Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surfing Up or Down?

It's 2am now, having class at 9am later but I can't sleep. Don't know why. Feeling all depressed now. Thanks to somebody. Blames. Faults. Responsibilities. I shall say no more.

Went for movies today. Surf's Up. Great show! Although it's only 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Funny. And cute lil' penguins all around :) I love Arnold :) Hehe! Edmund thought it's the continuation of Happy Feet. But there's no connection with Happy Feet at all ok. Bare in mind.

Yahoo! I'm going Langkawi! August 14th! Seriously, although it's like 2 months away, but, like Edmund, i'm excited about it! Even there's only the four of us going. But i'm sure it's gonna be a great trip! Wish the others could come :) The more the merrier!

Having slight running nose now. Noooo~ I can't get sick at this time! Daniel's birthday bash is this saturday. Sunday, his 1st promo at 1U. With Danny! Yippedidooda! It's Danny & Daniel! The one and only time! D2 in the air! I'm so gonna be a sakai on that day. If you think you'll be embarassed to stand with me, go further away from me ya?

~ Each individual is a mini iceberg ~

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Unavoidable" to Introduce :)

I realize I didn't intro Daniel's 2nd album to you guys :p Sorry.

Daniel's 2nd album - "Unavoidable" (Duo Bu Guo) Daniel Lee

There are altogether 10 songs. 4 cover songs and 6 new songs. This time, Daniel works with most of the producers from his previous album, such as Lee Nai Kong, Azlan Abu Hassan and Zhang Jue Loong. This time additional producers include Peng Xue Bin and Danny *lub*.

I like: All the songs in the album (I'm serious! No joke!)
I love: Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 :)

This 2nd album of Daniel walks off the Royal London look, carrying a bit of the 'prince' style.

Track 1 - Yin Wei You Ai (Daniel re-sang this song of Danny's, something different)
Track 2 - Love Is Under The Sky - currently on my imeem (Melody composed by Danny, lyrics by Keat Siong. My fave in the album. Very relaxing style)
Track 3 - Yuen Liang Wo "Forgive Me"
Track 4 - Ni De Sheng Ri Kuai Le Ma "Are You Happy On Your Birthday?"
Track 5 - Lai Bu Ji "Running Out Of Time"
Track 6 - Wan Nian Feng Huo "Devastation" (Daniel's 1st attempt on rock song :))
Track 7 - Sui Yi Men "Portal" (Daniel's own melody composition, lyrics by Nai Kong)
Track 8 - Duo Bu Guo "Unavoidable" (Mandarin version of the soundtrack from Korean drama "One Litre Of Tears)
Track 9 - Everytime (Remember A1's everytime? :))
Track 10 - Angin Malam (Daniel's hit song during Malaysian Idol, jazzy version)

For the lyrics - Click Here

Hard cover, the pictures are nice, it's very worth it to buy! Only RM30. If you can't get it at that price, tell me, I'll get for you. You'll definitely enjoy the album :) But remember, buy ORIGINAL :)

Monday, June 25, 2007


Wow, it's been a week since I last blogged. Well, that's long enough for me. Been busy recently. Obviously, semester 2 has just started. The mood to study is not back yet. Nothing goes inside my mind, i can't even pay attention in class. But time pass by soooooooooo slowwww. And I was also busy with work. Yes, back to working part time in Zen. Sigh, it's tiring to work and study at the same time, do you know that?

Been wondering after watching a program... what's the definition of beautiful? How about good looking? What's the border of good and bad then? Define ugly then? Different individuals have different opinions on all these adjectives. You might think she's pretty and your friends might not. Well, don't have to care about what other people think ok? Because you are the one choosing, not your family or friends or whatsoever.

Nothing is fair in this world I realize. Nobody is 100% nice to you. Again, don't expect too much from the people around you. And never to fully believe anyone in this world at all. Trust me, if not you'll end up getting hurt so much.

I guess I'm not much a good person after all. I tend to be the bad person always. Hurting people, giving people problems, making a lot of mistakes, annoying people for god knows what reason.

Suddenly I feel like telling a story...

He and she knew each other in 1994. They were studying in the same class, for 3 years. Being innocent little kids, they were just classmates. 1995, it was recess time right after their P.E. class. He and she were in the class packing the things before going for recess. He accidentally hit her with the P.E. shirt. And she cried. The girl's friend scolded him, and the boy said something that shocked the girl. "If I ever hit her again, I'll be banged down by a train." These words were carved in the girl's heart since then. But, no one knew that the feeling she had for him began way before that incident.

Nothing happened since then. They continued on as friends. 1996, both went to different classes. They did not talk to each other since then. Not even a chance to see each other, somehow. 1997, he was a helper for the choir the girl was in, and it was awkward for both of them. And, after exams that year, they walked past each other, but both looked on the floor and not uttering hi/bye. Someone told her he was seeing someone else. She did not say anything but just act as if it's nothing. They left school. She sometimes get news about him through someone, and she tried writing him a letter. But there was no reply. Most probably the letter did not reach him. 3 years later, they coincidently studied in the same tuition center. But she was too shy to even look at him.

4 years later, they managed to get each other's contact through the Internet. They were happy to be able to talk to each other. And she confessed to him, not expecting any reply. But he said he felt the same for her too. Although nothing happened between them, but no matter what, no matter when, this story will always be the most memorable story for her. Even though she did not ask about the gf rumour.

~ If only I can be in 2 places at one time ~
~ If only you're here to tell me what to do ~

Monday, June 18, 2007

Diet time~

My diet program
I must be serious.
I must be persistent
I must be diciplined.

Do not tempt me with food
Do not ask me for supper (actually can ask lah, i'll go but I won't eat)
ASK me for exercise :)
Force me to diet and exercise if I lose my determination.

May you be blessed with love, joy, laughter, luck, happiness and good health always!
All the best in pursuing your dreams and career :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

~Papa Day~

Do we have a choice?
Yes, we have. We always have choices in our lives. It's not about the end result that matters. It's all about WHAT choice we make. The journey we walk through when we made the choice. Sometimes, the choice might not be the best one, but it's the right one. Sometimes, the choice might not look good, but it will bring you memories. Sometimes, the choice you made might offend people, or even hurt them, but that's the only thing you can do. If you're not happy with the choice I make, tell me, before you go into any conclusion that I did it on purpose. I might be the bad person behind all those things, but I have my reasons for doing whatever I'm doing. So please respect me, in order for me to respect you.

Actually, I also don't know what I'm talking about. Tee hee! The word 'choices' is stuck in my head since I watched fantastic four.

Went for Wen Hsin's birthday party at her house just now. Woah, she cooked almost ALL the food that she served! Well, of course with her godmother and family. There's spaghetti, fried tang hoon, fried bean curd, fried spring rolls, siew bak choy, mutton curry, prawns with oats, brownies, jelly, some green kuih thingy, fruit salad etc. Yummeh. My diet plan habis. Fine, start next week :) Though only four of us representing the whole BD20, but we had fun! And Wen Hsin's cooking is damn good man. Can open restaurant liao woo hoo! Sure lah, competition winner la people.

Many family will have the norm that mom will love the daughter more and dad loves the son. However, in my family, my papa loves me more. But my mum loves my brother )(!@&#&$!@)(*! No, I'm not jealous. In kindergarten, my dad will always order a cake for me to celebrate my birthday in school. He purposely took some hours off from work to send the cake to my class. In primary, he cooks the best longevity noodles during children's day and teacher's day for my class. He wakes me up every morning without fail. When I wouldn't wake up, he would massage and tickle me. That was fun :) He would check my ears every week because I had ear problems last time. During festive seasons, I get the best presents. I realize I often get the things I want, well, not that I demand for a lot of things. Sometimes, I even get things that I never thought I would get :) When I need money, he gives me. When I don't need money, he'll still ask if I have sufficient allowances.

We're not the type of father and daughter where we tell each other everything. But anything that he wants to share, he'll tell us. Papa often cooks fantastic dishes for us to eat. And I can see the happiness in him when I say it's delicious :) But all we often say is 'you cooked too much, cannot finish' :( After his appendicitis surgery, he wasn't as active as before. And partly I think is the workload he has with his job as well. But no matter how busy he is, the weekend is always for the family, and weekdays nights. On the other hand, the one going out every night and weekends is me. :( ~guilty~

Papa, I may not be the best daughter in the world. But you are the best daddy in the world :) I know we don't express our love to each other, but in my heart, I just want you to know that I love you very much, papa.

*lub* HAPPY FATHER'S DAY *lub*

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I'm so lack of sleep these few days. Now only I realize that I have so many things to do. But too lazy to move my butt to do it :(

Yesterday went BTS with Foo, KY, Edmund and some special guests. Haha. Heaven knows who the special guests are. We went to sing karaoke at Neway. Students free leh! But only free one drink lah. Then if you want to order snacks it's at RM5++ per dish. Quite big portion also. But the chips are heavenly freaking ex-kau-pensive! RM9.00 per small bowl ok! And they give 4 so RM36.00 gone! *poof* Sang from 1 - 5.30pm. By 4pm also I no strength already. Then, Edmund bought tickets to watch Fantastic Four. Woah, it's nice! Very funny. And a small part very touching. Hehe.

Then, we went to Jalan Alor to have our dinner. (Sorry anju, didn't go to ur place.) We ordered balitong because Edmund never tried before. I knew it was difficult to suck it. I think out of 10 pieces, I only manage to eat 7. Haha! I sucked, i huffed, i puffed, i poked, i korek like a mad woman. Haha, and Edmund even blew one out and it landed on my shirt which I was seating opposite him. =_=" Sakai!

After eat until full full, we walked back to BTS and then took the car to have KTZ tong sui. Yum yum. Ate my mak chook. Then all go home happily ever after. :) I enjoyed myself, and this was a very 'eye-opening' day for me as well. Hehe! Well, all the best to the special guests, may you two be blessed with love, joy and good luck always. Bon voyage and we shall meet again soon :)

Today, since I've been craving to watch '200 Pound Beauty' so I went to Cineleisure to watch. And also to collect my Daniel cd from CD Rama at Ikano.

Erm, to me I will only give it a 4/5 rating. I mean, it's nice, but maybe there's a lot of isi tersirat in it and I don't understand what they're talking about, I only can read the subs, so I find it a bit kelam kabut. And I thought it's a diet show, mana tau it's about plastic surgery. But, I still cried like a burst pipe inside. Especially the ending. The main actress is HAWT, the main actor is HAWT too! And I love the songs in it! *Mariaaaaaa, ave Mariaaaaa!* I've been humming the song the whole day. This show gives me the determination to lose weight! Aza aza fighting! *namo namo i shall not eat so much, i shall exercise, i shall work out namo namo*

So many movies I want to watch!!! Pirates, Spiderman, Surf's Up, Ratatouille, Shrek, Martian Child (the trailer looks interesting, and touching), Transformer etc etc etc :) Who wanna watch with me?

Now, I'm sick. Slightly feverish but now ok dee. Soar throat. Gnet, you 'yeh bei' me one lor u sakai! Hehe! Samore yesterday sing k like a cow singing like that, hopefully I will still have voice. Oklar, need some beauty sleep now. Good night. Mariaaaa~~~ Ave Maria~~

- You're moving to the top step by step :) -

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Malacca Trip...

9th June 2007

Went down to Malacca for a one day trip for the GCMA promo thingie. Szen picked me up and we left KL at 12pm and reach there like 1.3opm. Ta pau-ed McD and eat on the way to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. Reach there 2PM sharp.

After like 3 million and 56 years I get to see Danny again :) Aww, I miss him :) You don't know how happy I am to see you :)

And of course dear Daniel as well. He sang Yuan Liang Wo live for the first time. And very obviously he was nervous. People that were there should know what I mean.

And there's other artists like John, Project Superstar Top 10. I'm liking John more and more due to the Xing Kong drama. And Henley and Orange *cheers*

Credit to Uncle Rick and Mei Ling for the pics :) For more pics - click here

Never would I have thought that he would say something like that :) I'm more shocked than happy I would say. Totally unexpected. He read it, and remembered it. Yes, Malacca fans are what we can clearly define as 'fanatic'. They pull, they push, they cheer, they scream. (Sorry Teng, copy urs eh?)

After that, we head to Jonkers Street for the famous laksa and cendol. Erm, I don't recall what's the shop name. But the laksa is nice :) Not too spicy, not too oily. Perfecto. Didn't try the cendol though :S

We walked back to our cars and the rest left back to KL and Uncle Rick and family had to go somewhere else. So me, Szen and her bro - Y2K began our jalan jalan cari makan trip in Malacca. First, we walked back to her car passing by the cendol stall but it was closed already. So we drove to have satay celup! Erm, though I've been to Malacca for 4 times, I never had satay celup before. Not even knowing how it looks like or whatsoever. Now, I finally know and tasted it! We drove to Capitol Satay Celup. It was 5.45pm, still got space. At 6.15pm people started queueing already.

You can choose whatever 'satay' you want. All fixed price - RM0.50 per stick :)

Bread cubes and cucumber slices to accompany your satays. You can dip the breads into the pot of sauce, or scoop the sauce and pour all over your plate :p Yummeh.

My cooling coconut drink. *sweet*

Satay celup is similar to the 'lok-lok' steamboat we eat here in KL. In the center of the table there's a hole with a stove underneath to put the pot of kuah. First they'll put a watery stock in a pot, then they'll add in the peanuts and some herbs and spices powder thingy inside. Hmm, I wonder what do they do with the pot of kuah after we've finished eating? :p

Quail eggs. Yum yum.

Y2K found out that I like to eat 'si ham', so he brought us to Jalan Bunga Raya to eat these boiled 'si ham' and 'la la'. It's not a shop but it's a small stall at a lorong between two shops. We reach there 6 something but the lady said not ready yet. So we hang around and went and drank Lo Hon Kor drink near the pasar malam area. We walked around Madam King's and some pasar borong then head back to the shop and to our surprise it was already packed with people!

Note: these people are sitting on small stools ok! :)

Look at all the newspaper articles on them. Flavours, SinChew, even the chinese host Yang Jia Xian visited this stall before too. Y2K said Ho Chak! also came here before.

There's a bucket in the center of the table for you to throw the shells/rubbish inside. They have only two drinks available - barley or limau ais :)

This guy here, we thinks he's the boss. He sits there all day just to do the dipping sauces for the crowd and collect money :) . His left hand is handicapped. So he works only with his right hand :( Szen said that if the dipping sauce is not ready, the food won't be served to you.

There are 5 types of ingredients inside this sauce here. Chili, 'heh kou' (prawn paste), peanuts, sweet and sour sauce and lime juice. Yum yum :)

Their main source of lights at night :S

We were more fascinated by this small little girl working there. She's only 9 years old, and I tell you she will grow up as a smart, intelligent, beautiful girl in the future. She's only 9! And she's already helping out everyday. What she's doing in the pic above is grilling the taufu. While she's doing it, her mum will keep shouting to her how many pieces, how many orders. And she can remember who ordered how many with no mistakes! And, she grills, and even cut the tofu everything by herself! She used the chopping knife like any other experienced house wives! Szen said she's even better with the knife than her. Lol.

Look. She's holding the knife. And she's very good and quick in maths. She counted our table within 5 seconds, the mum came and reconfirmed and she was correct! *bow* She has the most smooth and fair skin, big wattery eyes and the most perfect double eye lid. (Sorry, I'm STRAIGHT one ok! But I love pretty kids like them :) ) There was once she was still cutting and the mum shouted some orders at her and asked her why not ready yet. Out of annoyance she shouted "Tan lah! Boh hoh lah!" (Wait lah! Not ready yet lah!) :D She's so adorable. And there was once she gave some dish to the boss to pour sauce over, when the boss was done he asked "Mei, come and take." Then she's so cute, she answered in Hokkien (Szen translated to me) "Wait, I take the forks first. The fork so bad quality until I can't take it out" Haha! The fork is actually fine. Just that when she's takinig it fell.

The aunty boiling the si ham and la la.

Hot and steamy si ham. *drooling*

Big and juicy.

Daniel! Oops.. I mean la la! :p

Kangkung with Squid :) What we known as 'yau yue oong choi' in cantonese :) Here, they add some pineapples and cucumber. Refreshing indeed :)

It was very meaningful to visit such place. All of them are the elderly people working, not even a teenager, only the small girl helping them. They work so hard to earn some living. With the most basic electricity and cooking equipment, but yet create the most awesome dishes for everybody. Life is not about earning how much, it's about the experience you go through during it. :) Enjoy life people.

My stomach is bloated by then. Y2K asked us to try the famous popiah at Jalan Bunga Raya but I can't take in anymore. Next time, next time. And we passed by this 'Oh Jian' (Oyster Omelette) stall, Y2K said it's famous too, but again, next time, next time.

We walked back to the car and head to buy Roti John before we leave back to KL. But the Roti John stall wasn't open as well. Asked someone working there and the kakak said it was closed for quite long already, not knowing why. :S Then no choice, off we head back to KL.

A wonderful, eye-opening and meaningful trip for me. I enjoyed it very very much. Thanks Szen for the trip. Thanks Y2K for the directions. And thanks to the someone who gave me the unexpected.

Teng - I'm happy for you too. :)

~ Expect the unexpected.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mature VS Outdate

Kau meang ahhhhhh! My sleeping time really all terbalik dee. Slept at 4am, woke up at 2pm. Now it's 4.20am and I'm still wide awake.

Just now I was so bored, was looking for yum cha kaki. And I realize my yum cha kaki all not here anymore :'( CY is in Penang, SS in Klang not free, ML in SYTYCD, luckily still got AA :) So went to her mamak and yum cha until 1.20am. I didn't realize it was so 'early' until my dad called. I told him to wait for me outside after 15 minutes cuz i'm scared since my relative's incident. Ok, I think I better share with you girls who're reading. Please take extra precautions when you're going back home or going anywhere next time.

My relative who is staying behind my house was nearly kidnapped last week. @_@ She just came back from college at about 9pm, parked her car and was at the entrance of the house and a car came and 4 indian guys tried to pull her into a car. As her house is facing a park, 2 of the guys were in the car and 2 others were sitting at the park - WAITING. They tried to drag her into the car but she resisted of course. Screamed and the dad and maid came out. The guys did not run off or anything but still tried to drag her. End up they failed but 3 of them got bruises. Well, I don't know the exact story cuz my mum heard from my grandma. But it scares me anyway. So girls out there, please don't go out until too late! Get someone to wait for you at the door when you're going home. Lock everything and get ready your stuff before you come out from your car. If you notice anything suspicious, call the police. If you're scared and nobody's home, drive off to someone else's house first. Kesimpulannya, just take more precaution. Guys, take care of your girls (mum/gf/sis/whoever). And lastly, those idiots who does all these things, may you get karma, and rot to death.

Randoms #12
Sometimes I wonder, am I too matured for my own age? I realized that often the thoughts or feelings I have are more 'matured' compared to other people 20 years elder than me. Is it that my mindset too complicated? Or is it that they have too simple minds? That's just what I feel. Is it that I'm too matured? Or is it my mindset is too 'kolot' and outdated? I tend to have very traditional thinking and I guess I'm not open enough to accept new trends.

I have a bad feeling about it. From the day I knew about it. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just too sensitive and overthinking. But I will be praying for the best. Hoping that nothing bad will happen.

I better go get some sleep now. Shit, got gastric now. Good night. :) End - 5.08AM

~ Believe in hope~

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I think my sleeping time is back to its 'terbalik' period again... it's 3.30am now but I don't feel sleepy. Don't feel like sleeping. Lots of things are on my mind now. When only I can clear the thoughts from my head. I told myself to be happy. I must be happy. Stop thinking about all those craps. Stop being emo. Stop messing other people's life you sakai! (I'm scolding myself) Arghhh!

I had fun today :) Went The Curve with Foo, KY, Terence & ST. First sing K at redbox. From 11am - 2pm, you can go for the lunch promotion, cheapest is RM7++ with one drink and one meal. Mine was RM9++ i think. I had spaghetti. The price depends on the food you order. Got 5 choices. Meehoon, nasi lemak, spaghetti, some fried chicken thingy and XO fried rice. Don't dare to sing so much cuz I sounded like a duck quacking. I enjoyed watching the MVs though :) Guess what, it was my first time seeing the FULL mv of Danny's Siapa. (Yeah, scold me, whatever) I didn't see the ending of the MV until today :S Wanted to sing Daniel's Yin Wei You Ai but time was up so no chance. Oopsie. Too bad. And until today, I'm still touched seeing Tong Hua's mv. Arghh...

Then we walked around Cineleisure and Ikano's pet safari. Toy poodles are so cute!!! And there was one baby Chaw Chaw. Gosh, they're all so adorable. Must bring my angel there someday. But the reptiles were scary. My bulu roma all naik. Ish, gelinya. Stupid Terence keep scaring me from the back.

Then, we head back to opposite Kelana Jaya station for the Talipon Restaurant BBQ Steamboat. Yum yum! RM19.80 per person. I'm so so so full. Even until now. Shit, i'm suppose to be on diet to lose weight. Arghhh! Gosh, I love their chocolate sponge cake. It reminded me of my birthday cake when I was young. Hehe! But eating bbq steamboat makes me feel smelly. I can still smell it on my hair now even though I've washed my hair. Shucks.

Better go get some sleep. Hmm, what should I do when I wake up? Arghh, 'wai hor xiong tai dor'. Btw, how many times did i typed the word 'arghh'? ARGHHH!!

爱不一定要拥有,但我需要爱 - 失恋天使
Love not necessary must own him/her, but I need love :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lack of sleep...

3 days in a row out for events...

It's the day... the day that all Pinkies had been waiting for... It's Daniel's album pre-sale event! First of all, Amanda, so so so sorry for not attending your party :( I know you're disappointed with me, but all I can say is i'm sorry.

Nothing much happened actually. Just games, Q&A, Daniel sang Yin Wei You Ai then autograph session. I was very the blur cuz too many people, i don't even know who to talk to, and what to do. Daniel was so nice, he shook hands with everybody who line up for autograph, and he ask/tell everyone different things!! Daniel *lub*.

It was very nice to see everyone, young and old, those who're active, those who're
not so active, and those who'd MIA for a long time coming back :) Though I didn't have the chance to talk to everyone, but I'm glad everyone took the effort to come and give their full support to Daniel. I'm sure Daniel is very happy and touched to see everyone.

Pinkies World - A family I'm proud to be in :)

Looking at him laughing so happily, is more than enough. You happy, I happy :) When I saw these pics, I felt so touched and had the urge of crying. After 1 year and a half, he's finally out with his 2nd album. A more matured man he is, a better man, not the boy next door we used to see anymore :) All the best Daniel. 1306 - I'm waiting.

For more pics on this - click here


Sg Wang's 30th Anniversary Concert. I won the VVIP passes from YG mag. Yay me. Nothing much to elaborate on it besides it's freaking wet cuz it rained from 5pm throughout the whole thing. Thanks to LYZ la! God of rain. =_=" Artists who were there were Daniel, W.H.Y, Buddy, Kwok Fai, John, 2moro, Wang Yi-Da, Hins Cheung, and LYZ. Thanks to the rain, everything went unorganized. When Daniel perform no spotlight was on him, when LYZ perform his CD rosak. The rain actually stopped around 9pm. But after LYZ sing 'in the rain', it rained again! See, no doubt he's the god of rain right? :D

Hinsssssssss!! Ooh, I'm loving him more now. He's so darn good! He kept bowing and thank everyone. I nearly cried when I saw him bow after he finished singing. He's so thinnnnn. Hins, must take care of yourself ok.


Kwok Fai's album pre launch - Went for CCK yong tau foo b4 going to sg wang. Yummeh. Bought 2 albums and got 2 laconic pendants (haha, no chance dee. Only valid for pre launch. Bluek!) Nice =) He sang 4 songs - Xia Yi Pian Tian Kong, Sao Ling, Wo Bu Hui Wang Ji and Love Is Beautiful. Gosh, when he singing the last song, CY went up the stage and presented him a bouquet of flowers. I got emo and I cried. I couldn't control myself. Heaven knows why I cried. And crying is affectious. ML cried too. When we went up the stage to sign, KF ask 'why u cry? u make me cry also la.' Haha. I told him 'u make me cry lah!' and he said 'nolor, U made me cry!'

Went in the car terus listen to his album. I would say I like all the songs. Really. All the songs are very nice :D But my faves are track 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 =) Especially track 5 - wo bu hui wang ji. It's very nice! Very meaningful! It's dedicated to his fans and friends :) Kwok Fai, congratulations on your album release. Go go fighting. We'll support you forever *lub*

Kwok Fai's album "VOIS" front cover. Nice hor nice hor? :D

Then we head to KLCC for Daniel's another pre sale event at the Bookfest. Somehow I enjoyed this pre sale more than the Friday one :S Went up stage to get autograph twice. The 2nd time we went up he was like 'eh?' Haha. He's very blur-ly cute. :) *lub*

I had very weird dreams the past two days. Don't know why. I wonder if dreams become reality? My dreams are so real that I thought it actually happened to me. That's how all this deja vu thingie happens right? Nah, my dream were something bad. That's why I'm hoping for it not to happen. Sigh.

~ I won't forget those who told me 'i love u'.

[Lyrics] Janice - Do You Know Where You're Going To

(A very nice and meaningful song)

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?
Do you get
What you're hoping for?
When you look behind you there's no open door
What are you hoping for?
Once we were standing still in time
Chasing the fantasies
That filled our minds
You knew how i loved you
But my spirit was free
Laughing' at the questions
That you once asked of me
Now looking back at all we've planned
We let so many dreams
Just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long
Before we'll see
How sad the answers
To those questions can be
Do you like the things that life is showing you

Friday, June 01, 2007

Nikelicious :)

Courtesy of: La Bear

Ho ho ho! Went KLCC for shopping today, vowed to buy as many things as possible but end up only buying things from Bookfest *sweat*

(I thank god I don't know how to appreciate branded goods like Gucci, Prada or LV =D Erm, except Nike)

Courtesy of: La Bear

Went there around 12pm, had lunch at Avenue K Uncle Ho's food court - pan mee. Erm, mum said it's famous and nice. Though there's many ppl queueing for it, but I didn't find it nice. USJ's nicer :) And TD's.

Then we headed to Hainan Station for coffee and soft boiled eggs. Yum yum.

Then off we went to Parksons to shop shop shop!!! It was Bonuslink Member's Day, so you get more bonuslink points and of course shopping vouchers. But, we end up leaving Parksons empty handed =_="

After that, we left for Bookfest. Manage to get in for free :p Haha! Suppose to pay RM2 one. Millions of books in there! Got a headache looking at everything. Bought a few books. Well, mostly cookbooks haha! And some cds. The cds were cheap! I mean most of them. Especially the old stocks. Go and see if you want to know what I mean. I bought Lam Yik Pong's cds for only RM9.90 each!

After walking from Hall 5 to Hall 1, we left the bookfest and had tea at Hainan station again. Hee hee! Then we went to Watsons. They have the small doll collection again!!! Whoopee! But they only had 5. Sobz.

The smell is so strong you can smell it from afar. Look at the queue. No offence but I am kinda scared of it. Last time used to eat it like every week.

Then we head home. At night, went to Midvalley cuz bro wants to buy volleyball shoes. Swt. So many shoes already still wanna buy shoe. But it was the right decision to go there! Because I got 2 nike stuff! Woohoo!!!

50% discount!

Nice??? I mean the center bottle only... Ho ho ho! Finally i got a Nike bottle! Woo hoo!!!

Love Green Love =)

and love Spritzer =)

Daniel's album is coming out!!! Wee.... 2nd album it is. It's called "躲不过,Daniel李吉汉” (Unavoidable, Daniel Lee Chee Hun) Hehe. 11th June 2007. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the surprises you are giving us, Daniel.

Of course, Daniel re-sang Danny's "Yin Wei You Ai", and Danny was featured as a rapper in the song. Also in the MV =D And Danny composed one song for him as well "Love is under the sky". Hmm, why lah all the songs he compose is love love love one? "Because of Love" lah, "Love and Freedom" lah, "Love is beautiful" lah, "Love is under the sky" lah, "Love Wiki" lah. Dot dot dot. And if i'm not mistaken, Danny is the producer for the song Daniel composed himself "Sui Yi Men". =D

Courtesy of: China Press

~If only dreams do come true.

Good night.