Thursday, August 30, 2007

Craving Satisfied

It's 2.45am now.
Been doing OB assignment. It sucks to the max seriously.
I've been craving for maggi mee for a few days.
Suddenly just miss it because haven't eat it for a long time already.
Stomach was playing drum just now.
So heck with the time and headed downstairs to cook maggi.
My brother was downstairs searching for food too.
So I cooked two packets of maggi for both of us.
Craving satisfied.

Had Tony Roma's this afternoon.
Seriously, their food are all superb, wonder what's the secret behind eh?
Had their Roma Burger and 4 of us shared the Kickin' Shrimp, Onion Loaf, Chicken Club Salad.
Full to the max and the max. Bloated.

Found quite some number of food blogs that introduce restaurants and food all around.
There's masak-masak, a whiff of lemongrass,, kyspeaks, living in food heaven and a whole lot more!
Darn. I'm so gonna compile a long 'to-eat-list' and find kakis to go JJCM.
Haha, compared to them, I guess I'm really nothing. Hehehe!
Will post links of these food blogs on my template soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Silence Is Virtue

Today only I know that Lin Fan's "Yi Ge Ren Sheng Huo" is the mandarin version of Vincy's "Gan Ying"! So stupid of me to not recognize the tune.

Found a new nice song. Ying Tao Bang's "Ni Ai Wo Ma". Can't find the lyrics though. :) Enjoy.

Those who dare not to voice out, will always lose to those who are confident.
Those who choose to keep quiet, will always lose to those who dares to speak their mind.
Those who have no confidence, will always lose to those who talks a lot.
Is it that those who speaks a lot will always be favored by others?
Why must people always complain?
I guess people are brave enough to complain directly in front of those involved.
I guess I'm not brave enough to be confident, to say anything at all,
I can't bring myself up to say anything.
And for me, silence is virtue.
It's so suffering to go through those times.
Pourquoi? Pourquoi tout arrive au temps mauvais?
Pensez avant vous parlez.
Ne accusez pas d'autres simplement.

Je ne sais pas, je voudrais ecrire dans francais subitment.
Tres triste ces jours.
Je ne sais pas qu'est-ce que je suis triste.
Mais, tout est confondre.
Est-ce que quelqu'un me donnez des responses?
Mauvais, tres mauvais.

I seemed to be drifting away from everything and everyone more and more.
Seems to feel insecure.
After reading Teng's blog, I feel it even more.
Seriously, you don't know who to trust anymore.
Perhaps your best friend is the one talking the worst about you.
Perhaps your closest friend is the one who betrays you.
Perhaps, what if, so many possibilities and impossibilities.
I seriously don't understand myself and others anymore.
The feeling is like a mouse trapped in a cage for many years, and now you open the door, the mouse don't even have the urge to run out.
Gosh, I'm seriously talking crapz.
All the nonsense are affecting my mind and brain.

~if only I know~

Downfall by Trust Company

Fear in me so deep it gets the best of me,
In the fear I fall, here it comes face to face with me,
Here I stand hold back so no one can see,
I feel these wounds, step down, step down,
Step down.

(am I) Breaking Down
Can I break away
Push me away, make me fall,
Just to see, another side of me,
Push me away, you can see,
what I see, the other side of me.

Fall back on me,
And I'll be the strength I need,
To save me now,
Just come face to face with me,
Stay in place you'll be the first to see,
Me heal these wounds,
Step down, step down, step down, down

I'm not breaking, down
Can I break away
Push me away, make me fall,
Just to see another side of me,
Push me away you can see,
What I see, the other side of me


Fall, can I break away
Push me away, make me fall,
Just to see another side of me,
Push me away you can see,
What I see, the other side of me

No one can see anything on the other side of me
I walk, I crawl, loosing everything
And waiting for the downfall
No one can see everything on the other side of me
I walk, I crawl loosing everything
On the downfall.
Downfall, Fall.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My World Has Stopped Turning

I seriously wonder,
if I never knew about all these local Chinese artists, what would I be doing now?
Will my life be much more free-er? And also much more boring-er?
I would have more time to do my own things. More meaningful things.
Not to say that star chasing is not meaningful. It gave me lots of new knowledge and friends of course. But going around for them seriously makes me lose time in doing my OWN things.
I seemed to be regretting for lacking in my studies, less time in doing things that benefit my profession.
But is star chasing to be blamed? I seriously don't know.
Will I have the heart to let go? I don't know too.

When other people ask me, I always tell them,
'aiyah, don't think so much la, if you count like that, you won't be happy'
But come to think of it, I actually often ask myself that question:
"Is it all worth it?"
I seriously don't know. I can't seem to get an answer for it.
I'm happy doing all these, I'm having fun, I enjoyed it,
but is there more to it? Expect the unexpected? Or should I just slow down my pace and let go slowly? Sometimes, I'm tired. Friends asked me: "Wah, you so free ar?" Sigh.
All I want... all I need... is... nevermind. It's for me to know and for you to find out.

I guess this month is a bad month for me. Bad luck seems to be with me throughout.
I guess I didn't tell anybody, I met an accident while going to college one day. Didn't see the car in front stopped and banged it. But no worries. Nothing serious.
Two days ago, again was on my way to college and stopped in a jam. Some moronic sakai on the motorbike just bang into me. Don't ask me how. All the cars weren't moving. I turned behind and look at him and he just fled off. Didn't even get his number plate. Arse face. Nothing serious. Just the side of my bumper came out slightly.
Besides, I don't know is my driving skills getting lousy or it's the other drivers' problems. People seemed to be driving recklessly on the roads nowadays. Cutting in the line without signal, samore nearly bang into my car, want to u-turn from the left lane. Wtf. Grr...

Speaking of all these, I guess everybody read the news about these buses that causes death of passengers on highways. I mean, it's seriously so freaking ridiculous man. Speeding lah, tired lah. Excuses. Why?? And it all comes to: rules are not obeyed, and what 'prevention is better than cure' is all bull and sai. Only after all these happened then only things are being done. Only after when the accident happened, only investigations are done saying how many samans unpaid and whatsoever. Isn't it a bit too late to do things already?

Please don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. When people do something you dislike, you get so angry. But have you ever thought about what you did? And stop being so vain. Omg! I can't stand you seriously. You're a guy for goodness sake! And you seriously think you're very handsome? Puhlease. Stop thinking you're the center of attention ok. You make me want to puke. And, you're freaking annoying. Seriously.

What's the meaning of GROUP WORK when people are doing work individually? Farks man. It's seriously an insult to the other group members. Do you think you're always right? Yeah, I know, you always get good grades, so what? Does it mean that you don't accept other people's ideas? I guess it always happens when someone tries to take lead. It happened around me few times before, and it seems to be happening everywhere. Hmm... Don't be vain, I'm not talking about you.

Emo, emo, emo... I don't know what am I depressed about. I guess it's pressure. So many things happening. So little time. So much work. So less money. Sigh. But funny how sometimes the one that makes you happy is someone you're not close to. It's amusing to look at 2 French guys eating roti canai with their hands (and with condensed milk) :)

~Should I go or should I not? That is the question.~
~My world has stopped turning~

Thursday, August 23, 2007

[Holiday] Langkawi 140807 - 170807

Sorry for the late posting about my recent "Visit Malaysia Year 2007" trip during my 1 week mid semester break. Was waiting for my friend to pass me the photos and also didn't have time until now as I had to study for my OB assessment today. Sucks big time. Failing it for sure.

140807, Tuesday

The previous night I slept for 16 hours from 5pm to 9am and therefore the whole night I was wide awake. Perhaps half excited and slept too much, I didn't sleep the whole night. Got ready by 5.30am and Edmund came and fetch me to Ker Ying's house whereby her mum fetched us to LCCT. Thanks aunty!

Believe it or not, it was my first time going to the LCCT, and my first time taking Air Asia. Haha, but I assume that many people reading this has not taken Air Asia before though.

The platform for our boarding

Being a low cost airline, don't expect air-conditioned tunnels for you to board your flight, don't expect good looking flight attendants to lead you to your seats. Just walk as if you're walking at a pasar malam.

Even the air stewardesses smile lesser.

After an hour, we finally landed in Langkawi! And we noticed that the 'Welcome to Langkawi International Dialogue' signboard was still up (The event that I went to work for the last Langkawi trip. Come on lah, already over leh the event!) After settling the payment for our rented Iswara, off we went for our trip! Woo hoo! We went to the Holiday Villa beach to find the uncle to pay for our island hopping and Pulau Payar trip but no one was there. And it began to rain! Totally spoiled our mood. Then we went to Cactus, just opposite Holiday Villa for our breakfast. KY and Ivy had American breakfast, Ed had his mushroom cheese omelette and I had this rolled beef omelette set.

Then, we went and check in at Perdana Beach Resort (thanks Lorraine!) but the apartment is not ready until 3pm so off we went to the Underwater World. Entrance fee is RM38, MyKad holders RM28, students RM20. Stupid of me not to bring my student ID. (Lesson: Bring your student card every where you go) Nothing super special there. Fishes, reptiles, penguins etc. Didn't manage to see the feeding sessions all.

After that, we went back to the apartment, on the way we fetched KY's bf - Louis at Casa del Mar. After washing up and a bit of resting, off we went to Kuah town for shopping! First we went to see Ivy's ex-quarters when she had her training here, then we went to Westin Hotel to kepoh. Very nice environment. They have 3 swimming pools! And guess how much is their buffet breakfast? Freaking RM55! Holy "cheap"! Then stopped awhile at the jetty. After that, we had our dinner at Wonderland, a chinese restaurant. Food was so so. Then we went to Teow Soon Huat to shop for goods. Overall, I find TSH sells things that are quite cheap. Their alcohol and chocolates are quite cheap. And much variety also. After that, we went to another area that has many duty free shops to shop somemore. After that, we went back and rest.

150807, Wednesday

Woke up at 8am for island hopping. It was sunny at first, but when we reach the Holiday Villa beach, it starts to rain (again!). Grr. Called up the uncle and he say can go. We left the beach and started to look for a place to have breakfast when another guy called saying that we can go. Since it's only drizzling so we decided to give it a try. We drove to the Awana Porto Malai beach and waited there for 20 minutes to board the boat with another 2 couples. We went to 3 places:

Tasik Dayang Bunting: The island that looks like a pregnant maiden.

Then we headed to the lake for a swim. We had to climb flights of stairs for 5 minutes before you can reach the lake. And you're accompanied by flocks of monkeys waiting for you to feed them. When you go there, do not carry plastic bags because they will snatch it from you.

That's Ivy, me, KY and Louis =) All so leng lui and leng chai hor? (Except me lah) But too bad! All single but unavailable... Muahahaha.

Eagle Feeding - Then we were driven to god-knows-which-part-of-the-sea-we-are-at to feed eagles. At first I thought the boat driver will wear a glove and feed the eagles with their hands, mana tau it's just throwing food into the sea and all the boats make a circle and watch the eagles dive down to grab the food. Chey!

Then off we went to Pantai Beras Basah. Erm, I don't know why is it called Wet Rice Beach cuz I don't see any Wet Rice there. Tee hee! Nothing special. Stayed there for 1 hour then off we went back to the main island.

Since we haven't take our lunch, we drove to the Korean restaurant to see what's nice to eat but the owner said it's full. So we went back, bath and headed to Sun Cafe instead. On the way there, I had headache and felt very cold. And I started falling sick.

Sun Cafe, very nice place. Nicer if you go at night. Visit the toilet when you're there. And there's a lot of 'ladyboy' working there. know what I mean. :p

When I went to the toilet, wow, nice nice... Then I went into the cubicle... Wah lao eh!

I feel so... "empty".

Pineapple Fried Rice. Nice =) With curry chicken.

After that, beh ta han, I need to go back and rest. Slept for awhile but didn't sleep well. Guess it was the bed. My back hurts.

At night, we went to Pantai Cenang area to shop from one end to the other. Gosh, I felt so sick. Oh, and I met Khai Loon there who's doing his 6 months training there. Halfway it started to rain. Guess the rain really spoilt everybody's mood. Tried to find a Chinese restaurant to eat dinner that has porridge (thanks to me. sigh!) Tried Orkid Ria but many people waiting so went to Laman Ria (opposite Pelangi Beach Resort, next to the Paddy Museum) The food is quite nice. And the waiter was erm... very entertaining. Was ordering drinks when I ask sick people can drink what. "Ngo dei yao leong cha loh... guai lou geh." =_=" (We got herbal tea... mat salleh one.) Meaning beer lah. When he ask what size of the dish we want (got small, medium and large) "Lei dei oi zhung ding gan geh?" (You all want good (medium) or evil one?) =_=" and also "lei dei oi giu gai mou?" (you all want to order chicken or not?) Those who understand cantonese will know what it meant.

We ordered mostly seafood. Didn't eat much though. Vomited in the toilet. So so so sorry edmund, ivy, ky and louis for making your trip so sueh... sigh, i feel so bad. sorry sorry sorry.

Then we went to Pelangi hotel to see KY's quarters. Wah liao eh, from lobby have to walk 10 minutes to the quarters. I nearly died on the way. Samore staff cannot sit buggy cars. Everyday walk 20 minutes can lose weight seriously. Then I cannot stand anymore, need Edmund to fetch me back and sleep. The others went out again to see the lighthouse. Only when I come back KL that I found out they didn't go. They went and fetch Louis back and buy medicine for me instead. Aiks. So sorry... :( Didn't sleep well that night also. Thanks to the bed. I hope it's not me who spoilt it :p

160807, Thursday

The day we're suppose to go Pulau Payar. Again, gloomy day. So we went to Helang Hotel to have their buffet breakfast (RM19.00nett) It was ok lah for the price :) After that we went and tour the whole island. To be specific, tour the whole island's nice hotels. :p The Andaman, Datai, Tanjung Rhu, Four Seasons etc. We also went to the Crocodile farm (just pass by :p), the Black Sand Beach and the Waterfall. Throughout the day, stomach was very pain. Went to the toilet for more than 5 times! Great. Sick at the wrong time. Then, as we were at Kuah town, we went and buy movie tickets for the show Ratatouille. Then we ta pao Marry Brown back to the apartment to eat. Sigh, sick people can only eat porridge. Sobz.

Perdana Beach Resort's terms were that housekeeping wouldn't be done when there are guests living inside. When we left the apartment this morning, the mahjong tiles were messily spread
out on the table. When we went back to the apartment, suddenly Edmund shouted "Who arranged it one?"

Holy shit! Got thieves enter our apartment! We quickly go check our belongings. Ker Ying's wallet was missing! Then we looked at the beds, eh, why was the bed made? Chey, rupa-rupanya the staff came in and did housekeeping =_=" And they put Ker Ying's wallet somewhere else. KNN! Scare us. Samore you know what month is it ler...

We played a few rounds of gin rummy and then got ready to go out. We went to a japanese restaurant, Unkaizan to have our dinner. The restaurant is located near to Awana Porto Malai. The staffs there are very friendly and nice. There were 2 Japanese girls working there. They are really polite and nice. Very sweet girls :)

We had Nabeyaki Udon, Sushi Udon Set, Saba Shio, Salmon Sashimi and one chicken stew rice. Forgot what's it called. Erm, the price is like KL price, but the sushis and handrolls are quite expensive. But the saba shio is very nice! :) It's Pacific Mackerel grilled with salt and served on a small charcoal griller. Very unique.

Then, I took the RISK and drove our MANUAL iswara to Kuah town for our movie. I guess the 3 of them sat in the car waiting to jump out of the car if anything happened. It was my 2nd time touching manual cars (don't count during driving lessons and exam la) and my 1st time only lasted less than 5 minutes. But the journey was okay, only stopped once, while going up hill. I hate going uphill. Luckily no cars behind :p Now that i'm back in KL, i miss driving manual!

Ratatouille - Some people fell asleep in the cinema. But I actually liked the movie. Maybe because of my profession. :) "Anyone can cook" :)

Then we headed back to the apartment. Edmund said we 'but zui mou guai' (fong). Must drink until drunk before going to sleep. But everybody was too tired. Played a few rounds, drink a few glasses I already blur blur dee.

170807, Friday

So fast. The last day of our trip liao. Supposingly wanted to go sit cable car but it was raining heavily. Sigh. Stupid weather really spoilt our trip! So we slept until 11am, pack everything and check out. Went to Bonton to take a look, then went to the cat shelter Louis is working, then had our lunch at Coco Beach Restaurant. After that went to the Lighthouse.

This is the first time I seen such big teapot in a restaurant.

Mong meh mong... Mei tai guo leng 'ngao' ar? Chiu!

We had a teochew style steam fish, a big pot of tomyam, a curry leaves crab, a butter prawn, and one vege. Wah, I was so full until I can't walk. But quite expensive though to eat there. Hmm...

After that, we drove to the airport. Gave back the car and waited for our flight to go back to kay-elle. That's all. Really a waste thanks to the weather. If not I would have went to more places :'(. Nevermind, there's still next time :) Thanks Ivy, Ker Ying, Edmund and Louis for the wonderful trip! So sorry I troubled you guys so much. But really thanks for all the fun! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

[Lyrics] Vincy Yong Er 泳儿 - Gan Ying 感应

Fell in love with this song after Summer Live Concert. Very nice tune :)

感应(粤) Gan Ying
作曲:凌伟文 孙维君
编曲:adam lee

Na yat ka feh sat ngo ya zoi chor
Dai tong lui gei dou fa dip fei guo
Kan gong yuin ji gan fun heong but dor
Ya hui ji hong hui lui dik fu kap dui diu guo
Gum tin ngo yuin siong tip gan nei fu moh
Hor fao yat mun kap hui ngo moh
Chin min gu lui tai dor kiok mei nang jing ji
Xun woh

Ngo mun jiok nei tong bou fu kap jeh yat hao hei
Na pa si wan cang xiong jui bok dik hong hei
Ji ji but chan nei bit wui bing dong ji sei

Ngo bai jiok hei kei mong soh hei fai lok ji mei
Juit liu fu kap ya mei dak dou nei
Yat hei gei miu zong hor pin dou ji gei

Nei yong guo dik booi ngo yiu yong moh
Gao soon yan ta mun dik yao gei goh
Mun gong ngoi ji gan xiong cha gei doh
Nei ya hui ji pa zoi sai but qing
Na hao guo


Qi hak nei dak yin chiong jiok ngo dik gor
Hong zong gam ying gam gok dou moh
Lin jiok ngo si nei moh mun joi soon bin ji
Yu foh

Repeat Chorus

Ngo mun jiok nei yu jiong siu sat zui hao tin dei
Jik dou wa gai ya mei hung seh hei
Ji hou tan liu nei dik hei
Ngoi jiok hong hei

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sick and Sick of...

Time seriously flies. It's already the end of my 1 week holiday when I don't even feel that my holiday has even begun. Sobz. Went to Langkawi for four days, and it rained for four days and no, I HAVE to fall sick during that time. Idiot.

Will update about my Langkawi trip next post. No mood now.

It's better to clear off your mind from all that's happening around you. Don't be a kaypo and mess around things that you don't have to know. Because you'll end up feeling frustrated due to it if you find out.

I'm sick. And I'm sick of those 'wonderful things' that is happening around. I'm happy, I'm having fun, I'm sad, I'm jealous, I'm annoyed, I'm irritated, I'm frustrated, I'm excited, I'm crazy. Arghh! I'm turning into a person which I myself don't recognize anymore. I just feel like locking myself in my own room and not going anywhere for the rest of my life. Damn.

So sick of everything...

# Bear with me. Just being emo at the moment.It's not about anyone or anything in particular. I'm just saying general. And I'm just hating myself. Phfffft!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rush Hour 3 + Summer Live Concert

10th August 2007

A day out with Ah Foo, Ah 'Heam' and Ah Ying. Kesian a few of my classmates whose name became very unusual when we're working at Langkawi. Some of them their names were spelt horribly different, some of their last name was cut off. Darren's name became Damen, Edmund's name became Chern Heam or something like that. =_=" Luckily mine, Ah Foo and Ah Ying's name were correct :)

Morning we went for 'brunch' at Ah Yat - dim sum *yummy* Edmund made 'cha yip dan' for us. Thanks Edmund :) Then we went to BTS for Rush Hour 3 and shopping. The person who wants to shop end up buying nothing and the 3 of us bought something. Ah Foo, kesiannya. I bought a long sleeve orange shirt from Metrojaya, Edmund bought a luggage bag for our Falansai trip, Ah Ying bought some stuff from Elianto. Guys and girls, go watch RH3! It's darn good! Darn funny! Darn nice! Laugh non stop.

Ah Foo and Edmund went to a watch shop to look at some watches. Don't know why I suddenly turn very moody when enter the shop. Got headache. Guess it's because of the spotlights and the heat inside. Or something else. I don't know. Scary.

At night we had our dinner at La La Chong. 2nd time there. Had the same stuff again - Lai Yao Crab, Kangkung, Xiong Tong La La... and also Xing Zhao Mai. And satay. Saw one part at the back grilling crabs and fish. Smell so nice! Shall try it someday :)

11th August 2007

Started our journey at 7am. Pik Kei stayed over at my house yesterday night. Thanks AA for driving us there. Reach around 10 something, head to some restaurant for makan. Don't know what to eat, and Aunty Swan tell me "There! Eat Danny WAN tan mee =_="" Zha dou... I know lah, next time Danny's son can be named WAN tan mee. Haha!

Then we head to the Padang Besar for Danny, Henley and Orange's meet the fans session. The 8tv booth was so crowded so we just stand near the van and wait for them. It was so freaking hot and he's wearing that thick jacket. Gosh. Crazy. Apu saw us when the van passed by and waved. When they came down from the van, we called him but I don't think he saw us cuz he just walked passed coolly. Waited at the same spot until they finished, Orange and Henley sang a bit, Danny rapped. Then they had autograph session for those who bought the package A. They walked past, called him, he just turn back, smiled weakly and go up the van. Sigh. Don't care lah. Maybe he's tired.

Then, this quote came into my mind - "Don't expect anything is also an expectation."

Went back to the hotel to bath and get ready, then walked back to the field. Walk around at the booths, at 3pm got Daniel and John's meet the fans session. Again, stood at the van instead of the booth. He keep waving at everyone :) And he did a very cute expression when he was walking back to the van. Haha!

After that we queue up at the VIP zone entrance until the gate open at 6pm. VIP was behind VVIP. Oklar, at the center of the stage. Sat down and wait for the concert to begin. The screen started playing advertisements of shows on 8tv, one of the ads got Yu Zhong's "Melodi", and SO COINCIDENTLY it started to rain after the ad! Omg, LYZ, you're so cursed! We shouted "Change song change song! Raining already!" The magnum people looked at us and laughed. At 7.45pm the dancers came out to teach the crowd how to dance Macarena cuz this year it's dance theme. We had to dance twice! Some of the dancers were from So You Think You Can Dance?. Well, I don't follow the show, but I heard Isaac, Jo and a few more were in it. Jo is hot. Isaac is cute!!! I love the way he dance! Haha. Then the VVIPs and media came. Saw Mr Izham, Paul Moss, Gold Dragon. I wonder what Paul Moss will think of Daniel's performance though. This gold dragon always wear the same shirt, sakai, no shirt to wear ar?

8.30pm they show interviews of artists at the backstage and some recordings of the afternoon carnival on 8864. The show started at 9pm with Daniel, John, Henley, Orange and Danny singing a song medley of dance hits. Then George Lam, 2MORO, Genie, Gary, Daniel, John, Sandy, Danny, The Cross, Henley, Orange, Vincy, JJ and FIR continuously came out to perform. The local artists only sang 1 song each. But if add with the opening act then 2 lah. Unfair :( Daniel was raised up on the stage elevator and he took off his jacket! John threw paper aeroplanes. And Danny's performance had breakdance (not he doing it though =_=") and dancers pouring water on themselves. Overall I totally enjoyed it! Especially The Cross' "I Love Rock And Roll" woo hoo!

All the artists came out at the ending to so-called dance Macarena with the crowd. I didn't see if the artists danced. Danny saw us and waved :) Thanks.

Then we rushed to the backstage where all the vans are. Can't find the 3Fs so me and Pik Kei stood at the roadside waiting for the vans to pass by. The Cross' van passed by and stopped at the junction for a LONGGGGGGGGG time. Thanks to some traffic jam at the front. So everybody stood next to the van and keep clicking away. Some ulu people keep peeping inside. Swt.

Waited and finally saw Danny's van passed by. With Orange and Henley inside. Orange and Henley waved. But Danny was listening to his Ipod and looked down. I waved my hand in front of him also he didn't see. Until his PA called him to look out the window. Haha. He signaled 'thank you' to me and Pik Kei. Aww... unexpected 'conversation' though. Thanks for everything :) *lub* The van moved front and stopped. So me and Pik Kei walked in front again. Haha. Like two mad women only la. Didn't see Daniel's van though. They were heading to the post party. God knows where.

By the time we reach back the hotel it was 1 something I think. Slept at 3am and woke up at 6.15am.

I guess it's better to stop thinking too much about things. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Sometimes, don't know, don't see, don't care is better than knowing, seeing and caring. You'll get less hurt. Or less frustrated. Or less annoyed. Or less problematic things will be. I've learned to complain less. And enjoy more. I hope you guys will too. :) Live life cool and happy.

Going to Langkawi (again) later. I'll definitely enjoy my trip this time. I will not let anything get in my way to enjoy myself. See you all when I get back :) Will miss you all loads. Mwaks.

~ Don't expect anything is also an expectation ~
~ 爱太深会让人疯狂的勇敢 (Loving too deeply will make people crazily brave) ~

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Long Lost Friend

Just when the sakai had decided NOT to be a sakai anymore.
The sakai found her long lost friend.

They took the SAKAI tractor and headed to Taiping to have their meal in a SAKAI place.

Ok, I guess I'm just too bored.

PS: This post is not trying to make fun of anything or anyone. Just a random bored-until-nothing-to-do post.

~Where's my prince?~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mini Class Trip + Langkawi International Dialogue

I'm back!
Went to Langkawi for four days to work for the Langkawi International Dialogue 2007.
Went on Thursday night by bus, arrived at the jetty at 4.30am and waited until 7.30am to take the ferry. Had our breakfast at Westin staff cafeteria then head to our hotel - Helang Hotel. The first two days we pretty much just played. Went to Kuah town by taxi for shopping, at night went to Pantai Cenang, the next day went to Cactus for breakfast, Pantai Tengah, worked in the evening, Sunday is the function and Monday came back.

Honestly speaking, I only enjoyed 50% of the trip. Seriously. I was dying to come back to KL after Friday. Somethings happened. I don't want to say what. It was so tensed, so stressful for me. And it definitely spoiled my mood. But after that things got better. And the money we earn is just enough to cover the expenses of this trip. Luckily not negative :)

Sigh, couples couples everywhere. 6 of us, 5 of them already berteman-teman. Plus a few more others. Left me alone. Sigh. Life sucks. Love sucks even more. But, of course they're kind enough not to leave me out. :) But sometimes, I know they need their own space. I feel like a freaking bright light bulb shining at them. Sigh sigh sigh.

The journey to and fro was fun. I always enjoyed taking long journey buses. Cuz I get to see the sceneries, and think a lot. Nothing specific in mind, just thinking and thinking and thinking. For no reason.

Don't want to elaborate much on my trip this time. No mood to elaborate nor post any pics. Maybe I'll change my mind after receiving pics from my fwens. Gd nite.

~Romeo & Juliet~

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Jealousy is a killer.
Girls get jealous of another girl - body shape, family background.
Boys get jealous of another boy - because he took his girl.
Some people get jealous when they didn't get what they want.
Some people get jealous when someone is close to the artists he/she likes.
Some people get jealous when the person they love is with someone else.
And jealousy results in shitty names called. Sigh.

Going to Langkawi for a 4 days 3 nights working trip.
Will be back on Monday night. :)
See you guys when I'm back.
Miss you all.