Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thank you guyz!

29/4/06 - Saturday

This week time flies... So fast it's already Saturday, my off day... Seriously no mood to work already la... No motivation at all... Except for the macha ice with red bean... Gosh, i'm so in love with macha ice and red bean... Planning to buy one tub home... If they allow...

Went IOI mall this afternoon... Ate KFC... Been craving for it for the past few weeks... Found out that Speedy selling Lin Yu Zhong's cd for only RM36, bought it straight away... Then went to CD Rama to check out magazines, found Kwok Fai's EP instead... Bought it straight away too... Walked around, trying to look for gifts... Mother's Day coming... What to buy for my mom and kai ma? Sigh! Plus a few friends' bdays are in May too... Wah, no money dy aiks! October lagi worst... *pengsan* Fitness First will be opening an outlet in IOI (wonder will have biz or not kekeke i'm evil =p ), some dancers were doing dance demo at the concourse area ground floor, very nice dance moves... Tempted to go for dancing classes... Maybe i should check out how much is it... Or maybe i should juz go for yoga classes near my hse? But do i have time for all these?

At night went for Su Fang's house warming party at Sungai Long... So pai seh, didn't bring anything for her... Went with Ester, Fiona, Ching, How Yee, Chin Fai, Wei Wen, Cheng Mun, Mui Yun, Siew Yen and Kok Leong... The food they catered were not bad, satay was good... Didn't eat much though, was kinda full... 8.30pm we sat in front of the tv to watch project superstar finale... until 12am... John won... Ish, expected it already... although i prefer Desiree... She's so leng lui! And has a powerful voice... Doesn't it sound like MI being replayed again? Tee hee! Mei Ling called, saying Daniel was juz 10 feet away from her, and Paul Moss, Danny, Arik were there too. Argh, i wanna see Danny!!!

Should i continue my studies for degree? I dunno la... Really don't feel like studying anymore... Can i just goyang kaki for the rest of my life ar? Hehe, mimpilah...

Chun, Zyna, EJ n ML came to Zen for dinner 2 dayz ago... So nice of them! Kesian EJ, lost 5kg... Jin, better take care of yourself ya... Went yum cha after work... Zyna did something super funny in front of QBar... haha! Better don't say anything... Then yesterday ML came and bring me to eat supper at Jalan Ipoh... Thanks for coming to fetch me... Then, after supper i online, Chun told me some stuff... Made me so frustrated... I admit i am jealous... Although i don't want any of it... It just makes me dislike it... I hate it... I really really hate it... Boast however you all want it... I rather not to be told of anything... I shall remain low profile and not going out anymore... Maybe i should juz quit? Good right? I guess everybody will love it... He won't know that I exist... Maybe it's even better for HER... She can have all the attention she wants... I'm not tempted to go for anything anymore... i'm considering not going for the mini concert...

I would like to thank a few people here... Haha, why? I also dunno... just feel like thanking them...

Teng - Thanks for your accompaniment in Genting... I feel very touched when u pulled the blanket for me... I really enjoy going out with you! Hope to see u more often! (Sorry i'm straight one ok!)

Kai Ma - Well, although just a few knows that we're your kai luis, but it's great hanging out with you! Enjoyed listening to your stories and your laughter... You very cute la! Love you! Hope you're not scared of me! =p Kai ma, kai ma, i help you carry your luggages laa... kai ma kai ma... hehe!

Kai Ye - Starting I thought you were scary... But after mixing with you for a long time, you talked more! And you're so nice!! It feels so nice when you hugged me in KLCC that day! Keke! Erm, I wonder if you know we're your kai luis actually... Anyway... we shall go bowling one day ya?

EJ - You really should go into acting la... Your actions just cheers me up... Although you yourself sometimes turns moody and scares me... You can share anything with me ok? I'll always be here for you... Sometimes i really worry about you because you hide things from us... be more open to us k? Take care.

Chun - My bestest pal... Thanks for everything!!! I can share totally evverything with you... We shall meet up more often ok? Love you to the max! Faster go get a bf la aijor...

Sar - Thanks for coming to find me during work... Love to kepoh around with you and working with you (featured pinkies) hehe... I also share everything with you! We shall meet up for tong sui in SS2 for supper when u settle everything ya? Muaks!!! And prawn mee in klang!!!

Julie - Thanks for letting me know all the news you have abt Daniel or trendy stuff!! Appreciate it a lot! Love chatting with you! Thanks so so so so much!

Ostro - Thanks for your advises and accompaniment... Having you as a friend means a lot to me... Thanks so so much!

ML - Thanks for fetching me everywhere and suppers... Owe you loadz!

Ching Yee, Anjanna, Ria - Thanks for still offering to ask me to go to places together... I'm sorry that i've been spending less time with you guys because of studies and DFC... Love you guys to the max! We shall meet up as soon as i finish my training... Muaks!

Uncle Nessie - Thanks for caring for me all the time even though we're so far apart... I really miss you a lot! I'm sorry I seldom chat with you online... I wanna go mamak with you again!!! Sob sob... And i want you to cook lemon chicken for me!

There's just so many people i would want to thank la... Hundreds, thousands... If i were to really thank you guys, it would take me 1 week to write everything... See lah, if i got time i will do so... hehe! That's all about it for now... good night! Adios! Miss u guys loadz!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feeling lost...

25/4/06 - Tuesday

It's already the third week of my training... I still feel like a lost puppy there... Suppose to be gathering information for my TIS report, but I really don't know what to do... Today Kenny gave Kennedy a test... wahh, tension man when i heard about it... Feel so pressured... But in the end he didn't ask me... phew! Got my pay today... RM106... For the duration of 10/4 - 15/4... Aihz... pay petrol pun tak cukup... What to do, trainee mar...

Last Friday Soursand came pyramid to visit me... Thanks sar sar so muchy!!! Lup you so much!!! Whoever is free, please come and find me at Zen Japanese Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid... I miss u guys so much!!! But make sure i'm working on that particular day la... hehe!

Finally I fixed a cd player in my car! Yahoo! Thanks to Mei Ling's husband... Plus better quality speaker... He help me tint my front window + fix louder hon for free samore! Thank you!

Should i work part time at Zen after my training? Sigh, still wondering... Some of them are nice, but some I dowan to say la... But the pay is good mer... But they have a lot of part timers already la... Better don't...

Should i take up guitar lessons again? Really impressed with how Daniel play his guitar... And i really would like to learn to play all those unplugged songs... Perhaps Daniel can be my teacher? Aihz, mimpi lah...

So many albums i want to buy larrr! But no money!!! How orhh... Lin Yu Zhong's, Guang Liang's, Daniel's, Danny One's, William Sun's... How i wish i kena strike lottery... So many things i want to buy!!! Laconic, Patrick, CDs, guitar, clothes, kitchen equipments...

It's hard to please everyone, there's always someone who will get hurt... Life is always unfair... I would like to mix with everybody too, but sometimes, you still need to click with that person to mix together... Or maybe i'm the one always not being included to mix with... Sometimes, it might be my fault that I don't mix with you, but sometimes it's your own fault too... Heaven knows who i'm talking about...

I better go and sleep now... Still got many things to write... but, next time la...

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHILINILI! :D May you be blessed with love, joy and happiness... Remember, my photo frame can fit the whole globe... So definitely it is big enough to fit the 6 of us... Concentrate on your studies, and stop thinking about the past ok... You know what i mean...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Same Old Day...

Today i became runner for both afternoon and night session... Quite fun... But tiring! I nearly sprain my back... I sent 6 gyutan out! Grrr, i hate sending gyutan!
My back has been hurting for the past few weeks... Aihz, old dy la.. got osteoporosis... Alamak! Was putting down the food tray on customer's table, ouch! My back hurts like hell!
Got to know a few staffs better... Well, at least we joked around... Went ta pao together... Ate together...
Ate supper at Sri Neela... hungry la... Ate 1 nasi lemak ayam goreng + 1 roti empat segi... slurp! Went home, the peanut root soup was on my table... Been drinking it for two days... Mum said can help me grow taller =_=" Fine, i know i'm short!!!

See! My Patrick notepad!!! Aww... Went to the K's Kids website, got those Patrick baby toys la.. I wanna buy!!!

I wanna eat japanese buffet!!! Who want to teman me go eat japanese buffet?? i want sukiyaki, yakiniku, salmon sashimi, macha ice cream with red bean... I want i want i want!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Changed his mind...

17/04 Monday

Today's Star and NST got Daniel... Soursand msged me early in the morning telling me about it... Just a small passage of what he said during the press conference in Penang for the Guang Ming Star Search... While NST is about local artistes.

All he want is just a simple girl... Matured, intelligent, simple girl... Are Maggie Q and Christine Chung simple? What if the next interview he say 'best is pretty one la' Aiyo... dunno which to believe la... But he said he would like to focus on his career now...

Well, when fate comes it's difficult to push it away one lah... Sun qi zi ran ba! Daniel, if you were to be in a relationship with whoever, pinkies will just stand by to support you... But don't first say A, then say B... you're making me doubt whatever u said... u're making urself 'fake'...

No one is perfect...

17/4 Monday

Didn't feel like waking up today... Started work at 11am... Sweep the floor, wipe the tables, make the tea... Miss Tong taught me a bit about the sake and shochu... Haha, confirm now she and chef kuan is a pair... Not bad, quite secocok... leng chai leng lui...

Today wasn't busy... Enjoying work actually... Haha! Weird huh... I guess it's because of the people i'm working with... If work with that PK sure i'll kill myself... all trainees hate PK. Gosh, i'm so tempted with the sukiyaki smell... and the sashimi... and tempura!

Break time chunyiun came to pyramid... Mei Ling was also here... Met up with them and went Secret Recipe! Drank Oreo milkshake, yummy but very filling! Yippee! Bought my Patrick notepad! I want to collect all Patrick stuff!!! =D But no discount ish! Bought 6 cheese tarts too. Aiyak, left it in Zen!

I'm soooo super frustrated with people who OT!!! Especially that few, which i don't need to mention... Beh ta han! Irritating! And those who SS a lot! Not only SS... Triple SS!!! Don't understand why they want to SS so much... Plus, those who say things which indirectly hinting something bad... Arghh! Sakit hati!!!

T, I don't want to hear anymore stories about it from you... it hurts to hear whatever you said about it... I know you're great, you want to share with me, you're a nice person, that's why you get to experience all those, get to be there, see that, you have the ability and perhaps money? But do you know that actually deep inside it hurts? Maybe i'm just jealous... or i'm not satisfied... well, i guess i should just leave everything... I guess everybody's selfish... Everybody has their own secrets... I don't think i should go out with you anymore... I don't want to hear...

My back hurts! I want to go for massage!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Craze for Patrick...


3rd day of training in Zen Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid... One word for it -TIRING!!! I guess every training is like that guah... I dunno la, i have a feeling the staff there dislikes me... Because i'm slow? I'm stupid? Aihz... dunno la... Only did basic stuff... Kau meang ahhh, can i just quit studying, quit training, quit working? But Miss Tong and Kenny are okay la... they'll teach one...

Went Genki Sushi for lunch with Kennedy, Darren and Ed... While waiting for Kennedy who went to the bank, went walked around... and omg i saw a patrick notepad!!! RM6.90!! I'm so gonna buy it... Tapi takde duit la... See Zen's food so nice but tak boleh sentuh one... Ish... Oh ya! I bought my Patrick Head-Shape pillow and the Hand Towel dy! Yahoo!!! My collection!

So cham... Now soaking my leg in hot water... Perhaps is my shoe punya problem guah.. A lot of Taylor's student working part time in Zen too... Hmm...

Oklar, i wanna sleep liao... Nitez!

Monday, April 10, 2006

MYFM Da Lian Meng

Went BTS with Chun Yiun... Reached Old Klang Road and realised i forgot to bring camera!! Sh*t!!! CY don't want to turn back and take, aihz, wasted!

Reached BTS at 2.15pm. Went to the place where the event was held. Already started. They were playing games. The artists and DJs were separated into Group A & B and audience can 'bet' on the winning team and 1 lucky winner will be picked and given a RM250 worth of CD pack.

The artists attending the event were Nick Chung Shen Chung, Wei Quan, Kwok Fai, Dai Li Jin, William Sun <3,>

Stayed back to wait for the artists to leave. Stood near the escalator which they were going down. Shook hand with Kwok Fai. Oh! Khai Ying became his PA now! Said bye to her too. She looked stunned to hear someone saying bye to her.

Had 'lunch' (at 4pm) at Uncle Lim's Kopitiam then shopped around. Bought Nicholas Teo's album RM39.90. Then left BTS. Chun wanted to go Sg Wang tomorrow for the same event. But i'm too lazy to...

Parents went Haadyai... Bro went to friend's house to overnight... Home alone... Sigh!

Cakap Je chat...

6th April 2006

Woke up at 12pm... Faster online to Pinkies World... everybody is ready at shout box. Logged into bluehyppo chat room and waited... 36 pinkies waiting to chat with Daniel...

1pm sharp Daniel came in... He said hi and everybody start asking questions... I asked a lot but only 3 appeared (the chat is moderated, questions will be screened through by a moderator before posted up)... Screening was super slow... I guess that's their tactic of keeping us waiting... I asked whether he thinks that the fans gave him pressure, his comments on the Star article, and about his 8864 show...

I always doubt if he reads the forum... I mean does he just roughly browse through or does he really reads everything? After my third question, he answered by saying 'Sevvy:...' OMG! I wanna pengsan already!! He calls me Sevvy!!! Did he remember since that day at MyKtv? Or did he see everybody calling me that in the sb? I wonder.. i really wonder...

Well, at least he explained...

Then head to Plaza Low Yat to meet Mei Ling, Joanne and Ostro.. Jo and Os just came back from penang... Stayed at Starbucks until 8pm and listened to Myfm, waiting for Daniel's interview. Unfortunately Daniel was stuck in a jam and couldn't make it. Send Joanne back to Cyber, on the way listened to Daniel's interview which was postponed to 9pm.. He's so materialistic!! He used to said inner beauty is more important, it doesn't matter if she's older, it's ok if she doesn't like music, but nowadays he said he wishes his ideal partner to be pretty... and his 'dream girl' in the entertainment biz is are Maggie Q and Christine Chung! (Their body so chun one!) Plus the girl must have some western look... Ish... And prefer girls his age or younger... And prefer the girl to love music too... Apalar...

Daniel, make sure u must tell us if you got a gf like that ya? :D

To read the chat transcript, you can go to:

Friday, April 07, 2006

Disappointed? Grateful?

5th April 2006

Went for Qing Ming this morning. Woke up at 6.15am, felt like a zombie, so tired. Dad drove to aunt's house in Cheras and get ready to go to the cemetary. Now the mgmt ppl collect fees to maintain the place and everything was easier. Finished everything by 10.35am... Went back to Cheras and went for lunch with my cousins and aunt. Wanted to go Uncle Thomas's place but not opened, then want to eat Lum Mee but not opened, then decided to go eat Fish Head Noodles at Restoran Kaki Bola (near Leisure Mall)...

Read the Star newspaper in aunt's house. StarTwo cover page was Daniel, and there's a one and a half page article about him. Was so happy seeing him being featured, but after reading the article, i can't help but feeling disappointed.

“Sometimes when I look at old pictures of myself, I think to myself, ‘Gee, I used to be so innocent and likeable back then.’

“If I could change one thing about myself right now, I would like to go back to the way I used to be, when I was less ‘fake’, more natural, happier, and when making music was not just work,” he said ruefully.

“I think I’m getting a little too complacent and lazy as well. Everything is the same; there is no xin xian gan (freshness) in what I do. I’m just like a robot now – I’ve lost the spark and enthusiasm for what I am doing, and it’s all become work to me. Sometimes I don’t enjoy it anymore,” he added.

WTF! How can he feel this way man... He's giving up so fast? He's so fast bored of being an artist already? We are all there to cheer for him and he sighs? - quote from mich.

Already feel disappointed enough, at the restaurant, waited ONE HOUR for the food to come... I was so hungry until i was shivering... Why do you have to hurt me so bad? Today ain't a good day...

Went home, straight away went online... IH was at the sb... explaining abt it... Chilicandy opened a thread of words of encouragement... Read a few... came to Aunty Paris's post, i started crying... Read a few more.. I was too tired... I went and sleep... Doze off awhile, then can't sleep anymore... Can feel my heart beat so loud... Scary...

Woke up in the evening... went to sb again... everybody's mood was sstill down... Chatted with few pinkies at the sb... Aunty Sarah clear things up... She told me not to interpret it wrongly... It's not that Daniel is giving up, he's just tired of having a busy life like this. I cried again. Cannot tahan la... Went to the encouragement thread to leave a msg. Took me more than half an hour to compose the msg.. IH was at sb again... I guess he's there to cheer us up... Then Soursand came to my house to pick me up to MV Kim Gary...

Had dinner with Szen, Jam, Aunty Audrey and Soursand. Talked about PW mostly... Pity Szen, Jam was ejeking her the whole time. Saying she should join the aunties gang. Haha! Tried Aunty Melody's blueberry cheese tart, yummy!

Online again... surf until around 2am... Don't feel like sleeping... Chat with Soursand and Ostro regarding the article... Well, i guess Dan is really busy till he really needs a break... perhaps the article is hinting to Sony BMG and 8 Unit? Heaven knows... Perhaps he misses his family too much... Perhaps he feels like he has no life... no freedom... He prefers being the old Daniel, no worries, no work...

I better sleep... Got online chat with Daniel at Bluehyppo Cakap Je tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

M! The Opera...

Last sunday decided to be guai guai lui, go for breakfast with parents, grandparents and uncle. It's been a tradition every Sunday for my parents and grandparents to have breakfast at the same place, same time for the past few years... The whole week I went out the whole 7 days in a row, so today must teman them lah... Bought a few shirts at the morning market in OUG... Still itch to buy a big handbag but still can't find a nice and good one =(

At 2pm, fetched Anjanna and Ching Yee and went Istana Budaya to watch 'M! The Opera', a local production. Wah, not bad, i didn't get sesat on my way there...

It tells the story of M, a boy who is inspired by his elegant 'tukang jahit' mother into working with fabrics. His mother passed away giving birthday to his younger brother with a needle comes with him. So it is said that the needle and the boy should be separated because it is a curse. M's childhood friend, Sepi kept the needle for him. Following rigorous training in Japan, M becomes a legendary fashion designer with Sepi by his side.

The emergence of a young, outrageous designer - Kerabat, not only jeopardises M's positiion in the fashion world, but also threatens the love of his Muse - Sepi. Sepi console M when he's down, but M disappointed Sepi, and Sepi went to Kerabat and gave the needle to Kerabat. In the end, M proposed to Sepi and she agreed. On their wedding day, Kerabat hoped M would wear the clothes he sew for M, it was a curse and M died. In the end, everyone lose everything.

Honestly, to me, the story is quite complicated (because it's opera)... but i would give a rating of 7/10. It was okay, most of the parts understandable and I love their outfits!! So cool and nice!! Especially Sepi's wedding gown. From far, Sepi looks like Marion. Haha!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pretty Boy - M2M

I used to like this song super a lot... That time I had a crush on W... Suddenly feeling lonely on an April Fool's Day evening... Suddenly thought of this song... What's the feeling of liking someone? I don't know... I don't feel anything anymore...

I lie awake at night
See things in black and white
I've only got you inside my mind
You know you have made me blind

Verse 2
I lie awake and pray
That you will look my way
I have all this longing in my heart
I knew it right from the start

Oh my pretty pretty boy
I love you
Like I never ever loved no one before you
Pretty pretty boy of mine
Just tell me you love me too
Oh my pretty pretty boy
I need you
Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
Let me inside
Make me stay right beside you

Verse 3
I used to write your name
And put it in a frame
And sometimes I think I hear you call
Right from my bedroom wall

Verse 4
You stay a little while
And touch me with your smile
And what can I say to make you mine
To reach out for you in time


Oh pretty boy
Say you love me too


We Could Be In Love

Find this song very nice... Sorry lah, no meaning behind this song fer me... Kekeke! Very nice!!!

Brad Kane & Lea Salonga

Be still my heart
Lately its mind is on its own
It would go far and wide
Just to be near you
Even the stars
Shine a bit bright
I've noticed
When your close to me
Still it remains a mystery

Anyone who's seen us
Knows whats going on between us
It doesn't take a genius
To read between the lines

And its not just wishful thinking
Oor only me whos dreaming
I know what these are symptoms of
We could be in love

I ask myself why
I sleep like a baby through the night
Maybe it helps to know
You'll be there tomorrow
Dont open my eyes (oOOooO)
I'll wake from the spell
I'm under makes me wonder how
(tell me how I could live without you now)

And what about the laughter
the happy ever after
like voices of sweet angels
are calling out our names

All my life i have dreamed of this but i could not see your face
Don't ask why to such distant stars can fall right into place

oh it doesnt take a genius to know what these are symptoms of..
we could be (oo oh)
we could be
we could be in love
could be in....
we could be in love....

無賴 – Mou Lai

This song is in my head every single day... Love it so much, although it has no meaning to me... Daniel also love it very much... Say that the tune will keep playing itself in everyone's head...

無賴 – Mou Lai
填詞/作曲:李峻一編曲:Ted Lo 監製:Gary Chan

我間中飲醉酒 很喜歡自由
Ngor gan zong yum jui zao han hei foon ji yao
常犯錯愛說謊 但總會內疚
Siong fan chor oi shuet fong dan zoong wui noi gao
遇過很多的損友 學到貪新厭舊
Yu guo han dor dik shuen yao hork dou tam sum yim gao
Yik him guo han dor nui yan

怕結婚只會守 三分鐘諾言
Pah git fun ji wui sao sam fun zung nok yin
曾話過要戒煙 但講了就算
Chang wah guo yiu gai yin dan guong liu zao shuin
夢與想丟低很遠 但對返工厭倦
Moong yu siong diu dai han yuin dan dui fan gong yim guin
Ji siu but wui da shuin

但是仍 唯獨妳愛我這廢人
Dan si yeng wai duk nei oi ngor jeh fai yan
Chut chor nei dou hung hui yan
Yin yi sui yik zou ji but wui hap chan
Pin pin nei yuin yi dang

為何還喜歡我 我這種無賴
Wai hor wan hei foon ngor ngor jeh zhong mou lai
Si wah lei chun wan si han wai dai
在座每位都將我踩 口碑有多壞
Joi jor mui wai dou jiong ngor cai hao bei yao dor wai
Dan nei yik wing yuin but kin guai

何必跟我 我這種無賴
Hor bit gan ngor ngor jeh zhong mou lai
Moot dai boon sang wan si han sat bai
但是你死都不變心 跟我笑著捱
Dan si nei sei dou but bin sum gan ngor siu ziok ngai
就算壞 我也不忍心 偷偷作怪
Zao shuin huai ngor ya but yan sum tao tao zhok guai

沒有根的野草 飄忽的命途
Moot yao gun dik yeh chou piu fut dik ming tou
誰像妳當我寶 什麼也做到
Sui ziong nei dong ngor bou sum moh ya zhou dou
舊愛數足一匹布 在這刻寫句號
Gao oi sou zuk yat pat bou zoi jeh hak seh goi hou
Zi siong gen lei zong lou

在地球 唯獨你愛我這廢人
Zoi dei kao wai duk nei oi ngor jeh fai yan
Chut chor nei dou hang hui yan
Yin yi sui yik zou ji but wui hap chan
Pin pin nei yuin yi dang

Wai hor wan hei foon ngor ngor jeh zhong mou lai
Si wah lei chun wan si han wai dai
在座每位都將我踩 口碑有多壞
Joi jor mui wai dou jiong ngor cai hao bei yao dor wai
Dan nei yik wing yuin but kin guai

Hor bit gan ngor ngor jeh zhong mou lai
Moot dai boon sang wan si han sat bai
但是你死都不變心 跟我笑著捱
Dan si nei sei dou but bin sum gan ngor siu ziok ngai
Zao shuin huai ngor ya but yan sum

還喜歡我 我這種無賴
Wan hei foon ngor ngor jeh zhong mou lai
Si wah lei chun wan si han wai dai
在座每位都將我踩 口碑有多壞
Joi jor mui wai dou jiong ngor cai hao bei yao dor wai
Dan nei yik wing yuin but kin guai 

何必跟我 我這種無賴
Hor bit gan ngor ngor jeh zhong mou lai
Moot dai boon sang wan si han sat bai
但是妳死都不變心 跟我拼命捱
Dan si nei sei dou but bin sum gan ngor ping ming ngai
換轉別個 也不忍心 偷偷作怪
Woon juin bit gor ya but yan sum tao tao zhok guai

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Genting again...

Today, I went to Genting again... 2nd trip within 7 days... Haha! This time i went with my ex-classmates CS, Ester, Fi, YT and SF. Met up with them at YT's house around 10.30am and went for breakfast at Danau Desa, makan fish head noodles...

Waited for Fi to finish class and come and join us. Was supposed to sit bus up, but in the end, to save time, CS decided to drive up. We left TD at 12pm sharp and reach Skyway at 1.10pm. Pity CS's car, too heavy dy, accelerate also cannot go up... Plus it was raining heavily... Sorry la, i know i fat! >.< During the journey we talked about people's STPM results, what we're doing, what are we planning to do and gossip...

Passed by Gohtong, suddenly think of the night we strolled along the road to eat tong sui and back... When reach Genting, saw a guy wearing the same jacket as EJ (the black one with the yellow word "Revolun" in front... Sigh, suddenly miss you guys!

Because it was raining, that's why we decided not to play the outdoor... Walked around and end up buying tickets to watch 'Lucky Number Slevin' at the Genting Cinema... =_=" Then we bought indoor theme park tickets. Played 4D motion master (It sucks! Quite lame), Bumper Car, Indoor Roller Coaster, Flying Coaster (new ride, whereby it's like roller coaster but you lie down horizontally on your stomach, standing on the steps for the seat) It's a 4 person by 4 person seat, so when it was me, CS and Ester's turn to go up, got problem, so we had to stand one side and wait for them to repair and trial run, they say we too heavy pulak =_=" (RM10 per ride)... Went to eat burger king and then go for the movie... Quite boring la the movie! Then, they went for the bumper car ride again while i stood outside and watch because my neck was very pain...

Then we went back down and went to CS's parent's bak kut teh stall for dinner... Thanks guys for everything!!! It's nice to hang out with you all!! Thanks CS for the bak kut teh dinner!!! So sad that SS couldn't join us... The 7 of us were the closest during secondary... and we still are!!! Cheers! =p

I love Patrick!!!

Went to Midvalley to have lunch with Chooi Suet and Yen Teng yesterday... And also to buy cards for two of our friends whose birthday just passed... Well, not JUST... anyway...

Had lunch in Domino's, they have this Cheese Bake Rice thingy just like Kim Gary... Then went to Memory Lane to buy cards... OMGGGG!!! I nearly melted seeing all the Patrick stuff!!! I'm so gonna buy all those stuff!!! But sadly some are quite costly!!! Oh, Patrick doggie (don't salah faham! I love Patrick the DOG!!) you're so cute!!! I lup you!!! I'm gonna collect Patrick soft toys from now on!!!

I want to buy:

- Patrick Bath Towel RM69.90

- Patrick Face Towel RM9.90

- Patrick Mug RM34.90 @ RM39.90 (Can't remember)

- Patrick Pillow (The head shape only) RM39.90

- Patrick car seat cover

- Patrick pencil case

- BIG BIG BIG Patrick soft toy RM200 plus (sniff sniff)

- Patrick, Patrick, Patrick and more PATRICK!!! =D

Everybody should be happy...

A very nice song... Cheerful... Happy... Can everybody stay happy forever? Heaven knows! =D

by: Alexia

You know what I'm saying?

It's so nice to be happy
Everybody should be happy
It's so nice to be happy

It's so nice to be happy
It's so nice to be happy
It's so nice to be happy

I wanna take you to my world to be happy
'Cause i can't live without your love
Yes you know

I've never needed anyone to be happy
But that's the way that things go wrong
Yes you know

I was afraid to open my eyes
Don't even know how many tears that I've cried
Now that i've found the love of my life
I don't get down down down down down

It's so nice to be happy
Everybody should be happy
It's so nice to be happy

I've never been in love before and I'm happy
'Cause you're the one I'm looking ofr
Yes you know

You bring the sunshine into my life
Your lips are burning and the feeling is right
I can't believe it's true that you're mine
Don't let me down down down down down

It's so nice to be happy
Everybody should be happy
It's so nice to be happy

I just pray
You'll never run away
Cca't wait another day
To hold you tight
To hold you tight

It's so nice to be happy
Everybody should be happy
It's so nice to be happy

It's so nice to be happy
It's so nice to be happy
It's so nice to be happy

Everybody should be happy