Saturday, June 24, 2006

Going crazee...

24th June 2006, Saturday 5.50am

It's almost 6am but i can't sleep... Lots of things going thru my head now... One more week of holiday and i'm back to college... I dowan!!! Suddenly i just hate college so much!!! Gymnast said I look more tired and i put on weight!! Die lor...

Muscle pain!!! Padan muka, never warm up b4 dance... How to practise later? Aihz...

The words "It's difficult to please everyone" is filling up my head... Done the tagged thingy by Teng, you have to think of 20 names, there are so many people "floating" in my mind, but i can only put 20... How larz... I guess that's how life is... You can't be close to too many 'gangs', cuz u don't have the time to... Life is so unfair la... Be close to one particular group, other people will say 'she only care about that gang one la, no need to ask her to join one la'; be neutral, two events on the same day, which one will u go to; close to EVERY group, do u have the time to? Aihz... i know i know... i think too much again... but that's me, i MIND what people say about me... So guys, if i did anything wrong, please let me know... I'd rather knowing it than not knowing it >.<

Does it matter that a person has to click with u then only u can be friends? Last time my answer was no, but now, yes... To be close friends, of course you and the other party has to have common interests and common maturity... Not just me lar, i guess in school, in work, in family, anywhere at all people have their own specific groups of friends... If you're 17 and mentality like 12, how do u expect me to click with you?

I believe that everybody is responsible towards their own tasks and works... When someone is given a task, or maybe he/she requested for a task, I sincerely hope that he/she will put in effort and hardwork in achieving it... Don't give up halfway, show a moody face and walk away... It really pisses me off because 10% is luck, 90% is hard work... Everybody works hard equally to achieve it... Well, just a random thought...

Next friday is Daniel's birthday bash in Boulevard Hotel, with loadz of medias, VVIPs, producers, artists and the thing is, it's not organized by Sony bmg nor 8tv, it's organized by the Pinkies! Will be dancing for the event, feel pressured already lar... Can i not dance? I'm scareddd!!! What if i embarassed myself and everybody! Sobz! He will be participating in the games... He requested to... Good la, at least he showed his anticipation... =) But i guess i shouldn't expect too much from him... nanti disappointed pulak >.<

6.17 am now... better go get some sleep... good night... (or i should say morning?) ;D

Peng You - Emil Chau


這些年 一個人
Zhe xie nian, yi ge ren
風也過 雨也走
Feng ye guo, yu ye zou
有過淚 有過錯
You guo lei, you guo chuo
Hai ji de jian chi shen me

真愛過 才會懂
Zhen ai guo, cai hui dong
會寂寞 會回首
Hui ji mo, hui hui shou
終有夢 終有你 在心中
Zong you mong, zong you ni, zai xin zhong

朋友 一生一起走
Peng you yi sheng yi qi zou
那些日子 不再有
Na xie ri zi bu zai you
一句話 一輩子
Yi ju hua, yi bei zi
一生情 一杯酒
Yi sheng qing, yi bei jiu
朋友 不曾孤單過
Peng you bu cheng gu dan guo
一聲朋友 你會懂
Yi sheng peng you ni hui dong
還有傷 還有痛
Hai you shang, hai you tong
還要走 還有我
Hai yao zou, hai you wo

Love this song since ages... Daniel sang this in Amway convention... Daniel, can you sing one more time during your birthday? Sigh... I'll cry if he really sing...

Teman Tapi Mesra by RATU

Teman Tapi Mesra

Aku punya teman
Teman sepermainan
Dimana ada dia selalu ada aku
Dia amat manis
Dan juga baik hati
Dan dia slalu ada waktu untuk membantuku

Namun aku bingung
Ketika dia bilang cinta
Dan dia juga katakan
'tuk ingin jadi kekasihku

R:Cukuplah saja berteman denganku
Janganlah kau meminta lebih
Kutak mungkin mencintaimu
Kita berteman saja
Teman tapi mesra
Aku memang suka pada dirimu
Namun aku ada yang punya
Lebih baik kita berteman
Kita berteman saja
Teman tapi mesra

Nice song with a nice beat! If any guy/girl you don't like ask you to be his/her gf/bf, can sing this song to him/her :D

I've been tagged

Instructions:Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head.Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Daniel
2. Aunty Swan [cuz i'm chatting with her!]
3. Uncle IH [automatically will relate to him rigght >.<]
4. Uncle Pingeye
5. Aunty Jean
6. Mei Ling
7. Chunyiun
8. Teng
9. Soursand
10. Ostrova
11. Ching Yee
12. Anjanna
13. Ria
14. Uncle Nessie
15. Chooi Suet
16. Gymnast
17. ForeverDaniel
18. Alison
19. Joann
20 . Kenny Sia =_="

1. How did you meet 14 [Uncle Nessie]?
Same primary, same secondary & we live on the same road ;p

2. What would you do if you had never met 1 [Daniel] ?
Hmm, i seriously wonder... It's either i LURVEEE him or i'll end up hating him like mad... I guess i won't meet all my best pals in dfc if wouldn't for him :D

3. What would you do if 20 [Kenny Sia] and 9 [Soursand] dated you?
Kenny Sia: Err, he's ugly... i think i'll faint
Sar sar: I would if she's a guy... hehehe!

4. Would 6 [Mei Ling] and 17 [ForeverDaniel] make a good couple?
Apa ni!!! Lesbian ar?!?

5. Describe 3 [Uncle IH].
Pervert >.<" Nolarr... funny and flirtish... heheheheh! My papa =)

6. Do you think 8 [Teng] is attractive?

7. Tell me something about 7 [Chunyiun].
My bestest pal in dfc... One word - wonderful =D

8. Do you know anything about 12's [Anjanna] family?
Of course!!! Best mates!!!

10. What would you do if 11 [Ching yee] confess that he/she likes you?
Haha... she did b4... but jokingly la... hehe!

11. What language does 15 [Chooi Suet] speak?
English, Canto, Mandarin

12. Who is 9 [Soursand] going out with?
Nobody... want me to matchmake u a not? kekekeke!

13. How old is 16 [Gymnast] now?

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 [Ria]?
Last week or last last week... =p

15. Who is 2's [Aunty Swan] favourite singer?
A lot wor... one of them is her son :D

16.Would you date 4 [Uncle Pingeye]?
=_=" He's my kai yeh laaa!

17. Would you date 7 [Chunyiun]?
I'm straight ok...

18. Is 15 [Chooi Suet] single?
I guess so... unless she hide from me la :crying:

19. What's 10's [Ostrova] last name?
Ostrova lor... :D

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 [Ching Yee]?
A 'best friend' relationship lor!

21. What school does 3 [Uncle IH] go to?
Wa em chai ohh... a fishy school =p He left school LOOOOONG time ago...

22. Where does 6 [Mei Ling] live?

23. What's your favourite thing about 5? [Aunty Jean]
Her friendliness :D

I want to tag :

-Uncle Nessie :D
-Daniel =)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whheeeeee Penang!!!

21 June 2006 Wednesday 3.11am

England vs Sweden match is going on now, Chunyiun is watching it so i got hold of the comp :p A very last minute decision to follow Chunyiun back to Penang... She came down to KL to stay over at my place for the Kwok Fai Promo Tour event, that night she accidentally dropped her phone on the floor and the LCD spoilt... She then decided to follow Aunty Swan back and tempted me to go with her... Well, not really her tempting me, i was tempted myself... And I made the decision to follow her... So here i am blogging from her house in Penang!!!

Did nothing much the couple of days except EAT, EAT and EAT... Went Gurney Plaza, Prangin Mall, Batu Feringghi, Taman Lip Sin, Swatow Lane... I had Curry Mee, Ice Kacang, Char Kuey Teow, Fried Oyster, Assam Laksa, Fried Mee Suah, Popiah, Wan Tan Mee, Chee Cheong Fun and most importantly i accomplished my task - which is KIM GARY!!! 5 down, 3 more to go!

Didn't buy nothing much.. Just some accessories... DVD and CD shops werent open in Batu Feringghi =p

Shall update about my trip when i'm back in KL... cheers!!! ;D

Saturday, June 17, 2006

We Are Family

Loadz of things feel like blogging... But don't know if it's bloggable... nanti kena marah...

Didn't do much today... Suppose to go college to check our senior's TIS report... Suppose to start my report today but end up sleeping till 12pm ;p Ah Sar came over and we went MVM for lunch... Guess what we had? Kim Gary of course!! I had the Korean Spicy Noodles set... Due to the big crowd, they separate the tables just few inches apart, it feels so uncomfortable sitting so close to other strangers... 2 different couples sitting next to each other looks as if 4 of them are friends... dottttttt... Me and Ah Sar talked and talked and talked... We have so many in common, don't we Sar?

Was walking around and i mentioned I have not watched movie for a loooong time and Sar suggested 'why not?' :D And we decided on a movie called 'WE ARE FAMILY' starring Hacken Lee, Alan Tam... It's a comedy about Ah Kit (Hacken Lee) propose to his GF for the 8th time and his journey in getting approval from the girl's family... Super funny movie shot in HK and also Singapore... Also starring Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh) and the two "I Not Stupid II'' boys!!! Interesting...

Then we headed home and i went dinner with my family at Restoran OK Tuck, Jalan Imbi (near Imbi Palace)... Was craving for Stir Fried Cabbage for a few days dy... So we had seafood porridge, stir fried cabbage, thai style chicken leg skin, steamed chicken... Yummy!!!

Thanks Sar Sar for the MV trip... THanks for telling me so many stuff!!! Mwaks!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last Day!!!

15/06/06 Thursday 1.24am

Whoopee!!! TODAY is my last day working at Zen... Well, not really last day la, maybe after i start college i'll work part time again... Now just wanna sit back, chillex and do my report =_=" Life is better at Zen, they're starting to treat me nicer since i worked part time, even myself enjoyed working there... Hah! Weird huh? Well, that's me... I take a looooong time to suit myself into a group, and when lastly i do, i had to leave...

Nothing much happened the past few days... Went to Kathleen's surprise party after work, met up with the old mates, it feels good to see all of them, especially Isa who just came back from France... Went for an ntv7 recording on Monday, met loadz of leng chai there...

Oh! When i was walking to my car yesterday after work, I heard someone called my name, I turn around and saw Sensei Thiagu (my karate teacher)!! Haha, he remembered me and my name! So pai seh yet happy to see him actually, cuz never go for karate classes anymore...

Random Thoughts
#1 - Friendliness
I didn't know a friendly 'hello' or gesture will make such a big difference on a person's first impression... I didn't like him at first, but because of his friendliness, I changed my mind... How can both of them be so different? Well, I guess that's why people changed their 'target' ;D Sigh, I don't wanna say so much lah, after people say i comparing both of them pulak! >.<"

#2 - Shoe Polishing
Is bodek-ing and shoe polishing necessary in this world? Do people gain attention and trust thanks to it? My answer is yes... They tend to gain a lot of attention and trust... Although I envy them, but heck! I'm never gonna bodek people no matter what!

#3 - Weird
Been thinking about this for a couple of days... Why are we so into idols chasing? Why do we buy them gifts all the time when they don't even remember or know who we are but rarely buy things for our parents or siblings or friends? Why we keep wanting their autographs for nothing but never bother to get our parents' signature for our record book? Why we remember our idols' faves but not our friends?

I think i should stop being so crazy over D... I doubt he cares, why should I? His bday is coming but i don't think i'm buying him anything... Not that he'll remember lah... Maybe i might not even go to the party at all...

Random pic... =p LCKFC? Wanna join?

Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters

When I was young
I'd listened to the radio
Waitin' for my favorite songs
When they played I'd sing along
It made me smile
Those were such happy times
And not so long ago
How I wondered where they'd gone
But they're back again
Just like a long lost friend
All the songs I loved so well

(*) Every Sha-la-la-la
Every Wo-wo-wo
Still shines
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they're starting to sing's
So fine

When they get to the part
Where he's breakin' her heart
It can really make me cry
Just like before
It's yesterday once more

Lookin' back on how it was
In years gone by
And the good times that I had
Makes today seem rather sad
So much has changed

It was songs of love that
I would sing to then
And I'd memorize each word
Those old melodies
Still sound so good to me
As they melt the years away

Repeat (*)

All my best memories
Come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry
Just like before
It's yesterday once more
Repeat (*)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

走音 (Zao Yum) - Justin Lo

曲 : 側田(On Your Mark)/黃一峰
詞 : 方杰 編 : Ted Lo 監 : 側田(On Your Mark)

不懂得講笑 去(乙水)你開心
But dong dak gong siu hui tum nei hoi sum
不懂得交際 暗裡卻走近
But dong dak gao jai um lui kiok zao kan
靠作曲討好妳 流行曲深得你心
Kao zok kuk tou hou nei, lao hang kuk sum dak nei sum
讓你聽到了 可否當上我的知音
Yong nei teang dou liu hor fao dong siong ngor dik ji yum

寫首歌給你 說愛妳一生
Seh sao gor kup nei, suit ngoi nei yat sang
未令我感動 嫌我未夠流行
Mei ling ngor gum dong yim ngor mei gao lao hang
彈琴人是我 原諒我 動作 未夠吸引
Tan kum yan si ngor yuin leong ngor dong zok mei gao kup yan
旋律怎麼優美 也不窩心
Xun lut zum mo yao mei ya but wo sum

* 循例地拍掌 掌聲太牽強
Chun lai dei pak jiong, jiong sing tai hin kiong
回頭只見到你 對著電話聽與講
Wui tao ji kin dou nei dui jue din wah teang yu gong
有悶場 還是太忙
Yao moon qiong wan si tai mong
何以並沒有一起合唱 *
Hor yi bing mut yao yat hei hap cheong
曲終一剎那 人群內的妳不知去向
Kuk zung yat sat na, yan kuan noi dik nei but zi hui heong

Jeh sao gor gong dou ngor tai guo tin zhan
歌中的主角 哪試過走近
Gor zong dik jue gok na si guo zao kan
唱遍高低起跌 而情感偏偏走音
Cheong pin gou dai hei dit yi qing gum pin pin zao yum
是我只懂唱 不騷不癢誰人著緊
Si ngor ji dong cheong but sou but yong sui ren jiok gan

Sao yum gei guong buo buo liu ngor dik gor
但是這曲目 妳可細心聽過
Dan si jeh kuk muk nei hor sai sum teang guo
旁人談論我 其實更難過是我的錯
Pong yan tam lun ngor kei sat gang nan guo si ngor dik chor
我愛的不喜愛 聽我的歌
Ngor ngoi dik but hei ngoi teang ngor dik gor

Repeat *
Han siong teang nei cheong

循例地拍掌 掌聲太牽強
Chun lei dei pak jeong, jeong sing tai hin keong
回頭只見到你 對著電話聽與講
Wui tao ji kin dou nei, dui jiok din wah teang yu gong
即使我拿下金獎 而妳納悶到擺出睡相
Jik si ngor na ha gum jiong, yi nei na moon dou bai chut sui siong
曲終一剎那 才明白跟妳 相當勉強
Kuk zong yat sat na, choi ming bak gan nei, siong dong min keong

只对你说 Zhi Dui Ni Shuo - JJ Lin Jun Jie

Sa Rang Hae Yo 只对你说
Sa Rang Hae Yo Zhi Dui Ni Shuo
Sang by: JJ Lin Jun Jie (林俊杰)

zhan zai ji mo de wu tai shang
deng guang xia tuo zhe zi ji de ying zi
yin yue zhong fu wo men gong tong de yiu shang
bu shi mei yi chi de yan chang
jiu ke yi dan wang ming tian mei you ni

in my heart we'll never be apart

chan liu shou shang de siang wei ti xing wo
zai shu wei xiang ji li liu xia de cheng nuo
mei yi feng jian xun chuan chu de si nian
dou dui ni shuo

*(我爱你)means i love you
Sarang Haeyo means i love you
dai piau zhe wo li bu kai ni
mei fen mei miau mei yi ge shen ying
zhi yao ni sa jiao hui rang wo wei xiao

sarang haeyo zhi dui ni shuo
i will love you and forevermore
我答应 baby you will see
wo da ying baby you will see
mei yi ge wo dou shu yu ni

Repeat **
Repeat CHORUS x 2

oh baby i will love you because
wo dou shu yu ni

Credit to: chunyiun

Qing Wing Lok - Justin Lo

情永落 - Qing Wing Lok
曲/編 : 陳台証
詞 : 林夕 監 : 雷頌德

沒錯分手了 按你的需要
Mut chor fen sao liu, on lei dik sui yiu
情人還未似我 彼此空間太少
Qing yan wan mei qi ngor, bei qi hong gan tai siu
又再分手了 我也得苦笑
Yao joi fen sao liu, ngor ya dak fu siu
談情如像遊戲 懂得的真太少
Tam qing yu jiong yao hei, dong dak dik zan tai siu

* 回望我為了初戀的傷勢 比較深
Hui mong ngor wai liu chor luin dik siong sai, bei gao sum
Ming bak ngan lui wui but duin dik man yao
傷多幾次心 不緊要 最怕
Siong dor gei qi sum, but gan yiu, zui pa
麻木了我的心 會傷感 我也感恩 (亦放心)
Ma mook liu ngor dik sum, wui siong gam, ngor ya gum yan (yik fong sum)

Lei hoi nei yi hao, fong qi yu sang mou doh
Cong qi zum fu kup ya dou but sum qing chor
仍存在世上 還能面對甚麼
Ying chuin zoi sai siong, wan neng min dui sum mo
憑十巴掌使我 記得痛楚
Pung sap ba ziong si ngor gei dak tong chor

Lei hoi nei yi hao si ngor wok yik leong dor
付出了以後 永不必問因果
Fu chut liu yi hao, wing but bit mun yan guo
無緣沒故別離 其實為了甚麼
Mou yuin mut gu bit lei, kei sat wai liu sum mo
全為了準許你 再愛一個 *
Chuin wai liu zun hui nei, zoi ngoi yat guo

又碰到愛情 我有幾高興
Yao pong dou ngoi qing, ngor yao gei gou hing

談情原是神聖 不應將開眼睛
tam qing yuin si san sing, but ying jiong hoi ngan jing

Repeat *

Lei hoi nei yi hao fong qi yu sang mou dor
Cong qi zum fu kap ya dou but sum qing chor
仍存在世上 還能面對甚麼
Ying chuin zoi sai siong, wan neng min dui sum mo
憑十巴掌使我 懷念極清楚
Pang sap ba jiong si ngor wai nim gik qing chor
Yu guo jeh sai siong ji pui qing lui yat gor
即使很想你 我的選擇很多
Jik si hen siong nei, ngor dik xun jak hen doh
無緣沒故別離 其實為了甚麼
Mou yuin mut gu bit lei, kei sat wai liu sum mo
全為了準許我 再愛一個
Chuin wai liu zun hui ngor, joi ngoi yat gor
每次也失戀 其實學到甚麼 能否有幫助
Mui qi ya sat luin, kei sat hok dou sum mo, nang fao yao bong jor

Kuit Jin Yi Sai Jo - Justin Lo

曲 : 雷頌德/側田(On Your Mark)
詞 : 林夕 編/監 : 雷頌德

I can't give you diamonds, girl
But i can give you all my world

* 其實我怎會輸給這二世祖
Kei sat ngor zum wui xu kup jeh yi sai jo
Kei sat ngor oi lei oi dou bei ta gang hong bou
Neng ling nei high dak bei tin zai wan gang gou
陪著那個肚裡滿草 只有枯燥 *
Pui jiok na gor tou lui moon chou, ji yao ku chou

你要 純正愛情 愛上抱人那個過程
Nei yiu, chun zing ngoi qing, ngoi siong bou yan na gor goh qing
你信 人有個牲 應該選我最公正
Nei sun, ren yao go sing, ying goi xun ngor zui gong jing
擦擦眼睛 擦擦眼睛
Chat chat ngan jing, chat chat ngan jing
看我眼睛 會更清醒
Hon ngor ngan jing, wui gang qing sing
我哪怕窮 环遊世界 帶你看風景
Ngor na pa kung, wan yao sai gai, dai nei tai fong geng

Yun gan ta bei choi, bit gong ta luin ngoi
為著你未來 你也其實愛才
Wai jiok nei mei loi, nei ya kei sat ngoi choi
就跟他比賽 大敗那痴呆
Zao gan ta bei choi, dai bai na qi doi,
若是愛天才 請跟 我戀愛
Yiok si ngoi tin choi, cheng gan ngor luin oi
Yiu gong jing bei choi
Chuin wai nei mei loi
Gan jing choi

Repeat **

你要 神聖愛情 你要愛人對你摯誠
Nei yiu, san sing ngoi qing, nei yiu ngoi yan dui lei ji sing
愛我 才有結晶 他怎麼有這保證
Ngoi ngor, choi yao kit jing, ta zum mo yao jeh bou jing
擦擦眼睛 擦擦眼睛
Chat chat ngan jing, chat chat ngan jing
Nei wui kin dou ta suk ying
Tam qing chuin wai jin boon ling yan yan nang jou jing
願跟他比賽別共他戀愛 為著你未來你也 其實愛才
Yuin gan ta bei choi bit gong ta luin ngoi, wai jiok nei mei loi, nei ya kei sat ngoi choi
就跟他比賽 大敗那痴呆
Zao gan ta bei choi, dai bai na qi doi
若是愛天才 根本
Yiok si ngoi tin choi, gen boon

未怕過 這個世界有公義吧
Mei pa guo, jeh go sai gai yao gong yi ba
大惡霸 我信你會有膽揀他
Dai ngok ba, ngor sun nei hui yao dam gan ta
如揀在下 即刻張開你的心花
Yu gan joi ha, jik kak jiong hoi nei dik sum fa
會換來桃花 能暴升身價
Wui wun loi tou fa, nang bou sing san ga

Yuin gan ta bei choi bit gong ta luin ngoi,

Mong jiok nei jiong loi, guo hui yi ging but zhoi
Yiong wun gui pao hoi joi kin bei oi
挑選我 不需再跟他比賽
Tiu xun ngor, but sui joi gan ta bei choi
為造福你後代 新生再展開
Wai zou fook nei hao doi, sun sang joi zin hoi

I Will Still Love You - Britney Spears & Don Philip

Time may take us apart, but i will still love you, I promise
And when the stars, stars are falling
I'll keep calling
I promise that you'll be my one my only everything
I'll never be untrue
And i promise back that for your love i will do anything
I will give you the stars
I will buy you the moon
And even through the longest of our nights
Even through the darkest days our
Love will find a way
And when the stars are falling, i'll keep calling
I will still love you
And when your dreams are fading, i'll be waiting
I will still love you
You are my summer breeze my winter somber, springtime oh
My autumn touch of all
You are my sky, my rain a way which my love flows cuz you're all
The smile of my heart and the breathe of my soul
But ever if we find ourselves apart
We will hold out hopes and dreams
Forever in our hearts
Tell me how you feel
I finally know how to feel. tell me if it's real
And my heart is telling it's real
So real, so real

Time will take us apart that's true
But i will always be there for you
Your in my heart and you'll be in my dreams
No matter how many miles between
I promise you that i won't forget
The day we kissed of the day we met
The sky may fall and the stars may too
But i will still, i will still love you

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Gary Chao Ge - Superwoman

Superwoman - Gary Cao Ge

Early in the morning, I put breakfast at your table
Yi ye dou mei shui dan wo Bu ceng ru ci qing xing
Wo zao can zhun bei le ni Ai chi de dong xi
Zhe ci huan wo deng ni bei ka fei De xiang wei jiao xing

Xiang yao zhao hui mei tian zao chen Dui wo wei xiao zhe de ni
Hai neng gou Zuo xie she me dao ti wo de qian yi
Zong shi wang zhe wo Xiao xin yi yi Shun zhe wo hu xi
Er wo jing ran li shuo dang ran Rang ni jing pi li jin

You are my Superwoman
An jing de zai sheng bian Wu tiao jian gei wo
Meng mei yi qiu de wen rou
But I am only human
Wo zen me bu dong ni duo ji mo Can ren de fan le cuo
Bu meng shi qu ni

You fought your way through the rush hour
Try to make it home just for me
Yue guang xia jing jing kao zhe bi ci Zhi qiu ye chang yi dian

You duo jiu mei you hao hao kan ni Zhi shi ren ding le wo
Wu lun zai she me shi hou hui tou
Dou you ni de xiao rong Shi wo hu lue le ni ye hui you
Xiang yao ku de gan jue
Mei you yi zhong fu chu ying gai yong yuan xin gan qing yuan
Zai gei bei chong huai de nan ren zui hou yi ci ji hui
Huan wo ren nai huan wo deng dai Bu yao zhen de qi quan

You were my Superwoman
An jing de zai sheng bian Wu tian jian gei wo
Meng mei yi qiu de wen rou
But I am only human
Wo zen me bu dong ni duo ji mo Can ren de fan le cuo
Bu neng shi qu ni

Shi wo ba ai xiang de tai jian dan
Yi wei zhi yao wo cun zai jiu neng rang ni qu nuan
Xin li wei yi de Super Woman Mei you ren neng dai ti
Bu neng xiang xiang geng bu neng yuan liang zhe yang
Rang ai hua cheng hui ye

You are my Superwoman
An jing de zai sheng bian Wu tiao jian gei wo
Meng mei yi qiu de wen rou
But I am only human (Shi wo zhi shi yi ge Zhi shi yi ge ren)
Wo zen me bu dong ni duo ji mo Can ren de fan le cuo
Bu neng shi qu ni

If you feel it in your heart and you understand me.
Stop right where you are, Everybody sing along with me.
You are my Superwoman
An jing de zai sheng bian (Zai sheng bian)
Wu tiao jian gei wo (Wu tiao jian gei wo)
Meng mei yi qiu de wen rou
But I am only human
Wo zen me bu dong ni duo ji mo Can ren de fan le cuo
Bu neng shi qu ni

You are my Superwoman
An jing de zai sheng bian Wu tiao jian gei wo
Meng mei yi qiu de wen rou
But I am only human
Wo zen me bu dong ni duo ji mo Can ren de fan le cuo
Bu neng shi qu ni

Credit to: Robby's Lyrics Collection

Ai De Lu Shang Zhi You Wo He Ni - Richie Ren



不知道什麼時候 開始喜歡這裡

Bu zhi dao shen me shi hou kai shi xi huan zhe li


Mei ge ye li dou hui lai zhe li kan ni

你長得這麼美麗 叫我不能不看你 

Ni zhang de zhe me mei li jiao wo bu neng bu kan ni

看不到你 我就迷失了自己

Kan bu dao ni wo jiu mi shi le zi ji

有時候你很調皮 總是讓我著急 

You shi hou ni hen tiao pi zong shi rang wo zhao ji

一顆心 總是為你跳不停

Yi ke xin zong shi wei ni tiao bu ting

只要一閉上眼睛 總有千百萬個你 

Zhi yao yi bi shang yan jing zong you qian bai wan ge ni


Ni de ying zi zhuang man wo de nao hai li

不能夠不想你 也不能夠忘記你 

Bu neng gou bu xiang ni ye bu neng gou wang ji ni


Zong shi zai mong li yi zhi kan dao ni

多想對你說句 我是真的愛你 

Duo xiang dui ni shuo ju wo shi zhen de ai ni


Dui wo de xin bu yao zai huai yi

好想牽你的手 走過風風雨雨 

Hao xiang qian ni de shou zou guo feng feng yu yu


You shen me kun nan wo dou pei zhe ni

直到天長地久 直到天荒地老 

Zhi dao tian chang di jiu zhi dao tian huang di lao


Ai de lu shang zhi you wo he ni

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moving Thoughts

  • When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us.

  • It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives.

  • Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the person that makes your heart smile.

  • Always put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too.

  • When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.

  • The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Perfect Lover

I've been tagged by Joann
The tagged victim have to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.
Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

  • Love me more than I love him
  • Smart - He must be smarter than me
  • Matured - I can't imagine myself dating a mentally 'tau kei' guy... Mati oh!
  • Moderately rich - If no money, how to bring me go 'jalan jalan cari makan'???
  • Able to speak Chinese and English
  • Physical - Good looking (doesn't mean have to be SUPER leng chai la, as long as 'boleh tengok', doesn't wear specs, fair
  • Personality - Caring, understanding, kind-hearted, respect the elderly, have good sense of humour, a good listener
  • Shares the same interest as me
  • Loyal
  • Able to accept what I want or don't want, what I do or don't do and be honest with me...

I’m going to tag Soursandy, Chunyiun, Teng, Uncle Nessie, Michelle Oon, Eemun, Julie and Ping Ping.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Favorites...

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite brand: Nike
Favorite soft toy: Patrick
Favorite singer(s): Daniel Lee Chee Hun, Justin Lo, Danny One, Nicholas Teo, Guang Liang, Ryan Cabrera, Jay Chou
Favorite actor: Stephen Chow, Jet Li
Favorite actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Yeoh
Favorite radio station: My FM, Hitz.FM, 98.8 FM, Fly FM
Favorite DJ: All My FM DJs, Nicholas & Mike (988), JJ & Rudy, Fly guy
Favorite TV show: Triumph in the skies, Square Pegs, Jamie Oliver, cooking shows
Favorite Movie: A Walk To Remember, I Not Stupid
Favorite Food: Almost everything that is edible, except those exotic ones!
Favorite Drink: Lemon Ribena, Milo Ais
Favorite Author: Nora Roberts, Jamie Oliver, J.K. Rowling
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite Magazine: LIME, TV Times, Yeah!, Women's Weekly, Cleo
Favorite Sport: Swimming, Badminton, Yoga
Favorite cartoon character: Stitch
Favorite number: 17
Favorite outfit: T-shirt and jeans/khakis, casual
Favorite language: English, French
Favorite things to do: Baking, Online, Sleeping and Eating!
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite place to be: My own room
Favorite musical instrument: Guitar
Favorite Festival: Any festival with nice food =p

Don't understand, don't need, don't want to know...

06/06/06 (Triple six) Tuesday

Done with training last Friday... Now working part time cuz not enough staff... At first Ah Tong asked me to work for a couple of weeks only, but then asked me to continue... I would want to (for the money) but i want to have a wonderful holiday as well... >.<"

Went Genting last weekend for 988 10th anniversary birthday bash... Was very excited about it at first, but it wasn't as good as i expected... The performances for most of them were great, but some got pitching problem, embarassing moments happened and even lyrics forgotten... 100 put their names, but less than 50 of us cheering together...

Overnight at Gohtong... Had thong sui for supper, met a cute Daniel fan there named 'Ting Tong'... She screams whenever we show her stuff/pics of Daniel... so cute la she... Went back and chit chat till 7am in the morning... All out... (If you know what i mean)... All i can say is, the old ones shall leave, let the new blood come in...

Things weren't smooth last week... I would say, since i gave out the backstage pass... All because of jealousy, miscommunications, misunderstandings, misinterpretations... Even best friends can become enemies due to these u know... I cried every night after that incident... And i guess only Ostro understands why... :D This shows how an emo person i am... I admit, i'm very very sensitive regarding people around me, my friends, my colleagues, my boss, everybody! I am too scared about people backstabbing me behind my back, i'm scared about people hating me... I'm scared what i do or don't do will annoy them... Unity was what we promised each other, but now, what's obvious? I tried my best to patch things up, but... I guess people just won't realize their own mistakes... Including myself...

Daniel has his own blog now... It's good... IMO, i think he is the type of person who loves to write about his own feelings and thoughts... Suddenly called him 'donkey' in front of everyone... But it suits him! =p I think he's scared of me... I shall go MIA from now on...

Starting to worry about my future... Should i continue degree or not? What shall i work as? I'm missing my childhood days... Rarely going to the park now... I miss badminton!! I miss swimming! I miss going out 'jalan jalan cari makan' with my friends and 'gossip gossip' with them!