Monday, April 30, 2007


Wow, Friday night was at Izzi Pizza for Daniel's Ikon shooting. Well, not a film shooting of course. Just a fans gathering and the Astro Ria crew came and shoot on how Daniel interact with the fansi. He only stayed for like 1 hour plus cuz he has to rush to a recording. I did not expect much to happen. But it went pretty well. Something weird happened, but maybe I just imagined it. (SS-ing)

Yesterday went for an upcoming 8tv idol drama [SKY] premier at Cineleisure. 11am they had the autograph session. 5 main actors/actresses of the show came - John, Gary, Meisim, Ping Ping and Daniel. Got my book signed by them, only managed to get Daniel and Meisim to write my name on it. Hehe! So difficult to flip the pages to search for their pics to be signed by them. =_=" Samore have to sign 3 books. Then at 12pm we head to the cinema to watch the premier of the 1st episode with all the 988 and 8864 winners, fans and artists. Daniel had to rush to Klang for sound check so he didn't watch the premier. Haha, Daniel will be appearing as himself - Daniel in the drama. And he'll be acting as a feng shui master and private detective. Haha! Can you imagine? You'll die laughing seriously. Hell, it's a good production and it's a MUST-WATCH! So, stay tune to 8tv from this Sunday 6th May onwards, at 7.30pm. Must watch! Must watch! I love Meisim's acting so so so much! And I think i'll like John after watching this drama. =_="

I actually thought before that you might be there. But never think much about it. True enough, you appeared. Haha. Why must you let me see you? Sigh.

After the premier, saw PiggiEd and Ivy. Haha. They were going for a movie. We went for lunch at Kim Gary then walk the flea market for awhile and left to Teng's house. Played with Shung Shung. He's so adorable and smart. Sometimes, you can't imagine what will kids answer you when you ask them. Their answer will be so shocking. So innocently spoken. Then we left to Klang for the Super 50 party which Daniel, Kwok Fai, Z Chen, Stella Chung, Anthony Zhang and Aric Ho were involved. Erm, didn't really enjoy it thanks to some SAKAI people who CUT QUEUE and some annoying SAKAIs standing behind me. Urgh.

Then, went to Kepong Ka Ka bkt for supper. Yummy. Drank all the soup. Then followed Teng back to her house as my car was there. Then drove home. That ends my day. So tired. I slept until 3pm today. Parents went to Hatyai. Left me and bro at home only.

On the way home, Uncle Peter asked "What you feel before you started going for all these? And what do you gain from going for all these?" That got me thinking actually. Was I happy before this? Yes, of course I am. I'm happy with everything in my life. But after I started going for all these events, I met new friends, and I gain a lot of knowledge, happy moments and a lot more :) It's just a new hobby. Haha. People might say that 'this fella sure do all these to get attention from the celebs la' Well, say whatever you want, think whatever you want to think, but i'm sure those who knows me well will know why I do it. :)

Aunty Irene asked me to have birthday party. Should I? I really don't know.

Can you actually like a person that you don't know? You know he exists, but he doesn't know you exist though both of you talked before. You know his name but know nothing else about him. He don't know anything about you. It just got me wondering, because sometimes you hear stories about two person writing letters to each other, and A say she fell in love with B through the letters though they never met each other =_=". How can you actually fall in love with a person whom you never met before??


Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm so touched.

Been having lack of sleep for the whole week. Hehe, some are because I have no choice, some I don't feel like to. Hehe!

Anyway, just to share with you guys that, Daniel is collaborating with Danny in his coming album! Whooooopeeeee! I sort of guessed it few days ago, reading Danny's blog + Daniel's interview. Then it's true! It's on today's paper! Daniel really liked Danny's "Yin Wei You Ai" and will be doing a cover version of it in his 2nd album coming soon. And Danny will be featuring the rap part. Plus he's also a producer for the song in the album. Yahooooo! Gosh, so sweet of Daniel to invite Danny and to do a cover version of HIS song!! Wow. That's the most amazing news I've heard in this year. Miracles DO happen. My 2 fave idols are collaborating together! Gosh! *pengsan*

Daniel and Danny: Thank you so so so much. I can't wait to buy this album.

Do you know what's the best photo of the century? This is:

Credit to: China Press
love hugs love hugs love hugs love hugs love hugs
oNe HeArT.oNe LoVe.oNe FaMiLy

Went to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch with PiggiEd and Tau Foo. Hehe! Wanted to eat at Zen at first, but we saw another Jap restaurant next to Zen. Rupa-rupanya is under Zen as well, forgot it's name though =_=" But it caters more of sushis and 'fast-food'. Open kitchen concept in the center of the conveyor belt, menu is almost the same as Zen (except no set lunches and dinners). Portion of food is smaller and cheaper. Has a few private rooms. And they serves the best Choco Banana Nut Parfait! I tell you, if you eat and you don't think it's nice, I can potong!!!! apple for you to eat. :) The parfait is absolutely fantastically fantasticaciously fantastic! Choc ice cream + vanilla ice cream + corn flakes + choc sauce + oreo crumbs + banana + chopped nuts. Nyum nyummmmm! Will try another parfait (strawberry parfait) next time when I go there. Speaking of which, thanks to Edmund for tempting me there. I am now officially working part time at Zen. Starting next week. Well, I need money anyway. Better work some fats off and earn back some good old cash. Sigh, no more star chasing for me luu... Weekends sure i'll be working one. How to chase star like that? Danny... ='(

Friday, April 27, 2007

Right Decision

I'm suppose to be sleeping now, I have class at 9am tomorrow. But somehow, I don't feel like sleeping yet. Sometimes, it's so weird not to blog before I sleep. Not that i'm a daily blogger, but sometimes, you just want to blah out everything kept inside your heart before you sleep in peace (or perhaps piece? ;p)

There was a career fair going on today in college. Few big hospitality establishments were there such as Sodexho, Wynn Macau, Star Cruises, Secret Recipe, Ritz Carlton, HostE Solution, Feast Village, Maya, Traders, Marriott Singapore, Club Med etc. Went to college at 9.30am to have breakfast then attend a career talk by Wynn Macau. It's a new gaming hotel in Macau, and it's fantastic. 'sum si si' wanna go there for my internship this year end :p We submitted our resumes to a few companies. Hopefully will have good news :) Then we had lunch at Rouche, Douglas came and makan with us :) So long never see him, he didn't change much for the past 1 year plus :) and then went back for Sodexho's career talk at 2pm. It seriously got me thinking, if I were to work, I will have to start from scratch. I just can't imagine myself starting off as a supervisor or manager. =_="

I made the right decision not to go for it. If I went, I would have shown my black face the whole time. I'll be annoyed, irritated. I'm glad.

Looking at both of them, it makes me very eager to know what happened between them. I want to know, i want to feel, i want to understand. If only... if only... whatever. I hope it's not jealousy. Haha!

The Randoms #11
Don't you ever think that you're so powerful that you can change everything last minute. I don't really know the reason or story behind it. But I hope what I heard it's not true. If you think what people ALREADY planned is not important, please fck off and die slowly. So smart, do everything yourself lah you pig! I know I have no rights to say anything, and I'm nothing in your eyes. Still, don't act as if you're damn good ok. Bahh!

-where'd you go, i miss you so-
wo zhi neng tou tou xi huan ni :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I prayed...

Woah, gosh, been rushing like crazy, no time to even update my blog...
Went up to Genting for Ai Fm's 2nd Anniversary, supposingly I should be so excited to blog about it, but somehow I wasn't =_=" maybe because I was too tired to.

Nothing much happened seriously. We went up, we went for the show, we hunted for celebs and we came down. The show was quite nice actually. Funny. The screamings only started towards the end of the show. Artists involved are M-Girls, Yang Wei Han, Summer Grace, Nick Chung, Jasemaine, Eser, Anna, Yu Zhong and Danny! *love* and of course the ai fm DJs, and other sister radio stations djs. Got a surprise 'gift' for Danny... don't know if he's surprised, but hope he's happy with it :) That's the best I can do. We rushed to the post party venue after the show. Stood there and waited. Only manage to see YZ. Then only we know that the others are in the post party already =_=" We waited until they came out. And we tailed him. Until the hotel they're staying in. We stood at the lobby, waited. HT came down and asked "You all waiting for ___ ar? He left already la." =_=" Me, T, CY, ML cam-whore the whole night. Taking pics with the statue, mirror, stupid poses. Swt. Then we yum cha at the cafe nearby. Thinking that he will leave soon. YR was shivering so I decided not to wait anymore and walked towards our hotel. We went down the escalator and we bumped into them. =_=" They didn't see us of course. He was with his friends. Wearing that baggy sweater, macamlah people will not recognize him when he wear until so the obvious. Memang sakai.

D'One Fansi

We're suppose to act the LC look... but I'm already laughing.

5,4,3,2,1... kawaii nehhh (*vomits*)

One of my fave pic. (Me + Teng)

The four Sakais. Standing in the cold.

A hot frothy cup of Hot Choc. Yummeh. (Not mine though =_=")

Another nice pic. (Teng, why all the pics I take with you so nice one? Wakakakak!)

I came back from Genting, slept from 5pm to 3am the next morning. 4 smses came in also I didn't hear =_=" Studied for 2 hours (got exam =_=") and went back to sleep again at 6am and woke up only at 9.30am. Yes, I know I'm a cochon. I admit. Though I'm not born in the year of cochon.

Nothing to blog about my weekdays. Busy doing plannings and worrying about this Friday. Finished my novel. Craving to cook. Doing projects. Updating my CV. (Gosh, in a year's time I have to work already.) I have a chance to go Brunei for some reason. :) Good experience, good pay. But the probability of me going is 1/200. Because we were the last to know. =_="

I seriously envy them. They made me realize the meaning of TRUE FRIENDSHIP. Everlasting friendship. It's so nice to see all of them so close to each other. Backing each other up. Caring for each other. Missing each other. Laughing and having fun with each other. Going places together. Sharing stories with each other even though all are at different places, busy with their own work. Reading their blogs seriously makes me laugh. One thing, I can see that he's really happy when he's with them. :)

Dear God, I prayed for true friendship yesterday, and You gave me a big argument today.
Is this how you test the strength of our relationship?
I prayed for things to run smoothly, and You gave me conflicts today.
Is this the way you want to tell me that you have to work hard to make things run smoothly?

I really feel so sad today. I nearly cried in class. It was just a small matter. I can feel my anger shooting up but I controlled myself. This is the first time I felt the anger in myself. Why must all of you make it into a big issue? We're all aiming at the same purpose, but no, things have to go the other way round. I just want everybody to be happy. Is that wrong? Tell me! Is that wrong? Why can't we just put aside our differences and work together? Why can't all of us be tolerant against each other? Any problems, we can always work things out. No matter what, I will find a way to settle it. Is that wrong??? Tell me! Is that wrong? Just tell me why the heck must things end up so seriously? We're all old enough to think properly. Can't we just calm down and do things together? I really hope things can be as usual. Fionaaaaaaa, if only you're here... Sob sob. I really don't know how to handle these type of situations. I can tahan, I can be very patient, I can say nothing and just keep quiet. But don't ask me how to solve it. I tried to light things up. I just want all of us to be together happy happily for the rest of the year. Can we? I really hope so.

Craving for Cheras steamboat, craving for kim gary, craving for murni's ribena special, craving for ferrero rocher chocolate, craving for so many things...

Arghh... what a bad day.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Least expected :)

Why is it that when we have nothing to do, time passes by so slowly.
When we have tonnes of things to do, we got no time.
Pan nai oh, everything do last minute.

Had a very relaxing class today. 4 hours of Autocad. I enjoyed doing it.
Mr. Wong gave us a diagram and we're suppose to draw it out accordingly. Somehow I like doing all these stuff. Sure lah, just 'copy' only. No need to use brain. Had lunch with Mr. Wong and Chef Chong. Haha. It's so funny to see the lecturers behaving like small kid, joking and gossiping about each other. I thought I was late to meet Kuan, so I send her a msg saying I'll be late. End up I made a mistake. She said I'm suppose to meet her on tomorrow. Have to talk to my friends, have to answer Kuan's calls. Wah, pening aku. I seemed to lose focus at that moment. Don't know why, I just feel very blur. This sakai Edmund tell Chef Chong and Chef Patrick I got bf =_=" Both of them keep asking me questions. Ishh... Sakai Edmund. You watch out!

After lunch, head to Sg Wang to jalan jalan. I parked at BTS and walk over. It's funny how you can get to meet people when you least expected to meet them. When I was at BTS's ground floor, I walked past Danny. Haha. Not the singer Danny. My primary school classmate - Wai Hong. Didn't say hie, but I looked at him he looked at me. And juz now on MSN he msg me 'if i'm not mistaken i saw u in bts rite?' haha. It has been soooooooo long since we met each other. Since Form 3 in Kasturi.

Then, I walked across the bridge to the Low Yat side. Walking at the shortcut to Sg Wang, I saw a familiar car. Was wondering how come this car will be here at that time. Looked inside and he was inside. Gosh. Of all people.

After that, when I was on my way back from Sg Wang to BTS, I met Fly and Wen Hsin and another schoolmate which I don't know her name. They were there to conduct surveys for our marketing class. Haha. We met in the morning and then we meet again in BTS. Kekeke.

Few days ago, I told myself, not to expect too much from my own surrounding. Because things tend to NOT happen when you expect it to happen. Then, I've tried to have no expectation on what's gonna happen. The outcome was good. Somehow, I seemed to receive a few unexpected smses, a few unexpected calls, and met a few unexpected people. :)

Mum just came back from Kuching. And guess what she bought.

FERRERO ROCHER CHOCS!!! 4 boxes of 30's!

Oooooh... la la......

Is this yummy or what? My parents knows I lurveeeeee Ferrero Rochers. (Well, who doesn't?) Usually my dad will buy a box of 16's during CNY. And you can see my face lit up like a lamp when I saw it. Imagine now there's 4 boxes of 30's. My face is like a spotlight. Wakakakka!

Gosh, just look at the box. I tak sampai hati to eat laaa....
I know what you guys are going to answer me... "You tak sampai hati, i help you eat lah". Shoo! Go away! Don't you ever dare to touch it!

A ferrero a day keeps the doctor away. =)

CY said wu chun's blog, each posting has more than 10000 comments. Wahahahaha, that's so chunted right? Ho ho ho. I want 10 also don't have ar... (Eh, you who he who oh? sakai) kekekekeke!

Will be going to Genting for Ai FM's anniversary later. Whoopee! Perhaps my last event to see him. Excited. Nervous. I better go get some sleep. Good night!!! I'll be back on Sunday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Been really interested in taking pics of the sky recently. Especially like this first pic below with the sunlight beaming out.

Where is my sunshine?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blur blur.

It's 3am in the morning. Can't sleep because I'm still doing my assignment.
But I just can't focus on it. That's why I'm blogging here.
My mind keeps drifting away. I keep reading other people's blogs. Reading them over and over again. Visiting the same websites again and again.

Better continue my work now.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Girl's Night Out

Received an SMS from YT "Can all 7 of us meet up this week? No excuse! Die die also must come out. Give me your time table so I can plan a suitable time." (It's not her real words lah, I deleted her sms dee, so I exagerate a bit heehee.) The 7 of us has been good friends since Form 1. Well, to be exact, 7 of us are all from Kuen Cheng, some in KC1, some in KC2. I've known Ester and Fiona since Standard 1. If I'm not mistaken, I already know YT since kindergarten. Anywayz, the few of us were in the same class in Form 1, and got along very well. Doing stupid things together, living a really relaxing (compared to now lah) life in our secondary school life. Laughing and crying over boys, friendship, work. We even write letters to each other even though we see each other in school! Haha.

Ok. Cut the crap. So we (me, CS, YT, SS, Ester, SF and Fiona) decided to meet up on Wednesday. 6PM, CS came and fetch me and we gather at YT's house cuz her house is the biggest. Kakaka. Of course not. It's already a habit we gather at her house. She came back from London for holidays. That's why everytime when she comes back, we meet up. I was so glad, because even SF, who stays in UPM hostel, also came. Ester was late, until we called her and she say she got no transport. =_=" Zha dou. So we went and fetch her and off we went to Chulan Square. Didn't know what to eat at first. So we decide to go there then we decide. Since we're quite fond of eating western, so we decided to dine at:

Gaucho Grill @ Chulan Square

The environment of the place is nice. Cozy. But the price is... a bit expensive. And the service... dot dot dot... no comment. You got see waitress when they set the cutleries for you, they don't put it nicely but THROW on the table or not? Never see before leh? Maybe they look down on us lah. Thinking we can't afford the food there. The food is good. I like their burger and pasta. Each main course comes with free salad (and it's self-service take-your-own salad). And being a typical KiAm SiAp MALAYSIAN, of course I take full pile la! Heehee. Pai seh neh. We ordered 4 main course, so we have 4 plates of salads. The potato salad is nice! And french beans with smoked salmon! *drooling*

Our appetizer.

Clockwise: Burger, chips and jagung for that long-stick-kebab-thingy, long-stick-kebab-thingy (it's a set for two), pasta marinara

And when the waiter prepares the kebab thingy on to a plate, it's like this:

2 people how to finish??? Crazy. In there got 1 small lobster (but not fresh =_="), steak, ribs, chips, mussels, 1 sausage, bacons, corn, capsicums.

7 of us share these 3 dishes. Eat until so full. Came up to about RM40 per person. Then we took some photos, and head to our second destination.

Sky Bar @ Trader's Hotel

Vroom vroom vroom. Head to 33rd floor of Trader's Hotel where the Sky Bar is located. It has a swimming pool in the middle and seats around the swimming pool.

It has those tatami seats near the window (as seen on the right hand side of the pic) where u can see the KL sceneries clearly. Can see KLCC. Can even see Genting if it's not cloudy. At first we were sitting at those high stools table. But seeing that the tatami seats are nicer, we requested to sit nearby the window. A mistake =_=" It's so freaking hot there!

Lesson #1: Not everything that seems nice is nice. There's pros and cons in everything. =_="

Nvm, tahan aje lah. Each of us ordered a drink. Long Island Ice Tea, Lychee Martini, Fruit Martini, Planters Punch, White Russian, Mojito. Yay, I tried all. But prefer my own Mojito. But a bit too sweet lah. Takde 'oomph'.

My drink - Mojito (a muddled cocktail with mint leaves, rum, sugar, lime and soda)

It's so nice sitting down there... chit chatting. Listening to each others' stories. CS said Luna Bar is nicer. One day shall go there. Kakakaka.

I think we'd gone crazy. Snapping photos everywhere. In the lift, in the restaurant, in the toilet, in the car, in the bar. =_=" But it's fun. Kekeke. Can't wait to get those pics from SS and YT. Then we had to leave to send SF back to her hostel before the gate closes at 12am. Haha. I didn't know UPM is so big. I thought only the grassland we saw from the highway is big. I didn't know it's SO HUGE. There are 17 hostels (if i'm not mistaken). And you have to sit bus from one faculty to another. I think it's even bigger than UM. And it's so clean! And there's plants everywhere. Very refreshing. Seems fun to stay there. Very campus feel.

That's all about my girls' night out. Thanks all of you for making the night so fun. =D Are we going out next week again? Haha.

Yesterday went to 1U to check out something. Left my house at 6.30pm. Looking at the jam at the toll near Eastin Hotel, i thought it will be faster if I use the other road to detour to Bandar Utama. I was hesitating at first. As I was rushing so I tried my luck. Mana tau, it was WORSE! I was stuck for 15 minutes just to reach the toll.

Lesson # 2: Trust your sixth sense. And not everything is what it seems to be.

My sickness got worst. I think I caught the rain. *humming the song 'wo zai lin yu zong.. da da da da'* Haha. LYZ's song 'In The Rain'. Now i'm having flu + soar throat. Aih, virus attack already. Wakakaka. Siapa pass the sickness to me? =p Ok, i'm going Crazy. I 'wrapped' some 'wantans' the whole night yesterday and the whole day today. Anyone wants to buy some?

The world is so small. How come everybody seems to be related to each other? Haha. Was 'surfing' friendster yesterday night and found a lot of familiar faces. And had a shock of my life when i found one. Haha, i'm not gonna say whose. But, find here find there also cannot find the one I want to find. So outdated meh? No friendster. =_=" But my lecturer so bad, he said: "I got a lot of friends, so I don't need friendster. Friendster is only for those who don't have friends." Sakai.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The word 'sakai'

Hmphh, no, this is not a posting to insult anybody or any ethnic groups...
Don't know why, I've been obsessed with the word 'sakai' for a couple of months now. Thanks to Amanda. =_=" Cuz she always scold in class 'ni shi sakai mah!!!' And now, I took over her word, and my saying goes like 'SAKAI AH!?!?!'

How obsessed am I? Look at my blog title, look at my sidebar. I wanted to change the 'comment' word to 'sakai' too but don't know how to do it.

Sakai Sevvy = SS = Syiok Sendiri

I even have my own sakai language! Which is the drawkcab egaugnal!! Woo hoo! Suddenly had the urge to talk like that. Maybe one day I'll blog a posting with sakai language :) Fun leh? Read until you nasgnep er!!!

I'm dreadfully tired. Slept late to do homework. Woke up early to listen to somebody's interview on radio. I'm sick. Headache, soar throat, cough. My eyes are like panda's eyes.

The Randoms #9
Have you ever wonder how saddening it is when you've been hurt by your closest friend(s)? However, it hurts even more when you realize that it is you that is hurting your closest friend(s). It was suppose to be just a joke, so stupid of me not to think of the consequences. I guess the things that I do, I did, I'm doing, I'm going to do, I will do all will hurt my friends. Sigh. I'm cursed.

The Randoms #10
- I want to go Kuala Selangor to see kelip-kelip.
- I want to go Cherating to watch sunrise/sunset.
- I want to perm my hair. Not the whole thing. Just the bottom part.
- I want to lose weight!
- I want to go holiday at Langkawi, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Switzerland!
- I want to eat eat-all-you-can buffet.
- I want to fill up my room with lots and lots of lavender.

# Not everything you want, is everything you need~ and not everything you want, that you can get it. Just crapping. Pls don't mind :) *rambling rambling rambling*

Credit to: Danny

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happening and exhausting weekend...

Fuhh, two weeks of holiday ended... so soon. But I had an exciting weekend.
Weekdays all I did was just stay at home and rot. Totally no mood to do anything at all. Well, holidays are meant to be HOLIDAYS right?

070407 Saturday

An exciting day! The day I've been looking towards to for the past 2 weeks. That is the 988 GCMC Live Musical Party!

12pm went for Eric's last promo in Sg Wang. Thought it was cancelled when I didn't see his event stated on the notice board. Then msged LJ and she said it was on 6th floor. So we went up to 6th floor and met IT and LT there. There was some hip hop dance competition going on but ending dee. Eric didn't came until 3.45pm. Played some games with the fans, and he sang 2 songs - Qing Ge 2007 & Ai Qing Chu Xue Zhe. It was his last promo. He left for Beijing yesterday for 3 months. All the best Eric. We'll be missing you here everyday.

Then we rushed to Sunway Surf Beach. Luckily manage to reach on time :) As we are going under fans club, so we don't have to queue. IT went and change so I had to be 'part-time in charge' to wait for other D-One fans to come. Haha, end up I was 'in charge' to be the end of the fans zone queue. Haha, but I enjoyed being the last. Kakakaka... *hint hint* And I realize 988 people are very nice :)

And, hell i definitely enjoyed myself the whole night. Danny One, Evan Yo, Dylan Kuok, Sam Li Sheng Jie, Janice, Sing Shi Xing Hui, Ah Niu, Charles Ying Cheong Yau. Danny dance! Danny dance! So cute :) All chun-ted artists, plus funny DJs, how not to enjoy myself? Eric also went for the show. And saw other DJs like Ah Luke, Sam, Ah Nic. I enjoyed Danny's and Sam's performances the most :)

After the event finished we went to KG for 'dinner cum supper'. Listened to Ah Nic's program. Kesian him have to leave halfway towards the party to go back to 988 to host his night show. He called up Ah May at the post party and interviewed Evan Yo. Evan praised Danny! Woo hoo. And they exchanged msn! Arghh! I want!!! I want D's, not E's. Kakakaka! But Evan said when he saw D's photos before meeting him in person, Evan wanted to punch D (cuz the LC face lah! =_=") Haha!

The Randoms #7
I can't believe there's people still so sakai. I'm sure she scored A in her moral that's why she's so tak bermoral. One: never lock the toilet door (Note: the lock IS functioning) Two: never flush (Note again: she's having her AV) Chow turtle! Know how to write the word 'MALU' or not? See your face so pretty, your body so chun, tapi otak eelek! Kcuf!

The Randoms #8
Ever getting crazy over somebody for a period of time and then totally forget about that person few days later? Hahaha.

080407 Sunday

Malacca here we comeeeeeee! Left at 11am to Malacca. Reached there about 1. Went and put petrol. When we leaving the petrol station we saw this white van with KL number plate 2 cars behind us. Was suspecting if it's D's van. They passed us by. AA said no but I think it was. Anyway, don't care. We head to eat the chicken rice ball! Woo hoo! Saw HR & family outside when I was in the shop. But he didn't see me of cuz.

2pm left the shop and went to the mall. Looked for parking for 15 minutes! Sooooo many cars! Finally manage to get a parking cuz SL went down and ask the guy where's his car. Haha! I wouldn't even dare to do so. Walked to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall (Just opposite Mahkota Parade). Saw the white van we saw on the road juz now. We were right! It WAS their van. Saw someone inside the van. Haha! D was alone in the van. AA knocked and he looked up. And was shocked to see us. I laughed looking at his funny expression. We walked in and waved at J, APU and HT. Went toilet and then wait for the show to start.

Michael was the emcee. He was erm... ok lah... need to brush up his tone and hyping up the crowd :) (As if i'm a profeh emcee konon =_=") The mall is huge. Erm, the crowd was so so only la. :( Danny came out. Sang Love & Freedom & Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor. As usual, he crack up jokes to hype up the crowd. Then it was games time. (Not trying to boast here ya. Just sharing my happiness with you guys :) Yes, I'm really happy.

D: You all came all the way here. Send a representative. Eve Lynn come! Eve Lynn! come lah!
Me: Dowan!!!
D: Come lah...
(Fine... )
D: (On stage) *in chinese* What's your name, Eve Lynn?
Me: =_="
D: What's your name, Eve Lynn?
Me: Err, Eve Lynn.

(He mentioned my name 4 times! 4 times u know! *pengsan* =D) You say swt or not??? 5 of us on stage. We had to sing a small part of any of his songs.

D: You can sing any song as long as it's my songs. Don't sing Gary ah, Zhang Tung Liang ah... (Talking to me) Don't sing ******'s song ah.
Me: (Sorry all Danny's fans) *Lightly push him* Then I want to sing 'Yi Ran Shi Peng You'.
D: Err, Yu Heng's song also cannot sing.

Haha, of course I know la. So I sang Ai Qing Wei Ji. Track 6 in his Danny 2.0 album. Very nice one oh! My fave song in the album.

When giving the prize (the only one remix EP) -

D: *Telling all 5* This one you go home must listen, must memorize oh. SPM will come out one. This one UPSR will come out one. SPM will come out one.
(When my turn)
Me: Me leh?
D: You ah... err... this one college will come out one.

Ishhhhh... kena char dou man... But he's really cheeky lah. I love him for this bit :) Stay cool my fren :)

That's all. Didn't go to batu pahat. Wanted to... but couldn't =P

College started today. Dreading to go. But it was okay today. I had fun in class today. SS found something interesting. And it really surprised me honestly. Haha.

*Waiting for the miracles to happen*

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Randoms...

Nah, this is not a posting regarding the local band 'The Randoms'.
Just my random thoughts these few days.

The Randoms #1
Ever heard those on air dedications whereby one party says 'although we're not together anymore, i'll still love you and waiting for you forever'?
Will you love a person for eternity? Well, we won't know what will happen in the future, but I never ever believe that one will still love his/her ex forever. I'm sure months later, or years later he/she will end up with some other girl/guy.

The Randoms #2
Again, heard on the radio about 'one leg step two boats' (being in two relationships [or more] at one time). Of course, I definitely look down upon those guys or girls who are in this situation. But I thought about it before, if it ever happen to me, (i'm saying IF la. But as if it will ever. One sampan also don't have samore want two boats) I will not know what to do also. I might end up being in two relationships as well. Oopz. Because you might like two person at a time. Or perhaps you don't want to break their hearts. Haha, wokay, I'm definitely crapping.

The Randoms #3
Recently I'm getting more and more interested in learning a lot of things. Guitar, piano, flute, yoga, baking, cooking, language etc. But everything involves $$$. I've been spending a lot. Spending when I'm not even earning. Gosh. I'm looking for guitar tabs for chinese pop songs online. Anyone knows any sites?

The Randoms #4
Yesterday, the 1957831047th person told me that I look very matured. Yes, look matured = look OLD. She said it's weird to see me putting black nail polish. Ish. Would you rather be born with a matured look? Or would you rather be old and have a baby face?

The Randoms #5
Quoting Gary Chaw's quote: Do you want to be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things? Or do you want to be an extraordinary person doing ordinary things? For me, I will want to be an ordinary person doing ordinary things. Because being an ordinary person, the limelight, the pressure and the focus is not on you. And you will only be attention-catching when you DO the extraordinary things. But, if you're extraordinary, every second the focus is on you. Pressuring isn't it?

The Randoms #6
I hope I have the power to know what people are thinking. I wish I can know what's on their minds. People are so fickle minded, so emotional, and they think a lot about nonsense nowadays. If only I can know what's going thru their brain.

Well, can't think of anything else randomly at this time. These are what crossed my mind for the past few weeks.

-you can't satisfy everybody all the time-

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I didn't want to blog today one at first...
but due to SOME things, I desperately need to voice out my anger. I just can't stand keeping it inside of me.
Since young, I never liked people saying me about what I'm not, what I did not do. Blaming me for no reason at all. I just don't know why, I'll get very angry and very sad. People say I should choose to forgive and forget. I might forgive but I WON'T FORGET. Geram. SO STOP BLAMING ME FOR NO REASON AT ALL!

Went and see Evan Yo at Selayang Mall today. Arghh, kena electric shot already. His smile and his eye contact can kill you. He's sooo interactive with his fans. Whenever the song lyrics has the word ni (you), he'll point to everybody. From left to right. Up to down. And when I went up to let him sign, first he look up and smiled and said HIE, then he sign, then he took out his hand to shake hand and smiled and say 'xie xie!' Argh, so cute la he.

CY, T and ML went Malacca but I attended my friend Marianne's birthday party. It's good to see all of them again. Though some of them didn't come such as Kathleen, Ria etc. This morning I really missed the times we spent together in school. The things we did together. The fun we shared. I missed backwood and scouting the most. Haha. SQ said we must plan a trip to Redang. Yes, I'm so looking forward to it. But who plan?

Have you ever experienced an instant moment where everybody who's with you are feeling the same? I experienced it a few times. Few days back I was having dinner with my family, and I felt that I wasn't enjoying the dinner, and I felt that my family weren't enjoying as well. Haha. At that moment, I know we all felt it. Whatever is going through everyone's mind is the same thing. But all I know is, I'm not happy. Told ya I can turn moody immediately.

11pm just now was Danny as guest DJ at Nic's program on 988. I sent in 3 smses, called in hundred times, manage to call through but no one answer. And the worst, I called in, I got through, Ah Nic answered my phone but he couldn't hear me. Kcuf. 2 times! IT HAPPENED TO ME TWICE! Once was yesterday, when I used CY's handphone to call, same thing happened. And then just now again. And Sar experienced it last time. My fault? Or their fault? I guess I'm just bad luck. But other people call in is ok. Damn. And, there was this stupid girl who called in, her name is Tracy. MENSIASUIKAN other people's name who's also tracy. I don't give a damn if she's reading my blog or whatever. 1st, she called in and say that other people's singing sucks. 2nd, she thinks she's damn smart, studying BIO CHEM, saying that 'I think I'm good enough, no need to study this (Tamadun Islam).' and 'this is too easy, never teach in college' WTF! I'm sure you've studied BEFORE in school in history classes, and since you're so smart, answer it la. And 3rd, stop COMPARING DANNY AND DANIEL ok! 4th, I don't care you're pretty or whatsoever, with your attitude like that, I doubt you are. And you're complaining Daniel is too short? What, for you? Not that Daniel will choose you anyway. And, Danny also won't choose you lah. Make sure I don't see you tomorrow. NGO PEI SI LEI AH! Geram x 10000000000.

You can say that I'm being too straight or whatever. I guess I'll never be up to who they are. They've been there for him since 3 years ago. Me? Not worth a single cent. Yes, I admit I'm jealous. They'll always be the no.1 fans. He will always love them very much. Well, don't care lah. Just support him like a normal fan. Don't expect too much.

-A true friendship will last forever-