Saturday, May 31, 2008


WAS deprived of sleep, but now, even though I just had like 5 hours of sleep I don't feel like sleeping yet. Suddenly I felt like 24 hours a day is not enough. I need 48 hours! Have so many things piling up that I haven't do. Although I'm not working. I haven't even go find a part time job! (more like I don't want to ;p)

I remember I used to thought of doing some freelance baking and sell to friends. Well, I haven't actually plan my decision yet but this week I got my so called first 'job sheet'. Haha. Was asked by my ex-manager to bake a cake for his birthday. Recipe given, and hell the recipe was from those professional pastry magazines which was adapted from one 5-star hotel in Singapore if i'm not mistaken. Seriously I had NO confidence in doing it at all, I even wanted to say no. But due to being so last minute I just give it a go.

The base.

Assembling the cake.

Final product - Pineapple Basil Mousse Cake

Erm, I wouldn't say it's a success because the outer layer which supposed to be chocolate mousse didn't look how it supposed to be. Thank god for cocoa powder - a simple and effective decoration. Mwahaha :) Need more practice. Hopefully my manager don't get food poisoning after this. Anyway, Happy Birthday Oties! :)

Something made me realize that, it's really difficult to trust a person anymore. I guess many of you will also agree with me on this right? It makes me hesitate everyone and anyone. It makes me scared to voice out my secrets to anyone. It makes being alone something luxurious. From one party you hear the story goes like ABC. But from another person what you hear is CBA. Some people blame others when they are the one who did it. There are hidden truth, unspeakable truth. You won't even know what is the actual story, because everything sounds so real. Complaining about it will not do much good, you'll end up making it worse. You'll make people hate you. Maturity makes them so immature. WTF. Can't you just have a simple mind for god's sake. Fcuk it. In the end it is you complainers suffer. End up you being unhappy, unsatisfied. Because I'm enjoying myself :)

Recently, a lot of people has been telling me that my idol is awesome. Not just in singing, but also in appreciating his fans. Yeah, I have to agree with you guys. He really does. Yesterday he blogged saying a FRIEND actually asked him to send his new launched songs over. He said 'u as my friend never bother supporting me and my album, whereas a bunch of friends has always been supporting me, even though our distance is not near, but they never let me down, no doubt I appreciate them more.' Quote of the year: "一斑一直支持我的朋友,他们的距离不是很近.但是他们重来没有让我失望过,难怪我会比较注重他们"

He's also a very charitable guy. The other day during the auction he's like the tai kor walking around asking every artistes to share and bid. I think he himself donated at least RM1000 in this Szechuan Relief already.

Anyway, WWT, pokok and hutan, upon your requests :) Say Goodbye, new song by Danny. A lot of people love it. I heart it too. When you're emo, listen to it you will get one litre of tears. Har har.

Say Goodbye

Melody: Danny One
Lyrics: Danny One/Wayne Wang

Yan lei bu ting zai liu
Ying gai jiu shi fang shou de shi hou
Qing ni bu yao wei wo an nao
Gei guan xin yi xie bao liu
Hui yi rang ta yi jiu
Shi jian lue guo
Ming tian de wo men, dou hai hui hao hao de guo

Say Goodbye
Kuai yao fen kai
Wo he ni yi bu hui zai chong lai
Ye bu hui you yi lai

It’s all right
Yi jing ming bai
Bu xu yao shuo de ru ci tan bai
Yong wo de xian zai
Cheng quan ni de wei lai


Say goodbye
Jiu kuai yao fen kai
Yi bu hui zai chong lai
Ye bu hui zai you yi lai

It’s all right
Yi jing ming bai
Bu xu yao shuo de ru ci tan bai
Yong wo de xian zai
Cheng quan ni de wei lai

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pics say 1000 words...

First time :)

7 days of hard messy work... but 7 days of friendship bloom :)

Sesated Sakai

Wo men yi qi dao gao :) I miss globie :(

Photo credit: Audreylee

Lesson 2: I've learned to ask 'are u ok?' first instead of 'why so stupid put ur bag in the car?'

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy busy...

Ok just a quick post on my fucking un-good week.

(i) My car kena pecah glass. It's my first time. I'm so happy.

(ii) I finally learned how to replace IC and driving license.

(iii) Busy busy busy non stop 7 days.

(iv) He mentioned about me to his/my friend :) And I received his message! :) However, disappointingly, dot dot dot...

Will update more next week. Upcoming weeks will be busy busy busy too!

Oh yeah, don't forget, 25th, this Sunday, 5pm, Sungai Wang. I MUST SEE YOU THERE!


(v) Bad things never only happen once... my car tyre punctured. CCB.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doom's Day

I've been wanting to blog about this for so long.

THE WEATHER IS FREAKING HOT THESE DAYS!!! So hot that it worries me. Is doom's day coming? The earth is changing. Icebergs are melting. Disasters are everywhere. Look at sichuan's earthquake? Myanmar's Nargis. Looking at the photos and articles, wait, I don't even want to look at it. It's so depressing. It sours my heart. And please be grateful that we're not in it. But who knows, what if one day (touch wood) Msia will have earthquake? *namo namo namo*

My head feels like a hammer is hitting me every 2 seconds. I am feeling out of breath. I feel like I'm gonna faint anytime. I was so scared I am gonna faint at NZX just now. It's just so hot! Dont know if it's due to lack of sleep? Or is it just the weather? Or is the world really changing?

But from these disasters, even though it's heart breaking, but we also saw hope and love. We saw sacrifices by mothers for their babies/kids. 9 year olds who helped their friends to run for their lives. Kids who sing lullabies to comfort themselves from pain. People from around the world giving aid and praying for them. Victims who survived after being stucked for 100 hours. Miracles do happen. Have you done your part? Have you helped by donating?

Ohh, I know I've said this but I'm gonna say it again. Thank you TENG!!! Look what she did!!! *wub wub wub* It's nice lah!!! You should go into graphic designs! Compared to mine it's like comparing sky and earth. Thanks for doing it even though it's like 3am in the morning and with our eyes in one line (-_-) hehe!




Thanks Teng! Really appreciate it.

Busy week. Good night!

~ Praying upon a miracle star.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emo Strikes Goal

I guess the phrase 'if you look at what you do not have in life, you don't have anything' is very the true. I told someone before, 'when you're sad, no matter how happy a memory is, u won't think that it's happy anymore.' I just don't know why, emo strikes today. How long will I live in this world? I sometimes feel that, I don't even belong in this world. And I wonder will there be big earthquakes in Malaysia in the future. God knows. Heaven knows. Hell knows.

Insomnia strikes again. No matter how sleepy I am, i end up wide awake when I lie down. Sigh. I didn't sleep last night. My parents go tidur and wake up also I can hear them. I hear the birds chirping in the morning. I saw the sky turn bright. Then I fell asleep hahaha. Aiyo, I need back my normal routine.

Went to Ikea just now. Shopped alone, eat alone, starbucked alone. Actually it feels good! I somehow enjoy shopping alone than with friends actually. Walked from Curve to Ikea back to Curve then Cineleisure then Ikano then the Curve. Salah betul. Oh, Ikea was playing Daniel's album over and over again. Which... is good but weird! :) I am not a coffee drinker actually, but somehow was craving for coffee today. And drank two cups. Urgh, now I feel like throwing up. I guess I cannot drink coffee/tea anymore. Sigh.

At least there's still people and things that cheer me up. Such as the salah gang - Teng & CY for chatting with me. But end up I cheer them more than they cheer me. And then I saw something!

LOOK!!!!!!! GOT HIS FACE!!!!!!! GOT DANNY's FACE ON THE CAN!!!!! Woo hoo!! It will be launched next month, and it's limited edition, so everyone AT LEAST go grab one can ok? But a bit the SALAH lor the pic. Wahahahahah! Oops, sorry. Sarsi is my faveeee soft drink (besides Coke Light, Pepsi Twist, Kickapoo and Ice Cream Soda) seriously! Nyahaha, ask my parents to buy, and make my brother drink and I keep the can! Perfect! Mwahaha! Healthy and smart.

And no, i'm still very emo now. Bye. Emo for nothing. Emo for everything.

~ Eve Fu Lynn must stop saying SALAH from now on! SALAHSI, SALAHSA, SALAHSU!

[Phood] Random + Durian Puffs + Din Tai Fung

Ok, this post is gonna be damn random. Currently I'm still in dreamland, thanks to someone.

I know it's damn disgusting to post this. It's actually my leg bleeding and I was using a tissue to wipe and look at the shape it turned out to be!!

Annnnnnyway, I wanted to go to The Curve just now but end up waking up erm, quite late thus cancelled my plan. ML was at home and I said I wanted to go Pavilion so she came and pick me up since she was going DBKL to handle some licensing stuff. Then called SL and end up at Gardens for dinner. Now only I know there's this Japanese shop next to Din Tai Fung that sells damn a lot of Japanese snacks and items!! Will get my miso paste there soon mwahaha. I was so tempted to buy all those tit bits there! So cute! So yummy! But so expensive!

First, we stopped by at Lee Lee's Sumptuous Desserts stall to buy ML's fave Durian Puff and Mango Puff. I read Lyrical Lemongrass's review before but never tried it yet. So it's my first time trying. Erm, not bad, very durian-ny, the pancake skin is very very thin, not chewy, just nice, with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. It's not bad, but my mom will definitely say that eating pure durian is whole load better.

Then, after like millions of years, we finally decide on what to eat. And I don't need to be near the restaurant to be attracted to one of the pics pasted on the newspaper clippings board just outside the restaurant. His jacket is ever so striking.

(Why the waitress' face macam kena force to take pic one)

Sweat man, I forgot to take notice of the dish names...

Err, something tofu and egg with meat floss. (There's only two tofu dishes on the menu anyway) Erm, the tofu is cold. I think it's MEANT to be cold. So I didnt really like it. But it's oklar, soft tofu matching with crunchy (i think is) dried shrimps and meat floss with century egg.

The signature dish - Siew Loong Bao. (Erm, tak ada oomph la, Dragon I ones nicer)

Fried String Beans (Now this one is nicer than Dragon I's. Yum!)

Fried Prawns with Salted Yolk (Erm, it's not bad, but not much of salted yolk taste. It's crunchy because they deep fried the prawn first then coat with salted yolk)

Overall, the food is okay la. Perhaps the noodle dishes will be nice. We saw a lot of expatriates dining there. Japanese, Korean, Western (dunno which country mar)... and quite a lot of people even though it's only weekday.

Ok, my 2nd attempt of cupcakes! This time a Nigella recipe. Damn simple and damn fast.

Cuppy cuppy! Good night!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cooky Weekend

I had a blast last week. Ester, Fiona, CS and SS came over to my house and we made lunch! CS and SS wanted to learn how to make carbonara that's why they asked me to teach them. Went to Central to get the stuff with ET and SS. By the time we got home already 12pm so faster faster prepare. Was quite slow in preparing (sorry lah girls, getting rusty already). End up eating around 2 something or 3.

Carbonara (I think I did pretty well in this :D)

Wild Mushroom Soup (but i failed in this)

Cottage Pie with loads of mash potato and cheese

We wanted to make brownies but all were too full to eat anymore dessert. :(

On Sunday, mum keep pestering me to make cupcakes for the family dinner at night. Since we were worried that no one will buy a cake, so we decided to make some for the night. The recipe was from a blogger, a lot of eggs used, so I was quite worried it will be typo error and won't turn out right as the batter was quite watery.

But it turned out pretty ok! Just a lil too sweet :p (And that is I've already reduce the amount of sugar compared to the recipe!) Did some orange icing on top. Wah laa~

It was a 3-in-1 celebration as my grandparents' birthdays were almost the same time.

Of course, how can I not take advantage of the alphabets to make out words? :) :) :) *wub wub* (Luckily my mom didn't see me snapping it)

We had dinner at Puchong's Chung Wah Lau (just behind SP Setia building). Totally packed from up to down, left to right! Thank god we reserved a table. And even with reservation we had to wait. Wait for the previous table to finish. And there were like 50 walk-in guests waiting for tables. Food was okay. I liked the steamed fish and my fave is always the lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice. Yummy! (Sorry I didn't snap any photos) My baby was sick, coughing the whole night. Luckily she still put on a smiling face the whole night :)

After dinner on the way back, my grandpa smiled and said in the car, "Today my eldest grandchildren is here, my youngest grandchildren is also here." Gosh, I somehow just felt like crying upon hearing that. I don't know what he means by that, but I really hope it has a positive meaning :S

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama Day *wub*

This post is specially dedicated to my dear mama.

Dear Mummy,

In the past 21++ years of life, you have been more than an angel to me ( = devil).

You were there when I needed someone.

You were also there when I DON'T need someone. (KNS!)

You fed me with loud words of "WISDOM" and sugar CANE (rotan) when I was young.

Now that I've grown up, you taught me the pure meaning of debate, contradiction and fickle mind.

You told me to take my time to do whatever I want to do. But, you care for me way too much. Until every alternate day you pass me recruitment ads.

You gave me freedom to order the dishes I like. "You order lah what you want to eat?" "Spaghetti." "Nolah, eat pizza better." (Dot dot dot...)

All in all, I know you lub me. I also lub you behli mush. Happy mothers day!

Also Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies reading my blog ;) Mama rocks!!!

~ Ken LeeEeeEeee, alibu libu dou choo...


Friday, May 09, 2008

Not Close Anymore

Been wanting to blog, but don't know what to blog about.

Went up genting last Sunday for Ai FM's 3rd anniversary. Didn't put much expectation in the show, cuz erm, u know i know lah. But I made a few discoveries from this concert.

- Crossfire, a local band consist of 5 person. I thought they were a new band because they just released an album in March, rupa-rupanya they already exist since 2004. Jeff is cute! Haha. Guess which one is Jeff.

- Danny *wub* can groove really well!!! Haha, he was so freako hyper, can't even take a still pic of him.

Looking at his pic makes me miss him even more.

Photo Credit: Audreylee & Shutterbug

I've been thinking lately, why am I so crazy over an artiste? It seems to have became an obsession. What makes me so into him? I don't know, but all I know is he's the bestest person I've known. Wait, I don't KNOW him. Should I say he's the bestest idol I have? :) Ever an idol tell you that he read your blog? He did :) But it was long time ago. Not anymore. Ever an idol gave you 'souvenirs'? He did :) You might think that i'm boasting, think whatever you want to, I still have to say he's my fave *wub* But no i'm NOT in love with him.

Was chatting with a couple of my friends just now, and it seems like I totally know NOTHING already. I seemed to be the most outdated person, lost contact with everyone. "You're not close to me anymore" she said. Yeah, I guess I am. A stranger, an alien, an outsider, an outcast. Maybe I did really changed.

Quote Teng: I miss everyone.

~ It's been so long since I last saw you. I wonder how you've been.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

[Phood] X.O. Fish Head Noodles @ Goon Wah Restaurant

These are the specialties of Goon Wah - Fish Head Noodles, Batu Pahat braised pork with bun, Stir Fried Pig Intestine, Stout Braised Lamb Cutlet/Chicken Wing, Claypot Loh Shue Fun, Shanghai style Fried Pancake, Kong Nam Noodle, Baba Hokkien Mee, Ais Kacang.

God knows how the dishes looks like because that day me and my parents and my grandpa only tried the fish head noodles, loh shue fun, and pork intestines. Yummy yummy. I always liked hot, milky soup with thick vermicelli fish head noodles. This was almost perfect, just that not milky enough (for me). Always the problem eating fish head noodles is the soup is never enough because I tend to wallop a lot of the soup. Luckily soup is refillable here :) Big chunks of tomatoes, fish cutlets, preserved vege. Absolutely wonderful.

I guess a lot of people doesn't eat this dish, but it's one of my fave. It's a bit chewy, the sauce complement it very well, it's well cleaned as you don't taste the 'pork' taste, and eating it with coriander it's absolutely fantastic. How can people not love coriander? It's like the best herb on earth.

Claypot Loh Shue Fun - It comes in a sizzling black small pot. And it's really hot. Topped with a handful of dried shrimps and thick sauce, yummy. But not my type though. I prefer it with egg. :)

I saw a lot of people ordering the kow yuk bao (Braised pork with bun), looks yummy. Actually, everything on the menu looks yummy.

Goon Wah is opened from Mondays - Fridays (closed on weekends), morning until late afternoon if i'm not mistaken. Avoid going on public holidays as it will be jam packed.

There's also one restaurant few doors away that also serves fish head noodles, rice/noodles dishes and stir fried Abacus. It's always crowded but I somehow didn't really like the food there. Maybe I don't know how to appreciate abacus.

Restaurant Goon Wah
G13, Jalan 3/115C
Block KP2, Taman Kuchai Jaya
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 - 7982 0048

At Old Klang Road (the wet market on your left), turn left at the traffic light. You will see FGA church on your right. Go straight, passing Sri Sentosa secondary school on your left, keep right and you will see a junction with Shell and Esso on your right. Turn right at the junction. Go straight, Goon Wah is located at the row of shophouses on your right.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

wo hen HAU, wo bu oKAY

What a disappointing day. A day that a lot of us 'eat gingko' (sik bak guo).

Went for PSS grand final just now. Guang Liang, John, Des, Henley and Orange were the guest artistes. Gosh, John lost so much weight. The duet between John and Des was darn good!

Yeah, yeah Hau lost. Why??? HAU can that happen??? Finally, after two years of guy champion, this year finally a girl champion. PSS1 I like Des but John won. PSS2 I like Orange but Henley won. This year I like Hau but Kay won. Sweat sweat sweat! I guess, it's not talent that counts, but popularity. I have expected Kay to won, because she's better at pulling crowds, but I thought miracle will happen. After all Hau was leading in sms votes in the first half of the show. I'm not saying that Kay is not good, it's just that I really love Hau's voice. Really can make you cry listening to him sing. Kay did very well in the duet with Guang Liang and also her self-picked song 'Que Yang'. oKAY lor. Fine lor. Think positive, maybe it's a good sign. Who knows, EMI will sign both of them. Or perhaps other recording labels will promote Hau. Better still!

Besides that, HAU come Teng they all get to see Pei Jie and I didn't. They also saw ****** but I didn't. oKAY lor, I admit, no fate.

On the other day, Danny didn't won AIM Best Chinese Album. *cries* Ok fine, I expected Daniel or Karen Kong actually. Danny was involved in Daniel's and Kwok Fai's album too, so if any of the 3 get also good enough. But, Andrew won instead!! It's just so out of my expectation!!! And Suki won best newcomer! Wahlao, very big 'da gik' for me. HAU come??? HAU can??? (Sorry, currently too obsessed with Hau ;) Hau, even though you didn't win, but you'll always be our superstar! We really love your voice!!!

~Why are all the good looking guys gay?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Yi Qi Dao Gao

Ru guo wo ji xu dao gao

Hui bu hui ting dao xu yao

Xu yao ni gei wo yi ci ji hui

Rang shi jie bian de geng hao

Bu yao bu yao hua li cheng bao

Bu yao bu yao chang sheng bu lao

Xia yi dai you ge an ding di dai

Wo men yi qi dao gao

If I continue praying,
will my needs be heard,
need you to give me a chance,
to make the world a better place,
I don't want luxurious castles,
I don't want immortality,
as long as the next generation is safe and peaceful,
together we pray.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Week Trip

21 - 25 April 2008 - Singapore

A trip which I walked a lot a lot. Walked from bus station to the house, walked from the house to the MRT, walked around Hall 1 - 7 of Expo, walk around shopping...

3 kopi only left two going to S'pore, me and Ivy took First Coach over. RM115 both ways. Can be taken at Jalan Bangsar (behind 7-11 training center) and also Bdr Utama. They have very new movies and songs for you to listen (can buy the headphone at the office or bring your own) making your bus trip not that boring. (I watched The Longest Yard - very nice, and I Not Stupid - cry like hell).It rained once we enter S'pore :(

The first day just went out for dinner. My friend Fiona who is working over there took us for dinner at her workplace - Marriott Sg. We had buffet - yummy oysters and salmon, live drunken prawns, wide spread of ice creams with whole load of topping choice. Yummy.

Wine 'buffet'!

The next day we went out the whole day. Went to Orchard Road, ate at Lucky Prata, my first time seeing Maggi Prata.
Maggi Prata. Huge!!!

Coin prata!

Live prawns. Cooked in front of you!

We walked almost all the shopping malls there then made our way to Vivo City. Of course I could not miss the chance trying the Kim Gary over there. Same menu but taste varies a bit. Ivy say M'sia one nicer. And CHEAPER. (Currency rate 2.33) Nike is almost everywhere in Sg, hand so itchy but Msia still cheaper. (The mind keep saying 2.33, 2.33 haha!)

Bugis Junction

Then, we departed to Bugis, walked around then had dinner there - steamboat. The whole stretch of shophouses all are steamboat shops. Not cheap but they serve pork beef and lamb slices.

The next day Fiona had to work so left me and Ivy alone. We went to FHA lor. Website says 'BUSINESS ATTIRE' so we wear macam office lady go. Ma der leg pain like hell. Before that had breakfast with uncle and aunt. There's this 'boot zai gou' at uncle's place which was freakingly delicious! Yummy! Reach Expo most ppl wearing t shirt and jeans. Zha dou. Met up with Eric, Anthony, Ying Yee and David there. Walk awhile then left. Leg cannot tahan dy.

At night we went to Suntec, I was so looking forward to see the Fountain of Wealth but blardy hell closed for servicing until May! Argh!!! Wasted. So we walk around and search left and right for Raffles Hotel. It's the home of the Singapore Sling cocktail so went and try. They even sell small bottles for you to bring home as souvenirs. (2.33, 2.33) Walk to Marina Square but 9.30 all the shops already closing. Wahlao, so early.

The next day again we went FHA with CASUAL ATTIRE. Ahhh, much comfortable now. Watched the Dream Team Challenge cuz Taylor's participated. Guess who's the judge for food? Chef In Black - Emmanuel Stroobant! Woah, he's damn yeng weh! Tough comp between Taylor's and Temasek. Don't know who win though. The FHA was too big, you can't possibly walk everything unless you come all four days. So many things to see, and eat. Haha. We also catch the National Barista Competition making coffees. Damn yeng weh all of them. Well, at least now we know how FHA is. Keep for future references :)

Chef In Black. (Sorry, was blocked by a blue window screen)

After that, we were "summoned" by my uncle to have dinner with his family. Haha. We went to Toa Payoh Lor. 8 for this crab noodles at Mellben Seafood Restaurant. It's a milky soupy dish, similar to fish head noodles. Ivy said the soup tasted like the mushroom soup. Haha, it does. And it's nice! :)

Sweet and spicy crabby

That's all for the 4 days. The next day we took the morning bus home. Wasted one day. Sigh.

Reach home only, change then went for Soler's promo. Wahaha, kena marah kau kau.

Then, worse, I went Penang the next day. Haha! Crazy. Up north down south. It was a wonderful trip. Ate a lot a lot. So full! So fat! But so yummy!

26 - 27 April 2008 - Penang

Left at 7.30am then went into Ipoh for my fave kuey teow soup at Nam Heong. Yummy yummy! Then continue journey up north. ML wanted to find the temple where MY FM DJs shoot the CNY music videos. We nearly gave up but we decided to stop and ask and this uncle was nice enough to direct us there. He said:"I bring you all there lah, will you be scared?" Haha! What a way to ask us. The journey wasn't short, and he didn't want to accept our money! There's still nice ppl in this world! Very nice temple!

Yummy Ipoh kuey teow

Dou Mu Gong

Opposite the temple there's this hawker area with a lot of nice and cheap food!!! Pisang goreng, curry mee, wantan mee (RM1.50 only!!), popiah (90 cents!), porridge, laksa etc. Yummy! Go eat there if you guys visit the temple. It's at Butterworth, and the hawker place is called Kompleks Makan Jalan Bunga Raya.

Then we went to the hotel and rest. Left to Autocity at 6pm. Nothing much to talk about the event. But Daniel's performance was good :) But I freaking don't like his hair. So long!! Feel like taking scissors and cut for him :p Ok, I think I'll get bashed. Went over to Pg island for 'dinner'.. Ate too much si ham, went back hotel stomach ache. Straight away sleep like a pig. So tired. It was 3am already that time.

Next day wake up 11am, get ready check out then go Tambun eat seafood. Oh, heavenly delicious. Everything was super fresh, especially love the so-called 'prawns in bamboo' haha! Wanna try cooking it. Similar to Gulai Udang gua. I guess nothing can beat the feeling of meeting good old pals after so long. It was great meeting up with CY, Layleng, Ostro and others!

Then we left for KL lu. Halfway ML say why not go check out the Hot Spring at Sungkai. Woo hoo! It rained so we nearly let go but it stopped so last min we drove in. No regrets. The waters were freako hot! 50 C leh! The boiled eggs, yum yum!!! Don't know is it 'sum lei zok yung', macam extra nice one. Hahaha!

We just stay for awhile then we left. Had dinner at Jalan Ipoh (another yummy meal) and head back home. Thanks ML for the wonderful trip. Thanks aunty, Julie and Miyoko for the sakai trip. Haha. Thanks IH for the meals 'provided'. Thnanks everyone for making this trip so memorable! Mwaks.