Friday, September 28, 2007

A Note Of Love

Today didn't have class but had to go Bakerzin Bangsar for some training. Then at night I went to Midvalley to watch "A Note Of Love" with Shin Sar, Fanny and Yeerei.

"A Note Of Love" was something that kept surprised from all Daniel fans since last year. Haha. Never would we expected Daniel to be starred in a movie. Yes, Daniel is in this movie. Special appearance with Sharifah Amani.

(From The Star) A Note of Love is self-financed, made from savings collected by "working hard while living cheap". It is a film with two stories - that of a 60-year-old man who rediscovers his love for his wife after finding his son's love letter, and that of a little boy who has "that funny feeling" for the first time and struggles to understand it. Shot partly in Penang and partly in Petaling Jaya's old town in Selangor, the film is Chung's digital feature debut, so he is very enthusiastic about it.

This movie expresses what ordinary people do in their ordinary life. It emphasize on the things and feelings that we usually don't take notice of in our normal daily lives. "What is love?" was often asked in the movie. Writing love letter, daydreaming about the girl you like, gossiping on the street, old couple in the cinema etc.

Linus Chung is the director of the film. If none of you recall who is Linus, he acted in the movie "Sepet" as Ah Loong's (Ng Choo Seong) best friend, Keong. In A Note Of Love, Linus' name is also Keong :)

I've heard the others saying this movie is really boring and not nice. But throughout the 1 hour and 20 minutes, I don't know about my other three friends, but I trully enjoyed every single bit of the movie. Because it really express what ordinary people are going through, and what ordinary life, ordinary pleasures are. After watching the making of this film, I respect Linus even more :) He put in a lot of effort for this film.

The making of A Note Of Love - Part 1

The making of A Note Of Love - Part 2

Although Daniel didn't really appear in many scenes and spoke less than 10 sentences altogether, but, somehow I feel that, the way he act is how he is behaving in his life. Haha, a very cute Daniel. And, I like a couple of casts in this film - Alice Tan (Celine in this film, Keong's gf) and Eugene Neo (the 5 year old small boy) He's just so so so cute! Sharimah plays the role similar to Orked in Sepet, and Linus is funny. Haha!

Hope you guys will go and watch this movie. By the way, the movie is mostly in Hokkien. Partly English and Malay. Support local movies! :)

Linus Chung's A Note Of Love blog -

Post-movie thoughts:
After watching this film, I realize that we should never jump into conclusion before understanding the whole situation. Sometimes, things might take up to one, two or even ten years to be understood clearly. And for every thing that happened, clearly there's a reason behind it.

And, cherish every moment you have in life. It might be ordinary to others, but it's extraordinary to you yourself :)

[Phood] Wan Tan Mee, Satay Kambing near FGA, Old Klang Road

For those of you who knows where's FGA Church at Old Klang Road (the turning to Kuchai Lama/Happy Garden) for sure will know these night stalls that open next to FGA. (If you're at Old Klang Road coming from PJ/KL, turn left at the traffic light after the Old Klang Road wet market, the stalls are immediately on your right) There are a variety of food there such as wan tan mee, lamb, prawn mee, chee cheong fun, tong sui, satay, stir fries etc. For the past many years, me and my family often patronize this area because of the nice wan tan mee and chee cheong fun and the satay.

(But recently they seemed to have some arguments and categorize the seatings. E.g: If you sit here, you cannot order from there. If you sit there, you cannot order from here. :p) So, the best place is, sit at the seats near to the shop lots or AT the shop lots (near the satay stall).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The whole family run the business. I personally like their wan tan mee. Very nice texture. (But sometimes the owner mood swing then not nice ler) :p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
For those of you who likes to drink Sa Lei juice (some call it Umbra), you can get it here. Umbra with a couple of sour plums. Yum yum.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Satay! Yum yum. Recommend you the Kambing satay. It's heaven. This Malay couple started small, until now, still maintain small. Selling it at night, sometimes catering for functions. My dad always find him to cater satay for functions. Very down to earth guy. Don't talk bad of him in Chinese, he knows what you're saying one :D:

There's another stall that sells chee cheong fun, sotong kangkung, and tong sui. Well, chee cheong fun everywhere has similar taste. It's good lah overall :)

The stalls are open at night, dinner time until about midnight. Can't remember when they are closed though :S With less than RM10, you can eat until full full :)

And oh, at the shop lots, there's this bakery shop that sells Siew Pao, Kaya Puff, Heong Peang etc. I lovveeee their Pork Siew Pao. Yum yum! Better than the Seremban one i feel :p Sorry lah, my personal taste ma. :D:

[Phood] Shihlin Taiwan, 1 Utama

Last Saturday went to 1U for some briefing at Bakerzin. Woke up early in the morning just for a half an hour briefing, boh gam wan, must eat before I leave. Louis suggested Taiwanese snacks so we made a stop at Shihlin Taiwan at the 2nd floor, Courtyard Zone. I'm sure many of you will know this place. It's near Tower's Records, opposite Oldtown Kopitiam. I've seen many people eating at this small shoplot but this is my first time trying. Limited choices they have - Only the Oyster Mee Suah (RM5.50), Seafood Tempura (RM5.50), Chicken Floss Crepe Pancake (RM5.50), Giant Deep Fried Boneless Chicken (RM5.50, similar to Uncle Bob) and drinks like mineral water (RM2) and soya bean only.

All 4 of us ordered the mee sua (seems to be the dish everyone orders). Being a person who likes to taste different things, I was very tempted to try the crepe and the tempura. And when KY suggested to order some, I instantly said yes.

If you're tired of shopping and just want to snack on something, this is a very nice place to be. The mee suah looks small but it's really filling. And the chili is real spicy. There are oysters, chicken breast meat, coriander, chili, mee suah...

I personally didn't really like the seafood tempura or whatsoever it is called. It tasted like normal fried fish paste to me. Nothing special :p

I kinda like this chicken floss crepe. It's chicken floss + egg wrapped in pancake and served with some sweet sauce :)

Worth a try :) Yummy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Recent Updates...

Gosh, I totally neglected my bloggie for so long... Now I've got tonnes to update you guys on. Wahaha...

170907 - I had a very memorable birthday this year. Thanks to all who wished me, celebrated with me, and gave me all the wonderful surprises. Not to SS or be action, but just to share my birthday this year with you guys. 140907, went out for dinner with Sarahg, Sar, Szen, SA, Fanny, Yeerei and LW @ Kura, One World Hotel. It's under Super Dining, so basically it's Zen and Rakuzen's sister restaurant which serves very similar food at a more expensive price. Haha. Environment is superb, the deco all were pretty pretty, very autumn-ish style. Food wise, like I said, similar to Zen, and I still prefer Zen. Maybe because of the price la. 150907 went for SQ's farewell and bday party at his house, the TD gang surprised me with a small oreo and cheese cake at the end of the party. Thanks all. Really happy to see you all after so long.

170907 Edmund called me in the morning asking me where I am, saying he's coming over to drop me something. Ed, you think I stupid one meh? Can guess one ler. Kekeke. But didn't expect Ker Ying, Terence and Shiao Teng though. Ying Ker, say still in Genting samore. Thanks for the greentea cake :) You guys remembered. Then we went for lunch at Finnegan's in MV. They have set lunches at RM13 nett with 6 choices but left 3 choices only. (And the food sucks, service sucks :p) It's ok, everything's worth a try. At night, went Tai Thong for dinner with whole family. Wah, everybody came wor. Usually is either one not there or more than that due to studies or work, but that day everyone came. Even my cousin who finish class at 8pm also rush there. Aww... (hmm, maybe for the food only la). But it was a nice dinner. Managed to take photos with each family. It doesn't happen in our tradition one ok. I mean, seldom.

Last week was busy, busy, busy. When I'm free, suddenly will have things to do one. Ish ish ish. But hor, when there's so many things to do, I don't know which one to do first and end up not doing anything. Swt.

Suddenly getting desperate for a change. Now I feel like cutting my hair short, but due to the texture of my hair, I scared I'll end up to be 'lion king' instead :S

Finally finished Miss Karen's project and presentation. What a relief! Nothing to worry about anymore besides Sem 2 Exam and Dissertation.

Just came back from the Isetan The Gardens (in MV, opposite Kim Gary that building) part time work. Isetan opening, so Bakerzin which is situated inside Isetan cater the food and drinks that night. Stood like some bongong fella holding 6 glasses full of drinks on a tray on one hand for 1 hour straight. Hand also shivering like hell. Saw quite some famous people though. Winnie Loo (A Cut Above owner), Serena C (, William Quah (TV host/actor/news presenter), chunted chicks and super good looking guys. A lot of not-so-straight ones too. And some unfashionable people who thinks they're fashionable. And... and... nevermind. I even met Isa, Ching, Marianne and Anju there :) But unfortunately no time to talk to them. There were so many VVIPs. I'm sure at certain point I was serving perhaps the richest man in Malaysia, or Isetan's boss, or the owner of Metrojaya or something :S Too bad I don't know who are they.

Randoms #16
It's funny how everybody's behavior are so different from each other. Some so demanding, some so selfish, some so friendly, some so desperate, some so annoying, some so nice, some has two 'faces', some couldn't care less, some so smart, some so stupid. Some people like Miss Karen who remembers everything and anything, some people like my dad who is observant and patient, some people like.. like.. all the people I know.

Randoms #17
Sacrifices... Everyone makes sacrifices in life. Some sacrifice for their family, some sacrifice for themselves, some sacrifice for friendship, some for love, some for work, some for their children, some for other people's benefits. Have you ever sacrificed for anything before? Saiu San asked me "If Ker Ying was kidnapped by someone, and only you can save her, but the kidnapper wants you to eat a pile of shit in order to save her, will you?" Haha. That's a good one.

Ok, I know this posting is very confusing. Pfft. Nite nite.

- Hopefully 'hao peng you' will remain forever :) -

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Teng sent me a video clip to watch. Regarding some UPM students fighting for their rights.

Watch it.

I'm seriously speechless after watching it. What do you think?

However, sometimes I wonder the accuracy when you hear something from one side of the party only. Sometimes, you will never know the real story if you only hear it from one side. In order to judge, you have to hear BOTH sides, or three, four, five, six sides... Never judge a book by its cover. A mango might look succulent, bright yellow on the outside, but inside it's all filled with worms.

Far distance relationship always seems to cause troubles for any couple. It definitely was a tough decision. Sigh. Stay strong my friend. You know who you are. (I'm not talking about myself ark!)

Anyway, made a simple forum for Danny. Erm, partly because AA has been making noise sayinig no place to share his pics. Plus since I can't do anything in danny2u forum, so I open up one myself :) Just a simple one. Just to share all I know about Danny. Hope all my readers here will support. It's in english and mandarin. It's still very empty now because I just opened it, plus I'm still new in all these IT stuff. Any feedbacks are welcomed :)

PS: I think this link will lead you to the portal page. The register link is on your right column, and if you want to go into the forum page, click on the 'forum' word on the left column. Thanks *lub*

Of course I wouldn't force you to join lah. :) I just created it out of my own interest. Perhaps one day Danny himself will find out about this forum leh... Kekeke. Heaven knows.

Monday, September 17, 2007

U.Z.A. Operating System Virus

The other day in college I tried double clicking on my pen drive folder but failed. Thinking "Damn! Kena virus." Then I right clicked on it and the first option was "My Personal Data", I was like, I never seen this before.

Two days later I tried opening my pen drive on my laptop at home and suddenly a small rectangular news ticker appeared saying "Welcome to U.Z.A. Operating System" and my whole wallpaper changed into the UZA wallpaper. So I googled and found out it's a virus that transmit through pen drives. If you see a folder in your pen drive stating 'My_Personal_Data' means your pen drive has the UZA virus on it.

One day later I realized a few of my friends also kena the UZA virus. Edmund more geng, send the comp to reformat.

I thought I have to reformat my comp too but luckily I found this website which has a UZA Eliminator to disinfect the virus.

Click Here -

Click on the 'get the utility from here' link and download the eliminator software which was designed by the blog owner himself. Open the program, a small window will come out with buttons like 'scan', 'disinfect', 'reboot' etc. Pluck in your pen drive. I don't know which is the button that cures it but I clicked on scan and disinfect and the problem was solved. The black wallpaper has disappeared and I re-pluck in my pen drive again and everything was back to normal. Well, I don't know if disinfecting will delete the folder because I deleted it before I disinfect.

I don't know if there will be any side effects after this because there's no guarantee. Also say is virus ler... When human get flu, doesn't mean u eat antibody means will cure one mah right?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sudden Thoughts & Feelings

Quoted title from LCY. Tee hee. Sorry ya Miss Lim.

Just came back from Shen Quang's birthday cum farewell party at his place. He's flying off to UK for a year. Finally, able to meet up with many of my secondary school mates after like so long. The last time was in June, during Kathulini's birthday. It feels so good to be able to gather with them and chat and joke around and take stupid photos together. Thanks everyone :) It was a touching moment during cake cutting when SQ's dad gave a speech. Gosh, I nearly cried. Everyone was basically scolding me for 'disappearing' for so long. Sorry lah, timing tak chun. Plus I was busy with assignments and settling the internship stuff. Will write more about this next week due to some reasons :) Anyway, SQ's flying off on Monday, here I shall wish Shen Quang all the best, may you enjoy yourself during your 1 year in UK, have fun and good luck :) We will miss you very much when you're away. :) But time flies, so in a blink of an eye, you'll be back again (unless you choose to stay there forever and leave us here *sobz*)

What a relief! Finally finished the project that dreaded me the most. A subject which I lack interest in - tourism economics, and vomiting white bubbles just to finish up this ASSignment due to many, many reasons. Although we've got loads of assignments similar before, but, when we were done with this, I really can feel a stone vanished from my heart. Tenggelam into the ground already. Phew! I didn't expect much marks from it, again due to many reasons, of course the marks weren't high, but all I can say is 'what a relief!'.

It starts with a smile. (Quoting from Ah Sar) Seriously, I just feel that, it really feels good when you and your friends all have happy faces. It feels even better when your friends are smiling because of you. It feels good when you're able to help someone and that someone appreciates the things you do and respect you for who you are. Help as long as you're able to. Because you'll feel happier when you are able to make someone happy :) To the world you might just be somebody, but to somebody you might be the world :)

Just after I confirmed with SQ I was going to his party, the next day I was informed that there's a concert that involves the 2D at Dataran Merdeka on the same day. Sigh, had a huge dilemma at that time but of course I already promised SQ. Perhaps it was fated for me not to go. The concert started freaking late (10pm ok!), and due to mismanagement, Danny who was supposed to sing TWO songs only sang ONE! And perhaps it was also fated for me not to go, because someone said something really RIDICULOUS to me. Hearing it 2 years ago was still okay, but hearing it NOW, I really feel like kicking that person to Africa and never ever letting that someone to come back. To me, it was just unforgivable. Totally rubbish. The effect of the PINK word. Hah! Bullshit. All craps. Trust me, I'll never let you touch his boards again. It was an insult to me. (Why am I hating so many people nowadays? Hermmm...) Suddenly just feel very sad out of the sudden. One is because of this... How can you simply cut off 1 song. Idiot. And, LCY sent me Jason Chan Pak Yu's blog to me and one of the posting was about the crossover between Jason and Danny. I heard the ending of it the other day, only able to catch Ah Nic saying 'Thank you Danny' not knowing that Danny is this Danny. Sigh. Missed an important program. But, anyway, it's good that Jason praises Danny :)

I admit, I'm a super traditional person. I have negative opinions towards smoking, drinking, clubbing, sex, homosexuals, dirty talks, porns, gangsters etc... Call me kolot or whatever. I'm a typical Chinese girl. I will only like Chinese guys. I enjoy family reunion dinners, festive seasons. I will only open my birthday presents on & after my birthday even if I received it few months in advanced. My principles are fixed. Those are who I am. You can't change it :)

Now only I know Adobe Photoshop is so so so useful and so so so chun-ted! So many features! It's gonna be my new hobby. Learned a lot these few days. Thanks Teng! :)

Gtg sleep liao. Good night.

~Keep expecting the unexpected~
~When do dreams come true?~

Thursday, September 13, 2007

[Lyrics] Blue - Best In Me

Heard it on Nic's Saturday program last week, suddenly miss this song very much. I remembered playing it over and over again everyday when I first found the song :) A song from 'my era'.

Blue - Best In Me
Album: All Rise (2001)

From the moment I met you I just knew you'd be mine
You touched my hand and I knew that this was gonna be our time
I dont ever wanna lose this feeling,
I don't wanna spend a moment apart

'Cos you bring out the best in me,
like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side,
that's why I love you

Everyday that I'm here with you,
I know that it feels right, (so right, so right)
and I've just had to be near you every day and every night,
(every night)
And you know that we belong together
It just had to be you and me

'Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side and thats why I love you

And you know that we belong together
It just had to be you and me

'Cos you bring out the best in me,
like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side
'Cos you bring out the best in me,
like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side
That's why I love you
'Cos you bring out the best in me,
like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side
And that's why I love you

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Have you ever felt so frustrated you feel like tearing your head apart, dropping on the floor and cry and even commit suicide?

Sigh, assignments are pilling up, deadlines are near, and I'm not even doing a single thing. Yes, one thing I'm lazy, another is I am just SO NOT INTERESTED to do. Everyday I'm giving excuses to myself not to do it. I just want to get away from the reality.

So, went for the interview on Monday. We were suppose to see this guy name Mr. Terence. On the way there, Ivy and KY asked me is it a Chinese? I said he didn't sound like Chinese and sounded like our ex-lecturer Mr. Terence Dass. And Ivy said jokingly, what if really is him? Same name samore. Haha. Impossible. And end up, it was really him!!! *pengsan* We were sitting at the outlet waiting when Ivy saw him walking in. She was like 'Eh!! Really is Mr. Terence leh!' We were like holy shit! Heart beat doubled the speed. Bumped into Natassya there. And Joshua.

Wokay, Mr Terence is willing to accept us, BUT, in operations. And I think he wants to split us up. Sigh! How? *dilemma*

Air Asia is having promotions now. RM0.88 to Langkawi, RM48 to Macau etc. Flying period is Jan - June 08. For bookings log in to Air Asia. Booking period is until 16 Sept only! Hurry! Wanted to book Macau and Langkawi for me, CY and SS but all our timing aren't right. Sigh. Disappointed.

Time flies. In 5 months time I'm graduating. Yes, a graduate. Wait, I might not. Who knows? I might have to repeat my term. Sigh. Depression is filling within me. Help.

Expect The Unexpected.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dieting Desperado

This morning so guai, slept at 4am, cuz chat with CY. Thanks gal, it's been so long since we last chatted this way. Kakakaka! Woke up at 8.30am and teman family go for the weekly yum cha breakfast session at OUG.
Bought 3 working shirts at the pasar pagi there :)
In the afternoon, went for the SPCA NuYou Men We Love thingy at Sungai Wang.
It's a charity for SPCA. They were selling roses, balloons, and even photoshoot with celebs.

The "Celebs We Love" were Danny, Daniel, John, SK, Jentzen, 988 DJ Jeff, Aric. Of course they're not the contestants of "Men We Love". There's 20 contestants which only 8 of them came for this thing today. Will get to know more through next month's Nuyou mag. Saw Shen Quang there. He came and find me. I was shocked to see him. It was his dad's event. Haha. I didn't know NuYou is under his dad's company. Mr Loo is the GM for the mag company. Gao siao ah!

Only Aric and Danny sang. 2 songs each. Others make balloon toys, play 'guess the action' with fans. When Danny is singing, the others came down to sell roses and balloons to the crowd. Havoc man.

Then, went up to take personal pics with Danny, Daniel and John. :) Such a precious opportunity. But the so called photographer ruined it! My photos all turned out one I look so fat, one was too near, one with half of my left hand missing =_=" Fine, forgive and forget, get to take, good enough. Grr.. and no, i'm not gonna share the pics up here. :)

After that went back straight away cuz ML need to rush home. Yesterday at KY's house eat BBQ until wanna vomit, just now dinner also went to Halia restaurant in Sime Darby Convention Center for their Churrasco BBQ Buffet Dinner. RM30++ only! Another BBQ. Eat until so full I wanna vomit. Now, desperate to diet. I HAVE to start the 3-days diet thingy that Joey is eating every week already. I HAVE to, i WANT to. I MUST, I NEED. Grr, I thought I said this quite few months ago. It never happened eh? =_=" Kau meang ah!!

~If only I have the courage to talk~

Friday, September 07, 2007

070907 Not A Good Day

Firstly, I was suppose to go college to see Ms Karen for my dissertation. Stomach wasn't feeling well, so end up didn't go. Slept until 2pm. Oops. Well, I slept for so long on purpose. I actually woke up a few times already, but make myself sleep more. Just don't feel like waking up. Well, that's the benefit of being a student, being able to sleep for god-knows-as-much-as-you-want during days you don't have classes.

Now I know that, even sleeping can be a tiring thing. Huh? Like how? I mean, people working, studying, are all dying to go to sleep, to get enough sleep to be not tired. But when you get various dreams when you sleep, it's a tiring thing. I think I dreamt of 4 or 5 different dreams yesterday night. All different scenarios, different people, different stories. Some even made me cry in my sleep and woke up feeling my pillow is wet (no it's not saliva!)

4th Sept was Terence's birthday. Our whole class berpakat-ed to act as if we forgotten his birthday and surprised him with a cake at the end of the day. We made him walk into the class (we combine class with another group) holding his birthday cake where the lecturer is inside. Haha. He was so malu he hide the cake behind his back. Kekeke! Anyway, happy birthday again boy! We shared and bought him a very special present and gave it to him yesterday in class. A baby rabbit! Only one month old. So cute and adorable.

Everyone is so in love with it. And guess what it's named? Lut lut! Haha, why such a sakai name? Because it's named after its father. We call Terence Ah Lut one. Hehe.

Just when we're all happy for Terence having a new cute pet. Terence msged me on msn this afternoon saying Lut Lut died. *sobz* Don't know what's the reason. Yesterday night it was still ok. When Terence woke up today it was lifeless already. Sobz sobz! R.I.P. lut lut. We'll all miss you dearly. I even thought of getting one myself. But, with this tragedy, I don't think I want one anymore. I'm scared the same will happen to me.

Called Bakerzin today. The person ask us to find him on Monday to discuss about the training. Namo namo namo. Hopefully we will get it. I'm already desperate enough to train anywhere, provided it's 'management' training. I just don't want operations.

Thirdly, dad came back today, and I noticed the front right side of his car bumper dented, the glass smashed, he banged into his colleague's Volvo which suddenly emergency braked.

See... bad things come in threes. Sigh. Not a good day.

No, wait, there's another thing. Went out for dinner just now, bringing my mp3 happily wanted to record Evan & Daniel's drama at 10pm just now. When the drama started, f***, no battery! Damn! And it was the final episode. Double damn. Pffffft!

Oh, at the restaurant, I saw this ad:

Haha. I actually saw it long time ago. Didn't have a camera to take it down. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this ad. He looks so... cute in it.

Sometimes, somethings are better left unknown. The truth hurts. I somehow trust my instinct this time though. I think she's got someone already. And I think I know who's that someone. Well, I'm happy for her. Hopefully this relationship is a permanent one for her :)

Yippee! 39 more hours till I see Danny again :) Counting down.

Wan Tan Mee. XD

Ho ho ho. I'm fasting from now onwards till 7pm later. Nicholle, be prepared. We'll sapu all your food. Wakakakak!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aren't We All The Same

Sorry for the lack of updates. Didn't really have mood to update anything.
No time too anyway. 4 assignments piling up, deadlines are so near.
First of all, happy belated 50th birthday to my beloved country. I'm honestly very proud to be part of Malaysia. I love the food, the states, the people. Well, okay, not all, but still, at least half of it :p

Where did I countdown? Hmm, I was out with friends. At a cafe. Just chill out there and makan. It was happening, and fun :) I enjoyed seeing the people there actually.

Anyway, also happy belated birthday to Isabelle and Tracy. Merdeka babies.

Went to Penang and Genting from 31st to 2nd. Nice trips. Not really cold in Genting though. Maybe because there's a lot of people. Managed to catch a lot of 'night owls' there.

A Cantonese went to Penang, not knowing how to speak Hokkien, he suddenly said: "Wa ka lu kong, wa em si king kong!" =_=" Lmao!

It's funny how often you don't bump into people you know staying in the same hotel as you are.
It's funny how you don't get to meet your friends for ages even though studying in the same college.
It's funny how close friends can become un-close and vice versa.
It's funny how things are in life.
It's funny how some people can be a different person when they're with you, and when they're with the others.

Had an opportunity to go to this place where I see a lot of erm... 'not-so-straight' people. I admit, I used to belittle them, but now, I totally changed my point of view after that day. No matter we're straight, or 'not-so-straight', aren't we all the same? And somehow, I think they seemed to know how to enjoy life even more. They're even much more friendly, much more happier, much more sporting, and they don't care at all. Rather than having a girlfriend who complains a lot or don't care about them, they as well find someone who's more of a friend rather than 'girlfriend' who shares the same interest and trust each other :) I'm happy for them. Wishing the best for all of you out there.

I don't know what's wrong with my stomach these few days. Airy, and losing my appetite. It's already like this since last week. Today, I vomited all that I ate. All out. Twice. Well, of course not as bad as someone I know. :p I guess it's indigestion. I just hope it's not something that I think it would be =S

Arghhhhhh, where should I go for my intern? Really no idea. And I'm losing time to choose. I'm desperate enough to go to anywhere that I can go now. Help.

~The worst feeling on earth is liking someone but not being able to tell him/her about it~