Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tagged... again

RULES: Ten Stupid Question Tag

1. Place a copy of the rules with the tag.
2. Answer the ten questions of whoever tagged you.
3. Write ten questions for others to answer.
4. Tag three people.

Got tagged by Joann...

1. How do you measure beauty / handsome?

Beauty/handsome comes from the heart, the charisma, the attitude. But of course first impression is the face la. But, if after knowing him/her, the attitude macam tahi, sorry to say, i'll say he/she is ugly :D

2. What is the biggest lie you have ever told your girl friend / boy friend?
Break up cuz of studies. Lame right?

3. Name one of your good & bad habits.
Good - I can type very fast (Does this consider a good habit?)
Bad - Many... which one? :D

4. What's your most overused phrase?
You OK ar? You siao ar?

5. What you can't live with..?
Can't live with or without? Hmmm, I can't live with reptiles...

6. Tell me about your fantasy!!
Erm... To be Shaun Chen Hong Yu's wife... Haha... Mimpi....

7. How do we know each other?
Well... well... Joann... how do we know each other? Ah hah! Training in SLPT. And knowing you're ex-taylorian... woo hoo! We click well huh?

8. Tell me about your first crush. When?How?
Alah... shy shy la... Primary school... It's all memories now.

9. What do you hate the most?
Rats... people with attitude prob...

10. What colour do you like the most? Why?
Blueeeeee... Very calming and peaceful colour...


Okok, now me ten questions!

1. Define love.
2. What type of guys/girls do you like?
3. What do u think of me? =D
4. If you're given a choice to be an animal next life, what will you be? Why?
5. What is the longest word in the world? :D
6. What can't you live WITHOUT?
7. What would u do if you have 1 million ringgit?
8. What is the most wonderful thing happened to you?
9. If you were to 'modify' one part of your body, which part will it be? Why?
10. If you have a chance to tour to one place, where will it be? Why?

I want to tag chunyiun, rachteng, soursand, michoon, gymnast, julie, fionateng, amanda, eemun, alison =D

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Jo said...

hey eve, thanks for response mt meme...good luck 2 ur final!! hug