Thursday, May 31, 2007


Finally... exam's over. 4 subjects, of all I think French today was the most difficult. I read over and over again but did not understand a single thing. I didn't have enough time to answer all the questions. Who to blame but myself. Never study. All last minute. Somemore can go out and have FUN. I'm suppose to be enjoying the 2 weeks and a half holidays but I doubt I can stop worrying about my results. (Ivy and Edmund must be so eager to kill me now.) I just can't seem to get the subjects out of my head. Argh. And to worry about next sem (if i pass). Argh, kill me please.

Went to Zen for lunch after exam. Yum yum. Salmon sashimi, soft shell crab, nabeyaki udon, handrolls, sashimi salad. *drooling*. Walked around, bought some doggie food for Bibi =) Went and fetch wwt from wong villa and head back home. My 'ah ma' came and fetch us and we head to CCK. Then, off we head for our dragged plan - Cheras steamboat! Yum yum. QQ tofu, fu chuk, soft boiled eggs, quail eggs, pork balls. *drooling again*.

I have so so so many things to do. Dramas to watch, places to go, food to eat, stars to chase :p, books to read, things to buy, room to clean...
My plans:-
- Saisaki Jap Buffet (this week)
- Sg Wang 30th Anniversary concert (this Sat)
- Shopping at Leisure Mall, yum cha @ starbucks and watch movie with Teng (next week)
- Shopping and karaoke with Ivy and KY (next week)
- Sunway Lagoon
- Melaka trip on the 9th

I really wanna just enjoy my holidays. Hopefully I can. Who wants to date me? I'm just a call away. nyek nyek nyek. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, exercise, yum cha, chit chat, makan angin are all welcomed. Wanna JJCM? Call me! =) (However, clubbing are strictly forbidden) Thank you for the corperation. =D

~ Am I a demanding person?

Good night.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sometimes I wonder...
whether the things I do is right or wrong...
what people think of me...
whether I really belong here...
maybe it's time for me to leave...

No matter what...
I am nothing...
Nothing at all compared to you...
I can never be better than you...
I can never ever be like you...
Why am I comparing?
I don't know...
Fears, intimidations are overtaking my mind and soul...

Exam's coming.
Stress. Failure. Incapable.

~You think too much~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Wanted to blog, but don't know what to blog about...
Wanted to study, but don't have the mood to study...
Don't feel like sleeping yet...
Suppose to write reviews but lazy to do...
Exam is just 4 days time but I did nothing to revise!
So many things are in my head now. Really moodless to do anything at all.

I found out that, all people, no matter you or me, he or she, all are shoe polishers.
It's just the matter of light or heavy. Shining bling bling or just ordinary shine. People will say that they don't care at all, but they actually care a lot. People will say that they don't want to know, but actually they want to know more. People will say they don't want to, but they desperately want it. I'm saying generally ya, please don't feel offended. I'm even saying myself ok. Fickle minded, shoe polishing, backstabbing... Who doesn't? :)

Have you ever own something, you love it so much, until when you're suppose to let go for good, you aren't able to? But you HAVE TO let go, because you have no choice, you can't change the fact, and it's for everybody's own good.
- Appreciate them before they're gone for good -

1 more day... 1 more day and i'll be able to see Dannyyyyyyyyyyy and Daniellllllllllllllllllll!!!!!! :D Woo hoo!!!!

Yesterday Daniel's latest song "Yuan Liang Wo" (Forgive Me) already broadcasted on 988. Gosh, it's damn nice. Very touching. Hou yao feeeel ah! Haha! Looking forward to 11th June. Daniel's album will be out that day!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things are not impossible :)

19th May
Slept only for like 4 hours, woke up to go redeem tics for 2nd June with Saeng Sun & AA battery. Had yummy wan tan mee then go home and get ready. 11.25am AA battery came and fetch me and kelisa 2 and we head to 1U for our lunchie. Met up with the others and went for lunch at Wong Kok. Shutterbug was extremely good mood that day, I seriously don't know why. Spent too much money I guess? :p Heaven knows.

Wong Kok sucks! Service and food both erm... speechless. Nvr go there again for me. Then, we headed to the sony exhibition area and waited. ATQ'07 10 contestants were performing. Then we just hang around until 3pm. The cameras and videocams were all so chun-ted! *Temptation is a sin!* 3.30pm only LYZ arrive. The crowd was not as I expected. Quite 'dead' actually. And the whole planning sucks big time! Not planned properly at all. Grrrr. Anyway, signed my album with my chinese name on it. When he saw my small piece of paper, he said 'Yi Ling, oh, Chai Yi Ling!' =_=" He's cute la :p Then shake hands with him and told him 'zhu ni zhuan ji da mai!'. Funnily, he always seem to say 'gan xie' instead of 'xie xie'. Hmm. Hang around there until 6pm then head to Vietnam Kitchen for dinner to celebrate CY and SS's birthdays.

8.30pm - Connaught Halo Cafe here we come! It was very last minute, and a
coincidence. I wouldn't have went there if it wasn't for AA battery :wub: A fans gathering with LYZ. No singing, just Q&A questions by fans, and a short game. :) Kyflein, you rock!

*Look at how he sit... Very the relax right? :D

20th May
Somehow I felt my weekend was excellent. Yesterday with friends, today with family. Went for lunch/hi-tea with my parents. Yum yum :) Service's efficient, food is good. But price a bit err... expensive lah. Hehe.

Been craving for prawns these few days. I ate 10 of these. Yum yum!

Best part - Chocolate fondue!! Yum Yum!

Haha! Cute eh??? RM150 per kg! Minimum 3kg! First person I thought of is Amanda, don't ask me why... =p

Then, head back home and went to the salon. Only God knows what I did to my hair :p At night went mamak with parents, grandparents, aunt and my baby angel. Nothing special, but just relax with my family is the best thing to do :)

I feel so relax this few days. So peaceful. I enjoy everything that I did. Only the sky know, the ground know, you know I know the reason why :)

Things are not that bad as I thought actually :) I'm glad to be treated this way :) At least I seem to be someone you can trust :) I know I shouldn't hope for more to come, I know no more will come, but I'm just hoping for the very best for you :) Good luck! <3 Erm, hereby, I know lots of local artists are coming out with their albums in June or the coming months. And some that already released. Daniel, Kwok Fai, Yu Zhong, Wei Quan, Lan Yin, Quincy, Winson & Jerry etc - ALL THE BEST! Also to some other artists - S.H.E., Liu Jia Liang, Tank. All the best to you guys too!!!

- Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage -

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lyrics - Zhuan Shu Tian Shi

專屬天使 - TANK
Zhuan Shu Tian Shi - TANK

我不會怪你 對我的偽裝
Wo bu hui guai ni dui wo de wei zhuang
Tian shi zai ren jian shi gai cang hao chi bang
人們愚蠢魯莽 而妳纖細善良 

Ren men yu chun lu mang er ni xian xi shan liang
Zen neng rang ni wei le wo bei peng shang

小小的手掌 厚厚的溫暖 
Xiao xiao de shou zhang hou hou de wen nuan
Ni zong neng ping fu wo bu an de ye wan
不敢想的夢想 透過妳的眼光 
Bu gan xiang de meng xiang tou guo ni de yan guang
Wo cai kan jian ta yuan lai zai qian fang

Mei you shui neng ba ni qiang li wo shen pang
Ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
Wei wo neng du zhan
Mei you shui neng qu dai ni zai wo xin shang
Yong you yi ge zhuan shu tian shi
Wo na li hai xu yao bie de yuan wang

小小的手掌 大大的力量 
Xiao xiao de shou zhang da da de li liang
Wo yi ding ye kuai xiang ni yi yang fei xiang
妳想去的地方 就是我的方向 
Ni xiang qu de di fang jiu shi wo de fang xiang
You wo bao hu xiao rong jin guan can lan

Mei you shui neng ba ni qiang li wo shen pang
Ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
Wei wo neng du zhan
Mei you shui neng qu dai ni zai wo xin shang
Yong you yi ge zhuan shu tian shi
Wo na li hai xu yao bie de yuan wang

要不是妳出現 我一定還在沉睡 
Yao bu shi ni chu xian wo yi ding hai zai chen shui
絕望的以為 生命只有黑夜
Jue wang de yi wei sheng ming zhi you hei ye

Mei you shui neng ba ni qiang li wo shen pang
Ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
Wei wo neng du zhan
Mei you shui neng qu dai ni zai wo xin shang
Yong you yi ge zhuan shu tian shi
Wo na li hai xu yao bie de yuan wang

Credit: Soursand

Lyrics - Wo Zhi Neng Tou Tou Xi Huan Ni

Wo Zhi Neng Tou Tou Xi Huan Ni (I Can Only Like You Secretly)
Winson 温胜光

Yi chang mei li de mong shi ru he kai shi

Yi chang mei li de mong shi ru he san luo

Wo ji de xiang dui ni kai kou

Dan hua yu

Zhi neng zai xin zhong da zhuan er bao chi chen mo

Mei ci tou tou kan ni mi ren de yan mou

Mei ci tou tou kan ni wen rou di zhe tou

Ke shi ni cong lai dou bu zhi wo de xin zhong

Zao wan wei le jian ni xin qing duo me mei li

Wo xiang wo shi yi jing bei ni zhao mi

Bu ran wo de xin dou bu hui ru chi guai yi

Wo zhi neng tou tou xi huan ni

Wo zhi xi wang neng mong jian ni

Duo xiang yao dui zhe shou ji gao su ni

好想你 baby
Hao xiang ni baby

Wo zhi neng tou tou xi huan ni

Wo zhi xi wang zuo ni wei yi

Ru guo ni xu yao ren pei wo pei ni

Wo qi dai neng he ni kai xin yi qi

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dream VS Reality

I think I saw this title somewhere before... where ar? But, anyway, all I can think of for a title is this at the moment. Don't care lah.

I'm an artist. Yes! An artist.
Not the artist that sings or acts. But the artist that 'wak dou wah' one.
Too bad, I 'wak em dou wah'.
But that's my dream. I shall determine to be a 'wak dou wah' geh artist! I shall sell my masterpieces at RM50k each! I shall 'draw' newspaper prints and design clothes for the very next Estee Lauder Model Search Model. :D Artist vs model. :D
WWT, I'll meet you at the top yo!
We shall work hard to get their msn ok! Just like how yo yo did. :D
Haha, only wwt will understand what I'm talking about.

Dreams... everybody has their own dreams... I have a lot of dreams and little wishes. Can you fulfill them for me? I don't think so. Because it will be impossible to be fulfilled. Again, don't expect too much. The higher you get, the harder you fall.

People don't realize what they do is right or wrong... people don't realize what they do is an insult to others... people don't realize that the things they said can hurt somebody so much. Stop being like that! I've had enough! You're just an arrogant, selfish, boastful, proud piece of monkeybone. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. You think everybody likes you? Dream on!

Emil Chou's coming! Emil's coming! His concert's in July. Who wants to go? I want to go!!!! But no one i know seems to be interested in him. =(

Yesterday, I was happy. But I was not high. I just don't know why. Don't ask me. :|

Was having lunch at Wendy's Bistro with Edmund, Ah Foo and Ker Ying on Friday. Suddenly we talked about wedding. What is your ideal or dream wedding party? Wedding... bf pun takde sudah ingat mau wedding. Sakai betul. Haha. Nothing is impossible. Who knows maybe few months later u receive my wedding invitation or something. Wahahaha! Crazy.

Time for some changes. I want to change myself. Change for a better person. Making some changes to myself. I don't know what. But I just feel like doing so. Feel like changing my hairstyle. Feel like re-deco my room all over. Feel like throwing all my clothes away and buy new ones. :p If only I have the money.

Please don't claim that you're a super fan when you don't even own the artist's cd.
Please don't claim that you're a number 1 fan when you don't even remember all the lyrics.
Please don't claim that you know everything and end up saying that you forgot.
Fck off and die slowly.

Argh... this post is darn messy. Bye.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tagged Tag

Was tagged *again* by Joann. Hehe! I'm not blaming you la jo. :D

Tagged Things

Rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!


1. Sometimes, I mumble and talk to myself when i'm alone :D

2. I must hug a bolster when I sleep.

3. I'm a Christian but I don't go to church.

4. My chinese name is my english name and vice versa :D

5. I love to cook but my cooking sucks.

6. My eating habit. E.g. I eat the egg white then the egg yolk, i eat the bun then the sausage.

Yes, I'm weird. :)

I need to tag another 6 persons. Their job is to write something like Me, 6 weird things about themselves. (Follow the rules above)

*Nah, not gonna tag anyone. You wanna do then you do lah.*

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2nd attempt...

Did this just now... Haha... Been designing it for a few days already... I mean, not really design... But imagined the draft of it. I think it's ok. Not bad, not good as well. Just ok. Can be improved.

What you think? =S

Just now cried like hell. Thanks to the farewell video Ostro made. Looking at all the pics we took together, the fun we had together, I'm so gonna miss him when he's in UK. Ostro, can you don't go? ='( Keep in touch ya dude.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Freaking hot~

Maaaa turtle! I'm the type of person that seldom complain about hot weather. But the weather these few days are freaking hot!!! Morning wake up also sweating. At night want to sleep also sweating. Before rain so hot. After rain, lagi hot! Grrrr..... No need to on the shower heater also the water is 100 degrees celcius one neh! Joking only la. :p

Speaking of rain. I washed my car just now. And chowwww turtle the sky HAS to rain after I finish wiping my car... Grrrrrr!!! LYZ not here laaaa rain for what?!?!?!? No eye see my car now. Sure lots of water mark on it already. *pengsan*

Really hand itchy wanna cook something... Hehe... next week I shall cook something... whatever... but hah! Not for any of you. Because it sure will turn out not nice. =_="

Today went earlier to college to help deco the Auditorium for French Week. Although only merely 1 1/2 hours, although only putting up the posters, but I had fun. Mr Yeoh seriously I dunno should say funny or lame lah. And the 7 of us worked together to do things together. This is what I like :) I ta-pao roti bakar and milo ais for everyone. So nice, all working and eating together. Reminds me back in secondary school days. I don't know why lah, but I just feel very happy when doing it :) Hehe, I damn weird rite? I know, i know.

Gosh, exam's coming soon and I haven't even start studying yet. So many things to do! So little time!

I wanna go on holiday! Langkawi! Redang! Thailand! Singapore!

Don't know why, these few days i'm craving for buffet eat-all-you-can... Maybe saw the EAYC at Zen and got tempted. So who wants to go have buffet call me ya.. But make sure it's nice buffet lah. Zen Sunday lunch buffet, Chatz Brazzerie Weekend Hi-Tea, Sunway Sun & Surf/Atrium Cafe's EAYC, Korean BBQ Steamboat EAYC, Jogoya, Saisaki.

Ivy Foo, Ying Ying - when are we going to eat lah?

Oklar, I don't know what to write already. Sien leh! Hot leh! Sakai leh!

Why am I missing someone whom I don't really know?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not my day...

My day started beautifully when I woke up and head to work at 10.30am. Despite the freaking hot weather, I enjoyed the 1st half of my day quite well. Despite Edmund not being there, and me being the type of people where I don't quite mix with people whom I don't really know, I was invited to go buy lunch together :) After that, we went to a vegetarian bakery where they say they don't use all vegetarian products to produce the breads and cakes. Eggless mayonnaise... how do you make mayonnaise without egg?!? Hmm. Shall go and find out.

My 2nd half of the day was bad. Tired. Stress. Partly because the restaurant's customers non stop coming. Make sure I get good incentive today! Hmpf! Plus, thanks to some stupid bugger who raise his voice on me. It's not his fault actually. I guess everybody's stressed up and tired like me as well. But, arghh, I just can't take it when people raise their voice on me lah. I nearly cried out during work. Another thing is, never ASSume things when you don't know the real thing. Don't come and scold me when you haven't make sure what happened. I just don't know why lah. Just now during work, I really can feel the pressure pushing down on my shoulder. Sigh. Half of me enjoy working like this. Half of me is desperate to leave.

Thirdly, I'm just so so so so so so so disappointed when I see people smoke. Guys smoke, I'm ok with it. But girls smoke... And if it's a girl that I find her sweet and nice, gosh, what's happening to this world man. And never judge a book by its cover. She might be sweet and nice on the outside, but cunning and a biatch on the inside. Pretenders are everywhere.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

D Old Dayz

Finally I have the time to really sit down and online. The past few days had been hectic due to assignments due and work. Everyday end at 11pm. By the time reach home it's already 12am. Rush to finish the assignments and have to wake up early in the morning to attend classes. Sleeping only 4 hours a day. But it's only for that few days. So i'm not complaining.

Things have not been going well in college. Sigh, I just don't know why. How come my 'yuen' with people are getting worst. Seems like things are getting more and more complicated. Why? Competition? Difference? Attitude? *no eye see*

Wednesday morning went to a primary school in USJ to do some survey for our marketing project. We're suppose to reach at 8am, and suppose to meet at college at 7.30am. I left my house at 7.10am thinking it won't be jam as it's still so early. Mana tau )(!&&(^$#&*^!)_! I msged Foo foo and Ying that i'll drive there myself. I reach there at 8.15am thinking I'm in dead sh*t being so late. Mana tau they haven't arrive yet. *pengsan* Went to the office to look for the asst principal and she led us to the classes. I was asked to go to a class in Std 4 ALONE. Gosh, how to handle 50 students alone?!?

I went in, and was talking to the class rep and all the students starts to KEPOH and walk towards me where i'm still standing outside the class =_=" Then I went in and distribute the survey. I told them any question raise their hand and I'll go to them. As the survey was in English and it's a Chinese school, most of them had difficulties understanding the paper. They don't call me 'jie jie' you know. Guess what they call me? "LAO SHI..." *terjatuh* I know my face very LAO, but also no need call me teacher one mah. Dot dot dot.

But, looking at them, really gave me flashback to my primary school days. Free and easy life. So innocent. So fun. Their curiosity and answers really make you laugh. One boy asked me what's this paper for. Thinking that they won't know what research is, I told them this is my exam. He answered "Har? So we help you to do your exam ar?" Dot dot dot.

After I finished, I went to another class where Edmund is in. Amanda, Foo and Ying also finished already. Then Terence (finally) arrive. When Terence enter the class, the whole class shouted. I even heard one boy said 'leng chai!' *pengsan* Wah, Standard 4 already hiao one ar these ppl. Haha! 2 girls even took out their handphone (yes! handphone! std four!) and take pic of Terence. My friend even saw a boy with highlights. WTH!

We still have 30 over surveys need to be filled, so we sat at the canteen and wait as soon they will have their recess. Then Amanda suggest to ask them during their recess. They're separated into 2 sessions for their recess. At first all the students were curious who we are, just come and peep and walk away. Once a student sit down and do for us, the others all gather around. Haha! All keep asking what are we doing. When we ask whether they want to help us, they smiled brightly and nod their head. They're just so damn cute. We took a pic with them. Then we left the school after thanking the headmaster.

I shall learn to enjoy life like a 10 year old kid. :) Live life cool. No regrets.

When will I see you again? :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's a sakai world after all...

Yippee!! Daniel ft Danny's "Yin Wei You Ai" will be broadcasted on air later today! Whoo hoo! Can't wait to hear it. Hope i'll be able to hear it. I'm so excited that I can't sleep at all now when I have 9am class later =_="

Went for Project Superstar Finals last Saturday. Henley vs Orange. I sat with Orange fans of course. But before that I already know who's gonna win. Total votes 620000. Orange 48.5%, Henley 51.5%. Orange's EP sales 16%, Henley 14%. I heard Orange's EP sell until OUT OF STOCK! :) Kwok Fai, Vick, William Sun and a lot of 8tv artists were there as well. Contestants from Wo Yao Zuo Model and last year's Superstar too! Penny Tai and Nicholas Teo were the guest artists. As well as John and Meisim :) But Henley really did a great job, he has the star look, and his stage charisma was good! Orange only lose by a bit! Don't care. Orange, you're still my superstar!

These two weeks that I've worked, I realized that, there's really all sorts of people in this world. Being in this service industry, customer is really the KING. Some are so nice that they thank you all the time, help you to clear the plates on their table; some are so thick skinned to ask for complimentary dessert; some are so damn fcking action that they don't even bother answering you properly when you ask them whether what beverages they want; some are so friendly that they joke with you. Was talking to Edmund about any regrets working in this industry. Hmm, it's tiring, it's tough, it's long hours, it's got shifts, but both of us has NO regrets at all. Ed, meet u at the top yo! Haha!

I must start controlling myself. Stop onlining so much. Stop 'star chasing' so much. I have my own responsibilities already. I'm turning 21 this year. 21 - i'm officially an adult soon. I have my family responsibilities, my studies responsibilities, I have to think of my future plans, my career, my this, my that. Sigh. I don't foresee my own future. Wait, it's i CAN'T foresee my own future. I seriously don't know what i can do, what i want to do. I have my own dreams. But can i achieve it? Competition is horrendous. What if I can't get a job in the future? There are so many jobless people in the world. Met Kevin - my senior yesterday, he's the top student of his batch, but currently he's jobless. Partly bcuz he's from Indonesia, and it's hard to get working permit here it seems. Met Edreena as well, and she's working in the pastry dept in MO. What should I work as? In the kitchen? Logistic? Catering? Fd mgmt?

What if I tell you I'm getting married this year? :)

LOVE can be said as a flavorful set meal. Why? It combines the flavor of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy altogether.
~ When two people are in love with one another, whatever memories they have is SWEET.
~ When a person likes another person, what he/she feels in the heart when he/she knows that the they'll never be together - is SOUR.
~ When a person sees the one he/she love with another person, you can see the BITTERness in his/her eyes.
~ And, when two person are madly in love with each other, the relationship they have is HOT and SPICY.

Haha. Funny huh? :) Do you think so?

My mind is spinning wildly. There's so many things on my mind. Everything, anything. When was the time that I really laughed? When was the time that I really smiled? And when was the time that I said that I'm really happy? ... i can't remember... *Emo again*

~love me for who I am, don't hate me for who I'm not~

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sakai people everywhere

Gosh, I didn't know there are just so many sakai people out there in this world.

Sakai motorcyclists who drives in the MIDDLE of the road.
Sakai KNS drivers who are rushing to 'tao toi', impatient. Grrrr.
Sakai drivers who don't put signals when they switch lanes or turning to a junction.
Sakai people who are so stubborn, big ego and never think before they talk.
Sakai people who scold others for doing so, but never realize they're doing it themself
Sakai people who likes to show off.
Sakai people who are pure crazy - was having my dinner just now when suddenly this aunty just started shouting and scolding a small kid. The small boy was sitting on his baby chair quietly. I don't know what did he do but this aunty (note: she's not his MOM) started scolding (in mandarin) "YOU DON'T CRY ANYMORE AH! IF NOT I THROW YOU OUT TO THE ROAD! SHUT UP! YOU BETTER SHUT UP NOW! I'LL BEAT YOU! SHUT UP!" Not only that, she even scolded the mum and the grandma when they want to comfort the small kid. "YOU DON'T MANJA HIM LA!!!" What a biatch. No brains one ah. Want to scold also don't scold in public at the top of your voice la. Even if you want to scold, also not scold this way lah. Crazy one meh? Kesian the kid. I was so tempted to go over to help the small kid. Next time the kid lei ga chut jao also will be because of you ler, sakai aunty. Grrrr.

See how sakai ppl are?

I realize people are often very fickle minded. I'm saying in general. Don't you think so?

A: What you want to eat?
B: Anything lah.
A: You choose la. I anything one.
B: I also anything one.
A: Aiyo... what to eat leh? Then, we go McD lah.
B: Har? I dowan to eat fast food leh.
A: =_=" Then you think of what to eat lah.
B: Erm... anything also can lah.
A: *pengsan*

I always believed that, no matter what, people should always be humble to oneself and others. I don't care if I start from scratch or being looked down, but always keep your feet on the ground, don't become so sombong or too proud over the things that you've done.

Silence is virtue. Sometimes, keeping quiet is the best solution after all. You might call me a kiasu, a chicken, a scaredy cat or whatsoever, but I have my own reasons why I keep quiet or mention nothing. You might even say I'm selfish, but whatever you say, it's up to you.

My friend said that I'm a very optimistic person. Am I? Hah, erm, I don't think so. I think a lot of negative things also. Maybe cuz after thinking all those, I'll TRY to think of positive thoughts to CONVINCE and COMFORT myself. What you think?

A few questions I've been curious, perhaps you want to share with me your answer.
1. Do you go shopping alone?
2. Do you LIKE to go shopping alone?
3. Do you go to the movies alone?
4. Do you eat alone (as in not at home, outside at restaurants or stalls)?

Later will be the finals for Project Superstar Season 2. Henley vs Orange. I'm an Orange supporter. Woo hoo! Actually every since the first Top 24 roadshow I'd like her already. Her deep voice is unique. And ever since she sang Ni Guang, and her appearance getting better and better, I like her better and better! Go Orange! I'll support you forever! May you be the Superstar! Namo namo namo. =)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Actually schooling is the best...

I've only worked for two days only, I'm already hating work. So tiring, so exhausting, so long hours of standing...

- You can't ponteng work like you always do in school
- You won't get off day on the day you want to
- Sometimes, you don't even get your off day
- You might think it's fun working, no need to think about projects, assignments, homework, but it's not fun at all.

- Classes can be cancelled, postponed or bring forward, but not work
- You can skip classes
- Yes, assignment sucks, but it only sucks short term.

I'm so sleepy now that I can't think of any more reasons. It's not THAT bad to work actually. Sometimes it's fun, joking with colleagues and working together. It's just tiring. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more and more :) Gd nite.