Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blur blur...

Yippee!! Tomorrow going to Silverbird to visit the flour/bread factory and the bread museum... I'm turning into a cam whore nowadays... Our class had been taking pictures everywhere we go. Even after sales talk >.<" Tomorrow we'll definitely be taking loads and loads of pics because we're going to silverbird and steamboat! Whoopee!

Bought a pink baby patrick yesterday for RM25. It was the memory lane 'closing sale'.

Teng sent me a fwd msg saying 'if you have 15 seconds to live, what would you say to me in that 15 seconds?', got some really funny replies. Perhaps i should put as 'if I only have 15 seconds to live, what would you say to me in that 15 seconds?' :D

I really don't know if i fit in the group. When i see the both of them, I think they're better off without me. They seemed closer when i'm not with them. They always take pics together. But, A still tell me things about B, and I feel comfortable being with the both of them. Sighz, why life is so unfair... Aunty Swan said 'girls cannot be best friends, because they will like the same things and perhaps the same guy, jealousy/hatred tend to happen', *funny* but true? What about friends who have a lot in common in the beginning and realize not actually a lot in common in the end? Or friends who doesn't click well in the beginning and end up having a lot in common in the end? Haha... I siao already lar... lack of sleep... Danny, i'm as emo as you... elmo emo <3

I hate liars... i freaking freaking hate liars... You don't know how hurt i am when i knew the truth. It's not wrong to do such things, but why can't you just tell me the truth? Things changed few months back. I don't know what, but definitely something. Feelings i guess. Arghh, forget it. I'm better off alone. Goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

Oooo...i hate liars too...