Monday, September 11, 2006

2 down, 2 to go.

Today i just had my French and Budgeting term exam. French was ok. Budgeting sucks big time! I think i'm gonna fail. Not only me. Most of them can't do as well. Sure Mr Wong HS will be so disappointed in me.
Well, 2 more to go. I'm doomed.
Had our diploma convo yesterday at KL Convention Center. Boring. A girl nearly slipped and fell. Made all of us so scared. Scared pok kai. :D We were admiring other people's bouquet of flowers, see whose is nicer. Sad la, sendiri takde bunga kena tengok bunga orang lain. Hehe!
After group photo, we had tea reception. The food was good! (usually convention food where got nice one) Well, I guessed that changed my mind.
Pics will be up soon. Gotta head back to study. Ciaoz!

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