Monday, March 22, 2010

Cracky Nails

The power of inventions day by day...

Cracking nail polish!

No, it's not some photoshop effects or using any special tools... the nail polish creates the cracking effect on its own. So cool eh?

It seemed to be a long-existing invention already but not until a recent beauty fair my friend's company organized about two months ago that I saw it. According to the Taiwanese promoter, it is a hit product in Taiwan and Korea and she's trying to introduce to Malaysia.

You need two different colors to create the cracking effect. One is the base and on top of it is the cracking nail polish, then finish off with a transparent polish and glitters if you like :)

I heart the white and gold effect.

Monday, March 08, 2010

You're Being Missed

I'm still alive... Wake up, work, eat, sleep like usual...
Yes i know I still owe lots of postings... pics are piling up but I am just too lazy to edit them...


Kennedy's wedding in Segamat... love is in the air... sweet couple... and i see 6 out of 12 people using Iphone. grr!

This is super random... but the owner of these doraemons is being greatly missed! Bu hu. I miss him on stage :( I miss his singing. I miss his lame jokes. One month plus I haven't seen him! Bu hu bu hu bu hu! And I won't be seeing him for a long long time. Triple bu hu.

My dilemma was finally solved... it was quite a complicated decision, but well, finally it's been made. I guess all I need to do now is not to look back but just march forward and live in the present.

Earth hour is coming! Do your part for the earth! *wonder if he will participate in any earth hour events*

- watched 72 tenants for 3 times, and I still wanna watch V-day... and Alice in Wonderland!
- needs new haircut and wants new piercing! Uh ohh...
- hao ren huai ren? :p