Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Back.

I'm back!
Back from where?
From Penang!
Went Penang for what?
For Danny! Hehe. Well, few weeks back, when I know that Danny will be going to the North for his promo, I suddenly have the feeling that 'if I don't go, I'll regret'. Sar and A. Audrey, sorry to 'force' you all to Penang, but I'm glad you guys willing to go with me. Thank you all so much.

Be prepared for a super freaking long post.

Sar came to my house at 8.30am and we left to fetch A. Audrey. Went for wan tan mee for breakfast and our journey to the north begins. We stopped at Sungai Buloh. Then all the way to Behrang. And finally at 2pm we reached Penang! Ho ho ho. We head to USM straight and met up with Lay Leng and Ju Yen. Took some pics in front of Daniel's faculty.

Then we head to the hall where the Adwave event is. On the way we saw Yasmin Ahmad outside the hall taking photos with the students and taking a 'break'. If you know what I mean. We first went to the stall beside the hall for some free lunch :p Then we walk to the hall. Coincidently Danny's van arrive at that time. My hands started to shake and my heart beat was very fast. I don't know why, no matter how many times I see one artist, no matter who they are, I'm scared of them. Danny and the PAs walked past us, we called him but he didn't hear. Listening to his Ipod Video. I think is Ipod Video la. He mentioned in a mag that he wanted it.

Went in the hall, it was pitch black cuz they were showing all the adverts that Yasmin Ahmad had shot before. Very funny, nice, touching, memorable ads that we've seen on TV before.

Then the emcee announced the performance of Yogi bla bla bla from Taylor's College PJ. When the guy came out, I was like 'Omg, that guy's from my college!' and when the girls came out 'Omg again, that girl's my junior!' *pengsan* But, nice dance. Nice groove. Haha!

Then it was prize giving, prize giving and moreee prize giving. Until about 4pm or later then it's Danny's turn! Woo hoo! Something different this time. He did a medley of Jin Yan, Love & Freedom and Wanna Dance With You, then he sang The One Telling You, and Siapa. He said he must talk in English cuz there's different races there. Some girls shouted 'Danny, ni hen shuai!' (Danny, you very handsome) and he said 'Zhe ge wo zhi dao.' (This one I know) and he said "Ni men yao jiang ying yu, ta men ting bu dong.' (You all must say in English, they don't understand.) And they shouted 'Danny, you very handsome!' And he said 'thank you thank you' Haha sakai one lah he. Listening to him speaking English is just so funny. Not that his English is not good, but I guess I seldom hear him speak English. He saw us and said 'TQ to my KL friends.' HT saw us, and I went over and talk to her for awhile.

There was a lucky draw, where lucky people can get lucky and so lucky that they get his lucky album and lucky t-shirt. Hmpf. Haha. After he give out the prizes, we left and waited for him at the back. He came out and we took a group photo together.

Then they left, we walked to the van but the van already driving away. We walked to the main road thinking they'll turn our side but they turn left instead. Lay Leng said they will make a u-turn. Really they made a u-turn and head our way. So this Sar and A. Aud stand in the middle of the road and wave at him. He waved back. They were going to Kulim. I wanted to go Kulim, but don't know the way there, so better not go. If Danny don't mind us tailing their back, I don't mind la hahaha! Crazy... mimpi gila.

So we left and went to check in at Cititel. Rested for awhile and Aunty Swan and Uncle IH came and bring us for early dinner. Suppose to meet up with Aunty Wendy who is coincidently at Penang as well but she got dinner as well. We had dinner at the hawker center near Sunway Hotel. Ate some super freaking spicy curry mee. Expensive la that place. Never go there again =_=" Then we went and buy Tau Sar Pheah at Ghee Hiang. Then Uncle IH fetch us back to the hotel. Thanks Uncle IH and Aunty Swan for the wonderful dinner although you guys are busy. A lot of Japanese tourists were staying at Cititel. Hmm, i wonder why.

Bath, change, and watch Project Superstar on TV. Vivian, Kibi, Ling and Orange. Vivian did quite well singing 'Wo Men De Ai'. Orange is soooo pretty and her 'Ni Guang' was awesome. If only all of them can stay in the show. =(

At 9.30pm we left for Juru. We were late. Reach there at 10.10pm. I was so scared that Danny finished singing already. But we were just on the spot. The place was packed! We paid RM15 to go in. For a glass of Jasmine green tea. But no choice, we can't wait. Saw Su Ling, haha, she was surprised to see us. Danny sang Love & Freedom, Lian Ai Le and Siapa. He's so nice, posing for all the cameras. Waving hie to everybody. Then he had a mini autograph session. Not bad, quite a lot of people queue. I asked HT whether I can sign the Green Love poster, then she say ok. So I let him sign it, though he used silver pen and can't really see the signature. Then took a pic with him. =)

Kesian him. From morning until night. Sigh. After that we went downstairs to wait for him near the van. He came down, took pic with other fans and shook hand with us. He asked us where we stay, and we said 'we'll be overnighting in Queensbay to wait for you tomorrow.' Then he said "Err, then later I'll buy some Maggi mee for you all lah." >.<" That's all for Day One. We went back to the hotel and slept until 8.30am the next day. Wash up and wait for Lay Leng to bring us for makan-makan. Jolene and Joel came to take the books and photo frame that CY asked me to pass to them. Then we checked out and went for Koey Teow Th'ng at Lebuh Clarke. Interesting. They have 4 different types of balls in a bowl of noodles. Fish ball, pork ball, and 2 more dunno what balls. :D It was nice, but if the soup is a little bit sweeter then it'll be perfect. Sweeter as in more flavor from the bones.

Then, ini Sar tak cukup, so we went to Restoran Kek Seng, Penang Road to have our usual ice kacang, assam laksa and char kuey teow. Undeniable, the char kuey teow is awesome. The assam laksa and ice kacang too. Well, actually nice or not, it actually depends on personal preference lah. I say nice, doesn't mean you will say nice. You say nice, doesn't mean I will say nice. Right? So if you eat and you don't think is nice, don't blame me ok?

Yes, the ice kacang comes with durian ice cream. Mr Tay Boon loves it. Haha, did i mention that I bumped into him when I was in Penang during CNY? Haha. When I went back to college and saw him, he said he likes the durian ice cream there. Hehe! Funny guy lah he. Btw, the white board behind is written there 'One must order at least a drink. If don't order anything you will be charged RM0.40.' Haha, I find it interesting.

Then we head to Queensbay Mall. Walked a few rounds. Bought a baby monkey soft toy for Danny. But I have a feeling he has it already. When we went to the stage there, his van is already outside the entrance. They were inside the van. That was at 1.30pm. Sales was good, they sold his 1st album as well. Quite a lot of people. =D The emcee Jin Long recognized us and said 'you guys are from KL right? I recognized you all'. Danny came out and sang 'Love & Freedom, Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor and Siapa'.

Emcee: Other than fans from Penang, there are fans from KL right?
Danny: Yes, and they slept outside here yesterday.
Emcee: Why?
Danny: Cuz they said they got no hotel to stay, so they sleep outside here.
Us: Maggi leh?
Danny: I forgot to buy. Lol.
Emcee: What maggi mee?
Danny: I said I will buy maggi for them. But I went back hotel and I slept straight away. Forgot.
Emcee: Oh, now they asking hutang from you. Why you never invite them to your hotel?
Danny: I forgot.
Emcee: Anyway, 5 of us were squeezing in one room, so no place also lah.

Swttttt. Haha. Then all the fans took a group photo with Danny with him on the stage and we below. We saw this cute little black puppy lying down so obediently in a girl's bag sitting behind us. Soooo cute. It just sat there quietly, never make any noise. The girl take her jacket and cover it so that it doesn't get cold.

We stayed until Danny come out from the 'backstage'. We took a group photo of 5 of us, and had a small chat with the emcee, Jin Long. Then Danny came out and went into the van. Teng called at that time, so Sar, A.Aud, LayLeng and Juyen walked near the van and say bye to him.

Red>red>black>green>green =D

And so our journey in Penang ended. We left and head back to KL. On the way hoping to see the van but of course unsuccessful. haha. Reached KL at 8pm. Anyway, I had a great time in Penang. Thank you Sar, A. Audrey, Lay Leng and Ju Yen for making my trip so wonderful and unregretted. And thank you Mr. D1, HT, LJ, JL & APU. San fu you all lah =D I was so tired yesterday that I slept at 11pm after watching PSS result and woke up 11am this morning =_=". So sad that Vivian was eliminated. But she is happy that she did her best. Girl, you're always my superstar. =D And I'm happy that Orange and Nick got it. Yay! Of course I wished all of them can get in. Ok, that's all. Fooh, I took 1 hour to blog.

Signing off. Cherrios!

*Don't ask me why some is in green, some is in black. I can't seem to change it. =_="

-I'll live on to see you shine-

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Shin Sar said...

He'll keep on shining. I have faith in him.

I had no regrets going to Penang. Thanks for 'forcing' me to go. If not I'm afraid I'll end up crying alone in KL :P