Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Half way hanging

Sigh, really it suits for me to be a member of the TEG family (The Emo Gang). I can just turn moody in a blink of an eye.

Today work was actually fun. Very fun I would say. Staffs at 1U were very nice towards me. I actually enjoyed working there and even thought of working permanently there after I graduate. But, honestly speaking, it might look like it's a nice place with good food, but working for it may not be the same. I guess it occurs the same at all establishments lah. Not only here.

Then, towards the end, I suddenly feel very geram. I dunno why. I guess it's because one of the chef sort of nagged me when I was in the kitchen when it was super busy. Argh.. forget about it. It got me thinking, to work in the kitchen, seriously gotta be tough. I can predict in the future I will get scoldings and scoldings by chefs. Are all the chefs like that? They'll screw you like hell when it's busy, their face black like charcoals, and then after that they'll be like hee hee haa haa with you. and also thanks to some annoying CB face ppl there la... @ssface... *not mentioning who*

Was supposed to finish work 7.30pm but boss ask me stay and help out until 8pm cuz suddenly a lot of tables. End up helping until 9pm. Was sort of like complaining a bit because I don't get any OT money. Then only I realize boss and Fadli also the same. They work even longer hours than me. Never break and no OT as well. End up I feel so guilty on my way back I msged boss to say sorry. Sigh. Come to think of it, it's true, working in the hospitality line, you must be ready to face this kinda situation. Work non stop, sometimes even 12 hours a day. am I willing to take this responsibility?

Accept the fact, everybody who live in this world do things for a reason. For their own benefits. Financial wise, social wise, mental wise etc. Why do people work? For money. Why do people invest? For money. Why do people buy shares? For money. Why do people work harder? For more money. I can already predict my future to be this way. I'm willing to work like that. Of course, if it's worth it lah. If work so hard, no return, what for work so hard?

Ok, I don't know what am I rambling about too. Fcuk it. Bye.

~ Striving to achieve my dreams

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy happy!

Wanted to blog about part 3 of my france trip but I am way too lazy to upload the pics :p Next time la hehe. It's already 1 month plus passed but still not done with posting. Oopsie!

Had a great week. Monday went for Danson's promo at Selayang just to see how is it, then Keon and Genie was 988's guests on Tues - Fri, managed to listen a bit. Keon's voice *thumbs up*. He sang JJ's "Killer", Jay's "Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi", Gary's "Bei Pan" (higher by half a key compared to Gary!) and a lot more. Friday went for dinner at Edmund's working place - Vintry (yummy yummy, thanks Ed :D) and Pei Jie's promo at Klang. He's very high too that day, very cute. Saturday went for Battleground recording and managed to take pics with a lot of ppl :) At first when we were waiting for the recording to start, we keep looking at Danny to say hi. But he never even look at us. We were so sad, thought he angry at us or something. We stare at him also he can't feel it. Until like after 15 minutes he saw us and said "Eh?!? How come I didn't see you all. Sorry" =_=" Managed to take a nice group pic with him :) Sunday just spend time with my family.

Happy happy :) Managed to chat with two unexpected ppl :) Really unexpected that this person message me first :)

This week I'll be at 1U's outlet from mon - thurs. Should be working 11 - 7.30 everyday gua... Don't know my full schedule yet. Next week also at 1U i think. Data entry konon. Visit me when you're free :) *lub*

~ Desperado. Busy December.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy + Sad day

After reading this news, felt my tears rolled down. Haha, Daniel is not gonna renew his contract with 8 unit and planning to venture somewhere else. Taiwan, here he goes. Well, he's the first idol that I 'chase' so much, so, can't help but will miss him a lot. Hope all goes well for him in Taiwan. Or wherever he's going.

Today is a happy and sad day. Very happy, and very sad. Sigh. Can't mention what it is about. Memories. I'll miss you all.

Went for the battleground recording today. Danny was super high. So cute lah he. Damn funny. Wanna know why? Stay tune to 1st december's episode of battleground on Astro WLT at 7.30pm :)

So many recipes and food I wanna try out to cook/bake. So so so so many. Yet so so so little budget to buy the ingredients. Prices of goods are hiking. Sigh! I wanna learn learn and learn! But am I meant to be a kitchen fella? Sigh. Heaven knows.

Ok, I guess you people are so sien with my emo-ness already. Sorry, can't help it. Any ways to make emo-ness disappear?

I realize I haven't reading a lot of people's blogs nowadays. Sigh. Better take some time to read all of the others :p Been missing out a lot of 'interesting' information. Nyek nyek nyek.

Life is not always the way you want it to be...
You might be doing something you like, but not in a right environment...

Life is wonderful if you know how to appreciate...
Smile and help your friends for them to smile back and help you...

Life is perfect when you have valuable friends...
Appreciate each and every friend surrounding you...

Smile through it even when everybody turns their backs at you...
Have faith in yourself that time will prove everything...

Be independent and don't rely on others too much...
You'll never know they might leave you alone suddenly...

~ I'll make sure I won't depend on my kids to feed me when I'm old.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

[Phood] Lunch @ Ciao, Jalan Tun Razak

Last Friday, went for lunch with mum at Ciao. It's just next to her office. Ciao is an Italian restaurant that serves pizzas, pastas and western food. Mum said they used to have a good chef and business was good last time, then they changed and business decreased. Now perhaps they changed a new one.

We went for the set lunch at RM40++. 3 courses - buffet appetizers (eat all you can), 1 main course (pasta/pizza/soup), and one dessert and finally complete your meal with coffee/tea.

They have a big table in front of the entrance with a line of various different types of appetizers. Grilled brinjal, potato salad, grilled abalone mushroom, mini quiche (very flaky and nice), spicy tomato mussels, squid salad, blanched asparagus, stuffed mushroom, tortillas etc etc etc. There were so much left after lunch time, I wonder what they do with the extras.

You all must be wondering who on earth would order soup as main course. So not worth it. I thought so too. But mum said those who are on diet will just eat the appetizers (cuz mostly are veges) and take soup as the main course. And, being greedy, I tried almost all the appetizers. Even by taking 1 small piece of each, it's very filling already.

We ordered one thin crusted pizza with artichokes and pepperoni and one spaghetti vongole (with garlic and clams). The spaghetti was very small portion only (and taste so so). But the pizza was worth it. 6 big pieces.

There were breads and crackers for each table too. The walnut bread was good. Soft and nice. Looking for a walnut bread recipe actually. Anyone has one good one?

For desserts we ordered apple strudel and tiramisu. Both were really nice :) There were I think sunflower seeds inside the strudel, something special :) Mum said the coffee was good too.

I like the dining environment a lot. They play Italian songs and the deco are very Italianish. Plus there's a lovely garden behind the restaurant. Suitable for garden parties. They even cater for wedding parties etc. (But be careful, lotsa monkeys at the garden!) Asked about the price, there are various packages, but minimum RM100 per pax. The sad thing is, they're going to close down after 31st December. Moving to PJ. But we don't know whether they're changing the management or what.

Ciao Ristorante
428, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-9285 4827
Opening Hours: Daily from 12.00pm to 2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm


[Phood] Kin Kin Spicy Pan Mee @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Read a lot of write-ups on this restaurant but never know where it is so never tried. Few weeks back my aunty brought my parents to the 'competitor' opposite - Super Kitchen because of the air cond facility. Aunty said it was comparable but parents didn't like it.

So last week we went to Kin Kin to try the difference, though I've never tasted Super Kitchen's.

The disadvantages of Kin Kin is that, there's no air cond, limited beverage choices, the owners are always arguing, and you have to wait at least half an hour for the food (depending on the crowd). They cook the noodles about 6 bowls at once. If only they can improve their speed. Plus, it's quite expensive (RM5 per bowl).

Dry chilli pan mee

There will be a bottle of chilli paste on the table and you add your preference amount of chili in your pan mee. 3 of us ordered 3 dry ones and 1 soup one to try. And also a bowl of pork balls (they use packet pork balls, not homemade) We all agreed that the dry one taste much better than the soup one. I personally like it very much despite hearing comments that it's not nice. The noodles is not too soft, nor too hard, blends well with the chili and all the ingredients :)

The best heavenly taste - Don't break the egg yolk. Put together the egg yolk, some minced pork and some noodles coated with chili paste. Stuff everything into your mouth. *heaven* The yolk burst, ooh la la coating the minced meat and noodles. Yummeh!

Restaurant Kin Kin Spicy Pan Mee
Jalan Dewan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
(Chow Kit area)

Can't really remember the opening hours... morning 9am until 5pm i think. Not very sure. Will check on it.

Emo Virus Attacks Again

This week I'm working at Garden's Bakerzin. Boring to the boring-est to the most boring. 8 hours and a half is like 8 years and a half to me. Time passes soooooo sllloooowwww. And there are very few guests only. Today I was bored enough I wiped all the chairs and tables, and even wanted to count how many coffee beans in a packet.

I guess it was way too boring today, that the emo virus attacks me again *stare at pokok* Suddenly I just think a lot of stupid things. A lot of 'what ifs' appeared in my head. Negative ones. Don't know why, suddenly just have the urge to move to Penang. Haha! Seems to be losing touch with a lot of friends. Perhaps I'm not a reliable friend after all =S And I have a feeling my colleagues dislikes me... even though they treat me nice. Sigh. Nearly cried at work. But just tahan cuz not nice mar. Luckily ivy, ky, ss and cy keep smsing me. Missing all my classmates. Missing all my friends. Ivy, Ker ying :( Help me... sobz! Anyway, thanks hutan for coming to find me ;-) Had dinner at Seed Cafe. Maybe it was my mood, the food was so so only. Ordered Green Tea Milkshake, no green tea taste one... Would be better if they add red bean inside.

Panasonic Lumix FZ18, new model, RM1599. Free 2 gb memory card etc. Leica lens, 18x zoom. Sounds good. To buy or not to buy? Sigh.

Recently, a 'someone' annoys me. I shouldn't be annoyed because what 'someone' do is not wrong. Maybe 'someone' is just friendly and helpful. Or wanting attention from the blog owner? Leaving DAILY DOSES of footprints. I guess the owner is very fond of 'someone'. Same interest, same channel. Who am I to even bother? Argh, kcuf it. NOMB. Just ranting. 'Someone' annoys me without doing anything wrong :)

Am looking for a crystal ball with a white christmas tree in it. Anyone can help? :)

*Note: Pei Jie's Juru Halo Cafe promo canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

~ I'll never break my promise. I hope you won't too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacances De Falansai, Part 2: Toulouse

Ok, just a short one on Toulouse cuz we only spent two days there.

Day 4 (5th Oct)

We had to travel from the hotel to the train station where we will be taking the train to Toulouse by ourselves. It was a dreadful trip because we have to carry our own luggages up and down the metro stations which have many flights of stairs. Bought a baguette in Montparnasse train station as breakfast (3rd baguette in 2 days)

If you're going to France, PLEASE take note that the train close the door and leaves VERY VERY ON TIME. We actually arrived at the station early but the lecturers gave us the ticket late. So, we were like pushing ourselves into the train. But the door closed before all of us could get in. Those outside had to shout and ask the captain to open, and the captain was scolding non stop. Dramatic, but it's true.

It takes 5 hours by TGV to Toulouse, passing by Bordeaux and Florence if i'm not mistaken. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere for 2 hours, due to some accidents in front i think. When we reached Toulouse Matabiau Train Station, we walked 15 minutes to our hotel and met Mr Eric Olmedo there. Our ex-director of studies. Wash up and left for the centre of Toulouse - Capitole. We were supposed to go to Sebastian (our French classmate)'s house but we were late due to the 2 hours delay. So we round the area to search for dinner, saw a Chinese fast food restaurant (mixed rice style) but hell it was expensive. End up with McD cuz we were late. Then all of us gathered at Capitole and went to Chic for clubbing. Organized by Sebastian and Etienne for us Malaysians. Seb's bro was the DJ there. Erm, we just sit down and drink coke =_=" Not my cup of tea.

Day 5 (6th Oct)

Toulouse is a very small place. Limited places to go, and all can be reached by walking. So we went to the morning market first. Whole stretch of fresh goodies. Vegetables, fruits, grapes, juicy tomatoes, seafood, cheese, raw meat, roasted meat, pickles, mushrooms. We bought a lot of things to try. Muscat grapes (must try! Heaven!), peaches, roasted duck. Yummeh!

Then, we headed to the Basilique St Sernin. A church built back in the 14th century. Love the artistic carvings there. There were a lot of stalls in front of the church selling paintings and 2nd hand goods.

This Lafayette seems to be a famous brand in France. And huge. Similar to maybe Jusco or Carrefour here. Found it in Paris and Toulouse. They have 'Lafayette Maison' (household stuff), 'Lafayette Gourmet' (food), 'Lafayette Homme' (Men), 'Lafayette Femme' (Ladies).

Cute hor? It's candles!

On the way out we saw these bunch of guys dressed up like this... =_=" Wonder where they are going...

Then we went for lunch at this restaurant recommended by Lorraine they all. Fresh seafood. We had fish soup, salmon carpaccio, mussels in cream and white wine sauce, fresh seafood and a cassoulet. Yum yum. Very very fresh. You eat the oysters here, you will find Malaysia's oyster are like 'sai' ;P I'm serious! (Even Shangri La's. Oops!)

Then we went and walk around Capitole. It's actually a square and lots of al-fresco cafes and restaurants around it.

Pont Neuf bridge. It used to be the only bridge linking both sides of the river in dunno-what century :p

Ahh... our first time enjoying a cup of hot coffee in France. But, seriously, difference in culture. French ppl enjoys their coffee slowly, but we drink up like a cow drinks water. Gulp down quickly. Haha. But honestly I can't take it when my drink became cold.

At night, we went to do some laundry at those self service laundry shop. Thought it will only take awhile but it took 2 hours! Then we were late for the dinner organized by Seb and Etienne at Bodega near Capitole for all 80 of us. There was a quarter final rugby match between France and All Blacks that night. I think the whole France is out watching the game.

My main course. Duck heart =S Sounds and look gross but it tasted not bad :) We had tapas for appetizer and some dunno what tart for dessert. Hehe! Food was so so lah. Of cuz, France won the match, and on our way home, cars were honking, people were jumping and shouting, waving the flag. Wahliao, quarter final jeh wor...

That's about it for Toulouse. The next morning we head to Foix. To be continued :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Highly Recommend - Pei Jie

This weekend is a packed one for me... Haha, not because of dissertation or work, but events! Grateful to have weekends off for this intern :)

Last Friday, went for lunch with mum at Ciao because it's just next to her office. Will post about it next time. Having destroyed my camera, now I have to rely on my phone to take pics. Which are horrible :( SLR, sob sob...

Then, went shopping at MV. Thinking there won't be much parking problem as it's not PH, but I was wrong. I spent 30 minutes looking for a parking. And the stupid thing I did was, there's two sections, the old MV parkings and the new Gardens parkings which are linked. After much rounding at the old section I decided to try my luck at the new side and just simply turn at a junction that leads to the new side. The sign shows 'Keluar' but I thought sure got a road that fork to the new side, and there was a parking machine there. Wrote 'please insert ticket'. Bodohly I thought 'okay, have to insert the ticket cuz I masuk from the old side and have to get new one from maybe somewhere in front'. Bodohly I just slide my ticket in and the bar opened. =_=" Then only I remembered there's a 20 minutes grace period after you enter the parking and I was on my way out of MV. And I had to U-turn to get back into MV. Bodoh char siew.

At night, went dinner with Sar and head to OUG for Pei Jie's promo. Upon reaching there, saw no banners or posters there so I sort of suspected if it's there. But LJ told me it's at OUG. I double confirmed with her on MSN the night before.

Me: LJ, tomorrow Pei Jie at OUG right? 10pm?
LJ: Emm... (means yes in chinese)

Went up, ordered our drinks, sensing some mistakes, I asked the waiter if Pei Jie is coming.

Waiter: Who?
Me: Pei Jie.
Waiter: Ohh, you mean Karen ar? (Referring to Karen Kong who's undergoing her promo at Halo Cafes as well)
Me: =_=" No, Pei Jie!
Waiter: (Think for 5 seconds) Nope. But Karen I know she's at one of the Halo cafes tonight lah.

(Quickly sms LJ) Woi! How come the staff say Pei Jie not here at OUG one?
LJ: Tonight is at Connaught lah!
Me: !)(&#$^!*&@#)*(!@*$)(*
(LJ called) Where are you??? Tonight is Connaught leh!

Wahliao. Zha dou. Quickly finish our drinks and rush to Connaught. But manage to listen to a few songs that the unplugged cafe singers that night sing before we left. Nice voice the guys have. Kenji and Jerry :) The girl also not bad. Can't remember her name though :p At Connaught, the crowd was... erm... not very good... sales also sigh... but what to do, newbie ma... Plus lack of media promotions.

Joseph (left) and Pei Jie :)

Yesterday leh, went for the Battleground recording. One that I laughed the most. Laughed a lot, and was scared at the same time :S And at night went for Pei Jie's promo at OUG this time. Confirmed, re-confirmed and double triple confirm with LJ first. Had dinner at Boon Boon then head to Halo Cafe. Soohui and her gang followed him throughout the three promos. Pei Jie remembered and thanked them. He looked around and said everyone looked so familiar and ask those who is meeting him the first time to raise up their hands. Then he looked at our table and said so it's not the first time you see me? We said 'yesterday'. Then he said 'Yesterday! No wonder you all looked so familiar!'

He was smiling and joking the whole night through and he said he feels very comfortable here compared to the previous 2 promos. He said he keep wanting to laugh but cannot. Then the emcee asked for the reason, and asked maybe it was because of the things he ate in Ipoh cuz he had a promo in Ipoh that morning. He said 'We ate Gu Lu Gu Lu Yok!" Me and Sar laughed sooooo loud! He's so cute lah. His small gestures really so funny. He was singing one song and looked over to his PAs and did the 'very hot!' sign. Haha, I think only a few of us saw.

He sang a lot of songs... Faye Wong's songs medley with Joseph and various songs related to friendship. And not forgetting his singles 'Wo De Yi Hao Peng You' (My Number One Friend). I admire his voice, very soothing, very comfy listening to him sing. And he's good in playing the guitar, good in talking (he hosted Pin Guan's promo last time in Sarawak - yes he's from Kuching). And he's only 19! Oh yeah, he was I don't know winner or finalist of Digi Celebriteen 2006 lah. Currently he's doing his promos to sell his singles... His company say he has to sell 5000 copies of the singles then only can release EP. So my faithful readers, support Pei Jie yo! The singles is only RM10! He sang "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" spontaneously when someone requested it. Kena sot by him singing that song. But too bad, he's too young :p Really a talented guy he is :) Highly recommend. I'm gonna try going to all his promos in KL.

His upcoming schedules -
15th Nov (9.30pm - 10.30pm) - Juru Halo Cafe (near Penang)
19th - 22nd Nov (4.00pm - 5.00pm) - Ai FM guest host
23rd Nov (9.30pm - 10.30pm) - Klang Halo Cafe

~ Am I hidden from everything, or everything is hidden from me?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

[Lyrics] Samsons - Kenangan Terindah

Awesome song!

Kenangan Terindah by Samsons

Aku yang lemah tanpamu
Aku yang rentan karena
Cinta yang tlah hilang darimu
Yang mampu menyanjungku

Selama mata terbuka
Sampai jantung tak berdetak
Selama itu pun
Aku mampu tuk mengenangmu

Kutemukan hidupku
Kau lah cinta sejati


Bila yang tertulis untukku
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan kujadikan kau kenangan
Yang terindah dalam hidupku
Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupku
Yang tlah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah



This morning woke up late for work. Luckily mum came in, and I was like 'Oh Shyt!' and jumped out of bed. Was late for 5 minutes. Sigh, what a failure I am. Got the Nokia N95 8GB launching at the concourse there. Private function for media. So was downstairs serving food and drinks. Walk up and down to take things from Bakerzin and go back down to the concourse for like 6 to 7 times. Pfft. Tired. Then was polishing the cutleries and I terbalik-ed the tray with the cutleries. Failure among the failures.

Been complaining a lot lately. About work. About people. About everything. Guess I have to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. From mon - today I was at 1U outlet. Tomorrow PH so holiday. Haha, work 3 days off 4 days. Geng leh? Kekeke. Everyday half an hour break only. How to makan? By the time go and tapao also 15 minutes gone already. Have to bring food from home already. Today so kesian, eat maggi mee only ar... maggi mee kosong samore. Ish.

Been making some counting these few days, and I realize I am quite fated with the number '17'. Why? Let me tell

  • My birth date is 17.
  • My car number plate adds up to be 17.
  • My birth date and month adds up to be 17 as well.
  • During diploma I was in batch 17.
  • Danny's birthday is 17 =)
  • CY's birthday is 17 =p
  • I know someone whose birthday is same as me. Different year only. Another 17.
  • My bestie during kindergarten and primary was born on 17th too.
  • Daniel's birthday is 1st July. So it's 1-7 also.
Well, that's all I can think of for now lah. Will add some more if I get to any.

P/S: But I don't read 'Seventeen' :p

~ Craving for phood all the time =X

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Vacances De Falansai - Part 1: Paris

Finally I've done picking up the best photos and photoshop them for blogging. But just for Paris only.

Note: Blog might be laggish due to the extreme amount of photos. Not a lot also lah. Around 30 only =p Let the pics tell you all!

KL > Bahrain > Paris
2nd Oct

Boarded the 4.20pm Gulf Air flight. Wee hee! I feel so excited taking aeroplanes every time. 7 hours later we arrived at Bahrain, somewhere in the Middle East for a FREAKING 6 HOURS transit. Samore cannot go out of the airport. Local time there was 7pm plus when we arrived.

Jail food in Bahrain. But taste ok lah. =S

After much dreadful waiting for me, we finally boarded the flight and off we head to Paris!! Woo hoo! 6 hours later, (7.30am local time) we're finally breathing French air!

Day 2

We put our luggages at the hotel and then walked around until check in. First stop, McD of Falansai.

Me and KY ordered the royal bacon set. (Note: In France, set is called 'menu') You can choose the side dish from Fries, wedges or salad. What's different is they got pork lo, and beer! Edmund ate this McDo thingy which is bread with melted cheese and dunno ham or bacon, quite nice.

After that, we walked around the area and took some photos before we head back to the hotel (Formula 1 at Saint Ouen).

You can find a lot of these butchery shops in France.

And shops selling fruits and vegetables like this =)

Yummy! Falansai Poulet Roti, which means roasted chicken. We were tempted by it. Euro 5.20. But too full to eat. And it's cheap compared to those we saw later.

5 leng luis and one fatty. Sigh.

You open the door by keying in a 6-digit password.

Toilets are meant for sharing =S

After washing up, off we went to the center of Paris by metro. Gosh, they have 5 - 6 different train lines and it's quite complicated at first to see where to go. First stop - L'Arc De Triomphe at Champs Elysee. A monument that honours those who fought for France before.

Then, we walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower. Didn't go up, but stayed there until the sky turned dark. When the lights were lit.

When it's still bright.

Twinkle twinkle. Pretty pretty.

After that we went to Saint Michel for our dinner. Saint Michel is similar to what our Bangsar offers. There's the Saint Michel Avenue whereby whole stretch of shops are all restaurants and cafes. Offering extensive menus from 10 euro for a 3 course menu, they also have wines, seafood, cheese fondue etc. Due to the unlimited choices, we just simply decide on one and eat.

Day 3

Bought a baguette sandwich from a bakery nearby and share it with KY. It's yummy. I had 3 baguettes in 2 days LOL.

We went to Pigalle - a red light district in Paris.

They have a lot of sex cinemas, sex shops here. (I can see the male readers' eyes opening widely.)

Yummy pastries everywhere!

Passed by this Erotic Museum and they decided to go in. 5 euros. Inside there's all this STUFF and VIDEOS and PICTURES of all those sex stuff. Urgh. My deepest regret in my entire life. I felt like vomiting in there. Feel so dizzy. Samore there's 7 floors of it. Gross.

Then, we walked to Montmarte to see the Basilique du Sacre Coeur. It is a Roman Catholic basilica dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Montmarte is the highest point of the city.

Where got people take photo don't look at camera one? Zha dou. Posers.

Jay Chou wanna-bes

I'm trying very hard not to laugh. Sakai Ivy make me laugh.

Goldie! So... GOLD.

Moulin Rouge at Blanche. (I thought we were posers enough. These two leng lui lagi geng. Posing like Marilyn Monroe because the platform they stand on, actually got air coming out one)

We seriously camwhore a lot throughout the day. More to come. This is at Champs Elysee. Love the trees along the road. Very autumn feel.

Look! I can touch Eiffel Tower! Taken at Pont Alexandre.

We found a large field and the grass was so green! Camwhored like mad at that field. It was fun. We spent like 1 hour and a half there. All can be pro-feh-sional photographers in the future. Lol.


Want some Churros? It's deep fried sweet pastry. Erm, similar to yau-char-kwai but it's crunchier and eat with sugar. Very nice owners. Those that is cold, they won't sell it, they throw it away. Best eaten when it's hot.

France's Eye On Paris. I don't know what's it called la. The gondola itself will turn while the big wheel also turn. Cool!

Then, we walked to the Le Louvre Museum famous for the Da Vinci whatever. (I never watch) And oh, did I mention, the Mona Lisa painting is inside? =) We didn't go in. Heard that it's darn huge inside. Takes half a day if you really walk the whole museum. We went to the Pyramides. No, not sunway pyramid you moron.

Finally, our last stop. We decided to go back to Eiffel Tower and to go up. Since we're in Paris. And not knowing when will we be back again. But I'm definitely gonna go back again! Woo hoo! But it's freako expensive to go up. You can choose either to take the stairs or the lift. Different pricing. We took the l'ascenseur (lift) about 11 euro plus. The restaurant (neh, Rush Hour 3) is on the 1st floor. 2nd and 3rd floor are for sight seeing purposes. Can't seem to find the net which Jackie Chan fell on when he fell off the tower. Kaka. Saw the fountain they fell into kekeke!

It's freako cold up there. And windy. But nice view :)

Wokay! That's all about Paris. Still got Toulouse and Foix to come. Argh. Memafankan. Be patient!