Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Holiday = No Work?

This whole week I'm very the free... Why? Because few lecturers teaching us have to follow the senior degree students for their France trip, so a lot of class cancelled. Only Thursday have to go for 1 class in the morning.

Gosh, we were told to use the free time to do our assignments and find information for our projects. But, for the past three days, all I did was eat, sleep, online, online and online... All I did was sitting in front of the comp, either browsing through forums or watch Lavender.

Arghhh... I have so many things to do... But I'm just too lazy to move from my chair to do other things... Don't have the 'oomph' to do other things except to online :D Clean my room? Not. Do homework? Not. Cook? Not. Wash my car? Lagi not.

I've been wanting to cook... to try out different recipes. Don't know why, nowadays I'm into Asian food... I keep wanting to cook those typical asian food like curries, fish head noodles, soto, laksa etc. But it's not cheap to cook all those. A lot of ingredients needed, and if I were to only cook a small portion, mah as well I go ta pao? Aih, memafankan... Plus, I don't know if it only happens to me or other people as well, I need the whole day to plan what to cook.

Yes yes, I know you guys will ask 'when wanna cook for me?', soon ok? I'm always scared that I will cook the wrong things... and end up nobody eat. That's why, I seldom cook for other ppl. Sendiri cook, sendiri makan won't complain mah... And to be honest, I only know how to cook a couple of dishes only. Really! I swear!

Why am I such a coward? I'm scared to talk, i'm scared to ask, i'm scared to even look. Sigh. Shy? Gosh, all these will happen when I meet new people or friends. Useless me X_X Met some new people. Gosh, I just kept quiet all the while, looking at my handphone all the while. Just answer yes/no when they ask me questions. Swt man. Now I regret.

Nearly met an accident yesterday. After fetching my bro to OUG, was on my way back, and this car coming out from a small lane on my left wanted to turn to the opposite lane. Hello! Never take test ar? Never see whether got car or not he straight away turn, turn also senget turn into my lane. Turn right in front of me! If I didn't brake immediately, 2 more inches will bang already. Crazy fella. I hon at him. Sorry pun tak cakap. He terus reverse and I drive straight. Hmpf, I so wanted to go down and scold him. Chow turtle! But I don't dare la of course hehe. Anyway, I'm just thankful that nothing happened, which is good :D

I suddenly have the urge to renovate my room... as in change into a different 'style'... Hmm, anybody want to design my room for me? So that it looks less messy? Haha.

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