Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wrong one or right one?


1. I mistakenly watched 'The Happenings' which is not happening at all.
2. Crossfire is 'hawt' (I mean fire hawt not the hawt 'hawt' u get what I mean?)
3. Busy busy busy with I-don't-know-what.
4. I am SS-ing, wondering if that message is for me.
5. Everytime I try to believe, I lose faith.

Haha, nothing much, saja wanna blog.

Went Kajang today, Danny had promo at New Era College. Met up with Xiao Hui and went together. Nice place :) And most interesting one that I've been to. I think he likes it there too. Then nearly starved to death waiting for them to leave. Maybe they went and eat satay. @ss.

After that we went and eat satay. Not my first time eating satay in Kajang but my first in that shop - Restoran Malaysia. Yummy! The beef satay is good! Xiao Hui said at night it's better cuz there's chicken wing! And fish satay. Hmm, never tried fish satay before.

Then since there's nothing to do, we went LM to watch movie. Wanted to watch 'Missing' but weren't showing so we watched 'Made Of Honour' instead.

It's nice!!! Very nice!!! Nicer than '27 dresses' imo. Funny + touching. I don't mind watching it again. Hehehe! I wonder if it really happens.

Sorry bout the previous post, I'm much better now. I guess life is always unfair, it always will be. Heard something from the radio today, a quote goes 'bitterness and sweetness of coffee depends on how much sugar you add in, value of life depends on how you feel, add more sugar to your life, you'll feel much better' Meaningful, but my first thought was 'I don't want to get diabetic'. Fine, I know it's lame.

Danny will be hosting again! This time he's hosting a music programme called [M字行头] on Astro Channel 304 Jia Yu.

Starting July 5th, every Saturday 9pm. Stay tune. This programme introduces non-Chinese music such as J-pop, K-pop, Western etc. Yippee yippee!

~ Everytime I try to forget, you pop up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going through...

Just got back from ss2 pasar malam and sooyin's birthday celebration at Kepong.

Happy Birthday again Sooyin!! You're the best gal! All the best in your future undertakings. Aherm aherm! kakaka.

The drive home alone just now was... hmm... how do I put it... unusual. Track 1 of Soler's X2 cd was repeating over and over again. Sometimes, it just feels good to be alone. And somehow, the chorus of this song always makes me cry. Yeah, I cried. All the way from TTDI back home. I guess, emoness strikes people at odd times.

At this very moment, I long to turn back into a kid. A kid with a simple mind of 'mommy, I want sweet' or 'Mommy, can I go out and play?'. I want to get away from the complicated, vicious relationships among adults. I want to leave this saturated, selfish world filled with hatred, jealousy, and lies. But, 'want to'? Hardy har har. These two words doesn't seem to exist in this world anymore. Things have become 'you have to' or 'you need to' or 'you must'. Options seemed to be a luxurious, high end product that you can never afford to pay for.

I'm in fear. I'm in doubt. I'm also in trouble. Aih. I guess I walked myself into trouble. I'm doubting my own capability. My own will. My own strength. I don't even trust myself, what for others to trust me? I shall hold on a few more days. Soon... very soon... I know I will breakdown... very, very soon.

Seriously, I'm tired. Very tired. Of everything. Maybe it's time, or a sign, for me to leave. Not to be so into it. I stepped into this trap, too deep that I can't possible dig my way out. Or is it that I never tried letting lose before? Hmm, I seriously don't know.

I just want to be a plain, normal person leading a simple life. I've walked past a lot of things in life without really appreciating them. I've let a lot of people down due to my own irresponsibilities. It's time for me to replace them. I guess all my friends had found jobs already. Whereas I am still lingering around doing NOTHING. Everyone had already braced themselves in doing important things in their lives but I am still being a useless piece of shyt.

I just want to see him everyday. See him sing makes me feel good. He makes us smile. But, who am I to say anything? I am a nobody. Ok, I think people happy also will feel depressed reading my blog. Signing off. Cheerio~ Hmm, I think it's good being a nobody though.

~ I just want to be simple and naive.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tag of the Eight

Tagged by Hutan @ Shin Sar @ Lisa @ Soursand @ Masam Pasir @ SS

Kns... know it's difficult samore tag me...

8 things I'm passionate about:

1) Maths ;)
2) Cooking
3) Online :p
4) Music
5) Sleep
6) What I am determined to complete
7) Star chasing
8) Phood!!!

8 things I say too often:

1) WHAT THE ****
2) Serious ah?
3) Shyt you
5) Thank you (elehh act nice pulak)
6) Sorry
7) the F word
8) SS betul!

8 books I've read recently:

1) Where Rainbow Ends
2) The Boy Called 'It'
3) The Lost Boy
4) San Mao Liu Lang Ji (comic :D)
5) (err does cookbooks count??) Jamie Oliver
6) Nigella Lawson
7) Dorie Greenspan
8) Amy Beh

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

1) Danny One - Love and Freedom
2) Anson Hu - Waiting For You
3) Orange - Ai Qing
4) Westlife - Flying Without Wings
5) Cry On My Shoulder
6) Peterpan - Mungkin Nanti
7) Samsons - Kenangan Terindah
8) Watergate - Heart Of Asia

8 things I learnt for the past year:

1) Life is short.
2) Appreciate the true people around you
3) Not everyone is trustable in this world
4) Emo a lot
5) Expect the unexpected
6) Jealousy hurts
7) There are lots of two-headed snakes in this world.
8) Smile when the going gets tough

8 people I tag: (Kns, let SS tag all dy)
1) Soohui
2) Sooyin
3) Babychien
4) Sheryl
5) Weiting
6) Gymnast
7) Chung Pei San :p
8) Alison

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The sacrifices I do for you...


Is it worth it?

I need some answer.

Can you tell me what to do?

What do you want?

Who am I to you?

What do you need?

I just want to tell you that...

to say...



















I sacrificed my fingers to make red eggs for you.



Monday, June 16, 2008

Regret regret regret...

I'm supposed to sleep already because I'm just very extremely tired.

But I have to blog because I regret kau kau....


I just don't know why I didn't... They reduced the price half, which is worth it. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?


Soohui and I saw something that we shouldn't see, haha!

Anyway, overall it was a fun day lah. I saw Frankie! He's cute. I saw something that I shouldn't see. I realize Danny has the skill of being a salesman. He's damn good weh. Wahlao, multi tasking ah you now? Can draw, can host, can sing, can produce, can act, so damn geng in persuading. (No wonder kau lui yat lao lah!)


Pei San, song lah you!!! Shuang dao!!! Gan dong dao!!! Kai xin dao!!

And I just don't know why when I ask A, end up B answer me what A say.
I just don't know why, some people like to act smart.
I just don't know why, some people's face can be so fcuking thick.

No, I'm not PMS-ing. I'm PSP-ing (PERSON with SICK PROBLEM).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Love, My Game, My PSP :)



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't want to say goodbye

1. It's 5am now.
2. My ulcer is still fcuking pain-ing.
3. I'm hungry.
4. I'm craving for fried chicken.

Emo strikes again. Thanks HT for letting me attend the PC. I know I was very mafan, keep sms-ing and begging. I was excited for going, but sad after going, why? Read the newspaper when his PC news come out. Sigh!

I was emo since few days ago, thanking SY and T for spending time with me. Now I emo cuz, aih, a lot of things lah. Hou fan ah, yau mou yan hor yi gao ngor dim zou ar?

Been spending time with these bunch of crazy people these few weeks, thanks to somebody :) And we get closer and closer each day. Kekeke. More to come, but, aih, not anymore soon. AIHHHHHHH! *again, read the news on Thurs*


~ Taking a break. Looking inside from the outside :(

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sar si nan, sar si ni

Ok heck the title. It just came into my mind, but not knowing what it means.

Imagine your mother leaving a msg at your blog's chatbox: "This is your mother here. Just dropping by to say hi and nice blog." =_=" Ok, I'm imagining stuff up. But, I'm actually quite worried that my mom will 'so happened' visit my blog because she is SURFING MORE BLOGS THAN ME NOWADAYS! And she's BETTER IN SEARCH ENGINES THAN I AM!!! £)*&%$")(!()*£(*%£$_"(!*4*7!!!!

Nothing much, just hanged around with some friends. Phui San is leaving for UK next week, so met up with her and others. All the best in UK ya! ;) Gosh it's been so long since we meet each other, and the first thing we ask everyone was 'what are you doing now?' lol!

Went for F&N's Limited Edition Design drinks launch + competition + concert + whatever at The Curve. Ma derrr, so many people. But I enjoyed it! Danny sang 4 songs leh! Even though I was recording but it was a blast! Quite a lot of people were cheering for him :D The funny thing was, he came down from the stage, instead of moving towards him to shake hand or molest touch him or hug him or grab him, everyone moved backwards instead lol! He pitifully stood there looking left and right. So cute!! Oops. He was very open that night, inviting girls on stage lah, giving lotsa free hugs.

There were 3 new designs. One is Sarsi which has Danny's face on it, Ice Cream Soda which has Joe Flizzow, and Orange which has Meet Uncle Hussain.

Sarsi Boy *wub* (idea from Teng)

Wanted to go see Daniel just now in the afternoon geh at TTDI, but when I reached with YR, he is leaving in the car. Damn swt. Well, at least he saw us. Kakaka.

Then went to 1u to celebrate Kei's birthday :) Xing Xing!! Kekeke, happie burthday Pik Kei *lub*

God, please take away all my misery,
I just wished I know nothing,
I just hoped I have nothing to do with it,
how can I trust anyone anymore?
No one.
Jealousy, secrets, selfishness.
I will find out the truth, someday, somewhere.
*YOU* beware.

1. 3 ulcers in my mouth now, pain-ing!!
2. Kylie Kwong is coming to town! Wahoo!
3. Again, how can I trust anyone anymore?
4. I shall open few cafes in the future called 'Anything', 'Whatever', 'Cincai', 'Kau Kei' and 'Si Dan'.
5. Currently addicted to Vincy's 'Ai Yi Ge Ren Hao Lei'.
6. Danny One can draw really well!!! *hearts*
7. Craving for Kin Kin pan mee, roti bakar telur cheese, mushroom and cheese omelette, Kim Gary, fish head noodles, carbonara, caesar salad and many more!!! Arghh. I want food I need food, I want money I need money!
8. And, KNNCCB OMFG, my car petrol full tank is now RM90! Holy shyt! RM90 can buy so many things!
9. Finally, fine, everyone has watched KUNGFU PANDA! Grrrrrr!

Good night :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

[Blog] Just Phood

I've decided to open another blog just for phood - thus the name 'Just Phood'. :D

Will post up on that blog all the photos of new places I tried and the phoods I cook!

Just Phood

Friday, June 06, 2008

[Album] Danny One [All In One] Compilation Album

Danny One recently released his first compilation album upon his 7 years journey in the singing industry.

This compilation album includes 18 songs altogether. 2 new ones: Yi Qi Dao Gao (Let's Pray) which points the issue of the unhealthiness of mother nature; and Say Goodbye, an emo love song *sobz!*. The other 16 songs are compositions from the past 7 years such as Love and Freedom, Crazy, Jin Yan, Siapa, Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor, Leng Zai etc.

This album is a must have because it includes all the BEST songs of Danny One! Replaying the album over and over again I assure you won't get bored of it! :p

Track 1 - Yi Qi Dao Gao 一起祷告
Track 2 - Say Goodbye
Track 3 - Crazy
Track 4 - Yin Wei You Ai 因为有爱
Track 5 - Love & Freedom
Track 6 - Ai Zui Da 爱最大
Track 7 - Lian Ai Le 恋爱了
Track 8 - Jin Yan 贱人
Track 9 - Dong Dong Ni 动动你
Track 10 - Bing Du Bao Fa 病毒爆发
Track 11 - Siapa
Track 12 - Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor 为何想太多
Track 13 - Wo Bu Ming Bai 我不明白
Track 14 - Hao Si Xiang 好思想
Track 15 - Leng Zai 靓仔
Track 16 - Shi Jie Bu Hui Mo Ri 世界不会末日
Track 17 - Wanna Dance With You
Track 18 - Just The Two of Us

[All In One] is now selling at all major music stores @ RM35.
First 500 person will get a free [All In One] t-shirt by Echopark (like the one Danny wearing in the pic above)

Must buy must buy must buy!
Danny温力铭 [All In One]精彩7年音乐路_原创全记录新歌+精选

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Most Embarassing Day In My Life

For those who heard Danny's interview on 988 just now, congrats, you have just been entertained by a buffalo clown named Eve Lynn or Sevvy.

Two days ago Nic called me and Itung to plan a surprise visit to 988 during Danny's interview slot. It rained damn heavily previously, and with the announcement of petrol price increase of RM0.78 (wtf!), everywhere was jam. Danny was late so his interview which was supposed to be at 9pm had to be postponed to 10.30pm. (Ma de, only half an hour)

Ok, so me, Itung and Lemon went. We felt like thieves trying to break in a house, hiding and tip-toeing so that Danny cannot see us. And we had to crawl under the studio window so that he can't see us. The stupid things we do. Halfway talking we walk in and surprise!

Honestly I can't remember what really happened. I only know thanks to my beloved DJ Nic (don't let me know what car you drive) and my accidental correct answer, I embarassed myself in front of everyone.

Imagine, a skinny boney monkey trying to carry a fat buffalo. Har har. I'm serious. I feel so bad now, for him. I kept saying no, no one listen. I pity him. I think he has to go see 'tit da' tomorrow, if not he would have to go to the hospital to mend his bones due to fracture.

Everyone say 'syiok la u, Danny carry u wor'. Seriously no lor, i'm not happy at all lor. Dahlah he so skinny, no muscle at all, he basically can't even carry me lor. Arghhhh! I feel so clumsy. And he had to tahan for 5 minutes. And the stupid spotlight so freaking hot. Sorry ler Danny, sorry sorry sorry! :( Tomorrow buy you Yoko yoko.

Plus, I feel that I don't deserve it.

Oh, we were asked 6 (supposingly 7) questions, for u to know more about Danny. I can't remember all the questions now. Wait till I get them from Itung and Lemon I will post up.

Overall, it's a good experience. 1st time going to 988 (nearly sesat plus fcuking jam), 1st time on air, 1st time dot dot dot... *geli* I'm so not used to being so close with my idol. Sigh. Emo lagi. Gd nite.

~ It looks fun to work in the entertainment line.