Friday, May 28, 2010


Fuhh! I've lost the passion to blog. Once a frequent motion has turned into hibernation for months. Not only that but it seems like I've also lost much communications with my friends and family. At times I don't even see my parents for a couple of days even though we stay under the same roof. By the time I wake up they're already out to work, and by the time I come home they've already slept. Friends work office hours while I work till late. The only people I hang out now is colleagues during work. Really have to appreciate the moments you get to hang out with your pals.

Gonna head for Hatyai in 5 hours time. Time to clear some annual leaves as I've not touched a single day of my annual leaves until now. It was quite a dilemma to go or not to, due to some other equally important issue to me. But since it's a rare chance to go holiday with my parents and especially my baby sayang #1, I chose for the holiday. Plus, a total of 9 of us including 4 very elderly people (my grandma, my grandpa's brother and 2 sister in laws), my dad can't possibly take care all of them by himself as he has to take care of my mom and aunt and baby sayang too if I didn't go, so apart of going for holiday, I have to go to carry their stuff.

These few weeks had been busy at work. Loads of functions, and more to come. Lack of staff on the service side and I had to help out as a service associate for like one whole week. Well, not really keen on doing service but I guess it's part of the learning process too. Everyday you learn something new.

Seemed to be making a lot of mistakes these few weeks. Some at work, but mostly in personality wise. Seems that most of my actions hurt people a lot. Hmm, well, you made a mistake, then you are bound to get punishment. The punishment was miserable, to the extend that I cried at work... twice. The feeling was just horrible.

Better go get some sleep.

Gonna miss you.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I don't know what title to put...

Life has been going pretty okay so far. Everyday wake up, work, eat, work, go home, online, sleep. The same routine goes on and on. I would say I'm performing okay in pastry. Making breads, churning ice creams, making chocolate macaroons, some cakes, crepes and bavarois. Fuh, not easy but I'm learning day by day. Learn and learn and learn. Mistakes do happen, and what I need to learn is how to alter towards perfection (quote someone), well, nothing is perfect but at least it's going that way.

Aunt called in the midnight 3 days ago saying both her kids were admitted to the hospital suspecting influenza A. They were kept in the ICU. Blood sample were taken but results only will be out the next day. My god, terrified. The youngest one is not even 1 year old. Cried the whole night wondering what will happen. Read the newspaper about kids died due to h1n1. Argh, that's shitty! Dreaded the hours until evening and aunt smsed to say result was negative. Thank the lord. Quote someone, negative doesn't always mean something bad :) But they weren't allowed to leave the hospital just yet. Went and visit them on the 3rd day. The elder one is getting much better, already without the drip and jumping around. She said she likes the hospital bed =_=" cuz can use the remote to control up and down, front and back. The baby's lung is not too good. Kept crying when she sees the doctor or nurse. Aunt sms-ed me saying just after I left the doctor came and insert a 6-inch tube into her nose down her throat to suck out the phlegm. Oh my god, I couldn't imagine if I were there to see it.

Parents are away for 10 days for holiday in China with grandma and relatives. I seriously respect working mothers who can still maintain the house so clean and tidy, what's more including washing and ironing clothes. Respect.

Money not enough. Everything around me is seductive. Lomo, fish eye, slr lens, iphone, new laptop, nike, lumix zr3, chef's knife, and I need new pants!

I need a holiday. And now, I need some sleep. Tired. Night.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

040410 Broga Hill + Klang Bak Kut Teh

04 April 2010

A desire arises in the mind. One will never be satisfied until its desire has been fulfilled. It's been some time since I heard and read about Broga Hill. Just a half hour drive there yet I've never heard of it until now.

Broga Hill, also known as Bukit Lalang (茅草山)[yes, the hilltops are filled with weeds], is located at Kampung Broga in Semenyih. Very near to Kajang and Seremban. And it's just a stone throw away from the expansive University of Nottingham.

Woke up at 4am+ to reach there in time for sunrise. Got lost in the way although I had directions with me. It rained on the way, so some part of our sporty spirit has been dampened thinking it will be cloudy and sunrise cannot be seen.

Reached at 6am+. The sky was still pitch black but many cars were already parked at the roadside of the way leading to the hill. You can either park at the roadside in front of the rabbit farm or inside the palm oil estate opposite the rabbit farm where u have to pay RM2.00. Walk through the palm oil estate and off you go up up and away!

The road up was ok, not to say very steep or muddy. With the place being so overrated, the steps have already been 'laid out' for you, but there are still certain challenging parts though.

It took us about 30 minutes to reach the first peak. Fuhh! It's been quite awhile since I did outdoors, luckily my stamina is still okay. By the time we reach halfway, the sky was already starting to get bright, hmm, kinda disappointed. Reach at 6am would be perfect.

There are a total of 4 peaks, according to the signboard it's 1.7km, but it was wayyyyyyyy more than 1.7km definitely! There were a lot of people up on the hilltop already when we reached, mostly avid photographers carrying all sorts brand of SLRs, we even saw two kids with their family who is so semangat-ed and keep saying 'majulah ke depan! jangan maju ke belakang!' Lol!

Well, although the sunrise was not the sunrise I expect it to be, it was nice to hike a bit and feel the not-so fresh air breeze, and one will only be satisfied when there's good company to it :) Thanks peeps (YSS, YSY, YYR, CSY - how come all got Y one kekeke!)

Going down is tougher than going up. You need to be very careful, one slip and you'll end up being a squashed swiss roll. Kekeke. And you need to be careful cuz some 'monkeys' might bang into you when they 'drift' down the hill. And you still will end up being a squashed swiss roll.

Things to bring if you go for sunrise: Torchlight - a must (if you forgot, there's a stall selling it there), mosquito repellent (you can apply before you go), water, towel (if you have short fringe like me that irritates you at the forehead it helps a lot!), camera. And try not to wear black.

Directions to Broga Hill: Head towards Puchong, you will pass IOI Mall, Tesco on your right, follow Putrajaya/Kajang signboard. Pass RM1.60 toll, you will come to a fork where putrajaya/cyberjaya go straight and Kajang (exit 6A) turn left. So you follow the Kajang way (exit 6A). Go all the way straight. You will pass by exit 5, exit 4 and so on. Just go straight (follow Semenyih signboard). Then you will pass two RM1.00 toll. After the second RM1.00 toll, keep left at Jalan Semenyih.

Turn right at the traffic light. You will be on some small road similar to truck roads. You might be thinking you're already heading to Seremban or something but yes you're on the right track don't worry. After some while you will pass by Restoran 69 on your left. Then a Maybank on a row of shops on your right, and then a Petronas on your right (at the Petronas also got Maybank ATM). Turn left at the traffic light where you see the Petronas. Go all the way straight, you will be in total darkness if you go before sunrise. After quite some while, you will see University of Nottingham on your left, can't miss it. Go straight still, and you will see cars parked at the roadside. You will notice a rabbit farm on your right and on your left is the palm oil estate where the Broga Hill path is located. Warm up and let's go! :)

After that, we adjourned for breakfast! Another mission accomplished! Klang bak kut teh for breakfast! Woo hoo! From one end to another end. I slept in the car :p We went to Yap Eng Bak Kut Teh at Taman Sentosa, Klang. Soup BKT, Dry BKT, Otak Otak, yum! Although it's cooked the dry way but the meat is still so tender!

All squeeky clean! Typical chinese-lang, we all love to drink soup.

The bill came up to RM74 for 5 of us.

Directions for Yap Eng Bak Kut Teh: Using the Kesas highway, go towards Klang direction. Exit at the Kampung Jawa/Kampung Bukit Kemuning exit (turn right at the traffic light), go straight until you come to a roundabout and turn left (9 o'clock), go straight for about 1km I think then you will see Yap Eng BKT on your right (red signboard), just U-turn at the nearest junction and ta daa!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Broga Hill posting postpone 1st :p


Today was grandpa's 1st year 'anniversary'. Took leave for this. Dad and I went for Cheng Beng for dad's side in the morning. Then went back to grandma's place for prayers in the afternoon. Surprisingly I didn't cry during the prayers, I'm amazed myself too. Grandma cried, for a couple of reasons. She's been a strong person throughout this whole year, guess she just can't hold on at that moment.

Didn't have much to do throughout the evening so my cousin and I went for a movie at MV. "Clash of the Titans". Nice. The casts were all so good looking and pretty. Gemma Arterton is hot! I like her. Even Medusa is pretty :p Then had dinner at grandma's again at night, everyone came. Dinner ended quite early, stayed for awhile and then we went home. All I can say is, things will never be the same again.

Couldn't sleep the night before, so sat up and wrote a letter for grandpa. Wonder if he's enjoying sightseeing around the world. Wonder if he's looking upon us from up above.

Someone said I have to learn to let go, then I won't be so down. Hmm, I guess I choose not to let go, because no matter it's a happy or sad memory, it means a lot to me. Precious ones. Be it just a meal at mamak or my 21st birthday celebration or whatsoever. Perhaps one day I will lose my memory, wouldn't remember a darn thing, or my friends and family. Gosh, that's scary, but doesn't mean it won't happen. Hmm, I need a ton of jokes to keep the emo-ness away.

-it's not the same without you-

Monday, April 05, 2010




Monday, March 22, 2010

Cracky Nails

The power of inventions day by day...

Cracking nail polish!

No, it's not some photoshop effects or using any special tools... the nail polish creates the cracking effect on its own. So cool eh?

It seemed to be a long-existing invention already but not until a recent beauty fair my friend's company organized about two months ago that I saw it. According to the Taiwanese promoter, it is a hit product in Taiwan and Korea and she's trying to introduce to Malaysia.

You need two different colors to create the cracking effect. One is the base and on top of it is the cracking nail polish, then finish off with a transparent polish and glitters if you like :)

I heart the white and gold effect.

Monday, March 08, 2010

You're Being Missed

I'm still alive... Wake up, work, eat, sleep like usual...
Yes i know I still owe lots of postings... pics are piling up but I am just too lazy to edit them...


Kennedy's wedding in Segamat... love is in the air... sweet couple... and i see 6 out of 12 people using Iphone. grr!

This is super random... but the owner of these doraemons is being greatly missed! Bu hu. I miss him on stage :( I miss his singing. I miss his lame jokes. One month plus I haven't seen him! Bu hu bu hu bu hu! And I won't be seeing him for a long long time. Triple bu hu.

My dilemma was finally solved... it was quite a complicated decision, but well, finally it's been made. I guess all I need to do now is not to look back but just march forward and live in the present.

Earth hour is coming! Do your part for the earth! *wonder if he will participate in any earth hour events*

- watched 72 tenants for 3 times, and I still wanna watch V-day... and Alice in Wonderland!
- needs new haircut and wants new piercing! Uh ohh...
- hao ren huai ren? :p

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Tiger Year 2010!

Gong xi fa cai! It's the year of the tiger! Me year! Hippieee!
But it also means I'm older! Two dozens! Oh no...
We didn't celebrate this year due to grandpa's passing, but we still gathered for dinner on cny eve. I didn't join them for dinner cuz I was working, but I went after work, it's been ages since I see my baby, although we live so nearby.
And on the first day we gathered again at grandma's for brunch. 4th grand-auntie came to visit, and at 4pm left for MV with my two cousins to watch "72 Tenants Of Prosperity". Haha, it's darn funny. The main reason I wanna watch it because of the humongous casts of HK actors and actresses and also cuz of Wong Cho Lam. He's darn cute and short! I love his acting. For once Midvalley is jam-less on a Sunday!!! Really traffic-free! Although there's a lot of people in MV, but maybe many shops are closed so less staff parks there! I think this is the ONLY Sunday of 2010 which will be jam-less. How I wish everyday it's like that!

Still got two movies that I wanna watch! Tiger Woohoo and Valentine's Day!!! Wish I can watch V Day with my other half, but hey, i DON'T have an other half!

After movie went for dinner at Chong Qing with family. A hot day and steamboat doesn't match, but who cares! The laughter we have.

After dinner my mind keeps spinning, I don't know why but I started missing everyone... like seriously everyone that I could think of. The times we hang out together and yet we still complain time is not enough. Imagine now? I don't even see them like for years! Even if just for days but it still feels like years! And I cried... while facebooking I just cried! Cuz I miss everyone.

Had no intention to apply for leave this year... until my chef thought that my senior didn't allow me to take leave... haha... when everyone asked they were like har? no off? Well, at least the main day falls on Sunday so it's ok. Haha, hotel line is diff from office le, 6 days work and no fix leaves one ler. That's the fun part of it. Chef was nice enough to organize steamboat on the eve and we got ang pau from one of the regular guest! Wow. Special.

Do people remember what they do or said when they're drunk? Doubt so huh? Yeah, me too. Is it just me who's thinking too much?

Again, happy roarrrr year! Here's wishing you to better health, better wealth, happiness and prosperity! Eat more Tiger biscuits, drink more Tiger beers, rub Tiger balm, watch tiger shows, don't be like Tiger Woods, visit Maybank, Esso and Proton and miss the tiger baby me! Lol! Mwaks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kelly Chen - Shi Wo Bu Hao

是我不好 Shi Wo Bu Hao
by: Kelly Chen 陈慧琳


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gonna leave for Segamat in 4 hrs time to attend my first college mate's wedding! Oh so excited! Why am I so excited, I don't know! Haha. I love weddings. Heard it's gonna be a alcoholic night! Woopee!

Then spending one night in Singapore. Double woopee!

Don't miss me, but i'll miss you ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010


#1 - I'm loving this place already! Spacious and nice stage.

#2 - My ever beloved "D". First pic in 2010. Poor boy he's sick. Take care ya.

#3 - My year! 2 circles already, feel so old suddenly. Tiger, rawr! Don't feel festive this year, mainly cuz we're not celebrating this year. I don't collect tiger items, but I got 3 this year already! Thanks <3 I don't mind if anybody wanna give me more :p Come to think about it, I do have quite a few tiger stuff at home. Shall blog about it next!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Torn Between

It's a tough decision to make.
Really tough.
Dilemma kau kau punya.
Will I be able to be on par?

Fate is really something indescribable.
Love too.
Is it stupidity or that's what it's all about? Unavoidable?
When cupid strikes, you smile to yourself like a mad woman thinking about him.
When it leaves a scar on your heart, it hurts so much but you just can't stop thinking about him too.
You might say you will never fall for him, but it happened.
Why? Being obsessed with a guy who won't call you. You know it won't happen, but you just keep on praying, hoping, wishing.

Work has been okay. Average achievements so far. Currently in the pastry section. Suh-weet! Hmm spell desserts backwards and you'll get? :p Urgh, I have scars all over my hands... clumsy me. Planning, focus, organize, manage, solution... Hardwork!!!

This year really craving to go travelling, be it domestically or internationally. On my mind there's Sabah, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hongkong, Australia, Macau, Switzerland, France... So many places, so little money. Boo... shall make it a yearly plan to travel!!!

More posting coming up!

Current song addicts:

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One

~i still need you... i still miss you