Friday, November 17, 2006

Tagged again...

Tagged by CY this time... Grrrrr.... >.<"

1. How did we meet?
December 18th 2005... Futsal Tournament... Hehehe..... And good friends since then :D

2. Kwok Fai, Daniel or LYC?=D
Can I choose all? If i have to choose one, LYC :D

3. How would you feel if your closest fren betrayed you? Would you still be as close as you used to be?

Hurt and sad of cuz... No, will never be as close as used to... becuz if he/she can betray me once, he/she can do it again... and a sincere/true friendship doesn't exist anymore...

4. Describe the ideal partner you would want/have
What else than rich, handsome, caring, funny, smart and perfect?

5. If i only have 2 more days to live, what would you do or say to me?
I don't want to see you... because I don't think I can stand losing you... (wah, gelinyer)

6. What is the MUST HAVE for you everyday?
Foooooooooood :D

7. What do you think of people who say one thing and do/feel another?
If they realize their mistake and apologize, I'll forgive them. But if they repeat it often, i'll be very sad... And i'll hate them...

8. Tell me your dream..which you know is definitely a MIMPI...:P
Alot lah... To be friends with HIM (who u think it is, then it's who lor hehe), to marry a rich,handsome and perfect guy, to strike lottery...

9. Is it possible to be frens with your ex? (Haha..a question i heard on the radio yesterday)
It is... in fact... i've been thinking about my ex lately... we're still friends... just... never contact each other... lost contact actually...

10. Anything you want to say to me? =P

NO... Kakakkaka... I wanna say thank you for everything for the past year we've known each other... We had some problems here and there... but i hope this friendship will last forever... Unless, u dun want to fren me *Sobz*


ian said...

hmmm ... drop by to say hi.
c ya sometime on the same street :)

Shin Sar said...


Where should I start??

I'll answer to you tag after I'm free from exams. hehe.. :P