Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blur blur...

Yippee!! Tomorrow going to Silverbird to visit the flour/bread factory and the bread museum... I'm turning into a cam whore nowadays... Our class had been taking pictures everywhere we go. Even after sales talk >.<" Tomorrow we'll definitely be taking loads and loads of pics because we're going to silverbird and steamboat! Whoopee!

Bought a pink baby patrick yesterday for RM25. It was the memory lane 'closing sale'.

Teng sent me a fwd msg saying 'if you have 15 seconds to live, what would you say to me in that 15 seconds?', got some really funny replies. Perhaps i should put as 'if I only have 15 seconds to live, what would you say to me in that 15 seconds?' :D

I really don't know if i fit in the group. When i see the both of them, I think they're better off without me. They seemed closer when i'm not with them. They always take pics together. But, A still tell me things about B, and I feel comfortable being with the both of them. Sighz, why life is so unfair... Aunty Swan said 'girls cannot be best friends, because they will like the same things and perhaps the same guy, jealousy/hatred tend to happen', *funny* but true? What about friends who have a lot in common in the beginning and realize not actually a lot in common in the end? Or friends who doesn't click well in the beginning and end up having a lot in common in the end? Haha... I siao already lar... lack of sleep... Danny, i'm as emo as you... elmo emo <3

I hate liars... i freaking freaking hate liars... You don't know how hurt i am when i knew the truth. It's not wrong to do such things, but why can't you just tell me the truth? Things changed few months back. I don't know what, but definitely something. Feelings i guess. Arghh, forget it. I'm better off alone. Goodbye.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What A Day...

Woke up at 1pm... Wash up and get ready for my dooms day - High Tea with lecturers... Left the house at 2pm with parents. It was held in Annexe, not many familiar faces... only Amanda, Shirleen, Suk Na... Saw Chef Norrizan, Ms Karen, Ms Charmaine, Mr Pragash and Pn Siti. All also say 'oh, i have no problems with ur daughter, she's very hardworking, she pays full attention in class, if she maintain or work harder, i'm sure she'll score excellent in her finals... Pfftt... Really respect Ms Karen, her knowledge is ichiban! She said there's this Fd Tech Engineering in degree... ask me to venture this course... but scary la... all scientific stuff, scared i don't understand...

All said positive stuff about me, except Pn Siti... spot on... she totally said it... she said i need to speak up in class, i'm wayyyyyyy tooooooo quiet... She don't even know if i understand or not... She said I have no confidence in myself, I really need to voice out, if not, it's gonna be tough for me in finals... I need to start now, if not, I really doomed la... When she keep saying all these, i keep nodding only... she said 'can u say YES instead of nodding?" >.<" I dunno laaaa... People have no confidence talking to strangers... but I've no confidence talking to ... everybody... Be it strangers or close friends... I scared i'll memalukan myself. I don't request for stuff because i scared people will say i'm irritating... I don't play games because i scared people will laugh at me when i lose or fell... I don't joke because i scared people will think it's lame... I don't ask questions because i scared people will be annoyed... Therefore, i'm a person who dare to do things in writing... or i should say a 'backstage' person. Therefore i dislike sales and nego, i dislike training people, i dislike front office... They ask me whether i want to continue degree or not, i pun tak tau lar >.<" Went home about 4 after makan... Like their mushroom soup. Cooked and served by BDH24. I ordered the peach flambe from the server but he serve other guests pulak. *ish* then i ordered again. I guess it was too dilute, mr Tay Boon saw and he take over and show him. Muahhaha, my peach flambe was done by Mr Tay Boon nyek nyek nyek. I went and kacau him 'wahhh, sai em sai ar u do flambe?' 'you cook properly ar, this two my one u know!' hehe, oops... Dunno why, everytime when come to before kitchen practical class, i get very tensed up... I get very very nervous and scared... scared that i can't do well... If i'm i'm Chef Patrick's class sure lagi tensed... and sure masuk rubbish bin one... Imagine, after cooking, 10 students' dishes in front of him, all masuk rubbish bin... teruknya... Last Friday was ok, cooked chicken mousseline for starter and rainbow trout and pilaf rice, white wine sauce for main course. ma'am said seasoning good... temperature ok... but creativity not there yet... and we took the class too easily... we took our own sweet time... Chef Chong said too normal... but he liked my white wine sauce :D Must go find more ways to cook the items... After the class, both shoulders also relax dy... What's wrong with meeeeeee???? Sighz... Just now wanted to do my FNB assignment, cari my whole file, my whole room, my whole table, cannot find my that paper... Shutz... So scared until i cried... Had to ask Darren to type the whole thing on msn for me... Thanks darren! Ask Terence to scan, he left the bag in the car pulak... Apalar, put in the car to let the sun shine ar? >.<" Arghhh... how can i lose the paper??? Hate myself...

Went 1u with Teng in the evening cuz wanna check out FIR, Sam Lee, Danny's album... Wanted to watch Click actually. But when i reach there, left 2 separated seats, 1 in front, 1 at the back. I bought FIR album from popular, 38.80, free a booklet of photos. Went and eat assam laksa at a restaurant opposite Giant.. Saw Rydee.. Bought a 1GB pen drive and printer ink. Then went esprit to find teng's mum and sis. After that balik rumah. on the way listen to FIR, superb!!! Love track 6 the first time listening to it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hate those dumb f***s

Everyday you read through the newspaper, you can see murder cases, kidnap, robberies, snatch thefts, revenge, suicides, and other stories which people purposely attack/hurt another thanks to some freaking lame unreasonable reasons. Why are there such attitude-problem people? How can someone cause unreasonable injury to another? Did they offend you before? Mou liu~~~

I hate those people with attitude problem... WHen they're wrong, they don't want to admit, but backstab another...
I hate those people who never use their BRAINS... They don't see the whole thing before they act... Use common sense ler...
I hate those people who are NOT CONSIDERATE... When you know you're standing next to the lift button, cannot press for other people to go out first ar? So fast rush out wanna go toilet ar?!?
I hate those people who are SELFISH...
I hate those people who LIE... and most of all:
I hate my life... >.<"

Why? Why do we hate people? Not that we're much better than them ourselves... Why do other people's attitude annoy us?

Aiks, sorry... *emo*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BDH 20 African Food Promotion

The past few days had been freaking hot!!! Even if it rained, it's still hot.
Finally, the day that I had been worrying for has past! Woooot! And it all turned out superb and great! Friday we did our mise en place in the evening, thought that dessert team will be the first to finish, end up the last >.<" Did a lot of trial and error cuz we never tried the recipes before. Tiring but it was fun! Don't know why, i really love all this events thingy where we work together, ta pao KFC to eat together, when one finished they'll help another team. :D Saturday dessert team suppose to come at 2pm but decided to come at 12pm to see what the others doing. Came with Fiona, had our lunch then straight away start our work. The deco in the restaurant was amazing! Kesian the deco team, slept at 5am.

Finished our tasks at about 5 something. My thin crust pizza which I rolled until my hand also pain doesn't look thin >.<" but the others - moist banana cake, banana chips bread, grissini stick, fruit parcel were good! We went to the restaurant to snap some photos.

We took like hundreds of pics throughout the whole day... I'm so glad that through this event, our friendship bloomed. We jokingly tease each other, comment each other, it was real fun... I'll definitely cherish this friendship :D

Amanda, Mohan cooked dinner for all. But the dessert team did not get to eat >.<" Ish, got curry chicken and gaufrette potatoes samore celaka! But we stuff canapes inside like nobody's business haha! Service time, everybody was really co-operative and we got mostly good comments :D Thanks to the FNB team that makes everything well. They had two performances, one is by Maria, Maureen and a friend, the kitchen staff were peeping through the door, Pn Siti was so nice, she let us go out and watch. The second performance was Keith doing flairing, awesome!!!

It was Kenneth's birthday so Edmund and gang put flour in the cake box, pretending it's the cake inside, sang birthday song and pour flour on Kenneth. Then we brought out the real cake. Then, we wash the floor, took some photos and balik. Overall, it's a great experience... I'm lovin' BDH20 OB! <3>

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Phew, just came back from college half an hour ago (now is 1.35am)... A bad day for me... Had financial accounting assessment this morning, cannot balance the cash flow statement, and a huge difference from the figure... and mr wong can even say 'u know why u all cannot balance? because i haven't teach you all one thing =_=" what's the purpose of assessing us when we haven't learn it yet? Donk! It made my day like hell.

Applied science class was fun. I like this chapter.

Then at 5pm we head to the kitchen to do mise en place for tomorrow's food promotion. I'm under dessert. Had briefing then head to pastry kitchen to do the stuff. This is the day i made the most pastry, and the worst pastry... shutz! We made banana cake, grissini sticks, thin crust pizza dough, banana bread, and normal soft buns. I thought dessert team will be the first to finish everything, mana tau we were the last. I think I handled everything badly... The doughs were overproofed... and too many things to bake at the same time... (but i find that my grissini stick is nice, just pray that it won't 'lau fung' tomorrow! They ta pao KFC back. Tried the lamb kefta, it's good! :D

Sigh... I really wonder if she's his gf... She was wearing his jacket juz now... I wonder what he told me is true... I wonder if i can ever forget him... When I want to see him, I don't, when I don't want to see him, he's there... Swt... Shuin lah... I shall try not to think about it anymore... It seriously hurts... Today, i'm not only exhausted physically, my mind and my heart are exhausted too... Swt!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Pai seh... the previous posting can't put in this pic... these are the pics of the food I ate in the Food Promotion...

Scallop Carpaccio with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing
Mediterranean Garlic Soup
Main Course
Lamb Kebab & Capellini Pasta
Seafood Paella
Stuffed Chicken with Tahini Sauce
Tiramisu Cake
Last Sunday, when CY & I were in FOS, I accidentally saw this white jacket with these wordings. Got the shock of my life...

Then, I pulled up the zip so that I can snap a picture of it. (Looking around to see if anyone staring at me. Guess they're thinking that i'm crazy =p )

Guess, what wording is it??? Hehehehe!



Ta-daaaaaaa..... DAMSEL!!!!! :D

I really think that people do change in time... No matter how, no matter who, no matter what... You'll change... Change better or worst? It depends...

Some said "I'll never like guys younger than me" but end up dating a guy 2 years younger.

Some said "I'll never like pink" but end up having the whole wardrobe full of pink clothes.

And me... I said before I'll never like clothes with frills or those lacey lacey type... But these days I seem to be looking for those clothes >.<"

I guess I'm influenced by this whole Picasa thingy... I seemed to be into photography now... I bring my camera every where i go... Snap whatever I feel like snapping... but not self posing of course >.<" I like photos with erm... how do i put it... very mysterious, very 3D-ish... Like Mysterious's photos...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OIAM, Food Promotion & Shopping!

Last Friday, since i had no practical class, Ostro invited me, SS, SY and CY to go for OIAM Top 9 show. Instead of sitting down, we choose to stand around the stage cuz it was 'opening song for concert' theme. But Ameen was eliminated. Sobz sobz! Had a blast overall.

Waited outside the studio for the finalists to come out from the press conference. Took pic with most of them and had their autographs. All of them ask for our names to write on the autograph (last time MI don't have one lor) >.<" they're really friendly and patient! I love Faizal! I just love his attitude and his accent! He said SS is the creator of Shin Chan and i'm the creator of Proton Savvy hehe! Lokman asked us to come the following week (so nice of him <3)>.<"

Saturday - Didn't do much in the afternoon. I told myself to study as i had a long weekend break, but as predicted, tak buat apa apa langsung. Went for DH20's food promotion (Mediterranean) in college with Fiona, Ivy and Edmund. Erm, sad to say I didn't really enjoy it, but towards the end it was better :D They served 6 courses - Scallop carpaccio, garlic soup, lamb kebab with pasta, seafood paella, stuffed chicken and tiramisu. They have 2 performances - M'sian PCD & M'sian John Mayer hehe! Then lucky draw. It was fun cuz the emcee - Dean @ Din was very good in hosting! We said we must go for supper in McD cuz of the portion but end up it was quite filling actually. Met Jonni and Kevin there.

Sunday - Went breakfast with parents and grandparents in OUG. In the afternoon went MV with CY for shopping! Spent 45 minutes trying to get into the parking. Walked the whole MV. Only bought the accessory for pants, a long purse and a pair of court shoes. Had lunch-cum-dinner at Secret Recipe. Tom yum spaghetti, yummy! Addicted to SR now... I wanna try out loadz of food in SR!!! Who wanna go with me again? :D

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't understand why...


Really don't understand why...
Why are there some people who are so 'mou liu', 'mou liu' until beh tahan!!!
'Mou liu' until write 'mou liu' things SARCASTICALLY in own's blog.
Sendiri not happy enough la, why wanna say until as if he/she was harmed by others?
Has X changed? Or is it YOU who changed?
If there's anything you're not happy with tell out la, why must talk behind people's back SARCASTICALLY? *lame*, *irritating*

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Saw him again...




CY asked me to have dinner in KG, sat at the table near the kitchen, facing the kitchen entrance. Keep thinking to myself : Will i see him?

I think perhaps not enough staff, the stewarding area was really slow, all the soiled dishes were stacked in front. "Prang!", a plastic container filled with plates overturned, and an extra person appeared at the stewarding area helping out. The height was like his, but why is he so much fatter??? Maybe it's not him. I kept staring at him, guessing whether it's him, at last I think it's not.

Paid the bill, when i just stood up, he looked towards our side, OMG!! It's really him! But, no feelings anymore... :D

爱我别走 Ai Wo Bie Zou - 张震岳 Zhang Zhen Yue

Heard this song during training... Someone's ringtone... Thought it was Jay's song at first, then rupa-rupanya it's Zhang Zhen Yue's.

Wo dao le zhe ge shi hou hai shi yi yang
Ye li de ji mo rong yi jiao ren bei shang
Wo bu gan xiang de tai duo
Yin wei wo yi ge ren

Ying mian er lai de yue guang la chang shen ying
Man wu mu di de zou zai leng leng de jie
Wo mei you ni de xiao xi
Yin wei wo zai xiang ni

爱我别走 如果你说 你不爱我
Ai wo bie zou ru guo ni shuo ni bu ai wo
Bu yao ting jian ni zhen de shuo chu kou
Zai ge wo yi dian wen rou

爱我别走 如果你说 你不爱我
Ai wo bie zou ru guo ni shuo ni bu ai wo

Bu yao ting jian ni zhen de shuo chu kou

Zai ge wo yi dian wen rou

最初的梦想 Zui Chu De Meng Xiang - 范玮琪 Fan Wei Qi


Chinese version of Zhong Dao Mei Xue's

Ru guo jiao ao mei bei xian shi da hai leng neng pai xia
You zen hui dong de yao duo nu li
Cai zou de dao yuan fang
Ru guo meng xiang bu cheng zui luo xuan ai
Qian jun yi fa
You zen hui siao de zhi zhe de ren
You yin xing chi pang
Ba yan lei zhuang zai xin shang
Hui kai chu yong gan de hua
Ke yi zai pi lei de shi guang
Bi shang yan jing wen dao yi zhong fen fang
Jiu xiang hao hao sui le yi yie zhi dao tian liang
You neng bian zou zhe bian heng zhe ge
Yong qing kuai de bu fa

Ju shang shi zong hui ming xian gan dao gu du de zhong liang
Duo ke wang dong de de ren gei xie wen nuan jie ge jian bang
Hen gao xing yi lu shang wo men de mo qi na me chang
Chuan guo feng you rao ge wan
Xin hai lian zhe xiang wang chang yi yang
Zui chu de meng xiang
Jin wo zai shou shang
Zui xiang yao qu de di fang
Zen me neng zai ban lu jiu fang
Zui chu de meng xiang
Jue dui hui dao da
Shi xian le zhen de ke wang
Cai neng gou suan dao guo le tian tang
Jue dui hui dao da

陈奕 Chen Yi - 等待 Deng Dai

Love this song very very much!!! :D

陈奕 Chen Yi - 等待 Deng Dai

Wo shou hou zai ni jia de men wai
整个晚上 都不离开
Zheng ge wan shang dou bu li kai
Hui xiang ni kao zai wo de xiong huai
我要将感觉留到 Every night
Wo yao jiang gan jue liu xia every night

Zou zai chao nao yong ji de ren hai
Wo xiang yao hao hao gan jue ni de cun zai
Wang zhe yao yuan hui se de xin hai
一个人 孤独的发呆
Yi ge ren gu du de fa dai

Wo yi ran hai zai deng dai
Deng dai ni hui ming bai
Yi ke jian qiang de xin zai deng ni hui lai
风在吹 让它擦去我脸上的泪
Feng zai chui, rang ta cha qu wo lian shang de lei
Bu yao yi wei wo zhen de wu suo wei

Wo yi ran hai zai deng dai
Deng dai ni hui ming bai
Yi ke jian qiang de xin zai deng ni hui lai
不怕累 只要我的身边有你陪
Bu pa lei, zhi yao wo de shen bian you ni pei
Qing ni xiang xin wo shi zhen de bu hou hui

Repeat All

Repeat Chorus

请你相信我是真的不后 悔
Qing ni xiang xin wo shi zhen de bu hou hui

JJCM to Klang & Minute To Fame

At last... I'm 'hardworking' enough to post up abt my trip to Klang with Soursand and watching Minute To Fame at Sunway Pyramid.

27th July - Drove to Soursand's house and parked there. She drove us to her uncle's shop, Restoran Tean Chuan in Taman Chi Leung. Wah! So many people! All talk Hokkien, I don't understand >.<"

Soursand's uncle sells Prawn Mee, Assam Laksa and Yam Rice. Assam laksa is only available on Sunday. Fast service and good food! Yummy! Love the prawn mee the most! :D Sandy's brother and the cousin came too. Well, basically a lot of her relatives came la hehe!

Then, we went to her uncle's place and waited to watch One In A Million - the repeat show for the Top 12. Ameen is so cute!!! Then at 3pm we left for Sunway Pyramid to watch Minute To Fame finale. We reached at 3.45, fulamakkk, sooooooo many people! We tried to stand one level above also cannot see anything. So we stood at the back, and slowly we got in front cuz those people in front left because too tired :D The judges were Liang Rong Zhong, Lee Jia, Vivian Cheok, William Sun, Phoebe, Yang Siu Hui and Hacken Lee!

Met Gymnast there. Stand till our legs and neck also pain! Finally, he was the last contestant! Gosh, we fell in love with his voice, and he's so cute! His voice is so powerful even when he's just singing it slumberly! Like what Soursand said, he has a really really bright future! He should join more singing competition. Sadly, he failed to enter top 3. It's ok, we support you!

After the event finished, we went to Kim Gary for dinner. Cheese Baked Rice, yummy! Then, I went home and went and fetch Chun from Pudu Bus Station.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crossing our paths

The pics of Hacken Lee at the Minute to Fame, pics of my JJCM trip to Klang, pics of Ryan's birthday are all still not resized, not cropped, not uploaded... Just too lazy to do it, cuz it's just extra work, rather than just typing in my blog... Tomorrow la... :D

Had French assessment this morning, Ms Yati said she's leaving next term for a better opportunity to teach somewhere else.. sobz! Everybody is like begging for her not to leave. During Ms Charmaine's class, some 'politic' happened.. Ms Charmaine saw and said:
  • No need to get angry. What for? I used to get angry over a lot of things last time, but now i've learned to let go. Don't get angry. As long as you've done your part, teach what you're suppose to teach, give what you're suppose to give, whether they absorb it or not it's their problem. If i see that they have problem, i'll personally help them, but if overall i don't see any problems, i just don't care. It's not that i don't care for my students, it is because i CARED TOO MUCH.

Wah, when she said that, I nearly cried. She'd became a much stronger person after having a family. I understand how it feels when you care for other people too much but end up getting disappointed over it. Haha, so better don't care anymore.

Received a fwd sms from YSS couple of days ago, and forwarded to some just now. Aunty Wendy replied, asking me to fwd to someone through kaima, i replied saying that someone will become scared of me if i did that.

I want to dedicate this msg to ALLLLLL my friends out there, no matter how long or short we've known each other, how often we meet each other, how far we are from each other, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU.

~~Time might lead me to nowhere and fate might break me into pieces, but I will always be THANKFUL that once in my life's journey, our path crossed.~~