Saturday, September 02, 2006

Visit to Silverbird

Whoopeeee!!!! It was fun fun and whole lot of fun!!!! We went for a visit to Silverbird. There, they have the High 5 Bread Town Museum. We left college at about 4pm. Snap some photos in the bus, so funny la...

Pn Siti went and register for us, and coincidently 3 of our college seniors (Degree students doing their internship) were there, it was their last day there, and Pn Siti requested them to be our 'tour guide', Alex, Sabrina and one girl i don't know her name.

We were brought into a small theatre to watch a 5 minute video on history of bread, then we stood in front of the entrance of the museum. It opens by voice function, so we were suppose to shout 'high 5!'... Alex said 'make sure u shout high 5, not gardenia ar...' He's cute!

The museum shows the history of bread, all the machines/ovens/tools used. Super super cool!!! Too bad we cannot take any pics inside... Even the breads looked like real ones. They have bread from the past, present and even future!

Then, we were shown their collections of flour sacks... and the factory... unfortunately the workers were cleaning the factory for the next batch of production... if not, we would have seen the whole place filled with dough, freshly baked and sliced breads. Sobz... Then we were brought to a souvenir shop to buy silverbird/high 5 products...

Then, we took a group photo outside, got a 'goodie bag' from them and then left back to college.

Me, fiona, ivy, edmund, shiao teng, fq, sek kiat, darren, kennedy, iveen, terence and kenneth went for buffet steamboat at Twenty. Wanted to eat at Yuen but fully booked! Not as nice as Yuen... But i nearly died laughing eating with them... It's so fun la...... That day sek kiat asked: "10 years from now, will you still contact me ar?" Haha, good question...

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