Thursday, September 28, 2006

The End

So fast, my holiday gonna end liao... I did nothing but eat and play... I didn't even revise my notes nor did my TIS.

My holiday end, my money also end... I'm so broke!!! There's so many things i want to buy but i'm so broke... so so so broke...

- All Jamie Oliver's cookbook
- New camera
- Holiday (Cherating? :D)
- A nice bag for college
- Nike products
- Books, books and more books!

I feel so useless because I don't work, and I don't earn any money to pay for everything. I feel so bad asking money from my parents... Not like my brother... Doink...

I feel like moving out. I feel like staying alone... I can imagine myself having an apartment by myself, cooking for myself... But, i guess i'm not that independent yet... I'll end up not doing the house chores... >.<" And i don't have money to pay for everything... swt...

...I need a light to guide my way...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eat, eat and eat...

I spent my whole week holiday doing nothing but play... Lepak lepak and lepak...

Suppose to be going on a diet, but i'm putting in more food... *piak*

18/9 - Rakuzen SS15... Yummy! Same chain as Zen (but Zen cheaper and nicer!) =D

19/9 - Chuai Heng Restaurant, Kuchai Lama... Dad's bday... Yummy too! 8 course dinner... Kenyang betul!

21/9 - Assam laksa at Cheow Yang pasar malam. There's only 1 table for this assam laksa stall and you have to take numbers to get to your assam laksa... Yeng leh?

23/9 - Dinner at Anjanna's house. Home cooked food... yummy! It's been so long since i see most of my secondary school classmates... Had loads of fun chatting with them... Stayed until 2am playing Pictionary, losers have to drink one glass of water each round, and cannot go toilet. I had 8 glasses... what a way to make me drink water man... >.<"

24/9 - SS2 Wai Sek Kai... 3 dinosaurs eating all these food...

25/9 - Steamboat at Yuen...

Growing fatter and fatter dee lar... sei lor sei lor... But, it feels so good to hang out with true friends who really care for you... Sometimes i wonder, what do they think about me? What if everybody actually hates me? What if they're just pretending to be kind to me? Am feeling moody the whole day.. why? The pic? The person? The trip? The post? The SS-ness?

Gosh, don't know what's wrong with me. I dreamt of him yesterday. Do I miss him that much? We weren't close at all, and we don't even keep in contact... Why do i miss him?

Spotted a few leng chais these few days... Keep thinking what is my type of guy? I always believed that (sorry la SS abit) I will be able to find a guy who's my type and love me deeply... People always say that, you will never get the type of guy you like, they'll end up being the opposite... Tall, dark and handsome? Or short, fair and cute? =D Have you watched the Taiwanese drama 'It Started with A Kiss'? Must watch it... If only there's a guy so loyal like Ah Jin... 5 years... Having a crush on Xiang Qin for 5 years... Same as XQ's crush towards Zhi Shu... Aihz, also know how to say it's a drama ler, all imaginations...

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Don't know what's wrong with me... Can't sleep for the past 3 days... Rolling on the bed from 1am to 4am... Wake up to read book or magazine, felt sleepy but when lie on the bed the eyes wide open. Gosh, can somebody help me... is this insomnia?

1 week holiday passed... didn't do anything that i planned to do... so, in conclusion, plans are useless... just go with the flow... Just saw my timetable for next term, yippeeeeeee friday no class... But it's suppose to be for study purpose ler >.<"

Went for OIAM Grand Finale at PWTC yesterday with Anjanna, Chunyiun, Teng, Aunty Swan, Layleng... Saw Fish, Yeerei, Aunty Steph, Julielai and family, Idolfan, Uncle Milo, Ostro (it's so good to see u!), Evon, Revo, Cath, Aries, Evelyn and a lot more BH forummers that I know. Thought will be jam but reached there at 5 something. Stood at the red carpet see all the stars walk in... Got artists from Realiti like Alvin Wong, Shazzy Falak, OAG, Nita, Jaclyn, Desiree, Daniel, Dina (3Ds!), Fly Guy, and so many more! Daniel and Dina supports Faizal! Woo hoo!

When they announced that Faizal's got the lowest vote, gosh, so disappointed. Although he got to compete again, but still... Honestly, I liked Faizal's and Alif's performance... No doubt Suki has a great voice, but hers was just average la. And Faizal's 2nd song awed the whole crowd. A standing ovation was given to him. Even the artists, Mr Izham, his wife all stood up and clapped. HE deserves the RM1million, but well, no use crying over spilt milk now. I'm sure he'll move forward to make better music in the future... Faizal, i sure will buy your album!!! U'll make it big!!!

If only there are more than 24 hours in a day! Time not enough oh! How i wish I can have more time... Well, maybe it's just me who never organize myself... everyday online aje...

Daniel, Teng, Meiling, Aunty Swan, Layleng, Aunty Melody, Aunty Audrey all in Cherating... arghhhh, i'm so bored... Saw Layleng's book of Daniel's articles... Woahh, so many! Cleared up some of mine... Got quite a lot also... hehe!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

17 September 2006

So, did u have a great time on your birthday?

Hmm... Yes and No...

Huh? Why??

Erm... Maybe it's just me lar... I don't like to tell out my birthday. I scared people will say I want to 'chiong keang tau' (rampas attention). And takkan I go around and say 'Hello! it's my birthday! Wish me!' >.<" On the strike of 12am, I was at a friends gathering, most of them didn't know it's my birthday, so those who know can only whisper wishes to me. But i'm glad many people called, text and even send me testimonials on friendster. Even people that I never expect they will. Thank you all so much. Mwaks.

Last Thursday, went MV with Ching, Ria and Anjanna. Watched Monster House (it's good! go watch it!) and had lunch at San Francisco Steakhouse (their set lunch only RM13.90 and it's good!) At the end of our meal, the leng chai supervisor and another manager/supervisor came up with a cake and sang bday song for me (Wah, got leng chai sing bday song for me, not bad lah!) And Ching, Ria and An made me take out the candles (they put 2 big 2 small candles >.<") using my mouth. So malu!!! Whole face cream. Yuck! Anyway, thanks guys! U guys are always the best!

Had high tea at Planter's Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotel (ex KL Hilton) with family. Erm, so so la the food. But the stupid clown call me aunty! KNS!

At night had steamboat at Puchong. Then a small cake cutting session while watching the Global Singing Competition on tv which Andrew Tan won! Woo hoo! Fruit Delight from Bread Story. Yummy!!! Thanks to everyone who made my 20th birthday a wonderful one. Love you guys very very very much! Like what Aunty Sarah and others said, 'You're not a TEEN anymore'.
My pressies...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Danny's showcase & PWH

Some of you might not know, but recently i've been crazy about this local artist - Danny One aka Wen Li Ming... He's not as popular as Daniel of course, but he's great! Although still need to improve on his vocal... >.<>

After that, me, ML and CY rushed to South City Plaza for the PWH Music Showcase. SS didn't want to go so she went home. There were Desiree, Kwok Fai, Quincy and Eric Lim performing. We missed half of the show but we still enjoyed the second half. But I only managed to take pic with Kwok Fai and Quincy... sobz...

I think Quincy looks abit like Daniel la... what u think?

So many things on my mind...

PhoooO! It's been so long since i last blogged! Ok now i'm already on holiday, i have a looooong list of what to do during my holidays, but am currently doing...NOTHING =_="

All 4 exam subjects were terrible... Just pray that i pass... sigh! What to do, have a lot of distractions around me nowadays...

Just before my last paper, we gave a big farewell surprise to our beloved French lecturer, Madam Yati. She's leaving to teach in Uni KL. Of all the lecturers, she's been the most kind and wonderful lecturer to our class. We gave her this bouquet of chocolate roses (Ferrero Rocher u know!!! 26 biji, each representing each student who is in the class) When she saw it, she cried right away. And made all of us cried too (Imagine, crying before exam) All sure thinking "sob sob! i sure fail dee la sob sob!" rather than "I'll miss you madam yati!" Keke, nolar, jkjk! Madam Yati, we all will miss you dearly. Thanks for everything that you've teach us. Keep in touch ya... mwaks!

Monday, September 11, 2006

2 down, 2 to go.

Today i just had my French and Budgeting term exam. French was ok. Budgeting sucks big time! I think i'm gonna fail. Not only me. Most of them can't do as well. Sure Mr Wong HS will be so disappointed in me.
Well, 2 more to go. I'm doomed.
Had our diploma convo yesterday at KL Convention Center. Boring. A girl nearly slipped and fell. Made all of us so scared. Scared pok kai. :D We were admiring other people's bouquet of flowers, see whose is nicer. Sad la, sendiri takde bunga kena tengok bunga orang lain. Hehe!
After group photo, we had tea reception. The food was good! (usually convention food where got nice one) Well, I guessed that changed my mind.
Pics will be up soon. Gotta head back to study. Ciaoz!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Too bored...


Haha, took me a couple of weeks to fully copy down every single word. I was just too bored... >.<"

September... is it a good or bad month? Yet to know... But i think it's gonna be bad... I think i've changed... Changed into someone which I don't even know... Life's not like the way i expected it to be anymore >.<" Jealousy tends to happen anywhere and everywhere... I guess i'm just jealous... -x-

Next week is my term exam dy... so fast... 3 months later i'll be graduating from my higher dip liao... Gosh... time flies...

Honestly speaking, i'm beginning to love my class... Although there were lots of ups and downs and arguments, but we're special! Madam Yati's leaving next week, we're so gonna miss her. WHS asked Amanda if we would like him to teach us again next term =p

Gonna start dieting today... blek!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

我们仨 Wo Men Sa lyrics

我们仨 "Wo Men Sa "
{曲: 彭慧刚 / 词:蓝汉敏 , 刘婉贞 / 演绎: Daniel李吉汉}

* 一九五七年 梦就在天边
Yi jiu wu qi nian, mong jiu zai tian bian
温柔地呐喊 独立在眼前
Wen rou de na han, du li zai yan qian
石破天惊的这一页 有你我他的脸
Shi poh tian jing de zhe yi ye, yo ni wo ta de lian*

* 回首这些年 携手渡日月
Hui shou zhe xie nian, xie shou du re yue
几经风霜雨 不放弃
Ji jing feng shuang yu, bu fang qi
一步一痕迹 无限奇迹 震撼灵魂勇气
Yi bu yi hen ji, wu xian qi ji, zhen tan ling hun yong qi*

** chorus (1)
Ni shuo ni ai ta bu bian
Ta shuo ta ceng sa xia re xue
别忘了 我也有牺牲奉献
Bie wang le wo ye you xi sheng feng xian
我们仨 相知又相依 永远 #
Wo men sa xiang zhi you xiang yi yong yuan

* 转眼宏愿年 感恩至无言
Zhuan yan hong yuan nian, gan ern zhi wu yan
汗水雨露点 泪也滴如绵
Han shui yu lo dian, lei yeh di ru mian
烙印心中田不忘记 拥抱彼此永远
Lao yin xin zhong tian bu wang ji, yong bao bi chi yong yuan*

* 喜悦与荣耀 感动与骄傲
Xi yue yu rong yao, gan dong yu jiao ao
Zhe zuo cheng wo men tong zhao yao
编织眼前的 珍惜所有 未来梦任逍遥
Bian zhi yan qian de, zhen xi suo yo, wei lai mong ren xiao yao*

** repeat chorus (1)**

* chorus (2)
Wo men zhen ai ta yong yuan
Wo men yi qi gong tong xu yuan
就这样 你我他一起贡献
Jiu zhe yang ni wo ta yi qi gong xian
我们仨 相知又相依 珍惜你我他 永远 ##
Wo men sa xiang zhi yo xiang yi, zhen xi ni wo ta yong yuan

注解 :仨 sā:“仨” 的本意为三个,表示三个人; 隐喻马来西亚的三大种族。(Sa means three, meaning 3 person. Indirectly meaning the 3 races of M'sia)

This is the song composed for the 9/9 Patriotik Song competition. The composer & writer hoped that Daniel will sing this song cuz it's suitable for him, and Daniel chose this song! The tune is very nice, a very nice beat... Very cute song... Hope you all like it!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Visit to Silverbird

Whoopeeee!!!! It was fun fun and whole lot of fun!!!! We went for a visit to Silverbird. There, they have the High 5 Bread Town Museum. We left college at about 4pm. Snap some photos in the bus, so funny la...

Pn Siti went and register for us, and coincidently 3 of our college seniors (Degree students doing their internship) were there, it was their last day there, and Pn Siti requested them to be our 'tour guide', Alex, Sabrina and one girl i don't know her name.

We were brought into a small theatre to watch a 5 minute video on history of bread, then we stood in front of the entrance of the museum. It opens by voice function, so we were suppose to shout 'high 5!'... Alex said 'make sure u shout high 5, not gardenia ar...' He's cute!

The museum shows the history of bread, all the machines/ovens/tools used. Super super cool!!! Too bad we cannot take any pics inside... Even the breads looked like real ones. They have bread from the past, present and even future!

Then, we were shown their collections of flour sacks... and the factory... unfortunately the workers were cleaning the factory for the next batch of production... if not, we would have seen the whole place filled with dough, freshly baked and sliced breads. Sobz... Then we were brought to a souvenir shop to buy silverbird/high 5 products...

Then, we took a group photo outside, got a 'goodie bag' from them and then left back to college.

Me, fiona, ivy, edmund, shiao teng, fq, sek kiat, darren, kennedy, iveen, terence and kenneth went for buffet steamboat at Twenty. Wanted to eat at Yuen but fully booked! Not as nice as Yuen... But i nearly died laughing eating with them... It's so fun la...... That day sek kiat asked: "10 years from now, will you still contact me ar?" Haha, good question...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Live life to the fullest...

Have you guys watch the movie 'Click'? If not, get your @ss out of here and go and watch it... A very meaningful show, it tells how our society is now... Busy with work, less time with the family and end up regretting it. It's a comedy but you'll end up crying a whole bucket of tears...

Parents and bro went Haadyai yesterday. I'm suppose to follow but didn't want to miss my food science class and Malacca trip :D

Addicted to ISWAK... (It started with a kiss) - a taiwanese drama... (thanks to you, TENG >.<") Jiang Zhi Shu is so nice... Ah Jin so kesian... =(

Celebrated Isa's bday yesterday, swimming at her place (sadly i can't) and then dinner at Neela's. It's been 2 months plus since i last saw all of them. Everybody has spreaded their wings, all in different colleges and universities, some going overseas soon... sighz...

Term test is in a week's time... Next week also full of assessments and presentations... So many things undone... Research, TIS, preparation... >.<" Gosh, i'm so not ready for my finals... Suppose to go find a few friends... Suppose to go shopping... Suppose to read many many books... Suppose to update my blog more often... Suppose to do house chores... SUppose to.. suppose to.. suppose to.. *pengsan*