Friday, March 30, 2007



This dialogue is found in Lin Yu Zhong's second album. A drama version of his 'Xuan Lu' (Melody).
You know the Melodi sang by him and Sheila Majid? Yeah, the drama version of the chinese version of Melodi. Don't understand it? Ok, i'll translate it for you.

"I like you, when I first saw you in the office, I already began to like you.
Maybe, I'm not the type of girl you like,
but, sometimes when you like a person, it's that simple, and there's no reason behind it.
Some people say, does love make people who have a crush suffer?"

I just find this whole phrase very interesting and meaningful. People can easily fall in love, and there's no reason on why or how. Haha, no it's not related to me ok! Btw, you should go listen to the whole drama, it's so nice and touching!

Don't know what's wrong with me the whole day today, so clumsy and blur the whole day. Because I'll get to see Evan Yo tomorrow? Hah! Joke of the year. Kakaka, I'm happy i get to go for his press conference. But I'm not excited. I'm more excited on what's gonna happen next week :D

Anyway, I was suppose to blog about something else. I have new resolutions! Instead of NEW YEAR resolutions, I'm gonna have NEW MONTH RESOLUTIONS! April is coming! Haha, not funny =_="

I vow to:
- Lose weight! ( I lost 2 kg so far, gambateh!)
- Spend more time on my studies (Tough one, but i'll try)
- Read newspaper everyday (*nag nag nag* yes I know i don't read enough newspapers, being in the hotel line samore fffuhhh!)
- Watch all the dramas I can! (How am I gonna study like that?)
- Do something to my room... It's so... plain.
- Go swimming every week
- Spend less money.

Yeah, that's about it... I guess I'll add in more in my MAY resolutions.


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