Thursday, June 30, 2005

If Tomorrow Never Comes......

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

'Cause I've lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance to tell her how I feel

So tell that someone that you love
Just what you're thinking of
If tomorrow never comes...

If tomorrow never comes, it means so much to a person who had just lost someone he/she loves right? I picked a few lines from the song 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' by Ronan Keating as my post for today because something happened this morning. One of my good friend just lost her boyfriend. Broke up? Nopez, he passed away... How? I don't think it's nice to post it up here. Every time we hear people say that we should appreciate the people around us as they're all meaningful to us, but do we ever give it a second thought? We usually see or read news like this in the media, but can we feel how much pain and sorrow and sadness they're going through at that very moment? Just imagine you open the door and walk into the house where u see him/her lying very still, and the next thing u know is.. they're... they're not in this world anymore...

Shit man... this is so hard... Memories... Think about it, if tomorrow is the end of the world and you're the only one who knows about it, what would you do with the 24 hours? Sleep? Eat? Hah! Well, that's why, life's short, so do whatever you want and can do as long as u're still capable of... Keep a diary, write down what you do daily, take pictures, it's part of wonderful memories of our past... how u know if one day u lost ur memory or u got old, at least the photos could be used as reference right? Appreciate everything and everyone, help everybody with every single strength u have in your body. Enjoy every single second, every single day... Being in a bad mood one day, you lose 86400 seconds of happiness, and if you're happy, 86400 seconds would mean a lot.. so live the day with a smile rather than a frown...

Sigh, i don't know what to say anymore... To Joann, stay strong, i know it would be hard for you these few days, but don't let the past hold you back... To Eric, rest in peace... God bless...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

25th July 2005 - End of training!!!

After eight weeks of working in the kitchen of Shangri-La Putrajaya, i officially finished my training today! Eights week is actually very short only, especially when you shift from one kitchen to another.

My last day was a boring and happy one... Boring is because it was a saturday, and on a saturday in SLPT there's nothing much to do. Clear breakfast, set lunch, refill hi tea, plus i was so damn sleepy, and it's boring, so i feel like sleeping during work even more! Until about 3.30pm, Chef Izuan came to me and say 'Aiyah, ada orang sudah last day ah, tak pe, air ayam, air ikan semua dah prepare dah!' I was like oh shit, i didn't bring extra clothes and shampoo! After that time pass by very very slowly, every minute i keep looking at the clock.. when it was 5pm, of course i must go around shake hands with all the staff, when i was saying farewell to my junior sous chef, 'piak!' i already have tartare sauce on my face... then, different ingredients in the kitchen start heading towards me.. First i have tartare sauce, then eggs, then water splashed on my face, and then flour and lastly chilli oil! Wow, if they cook me i think i make a lovely dish... Well, not only me, my friend Chester from KDU also experience the same thing.. Pity us.. Luckily in the locker room there's shampoo and soap... Well, not that i didn't enjoy it, i was quite happy because this shows that they really appreciate and like us! Haha!

On Thursday after work, me, Sherri, Chester, Bee Fong, Natassya, Jason, Canny and Jo Ve had a small party in our Puchong apartment. We bought Vodka and Tequila and some beers back and Canny cooked some snacks (tortillas, roasted chicken, fried chicken wings, pita breads) yummy! All of us were high, Canny even told a ghost story which is not scary. But it's so fun to have a small gathering like that.. It's like don't mind who is paying, who is cooking, who is washing the dishes after that... as long as we have fun first! We talked, laughed, danced haha! I'm gonna miss all of them dearly!

Then on friday night after my 3-11 shift, me, Sherri, Canny, Chester, Jason, Desi, Lea, Dyah, Halim, Indra, Rendi, Narahan went bowling in Alamanda Putrajaya.. at first i feel very excited about it cuz it's our first and last outing (i think) together, but then there was SOMEONE there which i don't want to mention who, then i was in a bad mood already... We took pictures together-gether, it's so fun! Then we went mamak and chat samore... Can't believe Rendi ate one and a half plate of fried rice! Whoa! Then Canny told us stories about the hotel.. Went home at 3, slept at 4am... Got panda eyes already...

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Now, got two weeks of holiday, dunno what to do also... Just hang out and relax la.. Half a year of diploma to go, then still haven't decide what to do next! Klar, will update more later, sleepy liaoz! Chiaoz!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

2 months training in Putrajaya Shangri-La

Well, it's been 6 weeks since i started my training in Shangri-La Putrajaya... it's my second industrial training for my course (Hotel Management). For the first training i was in Corus Hotel KL, well that was quite a bad experience...

Before this training started i was so sad and so worried that i cannot stand the training... but after 6 weeks of training, now i'm kinda sad that training is ending soon... Putrajaya Shangri-La is just a small hotel with only 118 rooms, a 5 star hotel focusing on personalized services for the guests.. Because it's a small hotel, so the staffs are very close to each other... Luckily this training i am with Sherri, Bee Fong, Natassya and Jason, so at least there are companions... phew...

The people working there are very, very nice towards us... Miss Lyn, the Training Manager who is in charge of the trainees is a very kind, she even plan a discussion with us once in awhile... Then Miss Joann, the F&B secretary, coincidently, was our college senior! In the kitchen also the chefs are very, very kind to us... they will explain everything to us and teach us whatever we want to learn...

Well, 2 months there of course i've learnt new recipes, techniques, the experience... I also learnt that working in the kitchen is not as easy as you think, just cook cook and cook... imagine u have to work split shifts every day, sometimes double shift, you have to think fast and act fast, you have to be mentally and physically prepared for each task.. sometimes even get screwed by other people... handle complaints... Of course i know that everywhere, any company, any occupation also is the same... but...

Actually, i really enjoy cooking, i also wish that i can open a restaurant in the future... but, one of my chefs asked Bee Fong why did she choose this course, and she said that she likes to cook, and my chef answered 'well, that's a very expensive hobby' i find it very true, cooking u can just learn at home, from recipe books, from your mom, from your grandma, or take up cooking classes, why hotel management? I'm sure that i won't want to work in the management, but i'm gonna take up till degree... sigh! Is this life? Why is our future so important? Are there enough jobs for each and every one of us? There are so many fresh graduates who can't get a job for like 2 to 3 years... Why can't we just do whatever we want to do... it's like for example you study until the age of 24 or 25, then until 55 years old u work and work and work... everyday the same thing over and over again... 6 days a week... so sienz... That's why since you're still in school or college, enjoy every single moment of it... that's where you have true friends, that's where politics won't happen (well, not as serious as working life is), that's where there's still lecturers and teachers teaching you, that's where knowledge come from easily... i seriously respect those people who were born in earlier decades, most of them come from poor families and like during war and stuff, so they work so hard... it's like 10 times harder than what we're doing nowadays... but somehow people nowadays are like so pampered and picky on what they want to do... urgh!

I'm crapping... haha! Thanks for reading... Yawn... Good night! =Eve=

Saturday, June 11, 2005