but no, we only get 1 DAY! Haha! Stupid right the college! I know they sure say 'aiya, got study week or not also you're suppose to start doing revision long time ago, not last minute studying!' Halo! Typical Malaysian students la... sure all also last minute one ler...

Got our trials result today at 5.30pm... Soon after we took our LAN Malaysian Studies test... Erm, overall is ok... got 15.96/20 for my global average... Argh!!! 0.04 more marks i can get 'congrats from jury', but heck! Trials only mar... not that got cert also! If finals then can get scholarship la haha! Anyway, i'm not that geng ok! But it was my professional conduct that pulled my marks down.. i did not perform well... i was too nervous... got nervous break down kakaka! Got 12/20 for it... others got 16 or 17... sigh!!!

Got our finals timetable today! Really ridiculous and stupid lah!!! They cramp all the studying subjects in 2 days, then a 3 days weekend break, then wednesday kitchen practical (which has nothing to study), and thursday BM oral (also no need to study!), WTH!!! Jin jiak bo pa nai lor!!! Lagi sui is they cramp the management paper (which contains 5 studying subjects in one paper), and kitchen technology paper on the first day, which is the day after tomorrow! Go die la! Chiu!

Shuin la! Better go burn midnight oil now! Ciao!!!

P.S: Support Daniel ok! (Hehe, i have to mention Daniel in every post one la, hehe!)

Monday, December 05, 2005

So many things to do!!!

Aiyah, i want to do so many things larr... but got no time... HOW??? Now going to face finals dy... Then after that got 2 weeks holiday, then have to continue with higher diploma... Still wondering whether to take or not... scared lar, really worry that i can't face the pressure in higher diploma... even chef Patrick also advise us already, you need a lot of determination in higher dip. 2 weeks holiday, where got time to do anything? Ivy ask me go Langkawi also dunno should go or not...

1. Go shopping!!! No more shirt to wear for college dy lar...
2. Swimming, must kam fei already... so fat liao...
3. Learn yoga... Yoga mat pun takde... how to learn leh? Maybe go get a Nike Yoga Mat then learn from Tang Na's books and vcds...
4. Go holiday!!! Going Cameron on the 26th...
5. Cook!!! Must brush up my cooking skills la... still very char in cooking...
6. Design stuff for Daniel's forum... t-shirt, bookmark, car sticker... sigh, so many things!
7. Make banner - Pinkies Revolution on Piracy, Pinkies love Daniel... etc...
8. Download all Daniel's video clip...
9. Should i work part time next year? No money liao! Wanna buy so many things!!! Maybe i go work at Xenri...
10. Clean my room! Haha, it's so messy now!
11. Buy birthday and christmas presents...
12. Do puzzle!!! Hand itchy dy!!!
13. Reorganize my recipe book... my cooking note book...

Can think of all these only for now... will add on when i remember something... Ciao!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Albums that i want to buy...

1. Jay Chou - November's Chopin (The songs inside are awesome!)
2. Westlife - Face to Face
3. Zhang Zhi Chen - Kuai Le
4. Daniel Lee - Daniel Lee self titled album ( I want to buy again!!!)
5. Backstreet Boys - Never Gone
6. Simple Plan
7. Zhang Dung Liang, Nicholas - Ri Ri Ye Ye

Die lar, so many albums!!! No money!!!! Anybody can spare me money? ;D

Daniel's Album Released!

Well, kinda late to say this, but Daniel's first album was released on 22nd November 2005... Very sad cuz i couldn't go for the press conference in Planet Hollywood due to revision class... Heard that the Pinkies had loads of fun... Aih, jealousnya aku! Luckily Ching Yee went and bought me 2 cds...

Honestly, a lot of people who are 'not-so-into' Daniel, kept asking me why i like Daniel... They keep saying that he can't sing, not good looking... Does it mean that you only can like your idol if he/she is good looking? No right!

1. His talent - he's so good in playing music instruments, guitar, piano and violin...

2. His attitude - His friendliness, his persistence, his dreams, and his humbility (is it spelt like that?)

3. His taste/style - Daniel's fashion style, his taste is everything is also similar to mine... That's why i like his songs! =p

4. He is also a very fast learner. He is very fast in adapting himself into new environment and to face the media...

Basically everything about daniel also i like!!! Hehehe!!! I'm sure that you guys will like him too when you hear his songs!!! So go go go! Buy his album! Support original, say NO to piracy!!!

There are 10 songs in Daniel's album:
1. Fei (Chinese version of Mimpi)
2. Xuan Zhe (The Choice)
3. You Ji (Organic Love)
4. I Don't Know
5. Xian Zai Hen Xiang Jian Ni (Love To See You Now)
6. Wu Fa Zi Ba
7. Xin Yun Er (Lucky One)
8. Di Er Ci Tung Hua (Second Childhood)
9. Heaven Knows
10. Mimpi

RM35.90 only! But some music stores will sell at RM31.90 - RM33.90... Cheap ma!!! Go buy! Inside got loads of nice pics of Daniel, then got romanized lyrics for those who can't read chinese!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

3 days to Daniel's Album Release

Just three more days, threeeeee more days Daniel will be releasing his first album!!!! I'm buying two albums, one to frame up (not really frame up, just let him sign), one is to listen... Hehe!!! The songs in the album are really nice, especially Xian Zai Hen Xiang Jian Ni, Xing Yun Er, You Ji, Heaven Knows, Mimpi etc! I really guarantee it's nice! Buy lar, support local artist!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Trip to China

Ahh, imagine the cold windy weather, a beautiful scenery with a balanced ratio of mountains and lakes, how lovely!!! Yeap, last week was a long holiday because it was Deepavali and Hari Raya... I took leave from college for 2 days and went to Jiu Zhai Gou, Chengdu for one week. First day we left for the airport at 2.45am in the morning (28th oct), didn't sleep before that, there are about 60 people in our tour group, separate into two groups, me and my family and my aunty, uncle and cousin are in group A, the tour guide quite leng chai oh! =p We sat a chartered plane - Thai Sky Airlines (cheap airline!) which stops at Bangkok for transit then continue to Chengdu... about 3 and a half hours overall...

Our journey in China is starting from Chengdu - Dead Sea - Leshan - Mt Emei - Chengdu - Mianyan - Jiu Zhai Gou - Shen Xian Chi - Maoxian - Chengdu... Chengdu is the city of Sichuan... Nothing much about it, then Dead sea is where they pump up the salt water from Dead Sea underground and we soak ourselves in an indoor pool. In Leshan we visit the tallest Buddha statue in the whole world. In Mount Emei we visit 2 temples - boring! Mianyan nothing, just overnnight there only... The main trip is to go Jiu Zhai Gou... I tell you the place is absolutely brilliant and beeeaauuuttiiifffuulll!!!! It's pollution free and the sceneries were perrrfect!!! The lakes were sooo blue and clear! And i saw snow!!! So purely white!!! Look at the waterfall...

Even the buses they use are very high standard one... brings as less pollutions as possible... normal buses cannot go into JZG... In Shen Xian Chi we climbed 300 over steps to see a...... pond... Oklar, same as what we saw in JZG... In Maoxian we sit cable car for 1 hour which is a TOTAL waste of time seeing nothing...

My parents said that it's not worth it because they include so many optional itinery inside... and expensive ones!!! Then the organizing also not good... We went for this cultural show, panda watching, and an opera show... Oklar, but just felt unfair because why they can't include those inside the package since those are the famous things in Chengdu! Then not biasa with the food there cuz spicy and cold! Haha, we had a chance to eat Sichuan steamboat... also ok ok only...

Haha, oklar, sleepy already... continue next time... ciaoz!

Friday, October 21, 2005


20th Oct... really shocking news... Turned on the TV to watch Daniel's interview on MHI, but instead got the news that our First Lady, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi passed away peacefully at 7.55am this morning... caused by breast cancer... It's been raining the whole day... this shows that even God is weeping as Kak Endon is a wonderful lady, helping and cared for other people more than herself...

Sigh... see how unpredictable life is... Few days ago the doctors said that she's improving after undergoing treatment in overseas, but now... So, we really have to enjoy life to the max... Go holiday, eat your fave food, meet your idol, have fun!!! You won't know if one day you just... aihz... Last week my Malaysian Studies lecturer told us that, in 15 years time, the volcano in Krakatau, Indonesia is said going to erupt, and as it is the most dangerous volcano ( I think) in the world, and it will effect the countries around Indonesia including the whole of Malaysia until Bangkok! I think the whole South East Asia is in danger!!! Haha, i wonder how true it is... My friend was like "We will all die! Confirm die!"

Went out for dinner just now... Went to OUG, Restoran Hong Cha - they serve Pork Noodles and Seafood Noodles... They also have Japanese food like sushi, sukiyaki, tempura etc... Erm, i had Pork Mee Sua... The soup is very nice... full of flavors n sweet! The place is just after the BP station, just turn right after BP station and you'll see the restaurant... Only open at nights, closed every Wednesday...

8TV Quickie

Haha, it's been quite some time since i post here...

Well, I was told that Daniel will be on the 8TV Quickie on Wednesday night, 19/10/05 at 11pm... Haha, all the forummers in DFC were eagerly waiting for it! Then, there was this serial killer show until 12am, so the Quickie only started at 12am...

Adam was "all by myself" (he sang) cuz Marion went to London or something like that... He was giving away a Too Phat cd and Daniel's Mimpi single. Some guy called in to win the Too Phat cd, and then a girl name Pei Yin (from forum) won the Mimpi single... haha, she's so cute lar, she sounded so nervous! Then Adam continue chatting with Daniel, and i kept calling in, just to try my luck... After like 30 or 40 times calling, I got through!!! Rang for like 10 times, then i wanted to put down, and i was so shocked when the director picked up the phone!!!

Director(D): 8TV Quickie! How can I help you?
Me: Err... err... err... err... (Too nervous!!)
D: Do you want to talk to Daniel?
Me: YES YES YES!! Of course!!!
D: Can I have your name and your contact number?
Me: *Gave my name and my phone number*
D: Are you a big fan of Daniel?
Me: Very!!!
D: Oh ok! (Laughs) Where are you calling from, Eve Lynn?
Me: From KL...
D: Ok, Eve Lynn, please hold on a moment... Ok, you're on!
Adam: Hello!
Me: Hi Adam!
Adam: Hi, who's on the line?
Me: Eve Lynn here...
Adam: Lynn (Ish... i said Eve Lynn! Haha!) What question do you have for Daniel?
Me: Ok, hi Daniel... erm, you said that you've moved down to KL right?
Daniel: Not exactly moved down, but just temporarily...
Me: Oh ok, then how bout your family?
Daniel: My family? Oh, they come and see me sometimes...
Me: Oh ok...
Adam: Where are you calling from, my dear?
Me: KL...
Adam: Ok, KL..
Me: Actually Daniel... do you remember me? I'm Eve Lynn... the birthday girl... on Sept 17... in Midvalley Carrefour... (Daniel looks damn blur, turn to Adam with a 'what-did-she-say" look...)
Adam: She says she's the birthday girl in Midvalley on Sept 17.
Daniel: Oh ya, ya... Now i remember...
Adam: Can we give her a cd? We still have some right? (Turn to Daniel)
Daniel: ... I think so... (Laughs)
Adam: Do we have some more cds? Yes, we still have...
Me: Are you serious? Oh my god, thank you! Thank you thank you!!!
Adam: Say 'I love Daniel'...
Me (screamed): I LOVE DANIEL!!!
Adam: (Daniel laughed!) Ok thank you! Bye!
Me: Bye!

Oh my gosh!!! I was so nervous i forgot what i wanted to say! But it's a wonderful experience and my first time on air! Haha!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Just another day passing by...

Another boring day... It's quite lucky for me coz for this term, monday is free... means i have a three day weekend! But it's supposed to be revision day, but practically i am not doing anything except sleep and eat and online... And i'm supposed to finish up my report! Aiyah, don't care lar, fail only mar!

On Saturday night, went to Somerset Grill in TTDI for dinner... The food is quite good and big portion at reasonable price, but the service totally pulled down the marks... Usually other restaurants will serve table by table, as in all the dishes for one table will come one shot... But no, this restaurant, my Augus Lamb (it's just lamb chop) came first, 20 minutes later my mom's steak came, and then 1 hour later my dad's carbonara... wtf!!! Usually carbonara will be the fastest right? And the soup is served with bun, and guess what bun they use? Carrefour's potato bun! Well, might not be Carrefour but... potato bun la! And there's this waiter, i think there's a table requested for a knife, he was walking to the side station to take the knife, halfway he just took an available knife from a table (WITH GUEST) and turned back to give the guest who requested it... wtf!!! Memalufyingkan... Well, my mom said all this observations helps in my future career la, if i were to open a restaurant, then i must make sure my staff doesn't do it...

Oh, yeah... Yesterday went to this japanese restaurant, Xenri at Old Klang Road, opposite Central Supermarket for lunch... Japanese Buffet... RM38++... Hmm, seriously not bad... At first I thought the place would be quite empty cuz it's at some cheap-palak place, but when we reach there, wow it's full! Erm, not as many choices as at Saisaki or Nagisa, but still ok... they have sushis (d-uh!), temaki, salads, pancake, ice cream, sukiyaki counter, teppanyaki, grilling, tempuras... And oh, got oysters! Even saisaki also don't have... And the place is fully booked for the next 2 sundays (only sunday got buffet)...!!! Wow!

Been spending a lot of time with my baby cousin, Angeli these few days... She's really cute and smart! She's 15 months old now... She knows a lot of things, nose, lorry, bus, moon, banana, lantern, animals... and when we ask her 'how dog bark?' she'll go 'woof woof!' haha, damn cute lar... and she will point where she wants to go, then we say 'go here ar?' and she'll nod her head! Haha! Adorable kid! Love her loads... But too manja dy, always stick to her mom...

Oklar, better go do revision now... I hope! Haha, ciaoz!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Wow, so fast it's already one week since i started my final term in diploma! Still have 6 more weeks of stress and tension and hard work to go through until i graduate... wow, 'graduate'... hah, not a very nice word to use though... The whole week most of the lecturers were scolding us, saying our batch is the worst batch of all, and we're already black listed... Imagine the amount of white hairs growing on my head now... Really, really worried... What if i fail? What if I disappoint my parents and my lecturers? Sigh, really don't know how lar... I don't even know what should i do in my future... should i continue higher dip or not? Sigh, really frustrated...

Oh, Daniel's 'Mimpi' was played on Fly FM and Hitz FM yesterday... I only heard one quarter of it, that was when Ester sms-ed me about it... It sounded weird, to me... It's not the finale version of mimpi, it's a new one... using cello as the instrument for the background music... Gosh, miss Daniel already... When will i see you again, Daniel? Haha... Been downloading most of the songs sang by the Top 11 finalists in MI2 for the past couple of days... And kept on repeatingly playing 'Berhenti Berharap' by Sheila On 7... really touching song, every time i hear it i can feel my eyes getting wet... kekeke... I also downloaded the clips of Daniel in the spectaculars and finale kekeke... You guys sure wondering why am i so crazy over him right? Haha, i also dunno why lar... maybe i treat him as an international idol guah? Just like i'm sure everybody favors an idol, doesn't mean it must be a singer or actress, it could be a novelist, a politician, a wrestler, or whatever... tee hee!

Music played an important role in my life... No music, no life... I'm serious! What could be worse not having music in one's life? When you're driving, you listen to the radio/cd/cassette/mp3; sometimes when you bath, you sing or you hum a song; when you're bored, you on the radio or download songs online; even movies have soundtracks; even cultural festivals have different cultural songs! See how important music is!!! Music can be very meaningful, no matter in a happy way or a sad way... it keeps us stay strong, the lyrics help us explain how we're feeling, our stories, and music also heals our soul!

Haha, i'm just crapping lar... I'm missing my old friends now! Hope someone will open a party now and i want to meet all of them!!! Every one of them has changed since secondary school, some have bf/gf already when they say they won't so fast get one last time, some matured much more than we expected when they were the playful ones during schooltime, some became worse, some started being influenced and start smoking, some continued to since secondary... aihz... but overall everyone became better of course... keke!

Feel like going on a holiday now... with my friends... I wanna go Hong Kong Disneyland, i want to go Japan, i want to go UK to see Yen Teng, i want to go Taiwan to eat all the nice food, i want to go Ipoh (doink?!?)!!! I found a very nice quote the other day - ONE CANNOT THINK WELL, SLEEP WELL, LOVE WELL IF ONE DID NOT DINED WELL... fuiyoh, excellent, spot on!

Kaka, oklar, sleepy dy... Bonne nuit...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Heaven Knows...

Heaven Knows
She's always on my mind,
From the time I wake up
'Till I close my eyes
She's everywhere I go
She's all I know

Though she's so far away
It just keeps getting stronger everyday
And even now she's gone
I'm still holding on

So tell me where do I start
'Cause it's breaking my heart
Don't wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come back some day
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find their way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and pray
'Cause heaven knows

My friends keep telling me
That if you really love her
You've gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I'll know she's mine

(Repeat Refrain then Chorus)

Why I live in despair
'Cause while awake or dreaming
I know she's never there
And all these time I act so brave
I'm shaking inside
Why does it hurt me so?
Heaven knows...


This is a demo song sang by Daniel Lee, our Malaysian Idol, to download this song you can go to Daniel's Fans Club.

不要知道 你过得好不好
不想知道 你走过哪条街道

只是不小心听见 别人聊起你好不好*

不想知道 你过的哪条街道
Repeat **

若有一天 和你在街上遇见
只是不小心听见 别人聊起你好不好


Inginku lukiskan nota-nota
Laguku mengikut rentak gitar
Dengarkan suara mimpiku bertemakan
Namamu senantiasa selalu selalu

Sedalam tinggi, seluas jauh
Begitulah cita-citaku
Sekiranya kau ingin tahu
Selama ini, hingga ke akhirnya
Suka duka senyum selalu
Kita bersama punya satu

Dengarkan suara mimpiku bertemakan
Namamu senantiasa selalu selalu

Sedalam tinggi seluas jauh
Begitulah cita-citaku
Sekiranya kau ingin tahu
Selama ini, hingga ke akhirnya
Suka duka senyum selalu
Kita bersama punya satu
Mimpi, Mimpi
Begitulah cita-citaku
Mimpi, Mimpi

Mimpi aku realiti.....
Sedalam tinggi seluas jauh

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Finale...

Bo pa nai lor me... yesterday i spent 1 hour writing this post, then i highlighted all trying to save but instead i press the 'delete' button, so everything *poof* GONE! So now have to retype again...

Malaysian Idol Grand Finale 2005 (23/09/05 and 24/09/05)
My friend Emily came and pick me up at 2pm, then went to her house to park her car there and we take a taxi to KL Sentral for the Genting bus. But the tickets were booked until 4pm! So we took the putra lrt to Gombak to catch the 3.30pm bus... unfortunately we missed it by 2 minutes!! So no choice but to wait until 4pm. We reach Genting Skyway at about 4.45pm then quickly queue up for the cable car and rush to check in... Finally we get dressed and rush to the Arena of Stars at about 6pm... Whoa! Damn a lot of people queueing up already, so me, emily, ching, anju, anusha and siva squeeze through to go nearer to where my friends chin fai, kian pong and kok leong were... Clean and clear was giving away free samples and some 'macho' *cough cough* guys were upselling the pepsi drinks...

Until 7.30pm only the doors open, so at the mean time fans of daniel and nita were screaming their names in front of the recording camera... When the door open, everybody rush in front and me and my friends were squashed like pancakes... i was holding my banner samore... Luckily chin fai got us some nice seats so we felt much better... kakaka... Altogether there were me, emily, ching, anju, anusha, siva, chin fai, kian pong, kok leong, bernard, bernard's bro and gf... We were at the normal seating, there were vip seats in front of us, then lagi in front (just below the stage) is normal seating as well but for the idols' families and friends... but actually early birds could have gone there... Priya, chin lung, benjamin and suzanne were there too... They sneaked into the VIP seating and sat next to the idols from season 1 (!^#*(*@^*!(*Y!!!)

About 8.30pm the red carpet starts, so we just sit back, relax and enjoy the whole show... First up was the performance by the idols from season 2, i think they sang Pop Ye Ye by V.E. and Shut Up by Simple Plan... Xerra's hair was blue and damn chun weh!!! Ash was really good looking and all the other idols were great too! Then Nita and Daniel came out... After that is performance by both the idols... Daniel sang Mimpi first, then Nita with her Berhenti Berharap, then Daniel with Heaven Knows, then Nita with Big Spender, Daniel with Angin Malam and finally Nita with her version of Mimpi... The show ended with a duet by both of them singing the malay and english version of 'You'll Be In My Heart' by Phil Collins... it was really really nice!!! Nearly cried... sob sob...

Then, sadly Ching Yee's dad did not allow her to stay overnight in Genting so we send her off, me and emily went for supper at McD with Priya, Ben, CL and Suzanne... Met Mr Izham on the way, took pic with him *shy shy* haha... Don't know why la, i really admire him... He's good looking, talented and smart... Too bad he's married... Sigh...

Went to bed at about 1 something and woke up the next day at 12pm by Priya! Then we went down for lunch, coincidently the judges of MI were having meet the fans session (something unusual, usually only idols will have this kinda session thingy) so we get their autograph and Rina and Edleen (from 8tv) were giving away free goodies and passes... They have a singing competition, so Priya joined, she sang 'If I Ain't Got You' and she won! So we got 4 VIP passes and to go to the post party after the result show!

Then we go to emily's mom's canteen for lunch, had fried rice and cantonese kuey teow, then quickly go find the 8-team crew for more goodies... They ask loads of questions regarding the MI, clean and clear, creative, and even have a game called 'musical bum' where when the music stops you have to sit down on the floor, whoever is slow will be eliminated... the top 3 had to finish up 2 packets of Tiger biscuits (wah, i see also i felt full!) and some girl who really want to meet Daniel won 2 passes... Emily won a Creative bag, Anju won a water bottle i think... Kinda funny cuz Felix ask 'create a sentence out of '8tv' and 'creative', so Emily just shouted '8tv is creative 'lah'!' Haha! Then we went back to our room to rest and then by 5.20pm we leave for Arena of Stars...

By the time we reach the Arena of Stars, the 8-team crew was there to give out goodies again, they played a game where you have to pose like Nita and Daniel to win the VIP passes... I think one couple won... We got three more passes for Anusha and Siva and Chin Fai (haha, don't have to know how la)... I pass 3 tics to Shermayne (a girl i met in the spectaculars) and go back to the room to get my charger for chin fai... By the time me and emily go back to the arena, the entrance was opened... We sat near to the steps where we can see the VVIPs coming in... We saw Sarimah, Kesh, Adam, Marion, Kak Jee etc... The result show was more interesting because they have individual performance by MI2 idols, and a group performance by all the idols from MI1 and MI2... Then they also invited the 'Britney boy', 'Michael Jackson' and 'Siti Nurhaliza wannabe' to perform... Really funny! And they showed the cursing of the guy who sang Chinese song during the audition, where he cursed the judges in Hokkien and broken english... kakaka! Nita and Daniel duet 'Menanti Sebuah Jawaban' and an english song, can't remember the title though... Then Jaclyn sang Gemilang... It was really an unforgettable experience... And oh ya, they showed the clip of the judges in action and Jien where he had to take his pants off and run around because he lost his bet in football... Hilarious! And finally, the results time... During breaktime, Rina and Phat Fabes come out to 'fluff' us up... And the winner is, well, by this time you all should know, DANIEL!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

After that, me and Emily were waiting for Priya at the entrance and at that time, Daniel and Nita was walking out of the red carpet to the press conference, me and Emily went near to take their pic and the camera shot us! My friend called me to say that we were on tv, pai seh man! Then we rush to the post party, it was quiet at first because the idols were not there yet, so we makan a bit and chill... Then we take pictures with Sarimah, Marion, Jien, Sarah Tan etc... We take with anyone we could get la basically... Nita and Daniel came quite late due to the PC... I'm so happy cuz i took pics with Daniel 2 times, and i hug him 3 times (thanks to Emily!!!! Thanks a lot pal, without you it won't happen!)... All the idols were enjoying themselves dancing and chatting with everybody... Of course Daniel was the star of the night, everybody pulling him to dance and take picture... keke... so cute... but he still make sure his parents are alright all the time... Chin Fai was so happy because get to meet his idol, Jaclyn... Well, the idols from season 1 looked quite free, maybe because people tend to forget about them when there's new season haha... Andrew was really quiet the whole night... And i think Fahmy left really early... We went back about 3am... Gave goodbye hug to Daniel and the 8-team crew...

The next day pack and check out at 12pm... And went back KL with all the wonderful memories... Then i got to know that a gang of forummers went bowling and had lunch and dinner with Daniel and his family!!! Argh!!! Idiot!!! Keke, nevermind la, i happy enough get to see him already... Well, a lot of my friends think that Daniel can't sing and all, well, true also, compared to Nita, Nita is a better singer, but well, no point saying it now, people tend to vote and like him rather than Nita, keke!

To Daniel: Wish you all the best in everything you do, may your album sales achieve millions! Hope to see you again... All the best in everything you do!

At last...

Finally, i get to post up my latest news... my connection has been down for the past week, now i'm ready to rock and roll!
Culinaire Malaysia 2005 - KL Convention Center (21.09.05 - 24.09.05)
At first i had exam until the 22nd, but i think God heard my prayers and my exam was shorten to 20th... kakaka... I went on 21st and 22nd, because my lecturer was in the competition, so go there and support him! Erm, overall it's ok lar... some is boring, some is interesting... they have categories like flambe, flairing, cocktail, hot dishes - meat, hot dishes - seafood etc... In hall 5 is the culinaire thingy while hall 1 - 4 is the exhibition... didn't go to the exhibition cuz din have time... half the hall they use to exhibit the dishes prepared during 3am-7am the morning itself... they sapu a layer of gel, so all the dishes looked a bit ... erm... dry. The chocolate carvings, butter carvings were awesome! About 10 people from TCHT joined the competition... They performed pretty well! A lot of supporters from our college too! It's a good experience to see other people's creativity and learn the concept of the competition... it's also a fun time to hang out with friends... The worst thing is imagine you go there early in the morning, tak makan apa-apa, stand in a hall full of food, but cannot leave the hall because you don't want to miss your friend's performance... aiyo... my stomach was drumming non stop... The second day was more fun because they have ice carving... damn chun! Other than that, you also can meet a lot of leng chai chefs and meet people from the hospitality industry! Damn chun!

-Made out of dough, chun huh?-

My lecturer's creation... kewl?

Can you do this in one hour's time?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Eve Lynn!!!

17 SEPTEMBER 2005 - Okok, i know it's a bit perasan lar... but heck!!! Oh, my friends said my fonts were too small, so better make it bigger! Oh my god, today is the MOST memorable day in my entire 19 years of life... Erm, woke up at 12pm, haha, went to oug for lunch in Secret Recipe with mom and bro... then shop around for some stuff then go home about 3.30pm... Get ready, then wait for Ching Yee they all to come fetch me for a SURPRISE DINNER. Studied while waiting.. sad case la, birthday also have to study... around 5.30pm they came, the 'they' is Natassya, Ching Yee, Anjanna and Ria... they blindfolded me, and brought me to Midvalley... like i cannot sense the direction in the car like taht... hmpf, then they brought me all the way to Kim Gary, while i'm BLINDFOLDED!! I look like a blind baboon walking around... hehe, but well, now i know how precious eyesights are... really! Really pity the blinds. After eating dinner, they brought me to Carrefour, where the Malaysian Idol stage is... the emcee was giving away CDs... i was still blindfolded by the way... About 8 something the idols came... there were Daniel, Nita, Xerra, Azam, Adam, Atilia, Trish, Faizull, Ash, Farah, and Saiful from MI season one! Ok, here's the best part! Anjanna and Ching went to one crew and told them it was my bday, and request for Daniel to sing a birthday song to me... Then, they wrote on a paper and show to Daniel (as we were quite near to where Daniel is sitting) saying that it's my birthday... Ok, first to perform was Saiful, he sang 'Ku Juga Mencintaimu' and 'Tak Ku Duga' (duet with Xerra), then was Azam who sang 'Nilai Cinta mu', next up was Atilia who sang 'Menaruh Harapan', then Adam who sang 'Setulus Cintamu', then Farah 'Semakin Rindu Semakin Sayang', then Nita duet with Atilia 'Mata', then Daniel!!! Ok, Daniel went on stage and say hi to everyone.. then he said 'Today is a special day because it's someone's birthday, her name is Eve Lynn!' Oh my god la, i cried! He ask me to go on stage and everybody, the idols and everybody around the stage sang a birthday song to me! And he gave me 3 passes to the Grand Finale!!! And i shook his hands for like 4 times!!! Aiya, tonight dowan to wash my hand already!!! Then i went back to my place and he sang 'Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi', then was Faizull who sang 'Nur Nilam Sari'... Then was the autograph session, all the idols wished me happy birthday, but didn't get to take picture with Daniel!!! Ching yee gave a book mark to Daniel, but wasted la she didn't put our hp numbers and email add inside!!! Ish!!! All the idols were so nice!!! Except for Faizull, he looks a bit moody... Saiful is cute... Nita and Farah are so gorgeous!!! I want their body!!! I want Daniel!!!!! I'm definitely going to the Grand Finale... making big banners and posters!!! I want Daniel to wish me Happy Birthday again!!!!!!!! Oklar oklar, back to reality!!! Gtg study now!!! To everybody, thanks for making my day a wonderful day! i'll never ever forget you all!!! Thanks for your wishes and messages, and presents and cards!!! Thanks!!!! God bless!!!

Oklar, i shall post other pictures some other times... Haha, so anybody else going to Grand Finale to support Daniel? Maybe we can go in a group... PM me in the MI forum, my nickname is sevelynn, or just msg me here! Thanks!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Term Exam coming...!

Finally! After 10 weeks of studying, presentations, assignments, it's already time for my term exam... I shall see how am i going to flunk everything... This week was really a busy one, we did revisions and also have to design the french project... There are 7 of us in a group, Jason came out with the idea of making it into a fairytale storybook with 3D effects... Spent whole tuesday, wednesday and thursday doing it... skipped class samore! But the final result was really nice, just a bit cacated at certain places kekeke!

On wednesday, our practical class prepared for the graduation event for the pastry class. There were about 90 pax. The menu was simple, just cream of mushroom soup, spring chicken with cream sauce and ratatouille vegetables, and assorted pastries. Miss Joann came for the dinner, so surprised and happy to see her!! But then sob sob, she say our spring chicken not nice... so sad...

So fast already end of Term 5... less than 3 months i'll be graduating from diploma dy... still not sure to join higher dip or not... so fast, all my friends will be going separate ways... so next term must take loads and loads of pics together! Also must plan a trip to somewhere together... hehe!

Ooh, so fast Malaysian Idol only left 3 more contestants... Of course, not surprising that Daniel is in, Nita and Farah as well... Yerr, that day the Top 3 went online for a chatting session, but i have kitchen class, so cannot see! Then Daniel was interviewed on 8tv's '8 e-news' hosted by Gary, i didn't get to see as well! Aih, how can i miss my husband's show? I always crap about being together with Daniel, until my friends thought i really know him... Haha! He's sooooo good looking and talented... can't deny it... Aih, how i wish we know each other... This saturday they're coming to Midvalley's Carrefour, cannot go again, cuz have to study for exam!!! Anyway, i'm sure the whole place will be crowded, so no point also... hehe!

Last week's theme was unplugged, and Daniel sang 'Heaven Knows' (his fave song) and 'Mungkin Nanti' (my fave song), haha, and he did it quite well... well, as usual he mumbled a bit, but who cares? Even some singers and rappers mumbles all the time... I realized that a lot of songs that he sang were my faves, such as 'True', 'In the shadows', 'Obsession', 'Mungkin Nanti', haha, we're fated together!!! Haha, oklar, i'm just joking... Gtg pasar malam now... Remember to support my Daniel ok? Type 'VOTE DANIEL' and send to 33722...

Au revoir!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hectic week!!!

Phew!!! Has been a hectic week fer me!! Full of presentations, assessments and homeworks!!! Now i understand why students are so pressured and stressed during the last couple of weeks of finals/term exams... Seriously, every one is so busy with their own studies.. it's really time for serious revision and no more 'honeymoon' anymore... Hmm, have to take it seriously like SPM and STPM already... :)

Hmm, had been feeling quite disappointed these few days... it's just the people around me... Heard from a friend that one of our college lecturers said that our batch is rubbish... Being a student, i really respected h** since first term, but now, hmppfff!!! I 'pei si' you! Other than that, last week we were having law assessment, and i don't know to say fortunate or unfortunate, the lecturer caught some numbers of student copying from notes... Sorry but i 'pei si' you guys too! To me, whatever you do, of course you have to do it sincerely... Before that, i was feeling happy for them because they seemed to have improved and pay more attention in class... Not to say that the lecturer did not give us time to study, we had the whole weekend to study!!!

Ok, fine, i shall learn to forgive and forget... forgive and forget... forgive and forget... anyway, i shall let food comfort my soul... yummmmm..... Just to share with you some dining out experience over the past week...

Erm, went to Kepong for steamboat last week with my aunts and uncles (well, only 2 pairs of them la actually, hehe!). It is opened by my Uncle Willie's friend, ithe shop's name is Chong Qing Restaurant serving the very famous 'ma la huo wo' in China... It is located just opposite the Kepong Jaya Jusco, newly opened for about 1 month only. The items are by orders only, meaning that eat-all-you-order. Nothing really special about it, only that in the 'pot', 2 soups were served - one is normal herbal soup, and the other is chilli oil!!! Bear in mind you don't drink the oil... Inside the oil is all types of sampah, got loads and loads of peppercorn, chilli flakes, dried chilli, and some herbs... That's what makes you feel so 'qi kik' when you eat... and the dipping sauce is a must try - a combination of peanut sauce, garlic oil and chilli oil... Erm, to me, if there's only you and your gf/bf going, it's not really worth it... Overall, i give it a rating of 6/10 la...

Erm, last Saturday went for dinner in Damansara Uptowm, a restaurant called Tasty Tasty... serving Chinese food... actually it's my second time going there la.. the 1st time we went we tried some of their specialty dishes, which include an egg white dish (which it suppose to taste like a substitute for crab meat), but to me it doesn't. Then we tasted a braised beef dish, a lamb dish and a spring roll dish... i would recommend the spring roll dish la, quite nice... then the 2nd visit we go for the set menu where each dish is only rm12 (smaller portion of the standard dish), and everything turned out nice! We ate 5 dishes - a pork leg dish, a spare ribs dish, a fish with vege dish, a golden tofu dish and a claypot brinjal and mince meat dish... i tambah nasi samore leh... that's why so fat now... Besides, they also give complimentary soup and dessert... hehe!

Next up, went to this Inner Mongolian Restaurant in Jalan Pudu for dinner two days ago with my family. Erm, they have this Mongolian steamboat and also a la carte dishes. We went for the a la carte dishes... erm, much like chinese cooking ler, just that when you just touched your butt on the chair, the waitress will push the appetizer trolley so near to you it bang your chair. Ish! And they serve a lot of lamb dishes because maybe it's famous in Mongolia, a lot of 'behhhh behhh' there... And all the servers there speak really really filifehleh Chinese, even i who study chinese can't understand what they talking... Erm, will never go back for a la carte, but might give chance to the steamboat. Rating? 5/10

Just came back from dinner... Went to The Curve to eat japanese in Sakae Sushi... very modern japanese restaurant... with a computer screen at each table for food ordering... then if you drink green tea, every table there's a hot water tap to refill your green tea... it's like Sushi King, with the train belt where you can choose your own sushis, but a very high tech and modern one... they also have a teppanyaki bar and glass window to see the chef preparing the teppanyaki... Erm, price is ok la, well japanese wor, must enjoy la, don't care about how much... i budget each person have to pay is rm30-40 lar... but it still depends on what you order. They have everything from sushi, sukiyaki, temaki, teppanyaki, ramen, udon, soba, sashimi, tempura.... and the list goes on... worth eating lor... rating 8.5/10... maybe because it's newly opened, the fnb staff still abit blur blur.

Ok, if you guys have any nice place to recommend, please tell me... Signing off...




Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Seeing Daniel the 2nd time...

Well, i got to go to the MI show for the 2nd time as i won 2 tickets from the Malaysian Idol website. My friend, Chooi Suet also won a pair of tickets, so me, Ester, Ching Yee and Chooi Suet went for it. The theme for last week's soectacular was Rock. The top 6 left was Daniel, Ash, Faizull, Adam, Farah and Nita.

We reach the Plaza Alam Sentral at 8pm, by that time, the queue to the studio was quite long already... luckily Shermayne, a Daniel fan me and Ching Yee met the previous show came early and we 'potong queue', when we got into the studio, so happened that the crew ask the six of us to sit right next to the stage!! So lucky!!! Erm, Ash performed a U2 song, Nita performed Evanesence and Daniel performed The Rasmus!!! Haha, what a surprise... But he did it quite well!! He was loud enough to be heard and he did not mumble to the song! He improved!!! The guest judge for that night was Jeff Timmons from 98 degrees!!! We nearly got to go backstage to see Jeff after the show! Then Vick and Xerra came as well...

After the show got to take pic with Farah, Daniel, Jeff, Mr Izham!!! Argh, soooooo happy!!! Daniel is just too cute to be true!!! How i wish he is my boyfriend!!!!!!!! Daniel, i love you!!!!!!!
Image Hosted by

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Enjoyed myself a lot on that day... even in the morning also i had a fun time working in the kitchen... well, it was Wen Wah's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEN WAH! And to Ching Yee, Chooi Suet, and Ester thanks for being there! And to Daniel, I wuv you!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Feelin' Lucky

Hmm, three days ago, when i was about to sleep, suddenly my emotion drained over me, and made me cry... Man, it was the est cry ever... You must be thinking, what the heck, this girl suddenly cry... Well, maybe it's because of the death of my friend's father. He was a nice guy, very kind and funny. Always fetch me home when i have no transport last time. Aihz, why must nice people don't deserve to live longer? While those robbers and murderers still wander around... Why? Why?

Today i felt very lucky... Hehe, my 1st law assessment results came back, and erm, it's quite good la actually... Then i won 2 passes to Malaysian Idol Spectacular 5, and my good friend Chooi Suet also won 2! Haha, so fun, i get to go with my good friends, and Ching Yee also was allowed to go! Hehe! Besides that, our class was asked to help out in a VIP function for the Education Minister tomorrow... It's a good opportunity to learn!

Maybe because of being emo that day, i realized that life is a very wonderful thing, and i feel very lucky because i'm a part of it. I'm lucky to have so many friends and family, i'm lucky to have a shelter, good food, education etc.. i'm also very lucky to own a mobile phone, a computer to online... Furthermore, i'm lucky to be living in this world... imagine tomorrow you're going to die... You can't see your friends and family anymore, you can't feel them or touch them, you can't hear their laughter anymore, can't give them hugs anymore... Hmm, that's why these few days i'm trying to make myself more a happy-go-lucky girl... It's so good to hear my friend's laughter, sharing jokes to them... Nowadays i try to have as much fun as possible with everyone, spending more time with my family... How you know if one day i just 'disappear' from this world? Hehe, so, to all my friends and family, live life to the fullest, spend more time with your loved ones... You might not know what is going to happen next...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Like vs Love

Just received this forwarded email from my friend, Joann... very well said... People always try to find the right defition for like and love... What is like? What is love? What's the difference between them? How do you know it's love when you don't know what is like? There's no accurate definition for like and love, the answer depends on what you think about it? Is love a great thing that everybody must have? Or it is a curse put on every one of us? To shed tears, to endure pain, to sacrifice? You will see this poem in my friend, Joann's blog as well... Here, i translated it in English... Hope you enjoy it...

喜 欢一个人,在 一起的时候 永远是快乐
Being together with the one you like, it will be happy forever
爱一个人, 你会常常流 泪
Being together with the one you love, you will always cry
喜 欢一个人, 当 你们好久 不 见, 你会突 然想 起 他
When you like someone, you will suddenly think of him after not meeting for a long time
爱一个人, 你会天天 想 着 他
When you LOVE someone, you will think of him every single day
喜欢一个人, 当你 想起 他, 你会 微微 一 笑
If you like someone, when you think of him, you will just smile
爱一个人, 当 你 想 起 他, 你 会对 着 天空 发呆
If you love someone, when you think of him, you will be staring into the sky and day dream
喜欢一个人, 你会 想 他 有 了 孩子, 你 一定 会 喜欢
When you like someone, even though he have his own kids, you won't mind
爱 一个人, 会有一天, 你 突然 很 好 奇, 将来 我 们的 孩子 会是 什么 样子?
When you love someone, one day, you will start wondering, how our kids would be like in the future?
喜欢一个人 就是 希 望 大家 都 开心
If you like someone, you hope that both of you are happy
爱一个人 希望 他 会 开心
If you love someone, you hope that he will be happy, with or without you
喜欢一个人, 你要 的 只是 今天
If you like someone, all you want is TODAY
爱一个人, 你 期望 的 是 永 远
If you love someone, what you hope for is ETERNITY
喜欢 一个人, 在 一起 的 时候 会 很 开心
When you like someone, you will be happy when you're together with him/her
爱一个人, 在 一起 的 时候, 会 莫名 的 失落
When you love someone, you will suddenly feel depressed when you're together with him/her
喜欢一个人, 你 不会 想 到 你们 的 将来
When you like someone, you will not think about the future for the both of you
爱一个人, 你们 常常 在 一起 瞳 憬 明天
But when you love someone, the both of you will eager for the coming of tomorrow

Love is a wonderful thing... enjoy... =p

Malaysian Idol - Daniel

Isn't this picture wonderful... as in, don't look at that fat ugly girl, just look at the one in yellow!!! Oh my gosh, he is just so good looking and musically talented!!! I'm seriously in love with him... I took this pic yesterday at sri pentas 2 shah alam after the malaysian idol result show, shockingly result announced that Xerra voted out.. well, thanks to the fans la, they thought other people will vote for her so they did not vote. After the show me and my friend, Ching Yee took pics with Paul Moss, Jien, wanted to take with Daniel but he was rushing for a press conference. Anyway, waited for the idols until 11.30pm, was about to leave when they came out, mesmerized by daniel's look! Bunch of fans were getting autograph from him and a family who are very active in the bluehyppo forum were talking to him, it seems that the 3 year old daughter in the family likes daniel very much, and he's so nice, keep talking to the small girl, i also want to be a small girl!!! Sob sob!!! Me and my friend were like two pathetic chickens who have no guts to go up to him and ask him to take picture with us... but finally we did... and ching's face was as red as a tomato... haha shy shy! He's just too cute and too good looking la... his girlfriend is darn super duper fruper trooper lucky!!! Aiyah, u guys know the COO of 8tv, he's cute too! But he's married with kids... but he's like damn geng lor, to be the COO, samore i like his voice and the way he talks and the way he brings himself... respect...

But he's like so pityful, while waiting for the lift, all the other idols were chatting with their friends and families, but he kept quiet and stand there only... aihz, i'm sure he misses his parents a lot!!! Daniel, how i wish i could be your friend... aihz!!! Sob sob...

Then on the way driving home, me and ching were like high on drugs and 'day dreaming' about having daniel's email add and phone number, and stuff like that.. haha, ok ching, i told u i was gonna post up on the blog, she say she sounded like a dolphin on ecstasy... haha!!! Well, we had a great time there, met a couple of daniel fans as well... Well, that's all... i'm gonna go start day dreaming about daniel again, wish i could bump into him on the street and he would ask me for my phone number... haha, ok, au revoir!

Friday, August 19, 2005

~*#Random Thoughts#*~

I have no classes today, but i'm stuck at home doing my industrial training report... There's so much in my mind that i want to post up, so heck the report! It's just some thoughts in my mind that i need to blast it out, it's just all crappish stuff, don't bother reading if you don't want to...

Thought #1: Time Management

3 days ago, i cooked dinner for my parents, my aunt and my grandparents... Wow, i started at 3pm but i only finished cooking at 8pm! I made a roast lamb, mashed potatoes, some vegetables, spaghetti ala carbonara and cheesecake... Gosh, this shows that my time management is damn bad, and what chef bala said was really true! Hehe! Must improve! He has been lecturing us about it for the past 3 weeks, and scaring us about our final exam, but seriously, i'm scared...

Thought #2: My Sayang

Aren't they adorable? No matter how sad, how stress or how angry you are, just look at them and you will just automatically smile... Haha, this is my baby cousin, Angeli... She's adopted from a Sarawakian family... My aunty say she took her name from the movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' - Anjali... It's such a beautiful name right? Well, i seriously don't understand how those mother or father can dump their babies away, and some even murder them... I mean, well, i know, maybe they have financial problems to earn a living for them, but, those babies are innocent! They are also a human being! Give them away for adoption also not that bad la, why must go leave them at the rubbish bin and die of starvation... so pityful! And it's so sad to hear that some babies are born with a disease or a hole in the heart, sigh... Let's pray for them, shall we? Anyway, she's really my sayang, i love her a lot, and she's really really cute and smart. Every week, i have to go and see her, if not, i will feel very uncomfortable... Ahh, my sayang, i love you!

Thought #3: In The Lift

Just imagine, you're waiting for the lift in the building you work in or you study in, the lift opened, and a lady/guy walk in first, stand in front of the lift buttons, and do nothing, and when you were walking into the lift, the lift was closing and the lady/guy standing in front of the buttons just stare at you and do nothing... HOW ANNOYING CAN THAT BE? It just annoys me so much that those people are really, really BRAINLESS! They're so scared that the lift will run away if they don't go in, so they rush to be the first person in the lift, and yet, they don't have BRAINS to hold the lift for other people to go in... PURE DUMB and USELESS! And then let's say everyone in the lift is going to the same floor, of course people with brains will press the OPEN button until everybody goes out then only he/she goes right? BUT NO, those PATHETIC people will be the first person out of the lift as if the lift will just break and fall if they don't go out... URGH!!! ANNOYING!!!

Thought #4: Disappointed

Well, seeing that i have a one-week term break in September, me and my friend Jason were talking about planning a trip for a bunch of 'monkeys' in our class to somewhere... At first, everyone was very excited about it, then one by one, all don't feel like going already... Ish... Nevermind la, maybe it's a curse, everytime it's like that... i am not capable of organizing anything... Hehe!

Thought #5: Everybody's Changing

Have you ever wanted your friend to change to be a better person and yes, they did change into a better person, and then you wished that they didn't change at all, because after they changed, they're not their usual self anymore? Haha, life's weird right? Maybe it's because they're not who you WANT them to be... you wanted them to be smart, caring, nice, understanding, but them, when they really do, you felt weird because last time they're not like that... Haha, funny... It's so wonderful to see people with different personalities can be best friends... I mean, friends are really important to every one of us... Imagine yourself not having any TRUE friends... Imagine yourself not invited for lunch with your friends, imagine yourself not invited to a party when everyone else was, imagine nobody want to group with you for a project... it's just so pityful!!! If i'm like that, i think i really will jump dowm from KLCC... I don't think i can ever live without a friend... That's why i always put myself into their shoe and imagine, if i were them, how would i feel... My friends once asked me 'why you macam never hate anybody one ar? You friend everyone and always help everyone..." Haha, well, of course mar, they need help takkan i don't help right? If really they do something wrong to me, then i'll be angry at them la haha!

Ok, enough of crapping already i guess... Mission completed! Argh, feel much better now...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Piece of advice

Well well well, a 3 day weekend but i'm stuck at home, doing my report! Urgh, what a good thing to do during weekends... Well, yesterday i went out for lunch with 3 of my best friends, Ching Yee, Anjanna and Ria, since all of them got no classes due to haze. Oh, by the way, the haze had cleared out already, and 'flew' to Penang instead. Hah! Oh, last Thursday during law class we learn about this 'neighbour principle' in the Negligence chapter saying that 'we should foresee that our actions or omissions should do no harm to our neighbour', well, thanks very much Indonesia, the haze doesn't harm us right? Hah, the haze just make people sick and faint and die right, isn't it harmful enough? So can we sue them for negligence? Oklar, it's just crap, sorry... Ok back to lunchie, we drove around in Danau (Taman Desa - my lovely neighbourhood) and decided to dine in Hao Wei Dao Restaurant (means Tasty Restaurant in english), well, they have some set lunches with free dessert going on, so i ordered Chicken Chop with Pineapple Rice, An ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise, Ching ordered American Breakfast (weird huh? Lunch time eat breakfast set, well... that's Ching Yee!) and Ria ordered Chicken Aglio Pasta. The service was DAMNNNNNNNN slow wei... we waited 1 hour for our food... anyway, i imagined mine as a piece of chicken with pineapple fried rice but it was a piece of flatten chicken chop (well i got it right) and white rice and chopped canned pineapples in a small sauce dish . Hmm, i'd give it a rating of 6/10, i wouldn't mind coming again, as the food taste not bad, just that they HAVE to improve their speed.

Then i went home to continue sitting in front of the computer and staring at the blank page of my project. Urgh, i just don't have the mood to do it! I don't know why but i seem to be very lazy since after my training in Putrajaya.

Then for dinner, which was suppose to be in Sri Neela (Taman desa Pasar Malam Night), we cancelled as we already went for lunch, so me and my parents went for dinner at Tengkat Tong Shin, behind Jalan Alor, a restaurant called 'El Cerdo'. It's a restaurant opened 1 month ago by a German chef serving mostly pork dishes...

Walk up a flight of stairs and Monica, one of the waitresses welcomed us into the restaurant. The place is air condition, moderately litted and there are about 12 dark brown wooden tables. The restaurant is decorated in yellow and orange and with various pictures of pigs all around. First Monica gave us the beverage menu and we ordered Rose Tea (it's actually Chinese Tea). But usually people will order wine because it goes really well with meat. Then mum ordered as she came before. First came an individual plate, very small portion of German sausage with marinated white radish and a basket of baguette, complimentary from the restaurant to stimulate our appetite. You can taste a bit of wine they use to marinate the sausages. Then came the appetizer platter we ordered, it has small portions of different appetizers from the a la carte menu: Seafood cocktail, cheese and ham salad, liver pate, pork in wine aspic, and one more is in some spanish name but it is 'chee yau char' (pig oil's sediment) Haha, heck with the name, i dunno what you call it! Yum yum! Maybe i was damn hungry, that's why everything taste wonderful to me. Then came the two main course which is the Grilled Pork Shouler Steak, and the Barbequed Pork Ribs. First bite on the steak, my gosh, it's so tender and nice! They come with side dishes like carrot and raisin salad, jacket potatoes, roasted tomato, red cabbage salad. The steak is a must try, but the ribs were too sweet and strong with wine taste, so i didn't really like it.

After finishing our main course, the head chef came out and sat down with us and chit chat for a while. My mum ask him to give me some advice being in the cuisine line, and the first thing he asked me was 'what do you want to be in the next 15 years?', i shrugged. Then he said that, if you want to be successful, you must make a decision on what you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years from now. Lock yourself inside the room, and think what you want to be. Don't care about what your mum or dad says, or what they want you to be, it's your life, you ownself choose your path. And parents OUGHT to support you in whatever you do. He also said that it's really hard work and tough working in the kitchen, but it's fun. He even asked me to work during weekends at his place. Then he said 2 things that makes me enjoy cooking even more! He said 'it's hard work, but it's fun, especially when you see the satisfaction on the guests' faces' and 'when it's tough, when i'm stressed, you know what i do? I cook.'

I really, really enjoy cooking, but i also know that working in the kitchen is tough, and it's tougher for a girl, so until now i don't know whether i should do management or not. Guess there's alot for me to improve on... even our lecturer in college said that our class lack of time management and he did not see any improvement since the first day he taught us. Sigh! Guess there's alot of thinking need to be done! Ok, gtg now, signing off... =Eve=

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hazy hazy day...

It's so hazy! This is a pic i took from my mom's room... i felt like i'm in Genting... can't even see the condo nearby... This morning i supposed to have class at 9am, when i woke up, i look out at my window and saw it's quite misty and no sun (you know usually when it's like 7am it's misty and the sky is pale white), then i thought it's still very early, still can sleep, tee hee, then i look at my clock, "WTH!!! 8.30am!!!'' i rushed to brush my teeth and get ready for class. Driving using the NPE (New Pantai Express), i felt like i'm driving in the mist, not knowing where am i heading to, and all of the sudden i might not know there's a cliff in front and i would just fall off the cliff.' It's so hazy, and it's bad, cuz it's making me moody and don't want to do anything. The Air Polution Index has reached 534 in Klang! It's hazardous!!! Schools are closed. Even just now when we're halfway through French class, Mr Terence, our co-curriculum lecturer came in and informed us to stop class and go home. Even the government has declared that offices should be closed.

This is what i took when i was driving home just now on the Federal Highway... my goodness you can't even see midvalley from so near it... 70% of the people everywhere are wearing masks now, wah, untung banyak weh sell mask now. Haha! But still, seeing the air so polluted now, you still see people smoking all, argh, , everyone just wish to stay in air-conditioned places now.

To everyone, the haze has reached a very bad condition where it will affect our health, especially the young ones and the elderly. So, drink more water, stay indoors and cut down on physical and outdoor activities...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

DH17 Food Promotion - American Cuisine (6 August 2005)

Phew!!! After what called tension and drastic preparation for about 3 weeks, finally our food promotion has come to an end. I'm glad though as it is over. In the first week of this term, we were given the theme for the food promotion and 26 of us in the kitchen specialization were asked to come up with a menu that goes with the theme - American cuisine. Ken Wee was elected as the 'exec chef' in charged and sadly, he chosen me as his assistant, while in the F&B side, Denise is the person in charge and Terence as assistant.

The kitchen side have to do from coming up with a menu, costing, fiche technique, to cooking and stewarding of course. But i feel that the FnB has much more to do compared to us. They have to set up the restaurant, the cutleries, crockeries, decoration, marketing, logistics, and programs for that day, etc... Phew!

Erm, i would give the performance of the kitchen students yesterday a rating of 7/10. The event was quite succesful as we have full house - 122 pax turned up, and Mr Kwong, our accounts and finance lecturer, surprised us by proposing to his girlfriend during the dinner! Well, about what happened during the proposal i'm not sure cuz i was in the kitchen all the time, didn't get to see what happened though (sigh!). But, i wonder how would it feel like when your boyfriend propose to you in front of so many people. Ok, back to the rating, why 7? Hmm, well the class is quite cooperative in preparing the dishes, (seeing that we have 1 and 1/2 hour break), but it was quite messy throughout the whole day. Some people don't know what to do, and we nearly ran out of food that Chef Bala had to cook a dish of stir fried beef with celery. Hah, and i was scolded by Chef Bala when making the lemon butter sauce... anyway... well, at least there's people doing stewarding, thank God... Everything turn out to be fine... Well, to all DH17 students, well done and thank you!

Monday, August 01, 2005

07 Seputih Scout Troop Campfire 2005 - Power Of The 7th Flame (SMK Desa Perdana)

Last Saturday(30th July 2005) was my secondary school's scout troop's 6th Annual Campfire (so called annual) dot dot... Since 2 years ago when i'm in Form Five, we failed to organize a campfire due to insufficient erm... sponsors and some other reasons, our campfire was called off... Till 2 years later which is now, they made it again! Congrats to all 7th Seputih scouts for making the campfire a success.

At 6.40pm, Chui Yen came to fetch me with her new Getz (for the first time i'm sitting her car, and i should be AMAZED and proud of her for she has a car, cuz erm... hehe... dowan to say la...) When we reach the school, we see quite a lot of scouts and guides already heading towards the entrance... This year, they made it in the tapak perhimpunan. The banner and bamboo gadgets welcomed us into the school while Ching Yee, Chui Yen and me were laughing and comparing them to those in the previous campfire in 2004. After we went in, we met up with the other seniors and friends: Shen Quang, Pak Tsung, Eng Jun, Kian Loong, Albert, Dinesh etc... This campfire gives me the chance to meet up with friends whom i seldom see since graduated from secondary school.

The cf was overall quite good, as the events were smoothly running and the people there are sporting and cooperative. They invited about 40 schools but only 14 schools turn up, but it was still good because the schools sent about 50 - 60 scouts and guides.. which is considered a lot in a campfire. The schools that came were Kwang Hua Klang, Connaught, Samad Klang, USJ, Sri Aman, Sri Sentosa, Taman Desa etc...

The emcees were Viknesh and Yin May, they did very well to keep the participants seated and made everything goes smoothly. There were dance performances by our juniors, one who name themselves "Flame Girls" as to suit our theme danced a song by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, another group danced to "Get Busy" by Sean Paul, fuiyoh, sexy dei... 5th PJ scouts were invited to perform an action sketch where one of the members jumped down from 2nd floor of our school building and climb up the flag post. There's also a sketch and band performance. It was the first time the band was performing and they did very well! They also did a couple of games like Love Tunnel and Feed Me...

Refreshments were burgers, mee hoon, nasi lemak, biscuits and mineral water (yummy!) all done by our canteen operator Aunty Molly... all the years she's the one handling the campfire's food. Thanks Aunty Molly!

The campfire ended at about 10.45pm, Ching Yee, Shen Quang, Pak Tsung, Dinesh and me stayed back clear up the benches and chairs, then at about 12 something we head home... Well, all i wanna say is i'm proud of being a part of the troop, and to all my juniors, i'm so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Kim Gary...

It's 3am in the morning, i just suddenly felt like writing something... Craps... Rubbish... Whatever... Feeling kinda lonelyyyy, i mr lonelyyy today... Anyway, after 3 weeks 5 days 12 hours and 28 seconds eating at my FAVE restaurant, i was honourly invited to visit my DEAREST restaurant again... Haha, say until so serious case like that... anyway, today i have no classes, so i went to have lunch with a couple of friends, Sue Shen, Chooi Suet, Boon Chong (sob sob, he going back Australia tomorrow, sniff!), Guan Hong and Pin Kean! Wow, it's been 390 million years since i last met Guan Hong! As usual, i ordered a meal with my usual 'dong nai char' (teh ais in short), 6 people squashed into a small table (erm, the guys are NOT very small size ok...) and start talking craps... it's so good to hear all the bullshits again... hehe!

Actually, i wonder what makes people like to go Kim Gary?!? The food? The price? The place? Or a place to hang out and 'guys and gals hunting'? Oklar, some guys there are not bad looking... Tee hee! How i came across Kim Gary? Well, to be honest with u, during secondary school i like this guy from another class, but we don't know each other, i was quite sad la cuz after Form Five i can't see him anymore, but i heard through a friend of his which is also a friend of mine, that he is working in Kim Gary MV as a kitchen crew... Haha, so actually i love to go there also don't know is because of the food or because to see him... I saw him today, and when we're walking out, he saw us too, but i doubt he knows who the heck are we la... Anyway, i don't like him anymore, so it doesn't matter...

Hmm, let me tell you what is nice there... the yang chow fried rice, the pineapple and shredded chicken fried rice, cheese baked rice, french toast, pork chop rice, fish wrapped in egg rice, etc etc etc... so many more... Hehe, if u want to know more, ask me la, i'll tell u... and if u want me to teman u to kim gary, just give me a call k? Hehe!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Back To College...

Today is already the fourth day of class of the 5th term, which is also less than 5 months away from my final exam, which i'm gonna graduate from diploma! Time flies, seriously... Our time table for this term is quite flexible... We only study 4 days... Previous terms our schedule was packed, so we are already grateful just to get one day less... nyeh nyeh nyeh =p. Yesterday during kitchen practical pastry class, me and my friends were already discussing to continue higher diploma or not... Some have high hopes planning to go overseas to Switzerland or Australia or UK, some planning to stop after diploma, some will stay in Taylor's until they finish degree... Gosh, it's like i'm still so young but already have to plan what's ahead in the future... It's so SCARY... I'm always worried what the future has for me... What if this is not something i want to do? What if I don't end up what i want to do? What if this, what if that? But i can't help it.. It's my habit to think too much...

This term, our batch is given a task to organize a Food Promotion event. I think our lecturer supposingly has high hopes on us, but somehow, i don't know... We're just too playful still...

Gosh, so many things to do, yet so little time... even though we have free time, but we prefer to relax and play instead of revising or study... Reports, techniques, revision... Headache larz!

Aiyo, i think i am very outdated already... so many movies i didn't get to watch... even if i buy vcd also no time to watch... The last movie i watched was 'War of The Worlds', didn't really like it though, didn't understand it and the ending was pure STUPID... Hmm, what are the shows i haven't watch yet? Madagascar (can u believe it, i haven't watch it yet, arghh!), House of Wax, Batman Begins, Mr and Mrs Smith........ who can spare me the vcds to watch? Hehe...

Hmm, feel like cooking suddenly... maybe i'll bake a cake tomorrow... and make some pasta for lunch... tee hee! Good nightz!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

If Tomorrow Never Comes......

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

'Cause I've lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance to tell her how I feel

So tell that someone that you love
Just what you're thinking of
If tomorrow never comes...

If tomorrow never comes, it means so much to a person who had just lost someone he/she loves right? I picked a few lines from the song 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' by Ronan Keating as my post for today because something happened this morning. One of my good friend just lost her boyfriend. Broke up? Nopez, he passed away... How? I don't think it's nice to post it up here. Every time we hear people say that we should appreciate the people around us as they're all meaningful to us, but do we ever give it a second thought? We usually see or read news like this in the media, but can we feel how much pain and sorrow and sadness they're going through at that very moment? Just imagine you open the door and walk into the house where u see him/her lying very still, and the next thing u know is.. they're... they're not in this world anymore...

Shit man... this is so hard... Memories... Think about it, if tomorrow is the end of the world and you're the only one who knows about it, what would you do with the 24 hours? Sleep? Eat? Hah! Well, that's why, life's short, so do whatever you want and can do as long as u're still capable of... Keep a diary, write down what you do daily, take pictures, it's part of wonderful memories of our past... how u know if one day u lost ur memory or u got old, at least the photos could be used as reference right? Appreciate everything and everyone, help everybody with every single strength u have in your body. Enjoy every single second, every single day... Being in a bad mood one day, you lose 86400 seconds of happiness, and if you're happy, 86400 seconds would mean a lot.. so live the day with a smile rather than a frown...

Sigh, i don't know what to say anymore... To Joann, stay strong, i know it would be hard for you these few days, but don't let the past hold you back... To Eric, rest in peace... God bless...