Friday, May 26, 2006

Life Sucks...

I'm just a kid, and life is a nightmare...

Ever heard this song from Simple Plan? Hehe, this is how i'm feeling right now... Had briefing in Zen until 2am yesterday... To discuss the exam paper... SS a bit, I was the top scorer among all part-timers and also most of the permanent staff... I got 81 marks... An advantage and also disadvantage... Advantage is 'look down on trainees samore lah! KNS!'... Disadvantage is that people keep mentioning about it and say 'you top scorer mar, u should know what... WTF!'

Went to work like a zombie... Not only me, everyone didn't have enough sleep. Received an sms from Aunty Jean.. What a surprise... It made me cry... I know i made the right decision... hope i won't regret it...

*A* is the permanent staff there... Start working aje he already say 'wah, top scorer worr'... Then at one time he was asking my friend Darren how many pax for a particular reservation, he answered 20 but i ter-heard 50 and i said 'FIFTY?!?'... *A* answered me 'Twenty lah! You still dreaming about your 81 marks izzit?' WTF man!!! I never even say anything! Get high also say, get low also say, f*ck la... Honestly speaking, the paper was quite easy... Very very basic menu knowledge...

Busy like hell la today... cuz not enough staff... Slept for a while during break time... SMS ML to go supper, mana tau she, zyna and cy already planning to meet up.. so go join them lor...

Came home, now online... So many things to do la... So fast, tomorrow is Daniel's Penang showcase, then PGRM dy... Time flies...

Friendship is like flowers... You have to water them, give fertilizer so that they will grow and remain beautiful... But as time goes by, maybe one flower will die and thinking you're ugly and unwanted anymore, you will pluck it out and throw it away...

LIFE SUCKS... Take care...

Monday, May 22, 2006

I want...

I want...
from HIM... It's been so long since i see him... Wonder how's he doing...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I need a break...



My off day again! Went Sg Wang to redeem tickets for the concert. Then, rush to Klang Parade. It was the 8tv turns two roadshow. Daniel was scheduled at 2.30pm and 5.30pm. John, Desiree, Vick were there too! He wore a white shirt, a black coat and khakis pants =_=" IMO, the pants doesn't match... upper part is formal, then doink, the pants so casual...

He sang XZHXJN & Heaven Knows during the 1st session. He passed the mike to Teng to sing XZHXJN but she too shy hhaha! Teng went on stage to give him a bouquet of flowers and hugged him. He smiled warmly and hugged her back... aww, so sweet! He asked whether we redeemed our tickets or not, and telling about his concert... Then, we walked around, go makan, played games... the 8 team people are so nice and fun! Jeff (Daniel's PA) also very nice la... He so funny! 2nd session he sang You Ji & Fei/Mimpi... Chunyiun & Meiling went on stage to give soft toys and hugged him, he hugged back!!! He came down a few times to shake hands with fans... Sadly i didn't get to... He asked 'can i come down?' haha, so cute! When we shout 'Pinkies Love You' he responded and gave flying kisses...

Then it was autograph session... Those who purchase any merchandises from any booths there can get John, Des, Vick and Daniel's autograph... I'm starting to like John and Des!!! They're so friendly and nice!!! Des offered me her hand shake samore!!! I lup you Des!!! John's smile is so nice!!! We stood at the side of the stage and shouted 'Jeff, pinkies love you!' His reply was sooooo cute! Daniel thought we called him, he waved and laughed (perasan! haha! =p) Aww, I'm really glad his interaction improved!

We stayed to take pinkies group pic then chit chat and took pic with the 8 team ppl... Why ar, i take pic with Jeff Timmons, Nicholas (988), the 8 team ppl they don't mind putting their hands on the shoulder, why Daniel never one? Ish, oops, i think i asked for too much!

Bought Ronald Cheng's CD today... Yippee, shall listen to it in my car tomorrow!!! Gtg sleep, super tired... Yesterday slept 3 hours only... NItez!!!

Chunyiun, Teng, Mei Ling, Zyna, Anderson, Jinz - Thanks for everything today! Luv u guys loads!!! Mwaks!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Poem for DFC

Wrote this couple of months back for the poem contest in dfc but wasn't able to finish it...

Datang jauh-jauh dari Changlun,
Mari ke KL demi pertandingan,
Mukanya macam anak Jepun,
Seorang yang pemalu tapi berkeyakinan.

Inggeris Cina Melayu semua dia tahu,
Makin hari nyanyian makin sedap,
Peralatan musik dimain selalu,
Semua tahu masa depannya tidak gelap.

September lalu dia masuk peringkat akhir,
Nyanyi tiga lagu termasuk “Mimpi”,
Daniel ucapkan ‘terima kasih’,
Dengan 68% vote mimpinya jadi realiti.

16 October DFC dibina,
Peminat-peminat dinamakan “Pinkies”,
Berkawan, bergurau dan bersenda,
Bergosip, berkongsi semuanya di sini.
Inilah dia alamat web
Shoutbox-lah tempat aunties chat,
DFC lah destinasi pertama bila ‘on the net’.

Lame right? Hehe... Wanted to continue on with all active pinkies' names one... But, brain juice all squeeze out pun takde apa apa idea keluar...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Patrick collection - Part 1

*Bought these yesterday... cute hor?

*Bought on 9th April in MV...

Still got some others in the car... shall snap them tomorrow... -to be continued- =p

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Full of surprises...

Was working like normal, feeling very sleepy during lunchtime, then a guy who works at the Sony Ericsson shop - VS Com came for lunch with his friends... He comes quite often, like twice a week... And i thought 'wah, sell phone also can be so rich to come so often' Halfway through their meal, his handphone rang, and guess what ringtone he's using? Daniel's XZHXJN!!! Hahah! (BC: I know it's all about Daniel, but it's really surprising mar to hear a guy using Daniel's song as ringtone)

I'm getting fatter and fatter! Had wan tan mee with 3 'water dogs' (sui gao) and 4 sticks of satays for supper last night... and this afternoon i ate the 3 pcs chicken dinner plate for lunch today... Wah seh! Fat fat fat!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MY FM 本月大牌:Justin 侧田(2006年5月)

2006间勇夺各大音乐颁奖典礼“最佳男新人”的侧田,创下香港只出一张专辑即闪电式踏上红馆举行个唱的纪录。上一张《Justin》的《好人》等一系列创作歌曲,令侧田的才华受到赞许,新专辑《No Protection》更证明和肯定这位唱作人的实力。

专辑内的12首歌当中,侧田就包办了7首半的创作(其中3首是与雷颂德合作),他确是一位很有天份的创作人,能运用自己的声线把音乐带动得更具变化:《美丽之最》之温柔、《得来不易》的浪漫、《Kong》之情深款款,都唱出不同的感觉。与此同时,侧田也开始尝试演唱一些节奏较快的歌曲,《Volar》- 灵感取自同名酒吧,也有所惊喜。总括来说,侧田对乐迷的魅力有增无减,他的音乐领域仍有不少空间可进步。

他是一个好人,2005年的他锋芒毕露,2006年他则高呼《No Protection》!

Justin's Biodata:-

姓名: 侧田
籍贯:湖北省(Hu-Bei province)
出生日期:7月1日 (1st of July)
高度:163 cm
兴趣:唱歌 (Singing)
星座:巨蟹座 (Cancer)
专长:吉他,钢琴,打鼓 (Guitar, Piano, Drums)
唱片:2005年《Justin》、2006年《No Protection》
发展简介:侧田在大学时于美国主修Graphic And Web Design,毕业后在当地的Yahoo公司工作,但2003年决定回香港做音乐。在Uncle Ted Lo的介绍下,他认识了雷颂德,亦正式加入“On Your Mark”成为作曲人。而于2005年,他在古巨基的个唱上担任表演嘉宾,被黄柏高赏识,正式成为金牌娱乐事业有限公司签约歌手。(Justin studied Graphic & Web Design in university in US, after graduate he worked at the Yahoo company, but in 2003 he decided to go back HK to do music. Introduced by his uncle, Ted Lo, he got to know Mark Lui (Lui Song Dak), and officially joined "On Your Mark" as a composer. In 2005, he became the guest performer in Leo Ku's concert, and highly praised by Parko Wong, and then he signed the contract to be a singer.)

Isn't he cute? And talented? He's awesome... Listened to his album over and over again... Love track 1, 2, 7, 9 really much... I didn't know he share the same birthday as Daniel :D

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Went through my messy table and found some quotes I wrote down few years back:-

Have you ever loved someone and they had absolutely no idea whatsoever or fell for your best friend in the entire world and watch him/her fall for someone else?

Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection is too hard to handle? We tell lies when we are afraid...

Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. If you do, they might break your heart, but if you don't, you might break theirs...

Have you ever notice the worst way to miss someone is when they are reight beside you and yet you can never have them... WHen the moment you can't feel them under your fingertips you miss them...

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most - saying something and wishing you had not or saying nothing and wishing you had...

I guess the most important things are the hardest to say...

Afraid of what we don't know,
afraid of what others will think,
afraid of what will be found out about us,
but everytime we tell a lie the thing we fear grows stronger...

Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were afraid of losing what you already had with that person?

Your heart decides who it likes and who it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do, it does it on its own when you least expects it, or even if you don't want it to...

Have you ever wanted to love someone, but that other person was afraid to let you? Many of us stay walled because we are too afraid to care too much for fear that the other person does not care as much or that life is all about risks and it requires you to jump...

Don't be a person who have to look back and wonder what they would have or could have... no one waits forever...

Shining Friends

"Shining Friends" is a song sung by the Top 24 Project Superstar finalists... The original song is in Chinese, but i guess they modify it... Very meaningful lyrics and the MV is very touching... So nice to see 24 of them so close and happy together...

The lyrics:-

Shining Friends

A little faith
Brightens a rainy day
Life is difficult you can’t go away
Don’t hide yourselves in the corner
You have a place to stay

Sorrow is gonna say goodbye
Opens up you’ll see the happy sunshine
Keep going on with your dream
Chasing tomorrow’s sunrise
The spirit can never die

Sun will shine, my friend
Won’t let you cry, my dear
Seeing you shed a tear
Make my world disappear
You’ll never be alone in darkness

See my smile, my friend
We are with you holding hands
You have got to believe
You are my destiny
We’re meant to be your friends
That’s what a friend should be

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Bday, Grandpa!

11/5/06 - Thursday

Work 11 - 7 today... Nothing much during the afternoon... 3 something Miss Melissa and Miss Loh came for visitation... Asked us a few questions... Talked to us... Kenny ask me to stay back till 11pm cuz at night a lot of reservations, at first i said ok but changed my mind cuz today is Grandpa's bday...

Yahoo! I managed to sell one sayuri! RM5 is mine... hehe! But the guest said nothing special about it =_="

Went Imbi Palace for dinner with family... 13 of us in a big table... Very slow laaa the kitchen... Perhaps becuz of the wedding dinner downstairs guah... Food was nice, just that in between dishes was super truper long, by the time the next dish come i hungry already... Had Secret Recipe Marble Cheesecake for dessert! Yum!!!

Yesterday work was fun... Maybe because Kenny off, that's why don't feel so pressured... Around 5 something I was at the bar, suddenly i heard a kitchen staff sang 'Na li qu xun zhao you ji de aiiii' >.<" Haha, i laughed! Never expect them to know how to sing his songs...

Mother's Day coming... Where should i bring my mom for makan? Was thinking Jogoya...

I want Nokia 6101!!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


8/5/06 - Tuesday

*Went to memory lane yesterday, saw a Patrick small phone book key chain thingy, RM5.90... Gonna buy it soon...But Uncle Nessie said i've been spending too much! How arr? =_="*

This afternoon worked like hell... Not enough staff, guest complained service too slow...

*I hate being teased for something which is not true*

Dishes I want to attempting cooking during my holidays:
- Tom Yam
- Lemon Chicken
- Sweet & Sour Chic/Pork
- Steamed Egg Custard
- Agedashi Taufu
- Fried Rice
- Kerabu
- Cream Puff
- Chocolate Cheese Brownies


Monday, May 08, 2006

Wo Zhi Shi Xiang Yao... (I only want...)

7/5/06 - Sunday

Yesterday went Sg Wang for 988's 10th anniversary event... But of course, Daniel is there too. He's super duper good looking and fresh looking... Can never get enough of him larz, why ar? Managed to shake hand with him, made a pityful face and he laughed at me... Joey recognised me as a pinkie wor... Not bad... That's why today went for the 1-2pm session when i have work at 3pm =_="

At night went Green Lotus for makan... Awesome place with awesome designs, awesome food! The deep fried squid damn good!!! But Amarin's tomyam nicer... Zyna straighten her hair! Had Swensen's cookies & cream ice cream cake, yummy! We talked so loud in the room. They played very nice songs like Spice Girls, Boyzone, Take That etc... Was listening to 'Love me for a reason' by Boyzone, imagine Daniel singing this song, wah, lum sei ler!

Today masuk kerja, all trainees kena lecture by Kenny... Grrr, tahan ajelah... One more month!!! But now getting closer to the kitchen gang... How i wish i chose kitchen rather than floor!!!

Saw a t-shirt in Victoria Music Station yesterday, it says 'NOBODY is perfect. I am NOBODY' =p good one! So cheap la the CDs there! I bought Justin's 2nd album. Sar bought the Malaysia edition of the 1st album, and a ronald cheng's compilation album (3 CDs only for RM44) Damn kau cheap right! Tempting me to buy more only!

Well, i guess I don't belong there lar... Sometimes i feel like i'm so out of place... Maybe they talk bad about me when i'm not around... I bet there are so many secrets that I don't know about everything... I should just stay low profile and stop going out la... Is this what happens when people are working?

I doubt he knows me or cares... who the heck am i to him? My wish came true, but not as the way i wished it would be...

Better go find info for my work... Gd nitez!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ten things you don't know about Eve...

1. I'm a christian... but I don't go to church on Sundays >.<"
2. I only eat chocolate with nuts or waffles inside...
3. I lurveeee food... I can eat anything edible (except insects or yucky stuff) at anytime, anywhere...
4. I need to sleep at least 8 hrs a day... I'm such a pig...
5. I have 20 over (well, almost 30) Giordano 'ME' tee shirts collection... Both ori and fake =p
6. I love to collect stuff... Stamps, key chains, bookmarks, patrick the doggie... Does Daniel's articles count? Hee hee!
7. I love to type... and to play with the cashier machine... >.<
8. I love Kim Gary... I want to visit all Kim Gary outlets in M'sia... Already went to 5, left 3 or 4 more to go! Penang, Cheras, Mines...
9. My dream car is Honda Jazz, metallic light blue colour... wah... awesome!
10. Last one... I love Daniel! >.<"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Motivation please come back to me...

2/5/06 - Tuesday

11 - 7 shift... Worked 6 hrs in a row! Then 6pm only break... Wanna pengsan dy... I guess i really have no interest in F&B la... It's so tempting to go into the kitchen, even just to cut onions or garlic =_=" what's wrong wif me mann... Plus, i guess trainees were not really welcomed larz... Don't know why... or is it juz me? I feel like i'm a lost soul there... Luckily still have the trainee gang... The Taylor's gang... Motivation ohh motivation... please come back to me... Maybe if 'he' comes Zen for makan then my motivation to work will come back la... hehe! Mimpi-lah...

*Nobody is perfect in this world...*

I think i look super old... I think i look like an auntie... A lot of people say i don't look 19... I look damn old... Aihz... I wanna cut my hair... i think my hair makes me look old... Maybe i cut short fringe? Layer? PERM?!? *Pengsan* But i still want long hair...

Now Zen people start calling me 'auntie' also... aiyak... influence by Kenneth larz! Donkey la...

Went 1u for dinner with Os and Sar... Had Japanese food... I had Katsu Don... Err, okay la... We talked and laughed like mad in the restaurant... Super loud... Luckily not many customers... This Ostro dreaming that he'll sit next to Kelly Clarkson and Fergie and Mike Shinoda samore in MAA... =_=" Betul betul mimpi lah he... He bought a jacket and a shirt... Very nice! Oh, if you haven't know... Ostro won the Haier Superstar Contest and he won a trip to Bangkok for the MTV Asia Awards 2006... So happy for him la! Congratz Os! Have fun there ya? Don't worry too much k? Just enjoy yourself!!!

Passed by this booth, Empro was doing eye brow shaving for customers... Feel like doing la... But not in front of everybody la... Shall go next time...