Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emo-ness is contagious

Just yesterday I was asking two of my friends why is everyone so emo, cuz I noticed a few of my friends are not feeling very happy. Now it's my turn. Yes, emo-ness is contagious. And it badly affects one person. Grrrr.

That message totally spoiled my mood. My feelings from bright turned grey.
I seriously didn't expect it to come. (Huhf, expect the unexpected konon)
I was making plans for it, going along and stuff. But it was totally unexpected and I didn't know that I couldn't take it. Well, a bit the exagerating but I'm seriously damn sad. I cried on the way home and still crying now. So many things is on my mind now.

What if in 1 years time I'm not remembered and he struggles to recall my name? What if in 2 years time I'm totally forgotten and he couldn't be bothered remembering? What if in 3 years time... sigh, I dunno. Gosh, what's wrong with me.

I guess the pressure of looking for job and doing something is getting up on me.

PS: How does it feel watching movie alone...

~ Losing determination. Losing faith.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gardens Heaven

I know, I know, temptation is a sin. But it's unforgivable to NOT blog about this. After reading the all-praised-for post by Boo_licious about Yogitree, mum and I can't resist from trying it with our stomachs all drumming just looking at the photos.

A believer in 'back to basic cooking and always insisting on fresh, natural, organic ingredients bought and prepared for you.

Very motivational indeed...

NST Review
Friedchillies Review

Mum and I made our way up to the first floor of The Gardens and saw that there's this food promotion going on in The Gardens and Yogitree is having 20% discount on a la carte items on dinner if you have this small booklet which you can find at all the directory boards around the mall.

The menu design was simple, just a stack of A4 papers with the items listed and certain dishes with their benefits highlighted stapled together. Browsing through the whole menu is enough to make my saliva drool all over the paper. Seriously, everything on the menu sounds good to eat. We finally made our decision after like what feels like an hour. Mum decided to go for the Carbonara and (grumbling under my breath because I wanted to eat that!) opt for the Claypot Soba Soup. And we shared a Crispy Duck and Pear salad which was amazingly appealing on boo_icious' blog.

My drink - Ginger Spice (Ginger + Yoghurt + i-forgot-what) but was suppose to be for rejuvenating. RM12

Crispy Duck and Pear Salad (Mesclun, Cucumber, Pear, Coriander, Sesame and Duck) Slightly too sweet though. RM20

Targliatelle Carbonara with Bacon RM19

Claypot Soba Soup with chicken, mushroom and spinach (The soba noodles were very smooth and the soup is clear and sweet. Yummy) RM22

Highly recommended - Hot Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (The pastry is really flaky and the apples inside were still crunchy! Awesome!) RM12

The Yogitree
Lot F-237B, Level 1,
The Gardens
Tel: 03-22826163

A very satisfied dinner indeed. I seriously don't mind coming everyday to have my meals here. Mum said our meals will be at The Gardens everyday onwards haha! This food promotion is on from 15th March - 15th April and there's special offers for almost all the food outlets in The Gardens. Such as 50% off 2nd item in Cova, 1 for 1 Afternoon Tea Special at PHOP, 10% off at Sbread etc. And also, for every RM100 spent on weekdays and RM200 spent on weekends, you get the first 3 hours parking free (for the food outlets, and in a single receipt)

However, the disadvantage is that the booklet has to be taken by the outlet everytime you dine in. I'm not sure if all outlets do so or only Yogitree though. Mum was so disappointed and went down to grab one whole bunch of booklets back home. Haha. Thumbs up for the marketing idea but thumbs down for the 'recycling' use of booklets. But, in a positive way, maybe that's the way they record the statistics or something.

So, why not head down to The Gardens for some food haven for the next couple of weeks :) My stomach is grumbling now even just by looking at the photos... slurp!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

[Lyrics] Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar

I would love to learn how to play this song :)

Teardrops On My Guitar
by Taylor Swift

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without
Drew talks to me, I laugh 'cause It's so damn funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

So I drive home alone, as I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down and maybe
Get some sleep tonight

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The Only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing don't know why I do
He's the time taken up but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into...

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Ever wonder how fast time flies?

Am reading the book "Where Rainbows End" by Cecilia Ahern and I have to say it made me think a lot about what's life, what's important in life and how things can make a difference in life.
It only seemed like yesterday that I was a specky, "square head" girl in primary school not even have to think of what the future holds. Now, I'm "not a girl, not yet a woman" who is on the way earning my own money to survive in this materialistic world.

Haha, don't know what made me so crappy today. But I've been thinking a lot about the past recently. No it's not that I don't appreciate the present and future, but sometimes it's good to just relax and remember what you've done in the past. Seriously, a good old diary really helps :)

I miss the times daddy & mommy hold me tight and sing lullaby to me.
I miss the times I can celebrate my birthdays in kindergarten with cartoon cakes.
I miss the times playing masak-masak, acting like a real chef. Five stones too, remember? :)
I miss the times the bunch of us sitting at table 76A at the canteen, eating curry mee at only 50 cents.
I miss the times of i-don't-want-to-friend-you and spreading news to each class about XXX liking YYY.
I miss the times of writing letters to friends even though we sit next to each other, sitting in a group gossiping when no teacher comes in, acting like BSB or Westlife singing "I want it that way" or "Flying Without Wings".
I miss the times I have backwood, camps, campfires during scouting.
I miss how we feared for SPM like death and thinking back now, it's a piece of cake and feels it's so not important in life.
I miss kitchen classes in college even though we cut 3 fingers in 1 day, have to turn whole pot of potatoes into equal sizes and risk being thrown pots and pans by the lecturer (nah, just joking! But the finger story is true!)
I miss how day by day friendships and teamworks bloom, be it with friends or lecturers, and the satisfaction we have after we succeeded in a function or exams :)
I miss the times we fixed the same colour of clothing to wear for classes.
I miss the times we go for events, even though seeing the same singer for 3 days in a row, singing the same songs and still screaming for him like mad.

Looking at it, things won't be that memorable if it wasn't for the people that you share all these moments with. I thank God for giving such wonderful friends and family in my life. And thank God for the invention of cameras and pictures. At least I have a clear picture of all the wonderful times I had.

If you hadn't realized, it's the 17th today! Gosh, time seriously flies. It's already going to be April! Sorry, I always have something for the number '17'.
2 more months it's HER birthday.
4 more months it's HIS birthday.
6 more months it's MY birthday! Mwahahahhahhaha!

PS: The above statement has no intention to hurt anyone else's feelings whom I did not mention. It just so happened that your birthday is not on the 17th! Blek!

~ Cheers.
(Sobz, it's been 1 month and 16 days since I last talk to him.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Facing Failures

Sigh, I guess I'm a type of person who can't stand facing failures.
I will turn so moody and black face when I failed to get a good outcome.
I was making cupcakes just now and the result was a disaster.
Last time making the korova cookies were shyt too.
Was it me or was it the recipes. Damn.
The thing is, the batter was perfect but it ended up in the oven for 50 minutes instead of 15 minutes required only.

Argh! Shall attempt another recipe now. Moody~ moody~ moody~

Wanted: S*h** on the run =_="

Just went for a hair cut today...
intended to do rebonding, but was CONVINCED to perm...
The model pic looked so nice, but on me it looks like a pile of sai...
So you guys better not laugh when you see me.
*banging wall*

*Actually the top part is curly too... the stylist tried to create a 'bob' head for me to see only. Sigh, preparing for the worse. Namo namo namo~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Dream House~

These few days have been going out quite often... Of course, I can't stay at home. If not i'll suffer from depression. Last Saturday I was at home the whole day, watched Lydia Sum's Memorial Service and cried until can fill up 1 cup of tears. At night realize my mum cried too watching it wakaka! At night dunno what happened but suddenly felt so 'lost', talked to a friend about it and started crying and crying before I sleep. Aih. I have no idea what to do next. Lost the determination to work hard. I guess when everyone's a senior manager or director in 5 years time, I'm only a dish washer or something. Wu~ wu~ wu~ I'm like a sand in this industry who knows nothing and dumb and blur and slow. How to find job? No interest in managerial posts but don't want to work such a hectic life in operational depts. (Ma der~ so yim jim how to find job?) Perhaps I shall consider working in Australia hahaha. Anybody got jobs to recommend? In the hospitality line? Sigh! Anybody know any 'dai lap yeh' in this line that I can seduce? I mean, err... be introduced to =p

My uncle from Singapore came over and went out for dinner with him. He and his family are staying at my aunty-in-law's niece's house in Damansara Indah Resort Homes. Wo de ma! It's really like a resort deyh! She and her husband bought the land and design and build the house by themselves. Nature concept using timbers. The house has two BLOCKS - one for the family, one for the guests. Has a SWIMMING POOL, GYM ROOM, ART ROOM, SNOOKER ROOM, LIBRARY ROOM, HUGE FIELD, 5 BED ROOMS which looks like HOTEL ROOMS with personal toilets, plasma tv and mini bar!!! 4.2 mil. I find it cheap though... But they save on the timbers cuz the husband works at a timber company. But they're good quality woods and blardy nice decors.

The entrance to the house. The house is digital password protected, you need to key in the passwords to get in the house and the different blocks.

Surrounded by trees and a lovely fish pond INSIDE the house

As you can see there are two BLOCKS - left is the family block, right is the guests block. In the center separated by greeneries and a swimming pool (hidden in this pic) and behind you can see whole grass field *pengsan*

TV 'hall' for the family

Nice interior using wood

Art & Music Room

Gym Room (Only 2 machines but still...it's a room!)

Library cum study room

Wua~~ I want my house to be like that! I want to 'ga gor yau chin yan'!!!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Official Floor Measurer

Yesterday was my result announcement at college. Woke up late and was late as the thing starts 2pm. Didn't expect them to start SO on time. It makes 120 on NPE still feels slow *shocked* So malu when I walk in the hall. Result was positive. And very unexpected. Of course I expected the lowest mention. I quite have the feeling there's some mistakes which haven't rectify yet :)

Charlie's Angels @ lecture hall. I expected myself to cry, mana tau this Nicholle cried pulak. Just for 5 seconds. Our last time in the lecture hall :( Last time sitting on that bench. Last time eating college food. Last time seeing a lot of people :'(

I wanna thank all my classmates and lecturers for the past 4 years. It has been a fun, challenging 4 years in college. Lots of ups and downs. Tiring moments but fulfillment of enjoyment after achieving. With your smiles and words you guys gave me more confidence and motivate me to strive harder. I'll never ever forget you guys. Friends forever. Wishing all of you all the best in your current/future career. Wishing all the lecturers more achievements year by year :)

After that went to Sunway for awhile and 7 of us went to Subang Jaya Square Neway Karaoke. 3 words - Blardy, Farking Expensive. We went for the buffet dinner session. It was RM44++ including 2 drinks free for each person and buffet dinner of course. The food is actually good, quite a lot of variety - there's sushi counter, pasta counter (alio olio yum yum!), fresh oyster, mussel, prawns, scallops and other hot & cold dishes.

HOWEVER, tit bits are charged separately & it's compulsory to take. 7 person MUST take 5 bowls of tit bits (which were 4 bowls of Double Deckers & 1 bowl of peanuts), and one small bowl is RM9++!! Fine, we knew this type of policy in redbox too. (Still RM9 is horrendous!) BESIDES THAT, see that pic of fruit platter above? It's COMPULSORY too, not one but TWO! And guess how much one plate cost? Fcuking RM22++!! End up each of us had to pay RM62. Will never go there during dinner time anymore. If you want to go, go either lunch time or tea or supper but not dinner. Damn.

Things to do now:
1. Catch all the dramas I've missed
2. Read all the books I bought
3. Polish my skills
4. Clean my room
5. Cut my hair
6. Exercise
7. Adobe Photoshop
8. Service my car
9. Travel!
10. Paint my room if possible
11. Finish off the things I did halfway
12. And many many many more :D

~ Ni jiu shi wo de tian shi, gei wo kuai le de tian shi :)

She's the cutest, smartest kid on earth to me. Only 3 yrs old and she can do a 50 piece puzzle by herself. She can remember things by just looking at things for 1 time. Her mum tried to trick her asking "You want to go Yee Ma's (my mum) house or Eve Lynn jie jie's house?" Without thinking she can instantly reply "Yee Ma's house is Eve Lynn jie jie's house lah!" And just look at her! She can close one eye. Either one! Damn, I only can do one side. *wub* of my life :) Part of the motivation is from her :)

~ Graduation - Friends Forever :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Thank God! I'm Done!

I'm sure you guys are quite bored of seeing all my previous emo posts about my worries in my dissertation. I wasn't able to submit it on time and I only submitted it 10 days later. Rushing it like hell without sleeping for 2 days 1 night. Thought of passing it up with the next batch but was informed have to pay RM800 because it's considered a re-sit. (Already so rich still want to eat ppl's money) Of course, being the kiamsiap me sure rather rush than to pay lah (My lecturer advice me it's not worth it too anyway) And, I risk the chance of failing because 20% of my total marks will be deducted. Farks. 20% is A LOT ok! (Ish, regret now also no use)

Yesterday was my oral defense to present my dissertation. The scariest, longest and last presentation of my entire education life. Didn't sleep well the previous night because I seriously am worried to death. Went in at 4.15pm and was in there for almost 1 whole blardy hour. I was like 'and then... uhh... then... uhh... sorry... uhh' 2 juries staring at you talking. Thank god they were only lecturers (but still, they were strict!). There were supposed to be external juries meaning high rank managers from the hotel industry but didn't see any. Comment was OHKAY but I was still scared cuz I might fail even though my presentation was OHKAY. Well, at least everything is OVER!

Went out the whole day today with some friends. Haha, I think I explored KL today more than in my 20 years of life. Went to Lake Garden, and now only I know the locations for Planetarium, Memorial Tun Abdul Razak, Tugu Negara, Bird Park, Butterfly Farm all :p Well, I went before but it was when I was like in kindergarten ok! Went to KL then Kajang then Cheras then Subang then Cheras then Subang then back home! Someone said I have baby face and looks like an SPM student! Wakakaka! Thanks *someone* for the compliment. I'm so proud. First time in my life someone say I look younger than my age. Because usually people will say I look old =_="

The announcement of passing students was said to be out today. But I don't have the courage to go check it out at college. I told Nicholle 'if I pass, call me. If I fail don't call me.' She said: "So I purposely will not call you lah." Ma de~ Halfway through dinner got sms. "Shyt. Namo namo namo, please say I pass please say I pass. *Flip open my phone* Ma de~~ It was Ivy." Zha dou. 10 minutes later another sms came. "Namo namo namo" *Flip open phone* NA MO OMI TO FO! Passed!!! Wahoo!!! Thank god!!!

From now on, I'm a full time 'floor measurer'. So any of you want teman to go out just call me at 012-3456789 muahaha! Not!! You guys know my number :) I have tonnes to do before I find
a job permanently. Enjoy kau kau first!

Tomorrow will be the result announcement as in announcing our grades. Not expecting good grades this time. I'll just enjoy the few hours tomorrow with all my friends. I guess it will be the last time I'll see some of them. I just hope I won't use up all my tissues. And take loads and loads of pics!!! Will blog about tomorrow.. well, tomorrow! Nyahaha!


Monday, March 03, 2008

[Lyrics] Gary Chaw - Ai Ai

Recently I fell in love with Gary Chaw's latest album - Super Sunshine. I would really recommend this album as a 'must buy' because all the songs inside are darn good. No joke. My personal fave would be this one - Ai Ai. Very sweet song, can be used in weddings or you can sing to your gf when you want to propose to her. Well, it's a guy song but heck. I love it! Anyway, Gary's coming back! 9th March Sungai Wang 5pm ;) See you there!



Qu nian wo men can jia peng you de xi jiu
Ni wen xin niang zen me hui na me mei
Oh~Baby Baby Baby Baby 想不想体会那感觉
Oh~ Baby baby baby baby xiang bu xiang ti hui na gan jue
Zuo tian wo men bai fang peng you de xin jia
Ni hao xian mu na xing fu you qi wei
Oh~Baby Baby Baby Baby 只要你点头 我都给
Oh~ Baby baby baby baby zhi yao ni dian tou, wo dou gei

我爱你女孩 我等你答案
Wo ai ni nu hai, wo deng ni da an
让我给你爱爱 喔~愿不愿意
Rang wo gei ni ai ai, oh~ yuan bu yuan yi
让我给你抱抱 喔~可不可以
Rang wo gei ni bao bao, oh~ ke bu ke yi
我很确定 只要看你 心跳永远都像现在那么近
Wo hen que ding, zhi yao kan ni, xin tiao yong yuan dou xiang xian zai na me jin
让我做你Baby 嘛~愿不愿意
Rang wo zuo ni Baby, ma~ yuan bu yuan yi
让我做你老公 嘛~可不可以
Rang wo zuo ni lao gong, ma~ ke bu ke yi
用这首歌当成媒人 把我和你放在一起
Yong zhe shou ge dang zuo mei ren, ba wo he ni fang zai yi qi

Jin nian wo men can jia peng you de xi jiu
Hai wen xin niang zen me hui na me mei
Oh~Baby Baby Baby Baby 要不要体会那感觉
Oh~ Baby baby baby baby, yao bu yao ti hui na gan jue
Jin tian wo men bai fang peng you de xin jia
Ni hao xian mu na xing fu jia ting wei
Oh~Baby Baby Baby Baby 只要你点头 我都给
Oh~ Baby baby baby baby, zhi yao ni dian tou, wo dou gei

Repeat Chorus

(lyrics source: Gary Friend Club)

English translation:
(Wah seh, so semangat!)

Last year we attended a friend's wedding
You asked the bride how can she be so pretty
Oh~ Baby, do you want to feel the same?
Yesterday we visited a friend's new house
You envy the loving paint smell
Oh~ Baby, if you say yes, I give you all

I love you girl, I'll wait for your answer
Let me give you love, are you willing?
Let me give you hugs, can I?
I'm very sure, when I see you, my heartbeat is always as near as now
Let me be your baby, are you willing?
Let me be your hubby, can I?
Use this song as a matchmaker, put both of us together

This year we attended a friend's wedding
You asked the bride how can she be so pretty
Oh~ Baby, do you want to feel the same?
Today we visited a friend's new house
You envy the loving family feel
Oh~ Baby, if you say yes, I give you all


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cafe 2369 + Aunties Ssam

This afternoon was asked for lunch by my two best buddies in sec skl Ching and Ria. Had no idea where to go but decided on Kuchai cuz we're quite bored of the phood in TD. Parked the car and walk around to see what to eat. End up have to toss a coin to decide. And here we end up in - Cafe 2369. There are a few cafes around that area such as Island Cafe, Wings Cafe, Station 1, Cafe 2046 and this 2369. How to survive such competitions...

Saw most of the tables around were having their fish head noodles. Shall try it next visit. Looks like good stuff. We ordered 3 dishes instead accompanied by rice. You can choose to have single meal (one portion of the dish on rice) or dishes portioned for 2-3 persons.

Marmite Pork Ribs
(don't really taste like marmite :p)

Butter Chicken (yummy stuff!)

Stir Fried French Bean (tender & juicy!)

Their drinks are so so only. I ordered Ice Jasmine Tea which I think Boon Boon's tasted nicer. Ching's Hazelnut Milk Tea taste.. well.. weird. Ria's Vanilla Milkshake is nice though. But not cold enough.

Then we just sat and chit chat about our recent lives and secondary school days. Really memorable :)

Cafe 2369
No.2-1 Jalan Kuchai Maju 1,
Off Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7984 3268
Website: http://2369cafe.malaysianfood.com.my/

At night, since parents and aunt and my baby cousin were going to Phuket tomorrow (I actually am supposed to go to but thanks to the oral defense arghh!) so we went out for dinner since I won't be seeing them for 4 freaking days. Wanted to go Delicious/Italiennies one, but uncle decided on a new place for Nyonya food.

An authentic Penang Nyonya restaurant opened by 3 aunties partners. Why the double S? Their names are Sheryn Lee, Shally Wong and Margaret Ooi. Article link

Claypot Fish Head Curry

Pumpkin Chicken (I love love love this dish a lot)

Stir Fried Kai Lan

Marmite Pork Ribs (again?!? Just had it in the afternoon)

Special dish - Durian Prawns (Special but didn't really like it.. the clash of the taste)

Overall, the dishes were really delicious. My uncle and dad had double servings of rice, even my mum who usually eats little rice took more than usual :) For dessert we had their Rojak, Cendol and Ice Kacang which were equally good! Plus the 3 bosses were friendly as well. Due to just few tables around, they were very friendly to all the customers and kept asking how is everything. Service was good too, the waiters and waitresses were friendly, but they try to clear empty plates too fast. Anyhow, definitely will be back again.

Aunties Ssam
21, Jalan Kemuning, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(Near Pasarakyat, opposite Palm Garden restaurant)
Tel: 03-21486706
Business Hour: 11.30am - 3pm; 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed every Monday of the 2nd and 4th week of the month

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pavilion Food Republic + Kenko Fish Spa

Was at Pav for 2 days in a row. No, I am not a rich Datuk's wife that can spend money in Pav, but I was invited to go there for lunch. And Spa ;)

Food Republic is a food court from Singapore, and it's hell of a good business at Pav, varieties of food choices there, Korean, Vietnam, local, Thai, Teppanyaki, Malay etc.

Mee Rebus

Scallop and Peanut Soup from Ah Yip Herbal Soup

Fried Prawn Noodles

I thought those transparent white strips were bean sprouts at first. Was wondering how come there are more taugehs than noodles. Mana tau it's actually "lai-fun", a type of noodles, similar to the assam laksa noodles :)

Sea Coconut with Ice Shavings

Korean Spicy Beef Soup with Vegetables

It was so so... I think the Stone Pot Rice would taste better.

I was with a few AUNTIES that were very gian to try the newly opened Fish Spa. (Err, what? Fish? Spa? Spa with Fish?? Geli!)

A new trend in town. A brand from Singapore. (Nampak macam aquarium shop aje), kekeke, yeah, it looks like a landscape/fish shop but let's look inside.

This 'ponds' are filled with small little fishy called the Garra Rufa fish. Also known as "Doctor Fish" that hails from Turkey. What these little grey fishies do is they nibble your legs' dead body cells, believing that it is able to ease skin diseases, make your skin smoother and promote blood circulation.

Shucks... my leg banyak dead cell...

Erm, sorry about the fat chubby leg and the banyak bulu... I wonder these fishes ever feel full... Because they nibble non stop.

How does it feel? Erm, very very ticklish and you can really feel the fishes nibbling. I had to cover my mouth with my hands to stop myself from screaming or laughing. But after 5 minutes or so it's less ticklish.

Doesn't feel any difference now, perhaps you must go a couple of times to get the effect, or perhaps my feet has too much dead cells. But it's definitely a good experience. They also have other massages such as foot reflexology, shoulder, head or hand massage.

Price: RM38 for half an hour
*Look out for promotions that combines other massages with fish spa. Mine was 45 minutes foot reflex with 20 minutes fish nibbling for RM69 - New Year promotion.

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa
Lot 5.01.09, Level 5,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21416651
Web: www.kenko.com.sg
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

Second Concert in 5 days - Backstreet's Back

If comparing Westlife and BSB, I am a bigger fan of Westlife. But when I knew that BSB was coming for concert, I instantly agreed to go. Therefore, 27th Feb 2008, I went for Backstreet Boys' Unbreakable World Tour Concert 2008 in Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach.

I only made my way to the venue at 5.30pm, halfway on NPE, 'tak tak tak tak' oh shyt, it started to rain heavily. Great. Upon reaching the entrance, there were a lot of people queuing up already. Darn, maybe because too long never so 'kiasu' to queue with crowded people dy, so feel damn uneasy and uncomfortable. And no offence to those who went, but erm, I don't know SOME of them go for concert or fashion/make up show... And the things SOME of them talk about, *bang wall*.

Gate was supposed to open at 7 or 7.30pm, but we waited until 8.10pm! Everybody was scolding and shouting. Seems that they opened ANOTHER entrance first. Fcuk. This entrance that we queue (near the hotel) was supposed to be the MAIN entrance. Never had good impression on Galaxy anyway.

Anyway, the concert started not long after. Me and my friends didn't bother to squeeze with people in front and decided to stand behind. Clear and nice view although a bit far. And we saw Jin Au Yang slumberly walking around playing with his mobile. If only I called up to him and took a photo. Regret.

Hell it was a GREATTTT concert! I would say I enjoyed the flow of the concert much more than Jay's. Imagine, just the four of them and the bands. Their positioning, dance, flow were all smooth! And they begin all those k-songs with a different rhythm that no one can guess, and all scream when heard the song intro after that! Awesome awesome awesome! Although only the four of them (Kevin left ;( my fave in the group) but everyone, both them and the fans enjoyed kau kau. Nick was super high, AJ can dance super well, Brian is super cute and friendly, Howie can groove deyh... Haha, my era punya songs... Jumped and screamed hearing those familiar songs... "I Want It That Way", "As Long As You Love Me", "Everybody", "Larger Than Life", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Shape Of My Heart" and each of them even sang solo. About 30 songs altogether. One of the four spotlight wasn't working at the beginning, but was ok halfway. AJ's mic was soft at one point. Otherwise, a great show. Couple of times Brian let the crowd sing, it was nice to hear that everyone was enjoying and singing aloud :)

The concert was great (Ma de, how many times wanna repeat), but I guess the haywire happens before and after. First was the blardy late gate opening, plus it was raining. Then after the concert, of course everyone leaves at the same time. There were 5 - 6 flights of escalator heading up. The first escalator at the most bottom was operating, but the 2nd flight was not! So the people at the 2nd flight had to pause and walk up slowly while the 1st flight's speed was much faster. So the different timing caused a jam at the 2nd escalator and ppl had to stop ON the OPERATING escalator. Which is so dangerous people might roll down the escalator caused by the jam! Crazy shyt. That's not the worst. Ppl speed up at the 2nd flight. Comes to the 3rd flight, the escalator was operating... SUDDENLY, from moving upwards the direction of the escalator changed and moved DOWNWARDS! And at a fast speed! AND, crowded with people ON the escalator! Omg, I was like watching a horror movie for 5 damn seconds. Everyone was screaming. Luckily no injuries. Then it stopped and people start to walk up super fast. Fearing it will move backwards again.

A reliable source said there were no post party, so we didn't bother waiting and head for dinner cum supper. Then off we head for home. Sorry, no pics taken cuz we were too far. If you want the videos, message me personally ;)