Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog of Boredom...

Here I am, sitting in front of my comp, blogging... Other people are burying their heads into their notes and books, memorizing each sentence of each subjects... But, I am here... Right here... Blogging >.<"

Danny will be coming out with his new album very soon!!! Am waiting for it eagerly!!! He posted up his recording sessions in his blog - Check it out!

4 more days and i'll be free!!!! DFC nite, Perfect 100 Concert, Badminton, Shabu shabu, Green Lotus, Justin's concert all waiting for meeeeee! Woo hoo!!! Rather anticipating Justin's concert... because I know it will definitely be a greatttttt one!!! After my exam, i'll search upside down inside out for all his news and post it here...

Tension is rising like a rocket shooting up the sky... Who doesn't want a VHPWC... But i 99% doubt i can get it... Argghhhhhh!!! *Praying hard*

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