Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Seeing Daniel the 2nd time...

Well, i got to go to the MI show for the 2nd time as i won 2 tickets from the Malaysian Idol website. My friend, Chooi Suet also won a pair of tickets, so me, Ester, Ching Yee and Chooi Suet went for it. The theme for last week's soectacular was Rock. The top 6 left was Daniel, Ash, Faizull, Adam, Farah and Nita.

We reach the Plaza Alam Sentral at 8pm, by that time, the queue to the studio was quite long already... luckily Shermayne, a Daniel fan me and Ching Yee met the previous show came early and we 'potong queue', when we got into the studio, so happened that the crew ask the six of us to sit right next to the stage!! So lucky!!! Erm, Ash performed a U2 song, Nita performed Evanesence and Daniel performed The Rasmus!!! Haha, what a surprise... But he did it quite well!! He was loud enough to be heard and he did not mumble to the song! He improved!!! The guest judge for that night was Jeff Timmons from 98 degrees!!! We nearly got to go backstage to see Jeff after the show! Then Vick and Xerra came as well...

After the show got to take pic with Farah, Daniel, Jeff, Mr Izham!!! Argh, soooooo happy!!! Daniel is just too cute to be true!!! How i wish he is my boyfriend!!!!!!!! Daniel, i love you!!!!!!!
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Enjoyed myself a lot on that day... even in the morning also i had a fun time working in the kitchen... well, it was Wen Wah's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEN WAH! And to Ching Yee, Chooi Suet, and Ester thanks for being there! And to Daniel, I wuv you!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Feelin' Lucky

Hmm, three days ago, when i was about to sleep, suddenly my emotion drained over me, and made me cry... Man, it was the est cry ever... You must be thinking, what the heck, this girl suddenly cry... Well, maybe it's because of the death of my friend's father. He was a nice guy, very kind and funny. Always fetch me home when i have no transport last time. Aihz, why must nice people don't deserve to live longer? While those robbers and murderers still wander around... Why? Why?

Today i felt very lucky... Hehe, my 1st law assessment results came back, and erm, it's quite good la actually... Then i won 2 passes to Malaysian Idol Spectacular 5, and my good friend Chooi Suet also won 2! Haha, so fun, i get to go with my good friends, and Ching Yee also was allowed to go! Hehe! Besides that, our class was asked to help out in a VIP function for the Education Minister tomorrow... It's a good opportunity to learn!

Maybe because of being emo that day, i realized that life is a very wonderful thing, and i feel very lucky because i'm a part of it. I'm lucky to have so many friends and family, i'm lucky to have a shelter, good food, education etc.. i'm also very lucky to own a mobile phone, a computer to online... Furthermore, i'm lucky to be living in this world... imagine tomorrow you're going to die... You can't see your friends and family anymore, you can't feel them or touch them, you can't hear their laughter anymore, can't give them hugs anymore... Hmm, that's why these few days i'm trying to make myself more a happy-go-lucky girl... It's so good to hear my friend's laughter, sharing jokes to them... Nowadays i try to have as much fun as possible with everyone, spending more time with my family... How you know if one day i just 'disappear' from this world? Hehe, so, to all my friends and family, live life to the fullest, spend more time with your loved ones... You might not know what is going to happen next...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Like vs Love

Just received this forwarded email from my friend, Joann... very well said... People always try to find the right defition for like and love... What is like? What is love? What's the difference between them? How do you know it's love when you don't know what is like? There's no accurate definition for like and love, the answer depends on what you think about it? Is love a great thing that everybody must have? Or it is a curse put on every one of us? To shed tears, to endure pain, to sacrifice? You will see this poem in my friend, Joann's blog as well... Here, i translated it in English... Hope you enjoy it...

喜 欢一个人,在 一起的时候 永远是快乐
Being together with the one you like, it will be happy forever
爱一个人, 你会常常流 泪
Being together with the one you love, you will always cry
喜 欢一个人, 当 你们好久 不 见, 你会突 然想 起 他
When you like someone, you will suddenly think of him after not meeting for a long time
爱一个人, 你会天天 想 着 他
When you LOVE someone, you will think of him every single day
喜欢一个人, 当你 想起 他, 你会 微微 一 笑
If you like someone, when you think of him, you will just smile
爱一个人, 当 你 想 起 他, 你 会对 着 天空 发呆
If you love someone, when you think of him, you will be staring into the sky and day dream
喜欢一个人, 你会 想 他 有 了 孩子, 你 一定 会 喜欢
When you like someone, even though he have his own kids, you won't mind
爱 一个人, 会有一天, 你 突然 很 好 奇, 将来 我 们的 孩子 会是 什么 样子?
When you love someone, one day, you will start wondering, how our kids would be like in the future?
喜欢一个人 就是 希 望 大家 都 开心
If you like someone, you hope that both of you are happy
爱一个人 希望 他 会 开心
If you love someone, you hope that he will be happy, with or without you
喜欢一个人, 你要 的 只是 今天
If you like someone, all you want is TODAY
爱一个人, 你 期望 的 是 永 远
If you love someone, what you hope for is ETERNITY
喜欢 一个人, 在 一起 的 时候 会 很 开心
When you like someone, you will be happy when you're together with him/her
爱一个人, 在 一起 的 时候, 会 莫名 的 失落
When you love someone, you will suddenly feel depressed when you're together with him/her
喜欢一个人, 你 不会 想 到 你们 的 将来
When you like someone, you will not think about the future for the both of you
爱一个人, 你们 常常 在 一起 瞳 憬 明天
But when you love someone, the both of you will eager for the coming of tomorrow

Love is a wonderful thing... enjoy... =p

Malaysian Idol - Daniel

Isn't this picture wonderful... as in, don't look at that fat ugly girl, just look at the one in yellow!!! Oh my gosh, he is just so good looking and musically talented!!! I'm seriously in love with him... I took this pic yesterday at sri pentas 2 shah alam after the malaysian idol result show, shockingly result announced that Xerra voted out.. well, thanks to the fans la, they thought other people will vote for her so they did not vote. After the show me and my friend, Ching Yee took pics with Paul Moss, Jien, wanted to take with Daniel but he was rushing for a press conference. Anyway, waited for the idols until 11.30pm, was about to leave when they came out, mesmerized by daniel's look! Bunch of fans were getting autograph from him and a family who are very active in the bluehyppo forum were talking to him, it seems that the 3 year old daughter in the family likes daniel very much, and he's so nice, keep talking to the small girl, i also want to be a small girl!!! Sob sob!!! Me and my friend were like two pathetic chickens who have no guts to go up to him and ask him to take picture with us... but finally we did... and ching's face was as red as a tomato... haha shy shy! He's just too cute and too good looking la... his girlfriend is darn super duper fruper trooper lucky!!! Aiyah, u guys know the COO of 8tv, he's cute too! But he's married with kids... but he's like damn geng lor, to be the COO, samore i like his voice and the way he talks and the way he brings himself... respect...

But he's like so pityful, while waiting for the lift, all the other idols were chatting with their friends and families, but he kept quiet and stand there only... aihz, i'm sure he misses his parents a lot!!! Daniel, how i wish i could be your friend... aihz!!! Sob sob...

Then on the way driving home, me and ching were like high on drugs and 'day dreaming' about having daniel's email add and phone number, and stuff like that.. haha, ok ching, i told u i was gonna post up on the blog, she say she sounded like a dolphin on ecstasy... haha!!! Well, we had a great time there, met a couple of daniel fans as well... Well, that's all... i'm gonna go start day dreaming about daniel again, wish i could bump into him on the street and he would ask me for my phone number... haha, ok, au revoir!

Friday, August 19, 2005

~*#Random Thoughts#*~

I have no classes today, but i'm stuck at home doing my industrial training report... There's so much in my mind that i want to post up, so heck the report! It's just some thoughts in my mind that i need to blast it out, it's just all crappish stuff, don't bother reading if you don't want to...

Thought #1: Time Management

3 days ago, i cooked dinner for my parents, my aunt and my grandparents... Wow, i started at 3pm but i only finished cooking at 8pm! I made a roast lamb, mashed potatoes, some vegetables, spaghetti ala carbonara and cheesecake... Gosh, this shows that my time management is damn bad, and what chef bala said was really true! Hehe! Must improve! He has been lecturing us about it for the past 3 weeks, and scaring us about our final exam, but seriously, i'm scared...

Thought #2: My Sayang

Aren't they adorable? No matter how sad, how stress or how angry you are, just look at them and you will just automatically smile... Haha, this is my baby cousin, Angeli... She's adopted from a Sarawakian family... My aunty say she took her name from the movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' - Anjali... It's such a beautiful name right? Well, i seriously don't understand how those mother or father can dump their babies away, and some even murder them... I mean, well, i know, maybe they have financial problems to earn a living for them, but, those babies are innocent! They are also a human being! Give them away for adoption also not that bad la, why must go leave them at the rubbish bin and die of starvation... so pityful! And it's so sad to hear that some babies are born with a disease or a hole in the heart, sigh... Let's pray for them, shall we? Anyway, she's really my sayang, i love her a lot, and she's really really cute and smart. Every week, i have to go and see her, if not, i will feel very uncomfortable... Ahh, my sayang, i love you!

Thought #3: In The Lift

Just imagine, you're waiting for the lift in the building you work in or you study in, the lift opened, and a lady/guy walk in first, stand in front of the lift buttons, and do nothing, and when you were walking into the lift, the lift was closing and the lady/guy standing in front of the buttons just stare at you and do nothing... HOW ANNOYING CAN THAT BE? It just annoys me so much that those people are really, really BRAINLESS! They're so scared that the lift will run away if they don't go in, so they rush to be the first person in the lift, and yet, they don't have BRAINS to hold the lift for other people to go in... PURE DUMB and USELESS! And then let's say everyone in the lift is going to the same floor, of course people with brains will press the OPEN button until everybody goes out then only he/she goes right? BUT NO, those PATHETIC people will be the first person out of the lift as if the lift will just break and fall if they don't go out... URGH!!! ANNOYING!!!

Thought #4: Disappointed

Well, seeing that i have a one-week term break in September, me and my friend Jason were talking about planning a trip for a bunch of 'monkeys' in our class to somewhere... At first, everyone was very excited about it, then one by one, all don't feel like going already... Ish... Nevermind la, maybe it's a curse, everytime it's like that... i am not capable of organizing anything... Hehe!

Thought #5: Everybody's Changing

Have you ever wanted your friend to change to be a better person and yes, they did change into a better person, and then you wished that they didn't change at all, because after they changed, they're not their usual self anymore? Haha, life's weird right? Maybe it's because they're not who you WANT them to be... you wanted them to be smart, caring, nice, understanding, but them, when they really do, you felt weird because last time they're not like that... Haha, funny... It's so wonderful to see people with different personalities can be best friends... I mean, friends are really important to every one of us... Imagine yourself not having any TRUE friends... Imagine yourself not invited for lunch with your friends, imagine yourself not invited to a party when everyone else was, imagine nobody want to group with you for a project... it's just so pityful!!! If i'm like that, i think i really will jump dowm from KLCC... I don't think i can ever live without a friend... That's why i always put myself into their shoe and imagine, if i were them, how would i feel... My friends once asked me 'why you macam never hate anybody one ar? You friend everyone and always help everyone..." Haha, well, of course mar, they need help takkan i don't help right? If really they do something wrong to me, then i'll be angry at them la haha!

Ok, enough of crapping already i guess... Mission completed! Argh, feel much better now...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Piece of advice

Well well well, a 3 day weekend but i'm stuck at home, doing my report! Urgh, what a good thing to do during weekends... Well, yesterday i went out for lunch with 3 of my best friends, Ching Yee, Anjanna and Ria, since all of them got no classes due to haze. Oh, by the way, the haze had cleared out already, and 'flew' to Penang instead. Hah! Oh, last Thursday during law class we learn about this 'neighbour principle' in the Negligence chapter saying that 'we should foresee that our actions or omissions should do no harm to our neighbour', well, thanks very much Indonesia, the haze doesn't harm us right? Hah, the haze just make people sick and faint and die right, isn't it harmful enough? So can we sue them for negligence? Oklar, it's just crap, sorry... Ok back to lunchie, we drove around in Danau (Taman Desa - my lovely neighbourhood) and decided to dine in Hao Wei Dao Restaurant (means Tasty Restaurant in english), well, they have some set lunches with free dessert going on, so i ordered Chicken Chop with Pineapple Rice, An ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise, Ching ordered American Breakfast (weird huh? Lunch time eat breakfast set, well... that's Ching Yee!) and Ria ordered Chicken Aglio Pasta. The service was DAMNNNNNNNN slow wei... we waited 1 hour for our food... anyway, i imagined mine as a piece of chicken with pineapple fried rice but it was a piece of flatten chicken chop (well i got it right) and white rice and chopped canned pineapples in a small sauce dish . Hmm, i'd give it a rating of 6/10, i wouldn't mind coming again, as the food taste not bad, just that they HAVE to improve their speed.

Then i went home to continue sitting in front of the computer and staring at the blank page of my project. Urgh, i just don't have the mood to do it! I don't know why but i seem to be very lazy since after my training in Putrajaya.

Then for dinner, which was suppose to be in Sri Neela (Taman desa Pasar Malam Night), we cancelled as we already went for lunch, so me and my parents went for dinner at Tengkat Tong Shin, behind Jalan Alor, a restaurant called 'El Cerdo'. It's a restaurant opened 1 month ago by a German chef serving mostly pork dishes...

Walk up a flight of stairs and Monica, one of the waitresses welcomed us into the restaurant. The place is air condition, moderately litted and there are about 12 dark brown wooden tables. The restaurant is decorated in yellow and orange and with various pictures of pigs all around. First Monica gave us the beverage menu and we ordered Rose Tea (it's actually Chinese Tea). But usually people will order wine because it goes really well with meat. Then mum ordered as she came before. First came an individual plate, very small portion of German sausage with marinated white radish and a basket of baguette, complimentary from the restaurant to stimulate our appetite. You can taste a bit of wine they use to marinate the sausages. Then came the appetizer platter we ordered, it has small portions of different appetizers from the a la carte menu: Seafood cocktail, cheese and ham salad, liver pate, pork in wine aspic, and one more is in some spanish name but it is 'chee yau char' (pig oil's sediment) Haha, heck with the name, i dunno what you call it! Yum yum! Maybe i was damn hungry, that's why everything taste wonderful to me. Then came the two main course which is the Grilled Pork Shouler Steak, and the Barbequed Pork Ribs. First bite on the steak, my gosh, it's so tender and nice! They come with side dishes like carrot and raisin salad, jacket potatoes, roasted tomato, red cabbage salad. The steak is a must try, but the ribs were too sweet and strong with wine taste, so i didn't really like it.

After finishing our main course, the head chef came out and sat down with us and chit chat for a while. My mum ask him to give me some advice being in the cuisine line, and the first thing he asked me was 'what do you want to be in the next 15 years?', i shrugged. Then he said that, if you want to be successful, you must make a decision on what you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years from now. Lock yourself inside the room, and think what you want to be. Don't care about what your mum or dad says, or what they want you to be, it's your life, you ownself choose your path. And parents OUGHT to support you in whatever you do. He also said that it's really hard work and tough working in the kitchen, but it's fun. He even asked me to work during weekends at his place. Then he said 2 things that makes me enjoy cooking even more! He said 'it's hard work, but it's fun, especially when you see the satisfaction on the guests' faces' and 'when it's tough, when i'm stressed, you know what i do? I cook.'

I really, really enjoy cooking, but i also know that working in the kitchen is tough, and it's tougher for a girl, so until now i don't know whether i should do management or not. Guess there's alot for me to improve on... even our lecturer in college said that our class lack of time management and he did not see any improvement since the first day he taught us. Sigh! Guess there's alot of thinking need to be done! Ok, gtg now, signing off... =Eve=

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hazy hazy day...

It's so hazy! This is a pic i took from my mom's room... i felt like i'm in Genting... can't even see the condo nearby... This morning i supposed to have class at 9am, when i woke up, i look out at my window and saw it's quite misty and no sun (you know usually when it's like 7am it's misty and the sky is pale white), then i thought it's still very early, still can sleep, tee hee, then i look at my clock, "WTH!!! 8.30am!!!'' i rushed to brush my teeth and get ready for class. Driving using the NPE (New Pantai Express), i felt like i'm driving in the mist, not knowing where am i heading to, and all of the sudden i might not know there's a cliff in front and i would just fall off the cliff.' It's so hazy, and it's bad, cuz it's making me moody and don't want to do anything. The Air Polution Index has reached 534 in Klang! It's hazardous!!! Schools are closed. Even just now when we're halfway through French class, Mr Terence, our co-curriculum lecturer came in and informed us to stop class and go home. Even the government has declared that offices should be closed.

This is what i took when i was driving home just now on the Federal Highway... my goodness you can't even see midvalley from so near it... 70% of the people everywhere are wearing masks now, wah, untung banyak weh sell mask now. Haha! But still, seeing the air so polluted now, you still see people smoking all, argh, , everyone just wish to stay in air-conditioned places now.

To everyone, the haze has reached a very bad condition where it will affect our health, especially the young ones and the elderly. So, drink more water, stay indoors and cut down on physical and outdoor activities...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

DH17 Food Promotion - American Cuisine (6 August 2005)

Phew!!! After what called tension and drastic preparation for about 3 weeks, finally our food promotion has come to an end. I'm glad though as it is over. In the first week of this term, we were given the theme for the food promotion and 26 of us in the kitchen specialization were asked to come up with a menu that goes with the theme - American cuisine. Ken Wee was elected as the 'exec chef' in charged and sadly, he chosen me as his assistant, while in the F&B side, Denise is the person in charge and Terence as assistant.

The kitchen side have to do from coming up with a menu, costing, fiche technique, to cooking and stewarding of course. But i feel that the FnB has much more to do compared to us. They have to set up the restaurant, the cutleries, crockeries, decoration, marketing, logistics, and programs for that day, etc... Phew!

Erm, i would give the performance of the kitchen students yesterday a rating of 7/10. The event was quite succesful as we have full house - 122 pax turned up, and Mr Kwong, our accounts and finance lecturer, surprised us by proposing to his girlfriend during the dinner! Well, about what happened during the proposal i'm not sure cuz i was in the kitchen all the time, didn't get to see what happened though (sigh!). But, i wonder how would it feel like when your boyfriend propose to you in front of so many people. Ok, back to the rating, why 7? Hmm, well the class is quite cooperative in preparing the dishes, (seeing that we have 1 and 1/2 hour break), but it was quite messy throughout the whole day. Some people don't know what to do, and we nearly ran out of food that Chef Bala had to cook a dish of stir fried beef with celery. Hah, and i was scolded by Chef Bala when making the lemon butter sauce... anyway... well, at least there's people doing stewarding, thank God... Everything turn out to be fine... Well, to all DH17 students, well done and thank you!

Monday, August 01, 2005

07 Seputih Scout Troop Campfire 2005 - Power Of The 7th Flame (SMK Desa Perdana)

Last Saturday(30th July 2005) was my secondary school's scout troop's 6th Annual Campfire (so called annual) dot dot... Since 2 years ago when i'm in Form Five, we failed to organize a campfire due to insufficient erm... sponsors and some other reasons, our campfire was called off... Till 2 years later which is now, they made it again! Congrats to all 7th Seputih scouts for making the campfire a success.

At 6.40pm, Chui Yen came to fetch me with her new Getz (for the first time i'm sitting her car, and i should be AMAZED and proud of her for she has a car, cuz erm... hehe... dowan to say la...) When we reach the school, we see quite a lot of scouts and guides already heading towards the entrance... This year, they made it in the tapak perhimpunan. The banner and bamboo gadgets welcomed us into the school while Ching Yee, Chui Yen and me were laughing and comparing them to those in the previous campfire in 2004. After we went in, we met up with the other seniors and friends: Shen Quang, Pak Tsung, Eng Jun, Kian Loong, Albert, Dinesh etc... This campfire gives me the chance to meet up with friends whom i seldom see since graduated from secondary school.

The cf was overall quite good, as the events were smoothly running and the people there are sporting and cooperative. They invited about 40 schools but only 14 schools turn up, but it was still good because the schools sent about 50 - 60 scouts and guides.. which is considered a lot in a campfire. The schools that came were Kwang Hua Klang, Connaught, Samad Klang, USJ, Sri Aman, Sri Sentosa, Taman Desa etc...

The emcees were Viknesh and Yin May, they did very well to keep the participants seated and made everything goes smoothly. There were dance performances by our juniors, one who name themselves "Flame Girls" as to suit our theme danced a song by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, another group danced to "Get Busy" by Sean Paul, fuiyoh, sexy dei... 5th PJ scouts were invited to perform an action sketch where one of the members jumped down from 2nd floor of our school building and climb up the flag post. There's also a sketch and band performance. It was the first time the band was performing and they did very well! They also did a couple of games like Love Tunnel and Feed Me...

Refreshments were burgers, mee hoon, nasi lemak, biscuits and mineral water (yummy!) all done by our canteen operator Aunty Molly... all the years she's the one handling the campfire's food. Thanks Aunty Molly!

The campfire ended at about 10.45pm, Ching Yee, Shen Quang, Pak Tsung, Dinesh and me stayed back clear up the benches and chairs, then at about 12 something we head home... Well, all i wanna say is i'm proud of being a part of the troop, and to all my juniors, i'm so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!