Sunday, December 30, 2007

Memoirs of 2007

Teng asked me to blog about how good or how bad 2007 has been for me... It took me quite some time to think about it... Really, in two days time, 2007 is leaving, welcoming the arrival of 2008, what's happened has passed, and what's gonna happen we don't know...

I would describe 2007 in one word - "ROJAK".

Why? (No, it doesn't have anything to do with the dish ok! Even though I know I ate a lot this year, thus my size :S)

It's a year filled with various mixtures of feelings... 365 days full of laughter, a year full of emotional moments, regrets, appreciations, touching moments, tears of sadness, tears of happiness. Especially being emo lah. Somehow this year I'm very very emotional. Feeling depressed, disappointed with myself, low self esteem, stressed up and all. Ish. Really must learn to open up and be happy.

It's a year full of traveling, star chasing, meeting new people from all walks of life. I've traveled domestically and internationally so yay for me :S


Each and everyone of you, be it known for ages or newly met, be it best friends and not so best friends, be it you remember or don't give-a-damn-about-me, you (Yes, *pointing my fingers at you* i mean you you you and you!) mean so much to me. Thanks for everything that you've done for me, thanks for putting faith in me, thanks for trusting me and telling me all those untellable secrets, thanks for remembering me, thanks for making me laugh, thanks for making me cry. Well, at least I know I'm in your heart, and you're in mine too :) *smiling sheepishly*

365 days S&A (single and available) ALL YEAR LONG. (Psst, not like someone SAD and MAD) Wakakka! Single je mah... and i'm proud of it! Mou yeh geh, only sometimes feel lonely only. But i still have kakis to hang out with! Here wishing everyone to be able to get a loved one by their side next year! :)

I would say that I learned a lot this year. Meeting more people gives me the exposure on how to manage myself, how to think more maturely. But come to think of it, I still have a long long way to learn, and I realize my knowledge and thinking is just so so so shallow. It's a year that I day dream a lot, and started to make plans in making my dreams come true. At least day dreams are inspirations to me. I learned not to trust people so easily. I learned not to judge a book by its cover. I learned that sometimes, things are not what it seems to be. I learned that, not to just hear stories from one side of the party.

However, my resolution for 2007 is not achieved yet. Gosh, losing weight is such a difficult task to do. And controlling my spending is another tough one too.

Heck with it... My new year resolution list for 2008 doubled. There's more I want to do, and want to achieve. I just hope everything will be alright. All the sui things please go away. I want to lose weight, I want to learn japanese, I want to learn yoga, I want to learn dancing, I want to cook more more and more, I want to watch all the dramas I can, I want to travel around the world!! Hah! Jokes of the century man!

Happy new year 2008 everyone! Mwaks! May the new year be a prosperous one and best one for you :) *lub*

Friday, December 28, 2007

I had a bad day...

Beware: Lots of rude words in this post.

I had a bad day... really f*cking bad day... Actually, I would say that everything started from yesterday... Or perhaps even Christmas itself... Or even, christmas eve itself. Argh... I should say I had a bad week instead.

Christmas eve - Working at KLCC this whole week. I am going for the christmas countdown at low yat that night so decided to park at BTS and take monorail. Took the monorail to Raja Chulan and walked from there. I didn't know it was so freaking far. I walked almost half an hour. On the way back, I took the LRT to Dang Wangi I think and walked to Bkt Nanas station to take the monorail to BTS. Turtle the signboard drew a link from the lrt to the monorail, mana tau it is so far too! I feel so smelly upon reaching low yat. Thank god lemon and danny didn't say anything. Wakaka. But it was a nice countdown. Danny was the last to perform. He cut his hair. Macam small boy only. I feel so tired after reaching home. Dah lah slept late the night before.

Christmas - Mou yeh geh, in this line, I holiday people work, people holiday I work. Wanted to order a christmas log cake for family dinner, habis stock. But luckily still got those normal cakes available. Sales were okay that day... I had family dinner that night, mana tau those guests hou lei em lei, wait until I want to go back only lei. So I 8pm only go back. Rushed to Bangsar to collect the cake and rush back to grandpa's house. This ah ma samore waste my time dowan to give me my cake :(

26th - Damn stress the whole day... Due to some reason. But it's my fault also la anyway. Why am I stressing myself up?!? Again, I had another dinner that night, but those guests again... sigh... Really must improve my time management lah seriously. And oh, I drove to work, parked near wisma UOA cuz saw the signboard saying maximum is RM8. Still have to walk 10 minutes to reach KLCC. Mana tau when I finish work, it was raining heavily. And when i pay, it was RM18! So my assumption is that the signboard I saw is the next parking land. Fcuk.

27th - The worst among the four days... Left the house at 11am cuz wanna go buy my bus ticket to penang. Take my own sweet time eating lunch and all cuz thinking that I have quite a lot of time. But, time flies when you're enjoying and time is slow like hell when you want it to be faster. Darn. By the time I finish buying my bus ticket it was already 1pm! Shyt! My plan was to park at Tun Sambathan and take monorail to Sentral and then walk over to KL Sentral and take LRT to klcc. Paid RM2 parking at TS then saw that I just missed one train. Fine. Walk up and then there's an announcement saying "something something technical problem" Double fcuk. Wait wait wait (it was already 1.15pm) My work starts at 1.30pm! Argh! Don't wait lah, drive to work only la. Walked down and as I reach my car, the stupid train came! KNNCCB! Ok, then i thought maybe I park at Sentral and take LRT. Then I was fickle minded and decided to just drive there only lah. Lantak lah pay expensive parking. Mana tau, slight jam on the way. Aiyer geramnya!

Reach Avenue K already 1.50pm. Parked my car, open the door and stood up. *PRAKKK!* I forgot I put my phone on my lap and the phone fell on the floor and split into 3. The cover, battery and the body. Fine. The best part is, the body dropped under the car next to mine. D*u loh! Samore is the center of the car. I had to LIE on the floor to get the phone. Both my hands and my shirt full of dust! Yuck! Ok, rush to work. Sei loh, why KLCC so many people one. Today what day oh? Thurs only leh. Don't tell me Bakerzin also full ar. Betul cakap aku, really full of people. Kelam kabut sudah... Luckily most of them finished eating already. Then, don't know why the whole day everything went wrong. A lot of voiding, wrong orders, key in wrong table, short of money, coffee machine spoiled. Even my manager said 'today is not a good day'. When work finished, I already planned to go find Ivy in 1U to pass her her isetan pass for next week. Mana tau when I finished work, I can't find the pass! Argh, samore my friend was rushing me to leave the place. Geram siul! Nvm la, just go find Ivy yum cha only la. This KY go pak toh, dun care about us pulak. Ish.

Walk to Avenue K, sei loh! Why all the grills locked already, no access to the lifts one? Simply find one staircase and walk down. Walk up and down finding for the lift. Luckily parking only RM10. Shyt, forgot where I parked. Went down B3, sei loh! Where's my car? Samore so quiet, I so damn scared. Kena tangkap also people dunno. Walked down to B4, still cannot see my car... I nearly cried already. Luckily at last saw my car. Phew! When want to exit, the machine unable to read my ticket!!! Then the guy intercom the office to open for me. So scared nanti they say I never pay pulak. Rush to 1U, parked at roadside, so scared nanti kena tunda kereta. They still mopping the floor. Walk walk walk, turn behind, shyt, all my footprints on the floor. Black colour. Don't care, talk to Ivy awhile then cabut go SS2 wait for her. When reach SS2, sms her where to go she pulak say anything. So when I just wanted to sms her to say go Pelita, battery kong! On also cannot on! Wah lao eh! Of all times! Walk to the public phone to try to call her, stupid public phone not working! Grrr... spotted one a few meters away, so went there and called her. Simply tembak her phone number, luckily kena. Hehe. Chat chat chat until 1.30am only go home. At least I get to meet her and gossip. Sudah beh tahan all the stressness. Thanks ah foo :)

So far until now nothing else happened... hopefully tomorrow will be good. I'm going to Penang to attend Jam Jam's wedding. Will be back on Sunday. Mum and dad and bro are going holiday at Xian. Darn. I didn't know my bro's going as well. Home alone until next year :S

That's all for today lah... wu~ wu~ wu~ why so unlucky today one? Sobz.

~See you next year! :D

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is here!!! It's a festive of giving and receiving, a season of sharing and caring.

Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers, my friends :)

Have a happy merry christmas. Wishing you many happy returns and a joyful celebration this Christmas.

Joyeux Noel *lub*

Friday, December 21, 2007

How Much Do You Know?

It's often quite frustrating when you realized one day that you actually don't understand your best friend well. It's even more frustrating when you realized that you actually don't understand a lot of people around you. It's saddening when you realized that you don't have a lot in common with your friends. Making you feel like you're a lone ranger, an alien.

Come to think about it... how much do I know about my friends? My family? If you were to ask me what my mum likes to eat and dislikes, I have to say I have no idea at all. Yeah, disappointing huh? At the same time, how much do my friends know about me? To be precise, how DEEP do I know and my friends know?

As time goes on, people changes. Or is it because as time goes on, our thinking changes, thus we ASSUME that people changed, instead of we ourselves changed. Ok, I know I'm crapping.

Psst, Justin's gonna be here for Christmas again! :) Went for his concert last year. Awesome. Hopefully will get to see him again this year.

~ *quote Teng* Why make someone your priority when you're not even an option to them.
~ Losing myself.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[Phood] Hainanese Food @ Yut Kee, Jalan Dang Wangi

Actually, it's a good thing that mum had learned to search blogs through blogs about food. She's been bringing me to a lot of places to try new stuff since then :)

Yut Kee, an old familiar shop that I'm sure those born in the 40s or 50s should be very familiar with this shop. Look at the people queuing. We had to share tables even.

Yut Kee is a hainanese coffee shop. Mum told me that these Hainanese people used to work under the British colonial people, and when these colonial people left, they came out and open coffee shops like this.

They still use the traditional way of toasting roti bakar. With charcoal. This aunty is easily 70 years old. But she stands whole day toasting and turning the bread every few seconds.

They used to serve it with a slab of butter, but now convenience purpose they serve it with the individual packing. Still, they use high quality butter oh. SCS brand. And homemade kaya on the side. Besides roti bakar, they also have steamed bread.

My order of Hainan mee. Urm, not recommended. Don't expect good decoration and presentation of food here because everything is very simple. The hainan mee is cold when it's served. However the special thing about this mee is they fry it with chicken gizzards! Haha, my fave.
Pork chop (RM8.00). Hainanese style. This reminds me of the one I had in one restaurant in Port Dickson last time. Also a hainanese shop. Yum yum. Really good! I like it a lot.

Dad ordered lum mee. Erm, it was so so. At least it's hot. With watery soup. I expected lum mee to have thick gravy instead of soupy. Still prefer the Cheras lum mee.

Have a cup of hainanese tea/coffee with your roti bakar or half boiled kampung eggs. Yum yum :) Many ordered the half boiled eggs though (RM2.00)

There's also this dish called Roti Babi (RM7.00) on their specialty menu but unfortunately it wasn't available that day. *disappointed* Shall try some other day.

The owner's son said this insured safe is as old as the coffee shop. 80 years. Do not think that old coffee shops like this will have only chinese speaking ah peks and ah gong owner. The owner and his son speaks fluent english. And the son is studying Computer Science. And he was an ex-VI boy. (See how kepoh my parents are prfft) I even know which year he graduated in. Haha!

Yut Kee is also famous for their marble cake and sponge rolls. I saw one couple bought 4 boxes of them. And they still keep it inside this old looking cake cupboard.

And oh, they still shout from the cashier to the kitchen. "Kopi ping satu!" :D

Yut Kee Restaurant
35, Jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-26988108
Biz Hour: 8.00am - 5.00pm (Off on Mondays)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

[Phood] Ivy's birthday @ Seo Gung, SS2

I was very honored to be invited to a dinner by Ivy to celebrate her birthday at Seo Gung, SS2. Well, just a small dinner with 12 of us, inviting both her secondary school mates and a few from college :)

Leng lui or not? Chio leh? Sorry, she's attached ;p

Seo Gung is a Korean BBQ restaurant, situated one floor above King's Confectionery. Never ask me which part of the SS2 square because I always get lost in that square.

Ivy ordered 2 grilled sets and one i forgot what set. We had grilled chicken, lamb, pork, boiled ginseng chicken soup, kimchi soup, stone grill rice and we ordered one portion of the boiled rice cake soup. They gave us one pot of stew on the house. Haha... maybe they know it's ivy's birthday kakaka! They stew is nice. Dunno wat stew though. Got pork, sausage, dong fun, tofu etc. The rice cake wasn't that good. The others were not bad. However, the grilled meat I prefer the Woo Ga Chon that I went last time at Mentari. Though more expensive.

We surprised Ivy with a Tortoise Jelly Cake. Haha, she laughed her head off upon seeing the cake. Well, at least she's surprised! :) We wanted to get her a Tweety one but it wasn't available. She loves Tweety :)

I call it the GUI LING GOU cake ;p cuz Tortoise ma... kakakaka! Cute hor? But see what happened to it later...

Yikes! Ivy! You're biting it's head off! Evil Ivy.. evil...

Bite already still em gam yuin... go chop the head pulak! Yer! Ivy! Evil la you! Cruelnya! The tortoise become gui ling gou also kesian enuff dee la...

One for the album :) Happy birthday Foo Chuk Yi Mai :) Hope you like the present I gave you :)

See this 'sor zai'? He's terence. The small kid in our class. The lazy bum. But now? Sakae Sushi's assistant manager ok! Gao siao! Highest rank among all of us ok. But worked the most san fu one. Kesian.

Seo Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant
No. 21M & 23M (Mezzanine Floor)
Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-78758868
Biz Hour: 11am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm

Monday, December 17, 2007

[Lyrics] Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan - Shou Xin

Very nice song. Melody composed by ATQ winner 2003 - Wu Jian Yi. Heard him sing this song before, but can't remember where. Very nice.

手心 Shou Xin

我 一个人徘徊在 我们的海
Wo yi ge ren pai huai zai wo men de hai
Bi shang yan wo hai ji de na yi tian kan jian de lan
爱 距离也分不开
Ai ju li ye fen bu kai
Ni song de bei ke hai zai hu huan
Zai er bian da ying yao gei wo wei lai

那一天手心里的爱 我放不开
Na yi tian shou xin li de ai wo fang bu kai
Deng yi ge ren duo mo gu dan
Wo yi fen zhong you yi fen zhong zai ren nai
Wo jin le shou xin li de ai
Wo yong gan le qi lai
Dang ni hui lai de shi hou
我一定要跟你说 别再走开
Wo yi ding yao gen ni shuo Bie zai zou kai

我 跟寂寞在比赛 等你带我
Wo gen ji mo zai bi sai Deng ni dai wo
Shou qian shou yi qi qu kan quan shi jie zui mei de hai
泪 不可以掉下来
Lei bu ke yi diao xia lai
Wo xue zhe xiang ri kui tai qi tou
Deng dai zhe zui qin ai de ni hui lai
Bao zhe wo cheng zan wo de yong gan

贝壳握在手心 静静的变得温暖
Bei ke wo zai shou xin Jing jing de bian de wen nuan
Jiu xiang shi wo zhu yi dian dian da an

那一天手心里的爱 我放不开
Na yi tian shou xin li de ai Wo fang bu kai
Deng yi ge ren duo mo gu dan
Wo yi fen zhong you yi fen zhong zai ren nai
Wo jin le shou xin li de ai
Wo yong gan le qi lai
当我祈祷的时候 天使都不在
Dang wo qi dao de shi hou Tian shi dou bu zai
当我痛苦的时候 也只好习惯
Dang wo tong ku de shi hou Ye zhi hao xi guan
当你回来的时候 我一定要跟你说
Dang ni hui lai de shi hou Wo yi ding yao gen ni shuo
别再 别再走开
Bie zai Bie zai zou kai

151207 Battleground Finale

So fast, it's already the ending of the Battleground competition... I have been following the recording since the 2nd recording until the last recording, the 2 promos in penang and sungai wang, and now finally the finals.

Feeling a bit 'em seh dak' because met a lot of friends, had a lot of fun watching them. Even though they're competing against each other, but they still remain friends forever. That's the spirit yo!

The finals was held at Ruums Club, KL. Everything went on time, smoothly. Even Danny was hyped up and did perfectly well. Though he didn't see us :(

The two finalists - Twister ET and Racken Force had to go through 4 rounds of different dance - first is free dance, 2nd is a fixed song for both the groups and they have to do popping and new school if I'm not mistaken. 3rd one is they have to use crops - which is the radio and 4th is two PK rounds.

The judges for the night were of course none other than the 3 judges of Battleground all the while - Bobby, Fellest and Shay. And two more additional judges for the finals were Marcus from America and Lan Bo lao shi from Taiwan. I guess most of you should know who is Lan Bo lao shi, he choreographed dances for a lot of artistes before such as JJ Lin Jun Jie, Wang Xin Lin etc... Awesome awesome awesome! He's so good in dancing, he's good in singing, he's good in giving comments. Fantastic. Respect him.

Pics taken from Lan Bo lao shi's blog

The rest of the groups from Top 6 also performed - Mustang Crew, CID Crew, D8 Second and DT4. Good performance from all of them, but CID macam re-use their old steps geh... hmmmm... Another performer for the night was JIN Au Yang from US. Hip hop rapper. "I say hip, you say hop!" Foo! Hype up the atmosphere yo. He's darn good. His rap geng ah! Fellest Bobby Shay also performed, and Fellest wore the D-One shirt woo hoo! Black one :) Why lah never use Danny's song? :p

However, half the time I can't see what they're dancing... thanks to my height... and the people in front. Another half the time I'm looking at the screen where half the time the cameraman is blocking me. Prffft! Must watch repeat again... Dunno when... Sigh...

As predicted since Day One, the champion was none other than Racken Force. But come to think of it, champion get RM25000 divided by 4 of them is RM6000 plus. Twister ET 1st runner up get RM12000, also RM6000. More or less the same. But of course, the recognition is the most important lah. Nevermind, Twister we'll always support you! I somehow like Twister ET more. Maybe because I've already know how geng Dennis is... so it's expected from them to do well.

So, in conclusion, how was it? Erm... for me it was good lah. Maybe because I was tired, so didn't really enjoy to the max. Plus, I felt like the flow of the show not very smooth. Not suspense enough... not transparent enough... Dunno la... expecting too much I guess.

The other day only few of my colleagues were 'sniff sniff' and 'ha-choo!' at work, baru saja warn them not to pass the virus to me, this morning wake up nose block, soar throat. Shytty. Things always end up the other way round. Darn.

Anyway, thanks to all the Battleground crews and contestants for the wonderful show. Thanks Yee Jia for taking care of us. Thanks Danny, kuan kuan, H2T, Fellest, Shay, Bobby, Chinaman, Animator, Virus-X, Mustang Crew, D8 Second, Racken Force, Twister ET, DT4 and especially CID Crew for the wonderful experience for the past 3 months. And most most most importantly thanks to Kei, Soo Fong, Sar, Carmen, Carmen's bf, I-tung, Michelle, Sue Jean etc for going to the show with me. Merci beaucoup ~ Mwaks :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

[Phood] Food Foundry @ Happy Mansion, Section 17

Mom saw this place from a leaflet sent to our place, and also an article on the newspaper.

A very cozy place to hang out at when you just want to come out with your friends to have tea or just chit chat. It is situated at Happy Mansion, just behind the Shell station at Section 17, PJ.

They serve both local food and western dishes such as nasi lemak, moussaka, pastas, grilled lamb, salads etc.

Green apple soda... Wanted to try cranberry soda but it wasn't available :( A bit too sweet though.

The ever comforting food - caesar salad.

Dad's order - Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang

Mum's order - lamb cutlets with mint sauce and mashed potatoes. Not bad :)

My order - Chicken Cordon Bleu (Chicken Breast with Ham and Cheese) It was not bad. But not cheesy enough...

Ahh... their specialty cake... Crepe Mille. It is a cold dessert - a cake made out of 20 layers of crepe pancake and custard cream. I counted layer by layer really 20 wor... They have vanilla, chocolate or strawberry and cream flavour. Tried the chocolate one (RM8), it was not bad. I think the strawberry should be nice. The chef went to Japan for holiday and saw this and was inspired to make it. After much R&D only he managed to come out with this current Crepe Mille. Don't look down on this crepe cake, it takes 8 freaking hours to prepare! There are also other desserts available such as brownies, tarts etc. Looks yummy too.

Food Foundry
BG-8 Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13,
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-79553885
Opens Monday - Sunday 11.30am to 10.00pm

[Phood] Ladies Promotion @ Jogoya, Starhill Gallery

Jogoya is currently having their anniversary and have this promotion whereby ladies dine at 50% discounts and gentlemen get free king prawns. Of course, good values are meant to get, so kiasu people like my mum (oops!) I mean me, sure will go lah.

This promotion is only valid on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... and my advise is you really have to book first because walk in will take you 1 hour minimum to wait...

Despite hearing not very good comments from my friends about Jogoya, I still want to try it for myself. Erm, maybe because of the overwhelming response for this promotion, it was crowded with people. We reached at 7.45pm and waited until 9.15pm only we manage to go in. First thing that turned me off was, we gave them our number of pax and name and the receptionist gave us a number for the queue. After like one hour, another guy told my dad 'the wait for dinner is closed, asking us to wait for supper session. If they put us in front of the queue for supper it's ok, but they said we have to give our name again to queue BEHIND those who put their names for supper. WTH. My dad argued with them. So unfair right? I don't know what happened but they settled it and let us in.

Each table has these clips with the table number on it, they have a lot of stalls which features different food, some are buffet style you take them yourself, some are cooked when you order. So you place the clips on a bowl for the particular dish you want, and they'll cook and the server will send to your table.

Salty sukiyaki :S

Lots of varieties of food there. Pastas, teppanyaki, stir fries, tempuras, seafood, soups, sashimis, fresh oysters, sushis and lots lots more.

However, my friends were right, the food there are not those 'oh-my-god-they're-so-good' type. They're just so so. I will prefer Zen or Saisaki over them. And the service is lousy. The servers don't smile, or say thank you or excuse me or anything. They just dump the food on your table and walk away. Pfft.

Not a nice experience for me. But the green tea ice creams are good :)

Address:T3, Relish Flr. Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55 100 Kuala Lumpur,

Edited: The promotion has already ended 18/12/07. Prices are back to normal pricing.

[Phood] Steamboat @ Damansara Village, SS23

It was a Friday evening. After going to the college (supposingly to go at 12 I went at 1pm :p) Then fetch Ivy from her house and headed to 1u for tea at Bakerzin. Walnut cheesecake yum yum. Black forest also yum yum. Sumatra (choc mousse infused with Sumatran coffee) to me was so so. Maybe because I never liked coffee in the first place.

After that, off we went for our dinner. Supposingly we wanted to go Talipon but someone went last week already, then we thought of Yuen but wanted to try something new. So Ivy suggested Damansara Village which none of us tried before.

I like the place a lot... very cooling and windy... very spacious and relaxing. Loads of newspaper articles on them. Even Joey Yung went there and eat before.

They have this park area with animals - HUGE iguanas, rabbits, tortoise, snake, birds... cool! Must bring my baby Angeli there next time :) She sure loves it.

You can order items individually or set (RM18.80 per person) - normal fish balls, white cabbage etc. They also have packages for twos, fours etc. We took the package B for 4 - 5 person (RM120) which has live prawns, clams, a couple of scallops, mussels, abalone pieces, one fish, the normal set for two and flower crabs... You can choose between normal clear soup or their home made herbal soup (which is chargeable). We took the normal soup, since the items will make the soup sweet enough.

Didn't take the pic of the live prawns because they're on a plate underneath this fish... they're still jumping when they served it to us. Thus proves the freshness of the seafood served. Really very very fresh. Very sweet. Very filling and worth the money :) Will definitely go again.

Restoran Damansara Village
1067 Jalan Jenjarom
Kampung Sg Kayu Ara
Off Jalan SS23/10
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78031832
Business hours: 5.30 pm to 11.30pm daily